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The #student news

The #student news

Surprise Appearance! Sean Hayes Wanders the West Hallways

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 05:00 AM PST

Emmy Award-winning actor and comedian Sean Hayes – a star in the hit TV show Will and Grace – made a surprise appearance at his former high school, Glenbard West, on Wednesday, January 31.

During his tour, he entered the Black Box Theatre, which had yet to have been built during Hayes' time at West. Mr. Moran, the teacher in class, said that Hayes entered the classroom in the middle of the period and thanked the teachers for their work with the program. In response to comments about his success as an actor he told the students, pointing to himself, "If this idiot can do it, anybody can do it, you guys can all do it."

The visit was unexpected and unplanned, said Mr. Moran, who also described Hayes to be funny, humble, and grateful. "We gave him a round of applause, and he was as nice as could possibly be." According to Dr. Monaghan, Hayes was back home dealing with family matters.

The NBC show Will and Grace was first broadcast in 1998 for eight seasons then rebooted in 2017. Six of the seven main actors in the show have won an Emmy and the show itself has won dozens of other awards, including seven GLAAD Outstanding Comedy Series awards and a Rose d'Or Best Sitcom award.

Hayes has won many awards for his efforts in Will and Grace, including an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series and American Comedy Awards' Funniest Supporting Male Performer in a TV Series. Since his graduation, Hayes has remained a large supporter of the Glenbard West Theatre Club.

Hard Work Pays Off: Recognizing the 2nd Quarter Departmental Award Honorees

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 05:00 AM PST

Every quarter, teachers, educators, and departmental heads decide on one student from subject area who exercised success, excellence, and involvement throughout the quarter. Each student displays what the department looks for as a "model student" and one who grows both in their attitude and in their studies.

This quarter, 15 students were honored as a group at a breakfast and ceremony on the 16th of January.

The honorees included Asha Amin, Noor Ansari, Taylor Beck, Emma Blackwell, Joseph Bletsas, Grace Bouton, Caroline Casey, Adnaan Chida, Auriel Hernandez,  Katherine Hohe, Madison Jurgovan, Eleanor Ostroff, Kenneth Phillips, Natalie Rozak, and Sydney Wirtz.

All of these students represent the true passion and capabilities that each department feels represent success and what it means to be a true Glenbard West student.

Noor Ansari, winner of the Social Studies department award, and Katherine (Katie) Hohe, recipient of the World Languages department award, were asked about their experiences in the 2nd quarter and what this award meant to them.

First, Noor Ansari, who was recognized in her outstanding achievements in Advanced Placement (AP) United States History and Social Studies, shared how the award has impacted her view on education.

"It feels cool to be honored,” Noor expressed. "[The award] definitely wasn't something I expected because I feel like I didn't do anything very special."

As she was asked on the overall effort she put into her work, she explains that "it wasn't easy or hard, because I got it for being a 'special' student in class who had fun in the class by drawing APUSH (AP United States History) related pictures on the board, but also did really well on tests as well as engaged in the class." Ansari claims that her expressive nature and ability to "share[…] [her] notes with whoever wanted it" shows both her camaraderie and passion for the class. Although the award has not affected Noor's thinking or emphasis on the necessity that is education, she notes that "[the award] has shown me, though, that teachers do notice their students and their personalities."

To end, she shares that "If any student really wants the award, I think they should just be themselves, and show their teachers they're eager to learn. I didn't get the award for being smart, I got it for showing my curiosity and having fun in class. Go in for help, ask questions, be honest, make jokes in class. School can be a drag sometimes, so it’s important to have parts of it that you enjoy." 

Katie Hohe, who received the honor for her excellence in Advanced Placement (AP) Spanish Language and Culture, states that "[Winning the award] I wouldn't say [was] easy to get because I have been challenged more than I ever have than when I took honors. But my teacher, Señora Wuttke, is awesome and there is lots to learn in her class."

Katie also noted that "it feels good to be honored and have all the hard work recognized." She advises students to "[j]ust do your best and have a positive attitude [towards] education and your teachers." 

Overall, the 2nd Quarter Departmental honorees show that this honor is well deserved for all. Whether it be in the Arts, Sciences, or any other field, Glenbard West's finest are represented in this commemoration of academic accomplishment. Congratulations to all the honorees of the 2nd Quarter Departmental Awards!