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#Videos News

#Videos News

Embattled Premier: The Netanyahu Crime Cartel

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 08:11 AM PST

RECAP: The Bromance Continues As Zionists Feku Modi & Bibi Netanyahu Fly Kites Together – So Special

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 07:38 AM PST

Palestine Beware: Feku ‘Trojan Horse’ Modi is a Zionist NWO Fraudster & His Country is In Ruins

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 07:25 AM PST

GSM Update 2/10/18 – Records Continue To Tumble – Largest Lava Dome – Hayward Fault Simulation

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 07:15 AM PST

Robert Green Exposing Cruelty Against Child Abuse Survivor; Melanie Shaw – Exposing Pedophiles Has a Price in the UK

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 07:02 AM PST

Midwest braces for another winter storm

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 06:55 AM PST

“Anonymous: The Big Secret About Climate Change.” Part 1

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 06:47 AM PST

Flooded with food donations, orphanage now needs school van

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 06:32 AM PST

FBI Informant Testifies: Hillary Took Millions From Moscow As Part Of Uranium Deal – Vlad Just Smiles

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 06:24 AM PST

EU/NWO Globalists Just Went Against Trump Setting Up Major Showdown With America – Is This The False Flag That Will Cover-Up Hillary & The Crew?

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 06:22 AM PST

Cali Quake Risk, Planets Past Pluto, CERN LHC: Dwarfed | S0 News Feb.10.2018

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 06:17 AM PST

Eastern Europe Paralyzed with Italy During Snow/Lightning Storms (528)

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 06:15 AM PST

Miami Releases Millions of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes into Environment to Battle a Zika False Flag – They Say

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 08:31 PM PST

Bonehead Teen Driver Sentenced to Prison After Live Streaming Sister’s Fatal Car Crash

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 08:26 PM PST

“Anonymous: What They Really Won’t Tell You.”

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 07:28 PM PST

YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE THIS VIDEO If It Wasn’t Recorded! – Elon is an Al Gore Sham – Ripping Off The Taxpayer

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 07:13 PM PST


Posted: 09 Feb 2018 07:08 PM PST

Former Vice President Pedo-Joe The Deep State Bro Speaks in Indianapolis

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 06:48 PM PST

99.9% BUSTED eXpose spaceX Tesla Car in Space HOAX – Blame it on Aliens, Elon?

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 06:42 PM PST

The Tesla Roadster Should Be Melting… [SPACE IS FAKE] – USA Loves a Good Lie

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 06:33 PM PST

BUSTED. SpaceX Starman Live Glitches Green Screen Fake Space – All on the Taxpayers Dime, Right Elon?

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 06:20 PM PST

TWO FBI Agents Step Down After TEXT LEAK! – Oh It’s Just Another Coincidence

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 06:03 PM PST

In Search of the ‘Master Race’: Scots Scientists Grow First Ever Human Egg to Maturity – Ja, wir sind Barbaren!

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 06:00 PM PST

Morons Piers Morgan & Gerald Butt Have Kerfuffle Over Bonehead Trudeau’s “Peoplekind” Stupidity

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 05:52 PM PST

RECAP: Google Thinks It Knows What Your (Medical) Problem Is

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 05:44 PM PST

CURE LIES: Google Admits Directing Cancer Sufferers to Bogus Cures & Dodgy Medical Advice

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 05:41 PM PST

Apple Seeds & Cancer What the Government Has Been Hiding From You for Years?

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 05:35 PM PST

Starved dog rescued from Zephyrhills property has new forever home

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 05:11 PM PST

Winter Olympics 2018 Flame Lighting Ceremony: ‘Robot Fire Penis’ Ignites Cauldron in Blazing Glory

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 04:32 PM PST

EU/NWO Slime Bag Says He Was Framed Accepting a Big Pharma Novartis Bribe – So Bribes ARE Behind the Flu Shot Scam

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 04:11 PM PST

Who funded 20% of Clinton’s presidential campaign?

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 03:46 PM PST

Earth’s Magnetic Flip | Earthquakes & Volcanoes

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 03:35 PM PST


Posted: 09 Feb 2018 03:32 PM PST

Amazing Animal Rescues Compilation – Real Life Heroes 2018

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 09:52 AM PST

Man Rescues Bald Creature Running Through The Desert

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 09:49 AM PST

Tiny hairless bulldog found wandering the streets now has a home

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 09:44 AM PST

Animals ADOPTING Other Animal Species!

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 09:40 AM PST

Hapless Thug Armed With Knife Robs Shop of £2.38 in Goods, Then….

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 09:38 AM PST

History of two Koreas showing unified front at international sporting events

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 09:29 AM PST

Children Tortured For Non Payment Of Fees In Hyderabad

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 09:26 AM PST