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Woman In Sweden Faces 2 Years Prison For Muslim Joke, Three Mulsim Rapists Get ONE Year Prison

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 01:01 PM PST

SWEDEN: Woman Interrogated & Imprisoned For Posting Joke Meme About Islam – YouTube


All of Europe is going down the drain.  The far left is desperate to flush us down that sewer, too.  Note how telling a harmless political joke can put someone in a prison for TWO YEARS but in Sweden, violently raping someone nearly killing them, gets Muslim immigrants less than ONE YEAR in prison!  This is utterly insane, totally suicidal and at the same time, the evil rulers of Europe howl about Putin invading.  If I were in Sweden, I would be begging him to invade.


Just the other day, we learned that Eastern Europeans who moved into dying Sweden are now fleeing due to the Muslims invading the joint.  The differential between violent rape and posting a joke reveals a society in full collapse.  This moral collapse is fatal.  I have no hope Europe will pull out of this tail spin except if Russia invades.


All my life and I once lived in Europe, I have wondered why European people are so suicidal.  Especially the German people…why, oh why do they have this deep desire to die?

Swedish woman who made online jokes about Islam could be jailed for 2 years


A 32-year-old woman from Gothenburg could be locked up for 2 years after making some Facebook jokes about Islam, Swedish newspaper Friatider reports.


A preliminary investigation was started after she was reported to the police. The woman had to undergo a "degrading" interrogation and had to submit DNA as well. During the police hearing, the woman apologised for her post and said she had nothing against ordinary Muslims, but only against ISIS.


"I read a lot and looked a lot at documentaries about IS and how they treated people. I didn't mean it in a bad way", she said. Later she added that her "best friend is Muslim so I don't have a problem Muslims".


But Gothenburg's prosecutor, Sara Toreskog, chose to move on with the case and prosecute the woman for "hate speech" – a crime that could lead to two years in a Swedish prison.


Will other Swedes wake up?  Their entire government is run by females who are of exceptional levels of stupidity.  Where are the men?  I suspect they have fled.  Croatian MALE  migrant felt unsafe in Sweden and left to go to ‘amazing’ Poland.  


He was born in Sweden to Croatian parents and now is moving everyone in the clan out of danger.  His family fled Croatia during the religious wars there.  Now on to the horror story of the rapists in Sweden:  Three migrants brutally torture Swedish psychiatric patient for "insulting" them


When arriving at the location, the man suffering from mental health issues, was subjected to brutal torture. He had to remove his clothes and had to swim to the other side of an ice cold river. "Are you Allah, let's see what we can do with you", one of the migrant men said.


The migrants wouldn't let the victim out of the ice cold water. Later the man was kicked in the head, beaten with sticks and at the end of one of the beatings a stick was pushed up his rectum.


During the trial the migrants received a very low sentence for the torture. The two 19-year-olds were sentenced to 1 year and 4 months and 1 year and 7 months in prison. The 16-year-old was sentenced to youth care for gross unlawful coercion, gross sexual assault and gross abuse.


Sweden is definitely committing suicide now.  I would suggest, this is hopeless as well sa very stupid.  Here is another liberal success story: South Africa where the new black Zulu President is suggesting annihilating the white farmers there:  Petition · Donald J Trump: Genocide of whites in South Africa · Change.org ..feel free to sign this petition.


You Tube banned this video showing ANTIFA in the US screaming death threats:

Far-left group ANTIFA chants death threats – YouTube

It is back up, I hope.  You Tube has gone off a cliff at this point.  This is very annoying.  The leftists love dictatorships and censorship.  This is why I now hate the left.

CPAC 2018 – How College Campuses are Turning into Reeducation Camps – YouTube

This is a good video to watch.  I bet it will be removed by the deranges SJW staff running You Tube off the cliff.  This is increasingly looking like warfare.  The DNC is scared of the next election and is determined we can’t communicate with each other so they can pull a coup using illegal aliens who are being given ID to vote this fall.



Real Citizens Fight Back: You Tube Purge Backs Off Slightly, Still Continues

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 07:04 AM PST

I Have Access To My Account – YouTube

Southern Poverty Law Center is now in charge of censorship on You Tube.  They attacked every single right wing website, eliminating thousands of citizens who are now SJW leftists.  This attack on free speech and free assembly is unconstitutional and is how the EU runs Europe now: no one dares say anything online that might irritate the communists and Bilderberg gang which is protecting communist radicals while punishing right wing radicals and middle of the road citizens and normal people in general.


‘Youtube Is CENSORING Right-Wingers!’ – Tucker Carlson EXPOSES Youtube Censorship – YouTube

This battle has made the mainstream news but only at Fox TV.  The Bilderberg gang of billionaires are cynically using the far left to enslave us.  Tax cuts for citizens, for example, is evil but offshoring Apple and Google wealth is smart banking and good tax evasion.


Corporations I used to admire have turned into tax cheating, mind control monsters.  The ruling elites hate the fact that mere citizens can talk to the entire planet earth via You Tube.  You Tube is now being sued along with Google over discrimination against Asian and white males.  Yes!  Let the lawsuits pour into the court system!


These mega corporations should be sued to the tune of a trillion dollars, collectively, for the temerity of trying to take over the planet earth and impose a dictatorship on us all and unleashing armies of third world males onto Europe and North America to physically attack and loot us.  We cannot forget who is forcing this on us and who is sponosring this invasion.

YouTube’s Censorship is Out of Control – YouTube

An Important Message About YouTube Censorship – YouTube

Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) | Twitter

Prison Planet has been having a nonstop marathon due to being openly attacked by the Bilderberg gang.  Alex Jones has many crazy itches that annoy me greatly like pretending that all mass murder events are carried out by an army of assassins and not just one person who has lots and lots of bullets and wears body armor.


On the other hand, he is correct about many other things especially how the mainstream media conspires to control populations.

Youtube Head Fakes Say They Won't Censor Conservatives – Full Show – YouTube
The Real Reason they are Purging Truther Channels & FB Pages – YouTube


You Tube is very arrogant now but this will end up causing everyone with any talent or money to flee You Tube and start up rival operations and I highly, highly endorse this.  All the systems running out of California and NYC are run by international conspirators who attend Bilderberg meetings and plot to rule us like communist China.


The EU and China and Canada have zero freedom of speech.  All the pro-socialist states have NO free speech, ever.  They can’t have this.  Venezuela doesn’t have this as it goes down the socialist hell hole and South Africa just voted to eliminate all white farmers, for example, and steal their tools and labor.


All these stupid attempts at ruling humans leads to mass starvation, the annihilation of all social systems, the deaths of millions and millions and millions of people.

2 26 2018 Youtube Censorship of The Militia Intelligence Report, Gematrinator 64, & Ziggy Kelleher – YouTube


We all must petition Congress to look into the Southern Poverty Law Center, Soros who gave them millions while being a foreign entity, the Google push to censor the internet and prevent honest citizens from discussion political events online while allowing the ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter gangs free rein to do as they please online.

The Principle of Selfishness Negates Big Tech When it Feigns Benevolence in Censoring Things – 

Styx explains this present war against citizens using You Tube without violating any rules but are being eliminated due to pure political reasons.  Google’s ‘do no evil’ was dropped last year…literally!  And now we have decided their new motto is ‘Chairman Mao says silence all critics and opposition!’


But he also said, ‘Power grows out of the barrel of a gun.’  I once made a T shirt with that motto on it.  BTW, Styx mentions Sargon who was just reinstated after lawyers intervened.

Canada: A Nation Crashing with NO SURVIVORS – YouTube

Trudeau demands million more aliens…as has all of EU leaders.  This is now their motto: you MUST import millions of aliens or else!  No one is suggesting we import a million whites from South Africa and save them from being mass murdered by screaming Zulu mobs.


Nope, they are not allowed to flee this event which makes our own rulers complicit with the impending racist crimes.  The Zulus are Nazis.  Anyone can be a Nazi, ask the Zionists.  They are also Nazis.  This Naziism is running alongside liberals demanding we have no Nazi rules, too and these same liberals praise open blatant Naziism so long as one is a protected ‘minority’.


Black Pigeon is totally wrong when he says, ‘We have no example in history’ of importing hostile aliens and parking them inside an empire.  Excuse me, this is exactly what happened in Ancient Rome.  The Vandals, infamous for destroying civilizations, first petitioned Rome to come in and live as serfs.  Then, when the Roman army let them come in, they organized themselves into a fighting force and destroyed Western Rome.


That is the official beginning of the End of the Western Roman Empire which brought in a thing called ‘the Dark Ages’!  Duh!  Civilization totally collapsed.