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Columnist Claims Second Amendment is Irrelevant in Gun Control Debate

Posted: 24 Feb 2018 12:47 PM PST

Columnist Second Amendment Irrelevant

The ages old battle over the boomsticks rages on. Leftists are demanding we confiscate the gats in the name of world peace. Right-wingers are busting out their pocket Constitutions to offer their rebuttal. The debate usually ends there but, according to this columnist, the Second Amendment is useless when debating blasters. Go figure.

The attention to the Second Amendment is misplaced. What neither side in the gun debate seems to realize is that at the moment, when it comes to the sort of restrictions that lie within the zone of possibility, the Second Amendment is neither an obstacle nor a protection. It's an irrelevance.

The court has chosen not to undertake a wholesale dismantling of gun laws. Just the other day, it declined to hear a lawsuit challenging California's 10-day waiting period for the purchase of any gun.

Another way to put it is that they are not convinced that this or other regulations violate the fundamental liberty enshrined in the amendment.

Translated from leftist Newspeak to plain English, the Supreme Court is free to regulate the Second Amendment down to bare bones, so long as they leave us with something. Whether that’s an RPG or a wrist rocket is up to the current administration.


Contrary to leftist opinion, the Supreme Court isn’t infallible. In fact, they’ve made their fair share of mistakes in the past. Denying black people personhood and permitting forced sterilizations just to name a few. Minor slip-ups. Besides, the Court’s ruling on Trump’s travel ban did little to quell leftist butthurt. Seems as though a Supreme Court decision is only legitimate when it benefits the left.

Keep in mind, the founding padres wrote the Second Amendment to protect us from the government. Barring a new amendment that nullifies the glorious Second, the government’s meddling on the matter is unconstitutional.

Not only is the Second Amendment relevant, it’s the most relevant part of the debate. The right of self-preservation doesn’t fall by the wayside because a few feeble leftists are averse to scary black rifles. I’m assuming this columnist skipped civics class, otherwise he’d know such things.

More on that:

Pop Tarts are Ravioli? This Crowder Meme Has Taken Over the Internet!

Posted: 24 Feb 2018 12:24 PM PST

I see y’all got jokes.

The Change My Mind videos are some of the most popular segments at LwC. Apparently so successful, they’ve become a meme. Reddit user PrinceOfHungary posted this photo. About Pop Tarts.

I actually pondered this all day Friday. Are pop tarts really ravioli? What about Jamaican meat pies? I think I may set up shop at the local college to get answers.

Once this meme hit Top 5 on Reddit, the floodgates opened.

Sorry Ben Shapiro. The truth hurts.

Well, that’s new.

Even Funny or Die joined in. And for a change, they were more the former than the latter.

So THAT’s where it is! No wonder I can never find it.

These got pretty good, so we at Louder with Crowder decided to add a few of our own.

For some, this will mean war. Shirley.

He (or she) who cares about Curling, cast the first stick.


How else can you explain the colorful shorts? They’re just runways to the merchandise.

Enough said.

How you were born, we’ll never know.


The nipples make the man.

Our whole careers at LwC were just a lead up to this moment.

Crowder recorded another “I’m Pro Gun” over the weekend. Necessary, what with everyone and their leftist mother lying about guns and the NRA (see Leftists Demand Boycott of the NRA. Here’s the Businesses Who Caved and WATCH: Lawrence O’Donnell Delivers Error-Filled Rant on AR-15s).

Until that airs, keep the jokes coming!

~ This post was proudly co-written by John Porter and Courtney Kirchoff. MEMERS FOR LIFE, BITCHES!


Joe Scarborough Implies NRA Members Despise the NRA’s ‘Extremism’

Posted: 24 Feb 2018 10:14 AM PST

Joe Scarborough NRA Members

I’m sure many people are getting burned-out on discussing the gun debate. Both sides blather on with the same tired talking points. Leftists, in between Planned Parenthood fundraisers, tell us we hate “the children.” Republican talking heads repeat “it’s not the right time” like a mantra. Not us. We’re always happy to tell leftists they’re mind-numbingly stupid when it comes to matters of armaments.

Which brings us to this. Joe Scarborough is claiming to have mind-reading capabilities. He says NRA members don’t like the NRA. Yeah, for reals.

Why would people give money to an organization with whom they fundamentally disagree?

I’ll credit Joe for extending a sorta-kinda olive branch to NRA members, but the praise ends there. Joe seems to think people who shell out their hard-earned greenbacks to the “child-murderers” at the NRA aren’t too keen on the NRA advocating for private gun ownership. Which makes about as much sense as feminist Lena Dunham writing checks to the American Federation of Housewives.

The NRA’s “extreme views” are that people should remain free to own gats and the government should adhere to the Bill of Rights. Views which are about as moderate as it gets. Yet, the idea of individual citizens exercising their right to self-preservation counts as “extreme” to the left. Next, leftists will be telling us we’re “extreme” for not wanting to de-brain tiny tots. Oops, too late.

In reality, Joe’s probably never met a common NRA member. Being a member myself, I’m happy to clear things up for Scarborough. Generally speaking, when a person goes out of their way to donate to an organization, they agree with the organization’s purpose. It ain’t rocket surgery, Joe. #thebasics.

NRA’s Colion Noir Throws Down on Media for Glorifying Mass Shooters

Posted: 24 Feb 2018 09:45 AM PST

After watching the video below, do yourself a musical favor, look up “Dirty Laundry” by Don Henley. Despite what Colion Noir and Dana Loesch have pointed out, media has always loved tragedy. Still, calling out their blood-lust is appropriate when media insists the NRA is to blame for every mass shooting. Despite having nothing to do with any mass shooting.

Let’s roll tape:

He’s not wrong. Mainstream media gives these shooters exactly what they want: attention. Validation. Heck, I was a little hesitant to post Noir’s video. For it too highlighted the shooters’ faces. But I figured Noir’s video was used to illustrate the point he was making. And, as the adage goes, no use crying over spilled milk (this website has also used the shooter’s image).

Post-shooting, we usually hear how the shooters were awkward loners. All angry and desperate for attention. Mommy didn’t love them enough, or daddy didn’t love them at all. After a shooter carries out his massacre, media comes along to bestow upon him that which he’s always craved: acknowledgment, relevance, and sometimes immortality.

If media really wanted these shootings to stop, shouldn’t they heed Noir’s advice (and he’s not the first to call it out), and stop giving shooters attention? In fact, shouldn’t we all (this website included) stop using any mass shooter’s face and name in news reports?

Something to ponder.

More from Colion Noir:


NRA Fires Back at Broward County Sheriff

Posted: 24 Feb 2018 08:45 AM PST

NRA to Broward

Anyone with an IQ above four knows the NRA had nothing to do with the Parkland shooting. Sadly, mentally challenged gimps have, despite their mental shortcomings, ascended to high ranks. Proof anything is possible if you whine loud enough. Earlier this week, incompetent boob Sheriff Israel tried blaming the NRA for what happened in Parkland. Later followed up with blaming the NRA for the failure of toaster strudel. Unfortunately for Sheriff Israel, the truth weaseled out of the closet in which he tried stuffing it. According to the latest reports, some of his deputies were on the scene during the shooting. Armed and ready. Just unwilling to dash into danger to save teenagers.

Which means the NRA is in no way responsible for the shooting. Which we cannot say about Sheriff Israel.

A point the NRA wants him to know:

The NRA is responding to this:

Okay. Gentle reminder the National Rifle Association is a private organization whose aim is to protect and defend the Second Amendment from leftist trolls who hate it.

Indulge me in a poor segue for a second. According to the left, the American people should give up their firearms. Allowing local law enforcement (small government) to protect them instead. The Broward Sheriff is local law enforcement. Which, allegedly, took little action to protect the students in Parkland. Not just once, multiple times. Both ahead of the shooting (ignoring all the signs the shooter was a threat), and during the actual shooting.

To deflect from gross incompetence which, allegedly (for the lawyers) resulted in the deaths of 17 students, the Broward Sheriff and his liberal compadres in media, have shifted the blame to the NRA. A not-for-profit organization made up of American citizens who want to protect themselves.

We have a Second Amendment right to protect ourselves. One reason, because not only can government not be relied upon to protect us (clearly), but that government might also turn against us. Am I crazy in highlighting this last week has seen both points born out?


Gun Toting Female Shop Clerk: “We Are Not Going to Be Victims”

Posted: 24 Feb 2018 07:27 AM PST

The left is continuing their anti-gun push (see Leftists Demand Boycott of the NRA. Here’s the Businesses Who Caved. and WATCH: Lawrence O’Donnell Delivers Error-Filled Rant on AR-15s). As they continue to lie, remember, this liquor store clerk may be dead if leftists had their way.

“We’re not going to be victims.” A liquor store clerk is defiant after opening fire on an armed robbery suspect.

Bullets fly as the shotgun-toting bandit refuses to give up without a fight. But the clerk hangs in there, standing her ground. The wild exchange that sent the robber to the ER.

The robber was sent to the ER instead of the clerk being sent to the morgue. Liberals would have it so the clerks were defenseless.

Compare these two ladies to the Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies who did NOTHING as one armed gunman shot up 17 students in Parkland. “Allegedly.”

Buy these ladies some fine wine. They deserve it. And maybe let’s have them train some officers on how to hero up.