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Kate Upton Details Horrifying Accusations Against Guess Cofounder

Posted: 08 Feb 2018 11:42 AM PST

These days, the world knows who Kate Upton is. She's beautiful. She was in that commercial for a phone game that looks more interesting than it probably is. And she just got married in November.

Sadly, she also has a #MeToo story, accusing Guess co-founder Paul Marciano of sexual harassment.

Now, Kate Upton is sharing the details of her accusations from her time as a Guess model, early in her career. 

Kate Upton is So Pretty

Kate Upton dropped her bombshell of a #MeToo story, starting with a single tweet.

"It's disappointing that such an iconic women's brand @Guess is still empowering Paul Marciano as their creative director #metoo."

She followed that up on Instagram, sharing that tweet and adding:

"He shouldn't be allowed to use his position within the industry to sexually and emotionally harass women. #metoo."

So, in case it wasn't immediately clear from her use of the #MeToo hashtag, she's accusing Paul Marciano of being one of the various sex monsters who uses his power to get away with his misdeeds.

Paul Marciano

For his part, Paul Marciano denies everything.

"I have never been alone with Kate Upton," he says, though that doesn't necessarily mean much on its own in light of Kate's description that you'll read below.

"I have never touched her inappropriately. Nor would I ever refer to a Guess model in such a derogatory manner."

You'll see what he allegedly said about her below, also.

"I fully support the #metoo movement. At the same time, I will not allow others to defame me and tarnish my reputation."

Well, at least he's not using that absurd "has #metoo gone too far" rhetoric that some people keep spouting.

"I have pledged to Guess and its Board of Directors my full support and cooperation with a fair and impartial investigation."

Photographer Yu Tsai, however, has confirmed Kate Upton's descriptions of harassment.

Kate Upton and Her Cleavage

Speaking to Time, Kate Upton talks about alleged sexual harassment she faced at the very beginning of her career.

"After the first day of shooting the Guess Lingerie campaign [on July 25, 2010], Paul Marciano said he wanted to meet with me."

That seems normal. The rest does not.

"As soon as I walked in with photographer Yu Tsai, Paul came straight up to me, forcibly grabbed my breasts and started feeling them -- playing with them actually. After I pushed him away, he said, 'I'm making sure they're real.'"

Needless to say, that is unacceptable. (This is beside the point, but if he couldn't visually determine if they were real or not, how would that matter for the photoshoot?)

"Despite doing everything I could physically do to avoid his touch throughout the meeting, he continued to touch me in a very dominating and aggressive way, grabbing my thighs, my arms to pull me closer, my shoulders to pull me closer, my neck, my breasts, and smelling me."

Ewww! And, obviously, horrible.

"He then told Yu Tsai to leave us alone. I was able to send a quick text to Yu Tsai asking him to stay. He did, but that did not stop Paul's constant grabbing. I was extremely shaken, surprised and scared."

Kate Upton on a Red Carpet

"At one point he forcibly grabbed the back of my head so that I could not move and started kissing my face and my neck."

That sounds so gross.

"I remember not wanting to say 'Get off of me' because I didn't want to open my mouth to say anything because I didn't want him to be able to put his tongue in my mouth."

A horrifying situation to contemplate. And I'd bet that there are people who read Upton's words and can relate.

"I had two options: do everything I could to wiggle away and avoid his pursuit, or punch the CEO of Guess. So I decided to just wiggle away."

She says that Paul Marciano tried to insist that he walk her to her hotel room, but that Yu Tsai stepped in and volunteered to walk her to her room.

Upton says that she was afraid of what Marciano might do if the two of them were truly alone. She also says that he tried again.

Kate Upton is Attractive

"The next Guess shoot I worked on was about a month later. As soon as I went up to my hotel room, Paul started calling me asking to come up and see how my room is."

That is not as subtle as it must have sounded in his mind.

"I politely declined several times. He continued to insist. He said he was already in the hotel lobby. He even called my room from the hotel lobby desk."

She says that she finally turned off her phone, locked her door, and went to sleep. Unfortunately, she also says that her denials had immediate consequences.

"The next day, I learned that I had been fired from the shoot. Someone had called my agency to say I had gotten fat and would not be needed on set [that day]. I was devastated, especially because at this point no one from Guess had even seen me."

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Pic

That was not, obviously, the end of her career. But Upton says that she felt that, at any given moment, it could be. 

"It made me feel that if I cut off communication with him, I wouldn't be booked again. Paul's texting increased, telling me how excited he was to see me."

The content of those text messages was pretty horrifying, too.

"He wanted me to change in front of him so he could see my naked body getting into his clothes. He asked if I thought of him when I was posing sexy on set."

She also says that Yu Tsai was fired, perhaps in retaliation for shielding her with his presence. Upton says that photographer Ellen von Unwerth also interceded on her behalf to help her avoid being forced into an unwanted dinner.

Kate Upton from the Back

It seems that her refusing to have dinner with him was the last straw for Marciano.

"After that he was extremely upset. I had a final shoot [in May of 2011], and he was outwardly rude and degrading the entire time."

That alone would be unprofessional of him and unacceptable.

"He said I was 'disgusting' and started telling people how unprofessional I was by spreading rumors that I was drunk on set and partying every night, which of course I wasn't. I was then told to leave because Paul had said, 'Get that fat pig off my set.'"

Kate Upton would later go on to see fame and success after her Sports Illustrated cover.

She says that Guess asked her back ... but that Paul Marciano's texting her that he would be on set and insisting that she not bring her boyfriend drove her to turn down $400,000.

Karlie Kloss Betrays Taylor Swift, Parties With Katy Perry!

Posted: 08 Feb 2018 11:26 AM PST

Benedict Arnold. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Paul the Verizon Guy.

History is full of turncoats and traitors, but perhaps none is more treacherous than the wolf in Victoria's Secret clothing known as Karlie Kloss.

Karlie Kloss is Hot

You may know Karlie from her modeling career, or as the former best friend of one Ms. Taylor Alison Swift.

Having apparently forgotten that her former friend is rivaled only by Biggie and Tupac in her love for a scathing diss track, Karlie has openly betrayed her ex-bestie by grabbing sushi with none other than Katy Perry.

Unless this is the first time you've heard of either singer, then you're probably aware that Taylor and Katy are rivals.

Actually, that's an understatement.

Katy and Taylor despise one another for reasons that have never been entirely clear.


Taylor says it's because Katy stole her backup dancers.

But the consensus seems to be that it has more to do with the fact that both women dated John Mayer.

Whatever the case, the former friends are now bitter enemies, and that doesn't seem likely to change, especially now what Katy is plundering Taylor's famous squad for new allies.

According to TMZ, Katy and Karlie were spotted grabbing sushi in LA together on Wednesday night.

It's a pretty clear sign that Karlie has switched her allegiances, and Taylor fans are reading the flaunting of this new friendship as an intentional, public diss from Katy.

Taylor Swift and Her Phone

But to be fair, Karlie and Taylor have apparently had problems for quite some time.

They haven't been spotted hanging out since 2015, the bizarre period of time during which Taylor's squad seemed to make constant tabloid headlines.

It's been rumored that some of the more scathing lyrics in Taylor's blistering single "Look What You Made Me Do" were directed at Karlie.

In turn, Kloss took a shot at Taylor by captioning a recent tweet "swish swish," an apparent reference to Katy's diss track of the same name.

So the fact that Karlie has buddied up with Katy may not come as a total shock, but even so, we're guessing Taylor will have a tough time shaking this one off.

Omarosa Breaks Down, Is "Haunted" by Donald Trump Tweets

Posted: 08 Feb 2018 11:19 AM PST

Give Omarosa Manigault at least a little bit of credit:

She has had a career unlike the career of any other human being in history.

We're not even really exaggerating here.

The reality star went from a contestant on The Apprentice... to actually working at the White House... to being fired by the Donald Trump administration... to returning to reality television on Celebrity Big Brother.

She made her debut on this CBS mainstay on Wednesday night and immediately went to work spilling all the Trump-related tea.

Speaking at one point to fellow random personality Ross Matthews, Omarosa was asked the following question:

“As a voter, a citizen, I never got it, why you went to the White House with him."

The obvious answer, of course, is because Omarosa is a selfish, close-minded idiot who only cares about fame and fortune.

But this is not the answer she provided.

“I felt like it was a call to duty, I felt like I was serving my country by serving him," she replied, impressively managing to keep a straight face while doing so and adding:

"It was always about the country."

Omarosa the Real and True and Committed Patriot.

My, how we've underestimated her this entire time!

"I was haunted by tweets every single day. What is he gonna tweet next?” she continued in her chat with Matthews.

Welcome to the world of every single person on the planet, O.

“Does anybody say to him, ‘What are you doing?'” Matthews asks in the following clip.

“I mean, I tried to be that person, and then all of the people around him attacked me,” Omarosa replies, breaking down into tears and alleging she got iced out by the administration.

We really are so sorry for everything negative we ever wrote about you, Omarosa.

We had no idea you were trying to be the one hero in all of this.

“Who has that power to say what’s going on?” Matthews asks.

“I don’t know. I’m not there. It’s not my circus, not my monkeys,” she responds. “I’d like to say not my problem but I can’t say that because, it’s bad.”

“Should we be worried?” Matthews asks.

And that's when Omarosa says the words that should scare us all.

Click PLAY to see what they are!

Omarosa breaks down im haunted by donald trump tweets

Kim Kardashian Topless Pic Ignites Controversy (Also, Probably, Boners)

Posted: 08 Feb 2018 10:45 AM PST

At this point, we've probably seen Kim Kardashian topless a couple hundred times.

Maybe a couple thousand?

It's hard to estimate, when you consider the screen shots from her sex tape alone and then cycle through her Playboy and Paper spreads and then consider her Instagram account, like, everday.

Kim Kardashian on Beach

But we've never seen Kim Kardashian topless quite like this before.

The reality star and mother of three shared yet another photo on social media this morning of herself without a shirt on, yet this one is different.

For one thing, she's facing away from the camera... which sucks.

For another thing, a professional photographer did not snap this image. Nor did Kim herself.

Instead, the person behind the camera was... four-year old daughter North?

Yes, according to Kardashian herself in the caption below:

kim, no shirt

As you might expect, many social media users had A LOT to say about this snapshot.

And not much of it was positive.

"So now your daughter is taking the provocative photos for you to post?" one user wrote, while another chimed in as follows:

"Why Kim?? Seriously you are her role model. There's so much good and beautiful about you and your family. Why cheapen it? You don't need to."

We understand these opinions. We really do.

But we also don't know the context of the picture.

Most kids just love to snap pictures. Perhaps Kim and North were just goofing around.

We doubt Kim told her toddler to take a picture of her half-naked and then explained that it would instantly go up on her Instagram page.

And, let's be honest, North probably sees her mom without a shirt on all the time. This isn't exactly a big deal to her.

Kim "Bo Derek" West

But critics weren't buying any of this logic.

"I can't imagine asking my daughter to take a provocative photo of me," wrote someone else in response, adding:

"This is pretty distasteful seeing as a child took it."

Kim certainly has been in a weird mood ever since becoming a mother for the third time.

How so? Well...

Kim Kardashian in Calvin Klein, BTS

FIRST, she named this new child Chicago West.

THEN, she attacked Lamar Odom.

THEN, she went after Lindsay Lohan.

THEN, she put her hair back into blonde braids.

And she keeps posing mostly nude. Like, very often.

As we've mentioned before, Kim now has three little kids at home and may just be very bored.

So, in the case of her latest image, at least she managed to kill two birds with one stone: She found something for both her and North to do!

Jessa Duggar SLAMMED: Is She Endangering Her Baby Again?

Posted: 08 Feb 2018 11:35 AM PST

Like it or not, the new season of Counting On premieres on February 26.

Unlike her sister Jill or Jill's husband Derick Dillard, Jessa Seewald will be back on the show with her young sons, Spurgeon and Henry.

The show isn't even out yet, and fans are once again mortified by Jessa's parenting. Is she endangering her children?

No one in their right mind looks to the Duggars as any sort of bastion of good parenting advice -- or good advice in general.

But people have seen Jessa Duggar Seewald with a particularly critical eye.

Sometimes, Jessa gets mom-shamed unfairly. It happens. People jump to conclusions or just don't know proper parenting.

But this isn't just haters -- there are genuine fans of the Duggars and of Jessa herself who are worried about the well-being of her children.

And a photo that she recently shared on Instagram - meant to be "cute" - isn't exactly reassuring people who wonder if she has what it takes to be a good parent.

Take a look above..

First of all, Henry Wilberforce Seewald is an adorable little baby. That much, no one is questioning.

But do you notice what he has in his mouth?

That is butt paste - which, as ridiculous and perhaps gross as it sounds, is designed to be applied topically to treat diaper rash (and, as it turns out, can also address other skin conditions such as psoriasis).

Henry, like any little one-year-old, is eager to put things in his mouth.

Part of that is to learn more about his world - which is why babies put things in their mouths. Part of it is because he is likely teething.

Fans and followers of Jessa were quick to point out the danger, writing in the comments:

"Why are you allowing him to do this?"

Not just allowing - she photographed him while he was doing it.

"Ingestion of that stuff will cause violent vomiting - I know from firsthand experience."

It's not clear if this happened to this commenter or to a baby in their care. Either way, it sounds really unpleasant.

"I didn't let my babies chew on tubes of diaper rash cream or butt paste. There is absolutely no excuse to let him. I'm sure he has toys he can chew on."

Though other fans rushed to Jessa's defense, she quickly found herself the subject of criticisms for a different parenting fail altogether.

Once again, as you'll see in the video below, it involves Jessa, Instagram, and Henry.

This time, Spurgeon is involved.

Though fans have pointed out that Jessa might not be great at homeschooling her kids, she's teaching Spurgeon and he has a book open.

A wholesome video above reproach, right?

Except that it doesn't take an eagle-eyed viewer to notice Henry in the background, playing with the fireplace grate.

As cute as it is to see little Spurgeon exclaim "amazing!" whenever she turns the page, a lot of people were worried about Henry.

For one thing, children shouldn't associate the fireplace with a place to play. At all. 

The bigger issue, however, is that Henry could easily fall and injure his fragile little baby head on the hearth.

Jessa has Spurgeon in her lap, and there's simply no way that she could dive across the room in time to heroically save her baby mid-fall.

Jim Bob and Michelle had a small army of children, but it looks like Jessa is a little overwhelmed by just two.

See for yourself and decide if fans are being overly harsh to Jessa.

Jessa duggar slammed is she endangering her baby

Javi Marroquin: Already Dating Again Following Briana DeJesus Split?!

Posted: 08 Feb 2018 10:19 AM PST

It's only been a month since Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus broke up, but Kailyn Lowry's ex-husband has never been the type to remain single for long.

According to Radar Online, the Teen Mom 2 star already has a profile on the dating app Bumble, and it looks like he's ready to move on with someone new.

Javi on Marriage Boot Camp

Javi and Bri only dated for a few months, so we suppose it's not surprising that he's casting his line again so quickly.

Or at least it wouldn't be, were it not for the that he and Briana seemed to be on the verge of reconciliation as recently as last month.

When Briana went to Miami for plastic surgery performed by the aptly-named Dr. Miami, Javi was there by her side providing emotional support.

Shortly thereafter, Javi ditched Briana for a pretty solid reason.

It seems she neglected to inform him that her baby daddy, Devoin Austin, would also be flying to help her recover from the procedure.

Briana and Javi Make It Official

Sensing that there were too many sausages in the pot, Javi made a quick exit, and it seems he decided to send Bri the message that they're done for good by creating a new dating profile.

Or did he?

In a new interview with Radar Online, Javi insists that he's always had a Bumble account, and that he didn't use it during his time with Bri.

"I had that account a long time ago just never deleted it," he told the outlet.

"I don't have the app anymore."

Perhaps remembering that DeJesus would probably catch wind of the interview, he then added:

Javi Marroquin Watches Football

"I should go back on."

Hell yeah you should, Javi!

We're sure being revenge-banged by your ex-wife's rival was fun and all, but there are plenty of fish in the sea, and most of them don't create drama for a living.

Javi has always seemed like the type who's eager to settle down again, but a life of quiet domesticity makes for really boring reality TV.

We think the best bet for this airman is to find himself a sane civilian - bonus points if she's never seen an episode of his show.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the turbulent path that brought Javi to where he is today.

Scott Disick to Kim Kardashian: Wait...You Have 3 Kids Now?!

Posted: 08 Feb 2018 09:21 AM PST

When a Kardashian woman dumps a man, the rest of the family typically takes pity on him and allows him to remain in the loop and continue appearing on their reality shows.

It's for this reason that Scott Disick is still stumbling around the Calabasas homes of his ex's sisters like a lost puppy with an abiding love for Patron tequila.

Yes, despite the fact that Scott is now dating 19-year-old Sofia Richie after making Kourtney Kardashian's life a living hell for over a decade, the rest of the Kard clan has taken pity on him.

He's been permitted to remain in their inner circle - but it seems his security clearance is not that it used to be.

In a clip from this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we learn that Scott was apparently kept in the dark about the fact that Kim Kardashian hired a surrogate to carry her third child.

While checking out a room in her new house that Kim intended to turn into a nursery, Scott asked Kim if she was pregnant.

Her stunned response says it all.

"No, I'm not. We went the surrogacy route," Kim replies. 

"I never had this conversation with you? I swear I'm not joking with you. Scott, I swear I'm not joking with you."

"I don't know what's going on anymore," a dejected Scott replies.

It seems like he's not exaggerating, but that could have less to do with the fact that he's being kept in the dark and more to do with the fact that he's still coming down from a year-long bender.

Scott disick to kim kardashian waityou have 3 kids

Mark Salling Child Porn Case: Dismissed Following Suicide

Posted: 08 Feb 2018 08:51 AM PST

Facing four to seven years for possessing child pornography, former Glee star Mark Salling pleaded guilty.

Mark Salling committed suicide, however. A complicated act that may have royally screwed over a lot of victims.

Now, some may find it curious that Salling's criminal case has been (posthumously) dismissed.

Mark Salling on Way to Court

In a document obtained by The Blast, it is shown that the court has dismissed the child porn case against Mark Salling.

"For good cause shown, it is hereby ordered that: The government's motion to dismiss the indictment pursuant to Rule 48 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure is granted. The indictment in the above referenced case is dismissed without prejudice."

Note that "without prejudice" means that a case can be brought before the court again. Though that's unlikely -- Salling is dead.

Prosecutors filed the motion to dismiss the case on Tuesday.

United States District Judge Otis D. Wright then signed the order on Wednesday.

This was basically just a formality. If Salling had waited until the case was closed, it wouldn't be an issue. As it is, courts don't try and convict the dead. That would be farcical.

Mark Salling on the Red Carpet

The details of Mark Salling's child porn charges were horrifying.

He was first turned in by a girlfriend, who apparently found "hundreds" of images of minors -- the kinds of images that no one should have -- on his computer.

Police investigated, and discovered that Salling had multiple devices containing horrifying, child pornography in both images and video.

The evidence against him, as presented in court, contained over 100,000 pages. Not all of those were photographs, but more than 50,000 of them were.

Those are a lot of victims and a lot of ruined childhoods.

A lot of ruined lives.

One fact from the case that will always haunt us is the knowledge that one of the videos in his possession was of a five-year-old girl performing a sex act, reportedly on Salling himself.

Mark Salling in 2012

As we mentioned, Mark Salling's suicide screwed over his victims.

Months before he ended his own life, Salling had agreed to pay restitution to some of his (identified) victims.

Reports claimed that each would have received $50,000. A later clarification reported that amounts would have varied according to factors such as therapy costs and other expenses.

While no one can imagine that Salling's money could have changed the lives of every single victim in his stockpile of over 50,000 images, the restitution could have made some difference in the lives of some of those whom he personally victimized.

Despite the agreement, it had not yet been ordered by a judge, and could not go into effect without Salling.

In all likelihoods, these survivors will get nothing from Salling unless they sue his estate. And perhaps not even then.

Mark Salling Visits The Bank

Salling's suicide is a complicated one.

Many would cheer at the death of someone who did so much harm in his life -- and who could blame them?

However, applauding a suicide is ... different than applauding an accidental death or even a murder, because people who struggle with suicidal depression may be impacted by such celebrations.

For those who struggle with suicidal thoughts on a regular basis, the topic of suicide is akin to an allergen. Just as most of us can eat peanuts without issue but they're fatal to others, most of us can talk about the death of a very bad man, but others cannot.

Adding to the complexity, of course, is the knowledge that, in taking his own life, Mark Salling cheated these victims out of restitution. That money would never have compensated for ruined childhoods and damaged lives, but it might have helped.

Mark Salling Photograph

Who's to say, however, what was on Mark Salling's mind at the time?

It's very likely that he wasn't thinking of them at all when he took his life.

That this wasn't a final insult to people who likely suffered at the hands of many adult men, but just a way out of what was sure to be a miserable prison experience.

Or perhaps it was a way out of his own self-loathing, if that's truly how he was feeling about his crimes.

But now Salling is gone. Now his case is dismissed.

Sister Wives: Is the Show as Dead as Kody Brown's Marriages?!

Posted: 08 Feb 2018 08:47 AM PST

Things aren't looking so good for the Sister Wives crew ...

Or, well, they haven't been looking good pretty much since the first moment we were introduced to them, so maybe it would be more accurate to just say that things are looking worse.

Sister Wives Take a Selfie

Way, way worse.

We've been hearing for months and months now, maybe even years, that the four wives of Kody Brown -- Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn -- are unhappy with him and with their situation.

Combine that with all the cancelation rumors that had been going around about the show before the trailer for the new season dropped, and it's clear that things aren't well in the Brown family households.

It's a lot for one family, right?

Even one family that's sort of branched out into four different families, because polygamy.

'Sister Wives' Stars Celebrate Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas' 25th Anniversary

And now, according to a sad new report, things are about to get even worse.

As the Sister Wives insider explains, ratings were down last season, and TLC was "less than impressed" by the amount of viewers the family was pulling in.

So this time around, for the current season, "Kody told them he'd be willing to have the network slash his family's pay from $180,000 for each adult to $180,000 total if it meant they could make season 12."

"He put everything on the line to convince them it could still work."

It seems like there could be a little bit of negotiation somewhere in there, right? If Kody did offer that pay cut, then that's $720,000 less that the adults are making this season.

Kody Brown Listens

But then again, maybe it was smart for him to get as much money as he could for a show that's been doing so poorly that it's been on the brink of cancelation for over a year now.

"Three years ago," the source says, "the show could command 2.5 million viewers, but now fans are leaving the show in droves."

"TLC has broken the news to Kody that it plans to cancel Sister Wives after the current season because ratings have been so tepid. Kody can kiss any hope of a Season 13 goodbye."

And it's not just his reality television career that's failing -- another source claims that his "spiritual marriages" are also close to being canceled.

"His only real connection seems to be with Robyn now," and "the other wives have all but given up on him."

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Pic

"They mostly see him as an ex-husband who turns up to help with the children," the source adds.

It turns out that this issues are sort of tied together -- in the beginning, Sister Wives viewers were intrigued by what seemed to be happy family living the polygamist lifestyle.

But now, "TLC has discovered you can only pretend things are all rosy for so long. Fans now realize the Browns are anything but a happy group."

The plan going forward, the insider says, is to develop a new show focusing on the Brown children -- so sort of like how 19 Kids and Counting morphed into Counting On.

If this were to happen, then Mariah, the only child of Kody and Meri, would be heavily featured, because "she's a favorite with fans because of her maturity."

"But will Meri will make the occasional appearance on the show, there are no plans to feature Kody," because "for him, things are very much over."

Is anyone else disappointed that since the show would be canceled, we won't be able to see episodes featuring the drama caused by the cancelation?