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ComicPageOfTheWeekend: What the hell is this?

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 10:00 PM PST

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X-Men © Marvel Comics

#ComedyNEWS Squeeze Box: The Complete Works of "Weird Al" Yankovic + Medium Rarities

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 03:08 PM PST

How did I miss this?? A new Weird Al album got a stealth release as part of a new compilation??

Weird Al Yankovic got this great "Complete Works" compilation collection called the Squeeze Box. And as a bonus it got a new album, mostly a B-track collection. Check this out:

#GamingNEWS Sonic Dash & PACMAN Heroes - iOS/Android - Classic crossover (Trailer)

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 02:58 PM PST

This is pretty random and I almost forgot to post it over here...

After teasing the crossover through social media (confusing fans of both franchises these last few weeks), Namco and Sega will be crossing over Sonic and Pacman through their current popular smartphone games the iOS iteration of Pacman and Sonic Dash, respectively. And it's ... unexepcted and random, but a fun idea I think! And I'm glad they're updating the always fun Sonic Dash compared to the more recent Sonic titles (Sonic Forces isn't that good...).

Check out this announcement video:

ComicPanelsOfTheWeek: Everyone take a good look a Jubilee, she's adorable.

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 03:10 AM PST

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X-Men © Marvel Comics

ComicPageOfTheWeekend: Zombie SLOTH!

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 03:05 AM PST

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Deadpool © Marvel Comics