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Kristen Stewart: "Personal Shopper"

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 03:59 PM PST

"Twilight" actress Kristen Stewart stars in the ghost story feature, "Personal Shopper", written and directed by Olivier Assayas:

"...Kristen Stewart is 'Maureen', a high-profile 'personal shopper' assistant to celebrities, who also half-believes she's in contact with the ghost of her late twin brother..."

"Maureen wants to be entirely invisible and at the same time wants to be really seen," said Stewart about her character. "She really struggles with that...

"I don't hide anything, and I don't have any public social media engagement, but I ultimately want to be seen. It's weird — we think we have more control over that now than we've ever had because we have it in our hands, but we have none...

On the subject of 'ghosts', Stewart said, "If it's real for you, then what the hell else is there? There's so much that we don't see that we know to be true. I don't know what the fuck energy it is, but there's something that doesn't go away, and whether I'm making that up or I'm actually being left with some residual debris, I feel people fucking intrinsically. I think it leaves shadows."

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"Daredevil: In Harm's Way"

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 03:47 PM PST

Marvel Comics' "Daredevil" #17, now available is written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Ron Garney, with covers by Garney and Joe Jusko:

"...it's no secret that 'Matt Murdock' is the man under the 'Daredevil' mask. He admitted it to the world a long time ago. But what if you could put the genie back in the bottle? 

"What if you could protect the loved ones you put in harm's way? Only, if he wants to regain his anonymity...it's going to cost him. What price did Matt Murdock pay to make his identity secret once more? Who got left behind in the process?..."

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'Gamora' In "Thanoscope"

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 03:43 PM PST

Marvel Comics' "Gamora" #3, now available, is written by Nicole Perlman and illustrated by Marco Checchetto, with covers by Esad Ribic and Michael Cho:

"...on the doomed planet 'Ubliex', escape is impossible. While the planet literally breaks apart around her, 'Gamora', a key member of the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' searches for her prey, determined to get her revenge against the 'Badoon' - even if it's the last thing she does.

"But on Ubliex, where adventure and criminals wait around every corner, Gamora might find more than she ever imagined -- a truth so astounding that it will rock Gamora to her very core..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Gamora"...

Marvel's "Secret Empire"

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 03:42 PM PST

Marvel's "Secret Empire", now available is written by Nick Spencer and illustrated by Steve McNiven, Andrea Sorrentino, Daniel Acuña, and Leinil Francis Yu, with a cover by Mark Brooks, as 'Steve Rogers' aka 'Captain America'  brings about a 'Hydra' revolution during "...the worst day in the 'Marvel Universe'...":

"His plans and Hydra's plans will have begun to unfurl," said Marvel about the story. "We are done with the covert portion, the buildup portion of the program. 'Secret Empire' is the pyrotechnics, the big Michael Bay blockbuster, with huge colossal struggles and battles across the 'Marvel Universe', with all of our key characters and players taking on a big role. 'Cap', as head of 'S.H.I.E.L.D.', is able to mobilize forces..."

"We'll definitely see an impact on our new, younger generation of heroes, a huge turn for them, a 'Watergate' moment for them. They will have to grapple with what this means and reset their heroism. You don't want it to be bleak and miserable, you always want to have hope and be uplifting, and that's the aspect of this story where the other characters in the Marvel Universe have to kind of come together for..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Captain America: Civil War"...

"Captain Marvel" In "Vanity Fair"

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 02:53 PM PST

Sneak Peek Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson, aka Marvel Studios "Captain Marvel" in "Vanity Fair" magazine:

"It took me a really long time", said Larson about coming to terms with the Marvel Comics character.

"I had to sit with myself, think about my life and what I want out of it. Ultimately, I couldn't deny the fact that this movie is everything I care about, everything that's 'progressive' and 'important' and 'meaningful'...

'Captain Marvel' aka 'Major Carol Danvers' was created for Marvel Comics by writer Roy Thomas and illustrator Gene Colan...

...as a member of the US Air Force, debuting in "Marvel Super-Heroes" #13 (March 1968).

Together with 'Iron Man', Carol became a principal advocate of the 'Superhuman Registration Act'. 

She then cut a deal with 'Tony Stark', director of 'S.H.I.E.L.D.', to lead a covert strike team called 'Operation: Lightning Storm'.

Its mission: to eliminate 'super-villains' before they became global threats.

Carol Danvers has superhuman strength, endurance, stamina, flight, physical durability, a limited precognitive 'sixth sense', and a perfectly amalgamated human, alien 'Kree' physiology that renders her resistant to most toxins and poisons. 

She can also fly at six times the speed of sound, while discharging explosive blasts of radiant energy, fired from her fingertips. 

She also demonstrates the ability to absorb other forms of energy, such as electricity...

...to further magnify her strength and energy projection, up to the force of an exploding nuclear weapon.

When sufficiently augmented, she can withstand the pressure from a 92-ton weight, and strike with a similar level of force.

Carol Danvers is also an exceptional espionage agent, pilot, hand-to-hand combatant and marksman.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek 'Carol Danvers' ....

"The Walking Dead: The Last Stand" - More Footage

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 01:58 PM PST

Sneak Peek more new footage, plus images from "The Walking Dead" mid-season premiere episode "The Last Stand", airing February 25, 2018 on AMC:

"...all out war has had a devastating impact on every person involved.

"The communities themselves are fractured. 'Alexandria' has been destroyed, the 'Hilltop' finds themselves pinned...

"...and the 'Kingdom' is shattered — half of them dead, the other half controlled by the 'Saviors'. 

"At the very center — 'Rick', having been distracted by the conflict, has just returned home to learn that 'Carl', who heroically shepherded the 'Alexandrians' to safety during an attack by 'Negan' has been bitten by a 'walker'. 

"Once his sole motivation in this otherwise stark existence, Rick is forced to deal with this reality. Carl has always been a beacon of hope, a symbol for the remaining thread of humanity...

"...lessons that the survivors around him would be wise to take with them as this war surges onward.

"But Rick isn't the only person who's living in peril. 'Aaron' and 'Enid' are in a dire situation at 'Oceanside' — unclear if they're in friendly territory, or if they've just made new enemies.

"'Father Gabriel' will do his part in attempting to smuggle 'Dr. Carson' safely back to the Hilltop...

"...and a pregnant 'Maggie' is wrestling with the many moral gray areas that come with leadership during war. 

"In a standoff with the Saviors, she must decide how to proceed with the dozens of 'POW' lives she's currently in control of, as well as new complications that come with being a leader. 

"In addition to the war, Negan continues to deal with struggles within his ranks as workers, traitors and others' thirst for power cause conflict at the Sanctuary. Having gifted the Saviors a major victory, the loyalty of 'Eugene' is repeatedly tested as new obstacles present themselves.

"As all-out-war consumes us, the line between good and evil continues to blur. People fighting for what they believe in. Everybody working together for something bigger — to feel safe and have a world worth living in..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "The Walking Dead" February 2018 premiere...

Krysten Ritter Strikes A Pose

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 02:27 PM PST

Sneak Peek new images of "Jessica Jones" star Krysten Ritter in the latest issue of the women's lifestyle magazine "Bust", published by Debbie Stoller and Laurie Henzel, "...for women with something to get off their chest...":

"I've always lived out of a suitcase", said Ritter.

"I was in a new city every three months. When I was a model, I traveled the world, and as an actor you're traveling from movie set to movie set. So I've never been in one place long enough for anything super-bad to happen.

"I was totally picked on, but look at me now! I was definitely picked on by boys and girls. I was really lanky and skinny and the boys would say, 'Turn sideways and stick out your tongue, you look like a zipper.'

"I've never been a fearful person. When I was growing up, I wanted to be an actress, a writer, and a musician and I never really processed that those are the three hardest jobs - I just never even processed it..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Jessica Jones" - Season 2 ...