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#American Life

#American Life

Gateway Pundit Eliminated From Facebook: The SJW Bilderberg Purge of Internet Continues, Infowars Banned From You Tube Too

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 02:07 PM PST

 Click. here to see the news that You Tube has stopped Alex Jones posting videos: Emergency Transmission: Massive Purge To End Internet Freedom Right Now » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


The war on everyone who isn’t a California/NYC/Bilderberg operation online is intensifying!  Criminal Facebook Corporation Shut Down Gateway Pundit Today Because of Our Conservative Beliefs… Where the Hell Is the GOP?   Alex Jones has been shut down by You Tube where the raging war against anyone who isn’t a far left winger.  This censorship and destruction of people’s businesses is because of the looming Congressional elections which the DNC hopes to win power via police state tactics and violent thug mobs attacking any political rallies like we saw in the previous election which the mainstream media refused to report.

The Gateway Pundit has a graph showing how they have grown over the last several years.  A quarter million viewers, it is doing better than the Wall Street Journal, for example.  The mainstream media is also very angry at the popularity of nearly anyone who isn’t mainstream media that is, Bilderberg gangsters.

These asses think that they can reimpose their fake news on us which is why they raged about ‘fake news’ when we all were agreeing that THEY were the fake news, they insist they are real when it is repeatedly proven that they lie, twist and conceal news and are untrustworthy.


Like all the collapsing systems this last decade, they think if they have a Disney-level semi-monopoly, they can force us to go to their movies or read their news but we won’t because they are insulting us regularly and think we can’t put 2+2 together.


All major institutions that bring in big money are collapsing due to pushing agendas on the US public that we utterly reject.  In Europe and Canada and other places, they are destroying free speech and free assembly and terrorizing the people with gangs of violent ANTIFA thugs allowed to run wild alongside armies of millions of illegal aliens.

Breotbart is next.  They are more popular than the Washington Post and Huffington Post.  The monsters destroying all systems of communication, congregation and pleasures will now bend their twisted minds into figuring out how to eliminate Breitbart, too.

YouTube’s Censorship is Out of Control – YouTube

Watch Alex Jones Show here on his own transmission site.

Below is a good explanation of the history of You Tube censorship:

YouTube is Lying to Us (Censorship is Here) – YouTube

Trump’s Tariffs Freaks Out All Our Trade ‘Partners’ Who Flood US With Goods, Killing Our Jobs

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 04:14 AM PST


The New York Times owners are the founders of the Bilderberg gang.  We have been in this 50 year trade war with our ‘allies’ in Europe and Asia who have trade surpluses with the US.  Our trade deficit began with the hike in oil prices after the Israel war in the early 1970’s.  Now, we export energy.  After the deficit began, Reagan made a deal with Japan which created our eternal trade deficits with our WWII enemy and then Germany joined in so now we are deep in trade debt with both.  The excuse was, they were the bulwark against Evil Communist China and Russia both of which are now capitalist countries and China now has a trade deficit with the US, too!  The fix for this is a trade war with special attention to who we protect with our military and tax money (Europe and Japan in particular).


Here is our ‘allies’ response to Trump putting up some tariffs:  Europe To Retaliate With Tariffs On Harley, Bourbon & Blue Jeans; HOG Tumbles:


While earlier Europe said that it would disclose its trade war retaliation strategy no sooner than March 5, moments ago Reuters floated its latest trial balloon reporting that the European Union is considering applying a 25% tariffs on roughly $3.5 billion of imports from the United States should Trump execute his plan steel and aluminium tariffs.


While the European Commission has said it would respond "firmly" to proposed U.S. import duties, it also warned it would join others in a challenge at the World Trade Organization and consider safeguard measures, last deployed in 2002, to guard against steel and aluminium being diverted to Europe from elsewhere if U.S. tariffs come in.


People have noticed that the EU is choosing to put big tariffs on things Muslims don’t use or hate like say, pork and booze.


All our ‘trade partners’ restrict trade with the US with the Japanese being the most notorious.  Every President so far since Jimmy Carter has been a member of the Bilderberg gang.  Each one talks about the trade deficit when running for office and then betrays the working class.


As one major manufacturing city after another falls into ruin, we are told, it is the fault of the American people and not the stupid trade deals our rulers cook up.  The DNC and RNC are both run by international consortiums that exploit us as a cash cow to be milked to death.  They also deliberately flood us with illegal aliens in a take over push to rule us as a third world country to be exploited mercilessly.


Every patriotic American should be up in arms about this instead, we are talking about disarming the citizens.  The Bilderberg gang can’t rule us if we can fight back, after all. Look at disarmed Europe: utterly helpless as their rulers order them to suck up millions of illegal alien Muslims who intend to invade and destroy European culture and society.  How insane is this?  Very insane.


So…the entire planet is going to retaliate by hammering us further on trade?  Why isn’t the NY Times demanding war with our stupid, idiotic, freeloader ‘allies’?  Are they ‘allies’?  NO!  How obvious is this?


I say, ‘bring it on’!  We don’t need them, we need to bring home our industries.  I have been against ‘free trade’ nearly all my life.  Free trade destroyed my business 20 years ago, I produced a rare form of wool from exotic sheep.  Suddenly, under Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton and Congress, we were flooded with European wool imports and the value of my sheep went from $250 a head to only $55 a head.  This was a huge economic hit on me and all my fellow sheep breeders.


Sheep breeding barely exists now and in England, it, too, is now nearly dead.  Imagine that.  England, the Royal emblem is a sheep pelt on a chain which the Mayor of London wears in honor of the sheep trade!  Dead.  Killed by free trade.

And the Chinese are big in crushing everyone in trade and are very angry that someone has decided at the last minute to strike back.  The liberals in England and the USA are out to skin us further.  They are demanding we commit suicide.  This enrages me greatly.

The one good thing Bernie Sanders did was attack free trade.  This is why the DNC overlords were very, very anxious to stop him.  Hillary and her evil husband, Bill, are big time Bilderberg gangsters and wanted to expand free trade even further.  Bill signed the death certificate for Detroit by shipping US jobs to Mexico.

Detroit is America's Future Under "Free Trade" – YouTube