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Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Student Wins Three Minute Thesis Competition

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 11:00 AM PST

Newswise imageA pharmaceutical sciences doctoral student studying results of weight-reduction surgery delivered the top presentation at North Dakota State University's Three Minute Thesis Competition hosted by the College of Graduate and Interdisciplinary Studies on Feb 22.

Two NYU Studies Part of "STAT Madness" 2018--a Virtual Tournament of Science

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 10:05 AM PST

Two NYU studies are part of STAT Madness 2018--a virtual tournament of science in which the public votes for which studies they like best in a bracketed format.

Brain Can Navigate Based Solely on Smells

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 10:05 AM PST

Newswise imageNorthwestern University researchers have developed a new "smell virtual landscape" that enables the study of how smells engage the brain's navigation system. The work demonstrates, for the first time, that the mammalian brain can form a map of its surroundings based solely on smells. The olfactory-based virtual reality system could lead to a fuller understanding of odor-guided navigation and explain why mammals have an aversion to unpleasant odors, an attraction to pheromones and an innate preference to one odor over another.

Microgrid Coming to Northern California Airport

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 09:05 AM PST

Designed by the Schatz Energy Research Center at Humboldt State University, the microgrid will generate green electricity, create jobs for local contractors and technicians, and provide an energy lifeline in the event of a natural disaster.

Neutrons Reveal Promising Properties of Novel Antioxidant Polymer

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 08:05 AM PST

Newswise imageA team of researchers from ORNL and the University of Alabama at Birmingham recently developed the antioxidant manganoporphyrin, a new polymer that could potentially improve drug delivery methods and other biomedical applications. Using neutrons, they studied the strength and efficiency of a compound made from this material and tannic acid, a natural antioxidant.

SLU Researcher Develops New Way to Grow Nanowires

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 08:05 AM PST

Newswise imageSaint Louis University researcher Irma Kuljanishvili, Ph.D. developed a promising technique to produce nanoscale materials using simple processes.

Decoding the Genome's Dark Matter

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 08:05 AM PST

These new areas of interest belong to the so-called "non-coding" genome--the 98 percent of the genome that doesn't directly code for proteins but instead regulates how key proteins are produced.

The Fine-Tuning of Two-Dimensional Materials

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 08:05 AM PST

Newswise imageIn two recent publications, teams of researchers led by Penn State provide new understanding of why synthetic two-dimensional materials often perform orders of magnitude worse than predicted, and how to improve their performance in future electronics, photonics, and memory storage applications.

For Energy Experts, New Method Is a Gas

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 08:05 AM PST

Newswise imageResearchers have developed a method that will help natural gas experts better understand shale samples and eventually help them decide whether to invest time and resources to extract gas from the formation the samples came from.

King Penguins May Be on the Move Very Soon

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 08:00 AM PST

Newswise imageMore than 70 percent of the global King penguin population, currently forming colonies in Crozet, Kerguelen and Marion sub-Antarctic islands, may be nothing more than a memory in a matter of decades, as global warming will soon force the birds to move south, or disappear. This is the conclusion of a study published in the current issue of the prestigious journal Nature Climate Change and performed by an international team of researchers from France, Monaco, Italy, Norway, South Africa, Austria and US.

How Do Your FRIENDS Plan to Vote?

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 08:00 AM PST

Newswise imageMost election polls take the political pulse of a state or nation by reaching out to citizens about their voting plans. Santa Fe Institute Professor Mirta Galesic says pollsters might also ask: how do your friends plan to vote?

Glowing Designer Sponges: New Nanoparticles Engineered to Image and Treat Cancer

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 07:25 AM PST

A team of Sandia National Laboratories researchers has designed and synthesized metal-organic framework nanoparticles that glow red or near infrared for at least two days in cells. This could prove useful in tracking the spread of cancer cells.

Could Cleaning Up Beaches Make Americans Better Off?

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 07:05 AM PST

Newswise imageCleaning up beaches could boost local economies in addition to preserving natural treasures and animal habitats.

Powerful Flare from Star Proxima Centauri Detected with ALMA

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 06:05 AM PST

Newswise imageUsing data from ALMA, a team of astronomers discovered that a powerful stellar flare erupted from Proxima Centauri last March.

Mammoth Data: Researchers Sequence Complete Genomes of Extinct and Living Elephants Pointing to Highly Complex Relationships, Rich Evolutionary History

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 06:00 AM PST

Newswise imageAn international team of researchers has produced one of the most comprehensive evolutionary pictures to date by looking at one of the world's most iconic animal families - namely elephants, and their relatives mammoths and mastodons-spanning millions of years.

New Technology for Use in Military Vehicles May Protect Warfighters From Blast-Induced Brain Injury

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 06:00 AM PST

Newswise imageElastic frame design reduces blast acceleration up to 80 percent; technology could be adapted for vehicle bumpers, athletic helmets.

Researchers in Drive to Develop Greener Parts for Transport Industry

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 03:05 AM PST

Newswise imageUniversity of Portsmouth researchers are at the forefront of a drive to develop environmentally-friendly materials from agricultural waste for use in the automotive, marine and aerospace industries.