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Tenacious Auditions

Posted: 24 Feb 2018 06:09 PM PST

Musical of destiny casting call

Edinburgh-based writers, Malachi Reid and Jonnie Grant, are set to premier a new musical, Tenacious D: The Musical of Destiny at EdFringe 2018.

The pair have put out an open call for performers to join them in the musical, for which Reid has written the book and Grant the additional music. It will also contain original Tenacious D music by Jack Black, Kyle Gass and Liam Lynch.

The musical is somewhere between a nod and a tribute to the 2006 movie, Tenacious D: the Pick of Destiny, staring Jack Black and Kyle Gass, and directed by Liam Lynch.

According to Reid, who will be directing the production: “The show tells to epic story of a young rocker from Kickapoo called JB journeying to find his counterpart in rock KG, and together they form the band TENACIOUS D.

“Once formed, they decide to chase the legend of a magical pick that has shaped the history of modern music for decades and will give them ultimate rock power!

“Along with a group of rambunctious roadies, a super surgery groupie girl and “A Take No Sh*t” Tour Manager, they will put their musical spirits and their friendship to the test.”


The production will play a week at the fringe under the musical direction of Grant, running from Monday 13 to Saturday 18 August 2018 at theSpace@Niddry Street in the Lower space, 10.15 – 11.30pm.

Auditions will be held at James Gillespie’s High School from March 5 to 7. To book a guaranteed slot email tenaciousdmod@gmail.com stating preferred time to audition and character they would like to be considered for.

Auditionees should prepare two songs (a rock song of their choice and a Tenacious D song) and, at their discretion, a small instrumental performance (not mandatory).

The company will accept people who turn up without booking in advance but do not guarantee that they won’t have to wait to be seen.

Character breakdowns.

The first four roles have specific vocal requirements:

JB (Playing age 20-25) Tenor (rock vocal qualities). Must be able to belt to B. Strong falsetto.
A young wanna be rocker, who's dream is to form the worlds most powerful rock duo and become a rock legend. Super high energy, charmingly childish and at his core a good person.

KG (Playing age 20-30). Tenor (rock vocal qualities); Must be able to belt to A. Good falsetto.
A sweet soft-spoken man, who only wants to be happy and make his friends happy. Cheerful, a slightly nervous disposition and a warm hearted person.

Diana (Playing age 20-25). Mezzo-soprano (contemporary vocal qualities). Must be able to belt up to E.
A determined young stage manager, who wants to show the world that she is the best at what she does. Very strong, passionate and quick witted.

Sally (Playing age 18-25) Mezzo-soprano (rock vocal qualities).
A sugary sweet young woman, who only wants to be Tenacious D's first real groupie. Bubbly, bouncy and always seems to be up beat.

These four roles are flexible by vocal type but a balance between the four will be required. Ideal voices are noted.

Pat (Playing age 25-30). Bari-tenor (contemporary vocal qualities). Must be able to belt up to G. Good falsetto. Low A required.
A tough as nails Irish lad, who might seem constantly ready for a fight but is secretly a big softy. Very loud, rough and badass.

Nat (Playing age 20-30). Bari-tenor (contemporary vocal qualities). Must be able to belt up to B. Strong falsetto. Low A required.
A cheeky laidback dude, who seems to always be annoying someone. Very talkative, quick witted and relaxed.

Max (Playing age 18-25). Soprano (contemporary vocal qualities). Must be able to chest voice to A.
A young rookie techie, who isn't afraid to stand up with and stand up to the "lads". Very cool, sassy and outgoing.

Bob (no specific playing age). Baritone (contemporary vocal qualities).
A mysterious entity, who although they don't say much makes friends very easily. Warm, calm and suave.

Featured Cast (4)
Assortment of voices required.

Purely Ensemble Cast (3)
No required vocal range.

Listings and links

Auditions: Tenacious D: The Musical of Destiny
James Gilespie’s High School, 57 Lauderdale St, EH9 1DD
Main block (Malala Building) room 1.23
Mon 5 – Weds 7 March. Evenings: 5.45pm – 8.15pm.
Email tenaciousdmod@gmail.com to book a slot.

Further details on the production facebook page: @TenaciousDTheMusicalofDestiny.

Tenacious D: the Pick of Destiny and Tenacious D’s albums are available to buy on Amazon. Click images for details:


Arbery EdFringe Casting Calls

Posted: 24 Feb 2018 03:39 PM PST

Auditions for Casanova Dreaming and Volpone

Arbery Productions has issued open casting calls to Edinburgh-based actors for its two Edinburgh Fringe 2018 productions, the revival of Volpone and a new production: Casanova Dreaming.

Both productions will run through the whole festival and there is a guaranteed minimal payment for all cast. The company is looking for male and female actors over the age of 18.

Auditions for Volpone will be on Sat 3/Sun 4 March with callbacks on Sat 10 March. Rehearsals will be in the evenings during July.

Auditions for Casanova Dreaming will be on Sat 17/Sun 18 March with callbacks on Wed 21. Rehearsals will be during the day in July.

Martin Foreman's adaptation of Ben Jonson's rollicking satire Volpone maintains all the elements of Jonson's plot while shortening the script to two hours and updating the language and setting to the nineteenth century.

The greatest change comes in transforming two leading characters to women. One is Corbaccia, the old lady who disinherits her son to get Volpone's riches. The other is Volpone's servant, Mosca, whose quick thinking saves herself and her master from potential discovery and offers them even greater rewards.

The show was first presented in a one-week run at EdFringe 2017 (Æ review: “★★★★☆ Ruthless“). The production is being enhanced and reprised for a three-week run in the early evening in Paradise Sanctuary (Venue 152) on George IV Bridge.

Casanova Dreaming

In Casanova Dreaming, the 18-year old Giacomo Casanova is asleep in bed with his first true love when he is visited by an old man who shows him his future – but is what he sees a promise or a warning?

Foreman reveals the life of the famous libertine – a life more complex and varied than legend relates, he says – and continues his exploration of themes of love, loss and death that focus on the city of Venice.

Casanova Dreaming will run in the early afternoon in the intimate theatre of theSpace on Niddry Street (Venue 9). Although it does not contain nudity, auditionees should be aware that it will contain sexual language and intimate scenes between the performers.

Anyone wishing to audition for any role in either production can contact Arbery Productions through its website where they can also download audition sides. The company will also accept those who turn up on the day, but can not guarantee they will be seen immediately.

Character Breakdowns


A cast of 13 actors will play 20 characters. Volpone and Mosca have been cast; the outstanding parts are:

Corvino. A merchant, 35+
Sir Politick Would Be (eccentric Englishman) and Court Notary. Both 40+
Peregrine, young Englishman and Bonario, young snob. Both 18-25

Corbaccia. A miser, 50+
Lady Would-Be, overbearing Englishwoman, 40+
Celia, a beautiful pious wife and maidservant, disrespectful, 18 – 30

Either gender:
Voltore, lawyer, 40+
Four actors playing various Judges, jesters and officers of the law, 20s – 70s
The jesters and officer are stock characters. The judges have distinct characteristics (formal, bored, confused). All four actors will appear in several scenes, as the above and as members of the crowd.

Casanova Dreaming

A cast of 7 (3m, 4f) will portray more than a dozen characters.

Giacomo Casanova: playing age 19
Chevalier de Seingalt: playing age 73
An actor with playing age 30 – 50 to portray: Bragadin (slightly effeminate aristocrat, ca 50); Lorenzo (jailer, 30+); Cesare da Orsara (barber, 30+); Sir Wellbore Agar (English aristocrat, 30s) and Branicki (Polish aristocrat, 40s). Costumes will help to distinguish the characters but the actor must be capable of significant differences in style and accent.

Mrs Cornelys (superior brothelkeeper, 40s) and Marquise d’Urfe (French aristocrat, 40s) – different styles and accents
Anna Maria (married, 29) and Cecilia (shy woman, 18) – similar appearance and style
Bellino (16 year old castrato) and Charpillon (courtesan, 18) – very different appearances and style; must be capable of portraying a teenage boy and singing (very briefly) in falsetto
Henriette (married, 20s) and Nun (20s) – strong confident women, but very different styles and appearance

Listings and links

Auditions for Volpone are on
Saturday 3 March 2018: 12noon to 4pm. Royal Oak Bar, 1 Infirmary Street, EH1 1LT
And Sunday 4 March 2018, 12noon to 4pm. Three Sisters Bar, 189 Cowgate, EH1 1JS
Saturday 10 March 2018: 12noon to 4pm. Royal Oak Bar

Auditions for Casanova Dreaming:
Saturday 17 March: 12noon to 4pm, Royal Oak Bar.
Sunday 18 March, 12noon to 4pm, Three Sisters Bar
Wednesday 21 March: 7 – 10pm, Royal Oak Bar.

Arbery Productions website: www.arberyproductions.co.uk/
Auditions details: www.arberyproductions.co.uk/auditions.htm.
Facebook: @ArberyProductions
Twitter: @ArberyProdctns.