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#American Life

#American Life

Facebook Zuckerberg Attacks Christian Humor Site Also, Employees Running Bitcoin Computers Steal Computers

Posted: 04 Mar 2018 05:41 AM PST

(1) Why Won’t Joe Rogan Address YouTube Censorship? | Mike Cernovich – YouTube


The purge of anyone slightly right of Mad Madame Mao and her insane offspring who run a number of California internet businesses continues.  One casualty is Babylon Bee, a totally innoculous and often mildly silly but very Christian humor site: Facebook has terminated them this week for being mean to CNN, of all things!  The humor was a picture of a washing machine with CNN on the front door!  That got Zuckerberg, a Jewish owner of Facebook, pissed off.  Also, in Iceland, a huge number of bitcoin computer systems were stolen.  HAHAHA.  The thieves wanted to convert the computers into real money, ignoring the bitcoin business.

The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) | Twitter

Here is yesterday’s example of humor at the Babylon Bee website: Facebook Sends Warm Reminder To Publishers That It Is In Complete Control Of Their Livelihood.


"At Facebook, we're all about publishers. As long as they behave and believe properly. And if any one of them crosses me for any reason, or if I'm just bored or something, I am more than happy to starve them to death and bring to ruin every person involved in their pathetic little organization," a smiling Zuckerberg explained.


"Publishers complain about our power over them, but look, you're welcome to not use Facebook if you don't like our terms. We only control the flow of the world's information—no big deal," he added.

Also, Paul Joseph Watson who also works at Alex Jones, retweeted the Drudge Report…Twitter suspended a user for calling black politician female ‘crazy’:

The heavy hand of censorship has already destroyed the internet in Europe and Canada and now is hammering US citizens in total violation of the First Amendment.  All of the online business is ‘in the public square’ and this rank censorship is very Unamerican and I hope the courts hammer all the SJW California creeps hard.


You can be put in prison and also fined huge punishing sums for posting simple jokes online!  Not even vicious jokes, any jokes about any protected group especially joking about Muslims, is verboten.  It is perfectly OK to savagely joke about Christians.


Monty Python, for example, could not exist in England today.  That’s The Week That Was also would be censored.  I used to watch many British comedy shows.  They no longer exist and I wonder if the older ones will be eliminated from the internet, too.


Criminal Facebook Corporation Shut Down Gateway Pundit Today Because of Our Conservative Beliefs… Where the Hell Is the GOP?  There is an interesting discussion at the lively comments section at Gateway Pundit, talking about the legal ramifications of the cyber attack by Zuclerberg who is a criminal vandal who destroys people’s work and businesses on whim:


Maggie Texaner in London • 14 hours ago
It all comes down to money. When Trump tackles all the corruption (see all the CEO’s that have resigned), Facebook is probably not going to be as wealthy as they are right now. All the MSM is scared to death, because they are all complicit. This is a sad, evil world we are experiencing right now.


Texaner in London Maggie • 14 hours ago
Well, I think it comes down to power. Money is certainly one of the pillars of power but not the only one. But as one of those pillars, we should take swift action to begin kicking it out. The steps below have both direct positive constitutional implications as well as painful financial ones for the SJW trash in Silicommie Valley:


1. Marsh v Alabama (public squares run by private companies must respect the constitutional rights of their residents just as any public square run by a government entity must). A judge explicitly applying this case to the tech giants will then open the floodgates of more lawsuits as every user ever silenced by these companies suddenly has massive standing to seek massive punitive damage$.

2. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which states that companies such as Google SHALL remain politically neutral or forfeit their immunity from responsibility for criminal activity using their networks.

3. Employee protection regs which ensure SJW trash can’t create a hostile work environment against anyone to the right of Mao.

4. Immigration law: Canceling the visas of all foreign employees working for Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. inside the United States.

These would leave a pretty big dent in the hubris of the anti-human rights SJW trash in Silicommie Valley.


IMPACT1 Texaner in London • 14 hours ago
“2. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which states that companies such as Google SHALL remain politically neutral or forfeit their immunity from responsibility for criminal activity using their networks.”


This is being totally ignored they are pushing buttons like everyone else to see how far they can go. A large law suit (class action) should be in the works right about now!


This reminds me of a very old Soviet joke one of my Russian friends told me way back in the 1970’s: ‘Here is an example of a Soviet joke: Make a joke about Stalin…I love Stalin.’  Yes, the ‘joke’ here is, someone loving Stalin when everyone feared and hated him.  So the joke is, loving Stalin is not a joke and if one said they didn’t love him, they were sent to Siberia for reeducation.  Speaking of reeducation camps:

Europe  has these.  Anyone posting anything online that interferes with the Bilderberg gang’s operations is imprisoned and forced to make a public apology for daring to even JOKE about what that hideous gang of super rich bastards and bitches are doing to destroy Europe.  This is a huge reason why former Soviet puppet states are now edging out of the EU and Italy wants to exit, Autria wants out, Northern Spain, increasingly in Ireland, all want out and England left alreay but not quite due to the Bilderberg gang dragging their heels on Brexit.

(2) How is This a Thing? 3rd of March 2018: College lists ‘ne,’ ‘ve,’ ‘ey’ as gender neutral pronouns.  The destruction of simple language is a Maoist thing.  They want to make us incapable of talking to each other for fear of losing jobs or being arrested for wrongthink.  This insane push comes from our schools which are infested with Maoist/totalitarian teachers and administrators.  They are taking in young people and turning them into monsters who can’t function in a sane society.


Children come out of many years of indoctrination, dirty, ill tempered, violent and ignorant, a three for one deal.  Now on to fake money: Grand theft crypto: 600 bitcoin-mining computers stolen in Iceland — RT World News


In what has been dubbed the "big bitcoin heist," 600 computers used to mine cryptocurrencies have been stolen in Iceland. The powerful computers are worth almost $2 million.

The computers were stolen from data centers across the country. Police said it's the biggest series of robberies to happen in Iceland, and it's believed to be connected to organized crime, Iceland Monitor reports.


Advania Data Manager provided images from its security cameras at its data center in Reykjanesbær, which helped police, Visir reports. Eleven people have been arrested in connection with the crimes, including one security guard. On Friday, a Reykjanes District Court ruled two of the people should remain in custody.


Good lord, that entire business is insane, utterly useless except to crooks and thieves.  Note how lawless everyone is from top to bottom.  Scams often operate this way.  Stockmarket and real estate scams are typical examples.