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Florida Public School Teacher Allegedly Exposed As White Supremacist

Posted: 04 Mar 2018 06:45 AM PST

Dayanna Volitich used an online alter ego to spew hateful, white supremacist propaganda

A public school teacher at a Florida middle school is allegedly running a white nationalist podcast, Twitter account, and website — according to an exclusive report by HuffPost. Dayanna Volitich is currently listed as a social studies teacher on the Crystal Rivers Middle School website.

It also appears she has an alter ego, “Tiana Dalichov,” and uses the alias to spread anti-Muslim and white nationalist propaganda while bragging about teacher her views in her public school.

The report highlights the indisputable similarities between Volitich and “Tiana Dalichov” — both appear to be identical in photos, both are 25-year-old Florida public school teachers, etc. While the Twitter account and podcast have been deleted in light of HuffPo‘s report, the site was able to snagsome pretty damning screenshots and download the most recent episode of her podcast, Unapologetic.

The deleted tweets are enough to make your stomach churn, where she regularly wrote things like “It isn’t supremacist or hateful to prefer your own people over others” and stating “systemic racism and white privilege aren’t real.” In one particularly hateful tweet, she shared her hateful feelings about “eradicating Muslims from this earth.”

In the most recent episode of Volitich/Dalichov’s podcast, she talks about manipulating the administrators and students at her school regarding her classroom curriculum. “I told the kids that. I said guys when they are in here I'm going to be different than I usually am. I just don't want you to be shocked, I want you to play along and they're like, OK,” she said.

During the same podcast episode, she talks about one parent of a student who complained about her teachings. The principal of her school approached her via email to discuss the matter. “I had one at the beginning of this year who emailed the principal over my head and basically told her I'm worried that your teacher is injecting political bias into her teaching,” she says. “And the principal came to me and she was like I'm not worried, should I be worried? And I was like no. And she believed me and she backed off.”

Further tweets from the Tiana Dalichov account shared anti-Semitic readings, as well as regular re-tweets from notorious white supremacist David Duke and other neo-Nazis.

As for her position at the school, the status of her employment remains to be seen. The executive director of educational services for her district told HuffPo the district will investigate her statements to see if they violate their code of ethics policy. “The views she's listed are really not in line with how our district operates.”

It’s disheartening this woman was able to remain employed — as a social studies teacher at a public school of all things — for over a year without any eyebrows being raised. Could you imagine if, in accordance with the recent bill proposed by Florida legislation, THIS WOMAN was an armed teacher? I’m shuddering just thinking about it.

Here’s hoping the district does the right thing here, ASAP.

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Florida Public School Teacher Allegedly Exposed As White Supremacist

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Mom Shares Grief After 3-Year-Old Dies From Choking On Bouncy Ball

Posted: 04 Mar 2018 06:36 AM PST

The little boy choked on a bouncy ball favor from his birthday party

Ask any parent — concern over our children's well-being begins before they even enter this world and it never, ever stops. If something happens to a child, god forbid, the experience would be simply unimaginable.

One mom is sharing her tragic story to pay homage to her son and remind parents just how fragile life really is.

Mom of three, Anna Davis, runs a popular Instagram page called The Small Folk, which often features her three children, Sage Mila Wren, Alby Fox, Acre Roo.  She runs an “enchanting, holistic play store, celebrating a naturally simplified childhood,” all while being a busy mom who is currently pregnant with her fourth child.

As she was preparing for her son Alby’s fourth birthday party the little boy choked on a bouncy ball meant to be included in his party favors. The popular toy had been delivered earlier in the day. According to reports, the ball became stuck in his windpipe and he suffocated, despite his mom attempts to save his life. He died in her arms.

Instagram Photo

“'I can't wait to go to bed tonight Mum!' Our precious boy, with his brand new doona cover, 2.49pm on Monday afternoon… exactly 40 minutes before he took his final earthside breath in my arms,” Davis wrote. “No words could ever express the depths of our gratitude for the outpouring of love we have received since our worst nightmare became our daily reality.”

Instagram Photo

According to the Department of Health, at least one child dies from choking on food every five days in the U.S. and children under five are at greatest risk for injury or death.

Instagram Photo

As the manner of Alby’s death has gone public, of course some have assumed the worst, which the family has unfortunately had to contend with in their time of grief. Any any parent knows, life can change in an instant. “The heart ache we are already experiencing is indescribable, and to know there are ill-informed stories and subsequent false accusations circulating, initiated by some incredibly heartless people at this time, only exacerbates our pain,” Davis wrote.

She goes on to explain, “Of course tried to save our beautiful boy (including, but not only, undertaking CPR for 16 excruciating minutes until paramedics arrived), I was three feet away from Alby when the incident occurred and was by his side within seconds, the ball was larger than the 50c piece/film canister size-recommendation for toys given to young children.”

Image via Instagram/The Small Folk

Image via Instagram/The Small Folk

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family during this unimaginable time. “In this time of unfathomable grief, this beautiful family needs time to mourn and surround each other in love, without having the financial burdens of daily life and work commitments weighing on their minds,” the website said. “As Simon is a relief teacher, he's not entitled to any leave and as so many of you know, Anna is self-employed with her much-loved business, The Small Folk. Let us come together to offer our support in any amount we can.”

Instagram Photo

This is a parent’s worst nightmare and a tragic accident, full stop. They lost their sweet boy and will forever be incomplete. Sharing their story is not only brave, it must be extremely heartbreaking to let people in while they are grieving to let other know about the danger of a toy so common.

“During this time of immense grief, your thoughts, prayers, sympathy and tears have enveloped and uplifted us, and we could never thank you enough for your overwhelming generosity and support,” Davis wrote.

“Sweet Alby, forever three, forever free.”


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Mom Shares Grief After 3-Year-Old Dies From Choking On Bouncy Ball

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D-MER Makes Breastfeeding A Literal Nightmare

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 06:00 PM PST

When I had my first child, I was nervous about everything—especially breastfeeding. It being my first experience as a mother, I had no idea what to expect. I just knew, because I'd been told by many, that I had to breastfeed by baby. Formula was evil and not good for my baby or for me. Apparently, breastfeeding would bond us.

It did not.

I spent the first few weeks of my son's life wondering what was wrong with me. Why did I feel so awful every time I breastfed him? And then I found out. At my sister's suggestion I'd begun following a blogger—a wonderful mom with a great sense of humor—and she wrote about the joys and pains of breastfeeding, including a relatively unknown condition called D-MER.

I remember sitting in my nursing chair and realizing it wasn't my fault. Every time I let down, I felt anxiety, panic, anger, and, oddly enough, homesickness. It was because of D-MER.

Because Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex (D-MER) is a relatively new topic, you may have never heard of it. There's also not a lot of information about it.  According to the Australian Breastfeeding Association, "D-MER is characterized by negative emotions, that occur seconds before a mother's milk ejection reflex when breastfeeding or expressing or with a spontaneous MER (i.e. milk releasing when not breastfeeding or expressing)."

D-MER.org, a website created by International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Alia Macrina Heise, notes that "D-MER has been linked to an inappropriate drop in dopamine that occurs whenever milk is released. In a mother with D-MER, at the time of letdown dopamine falls inappropriately, causing negative feelings."

In short, it is not the mother's fault and most women cannot just power through it.

I continued to breastfeed my oldest despite my self-diagnosis because it did not occur to me that I could or should get help from my doctor. At five months, he refused to nurse, so I pumped for seven months. The feelings related to D-MER still persisted (though some women have no symptoms of D-MER while pumping). Still, I did not reach out to my doctor. I pushed through. I shouldn’t have.

When my second child was born, I knew what to expect, so I would find ways to distract myself whenever I breastfed. The second time around, it wasn't as bad. I made it ten months before my supply tanked.

With my third child, I'd decided to conquer D-MER. I was on anti-depression and anxiety meds that were working fine. I knew what D-MER felt like and knew I could survive it. For the first three months, things were fine.

Until they weren't. I started having panic attacks, and my depression worsened. I finally got the help I needed and, at six months postpartum, decided it was time to be done breastfeeding.

Now, I'm 22 weeks pregnant with baby number 4. Before I became pregnant, I'd already decided that I would not breastfeed this baby. Fed is best and my baby will be fed. I chose a partner who supports my decision. (I think he may even be excited—he's always been a little jealous of the bond breastfeeding gave me and the children). I also have an OBGYN and a psychiatrist who support my decision. No one has shamed me for this. In fact, all have praised me for making this decision for me and my family.

Breastfeeding isn't for everyone. Maybe you don't have D-MER. Maybe you have other reasons for not breastfeeding. Whatever your reason, trust your gut.

If you are suffering from D-MER, or think you have in the past, talk to your doctor asap. Don't wait like I did.

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D-MER Makes Breastfeeding A Literal Nightmare

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This Is The Parenting Invention We Need In Our Lives

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 06:00 PM PST

A marvelous idea for an invention came to me the other morning as I attempted to meditate.

The moment I settled onto my cushion and closed my eyes, my cat sauntered over to paw at my lap. In case you've not had the pleasure of this experience, it's rather difficult to focus on your breath when your inner thigh is being kneaded like the soft dough it resembles. No matter how many times I shooed him away, he returned purring louder than before with those tenacious claws. Perhaps this was the real test. To reach Zen, I must maintain my calm whilst swatting at the world's most persistent pet.

Just when I had finally managed to rid myself of the feline, my five-year-old wandered out of her bedroom and plopped herself down on top of me. First startled, then annoyed, I tried to shoo her away too, but she threw her body on the rug and cried.

And cried.

And cried.

It was in that very moment that the concept for The Mom Bubble was born. The Mom Bubble would not only come in handy during meditation though. There are a variety of uses that make The Mom Bubble a must-have for every mother.

Would you like to be able to have a phone conversation where you only communicate with the person you called? Then The Mom Bubble is for you. You'll no longer hear, "I'll let you go. It sounds like you're busy," from the person on the other end.

Why, just the other day I was on the phone with my cousin when she asked, "Did you just go poopie?" I was about to answer when I realized she wasn't asking me. Perhaps the sing-song of her voice should have tipped me off, but The Mom Bubble can help avoid embarrassing situations like these.

As a mother, it's inevitable that you'll get a farewell leg-hug from your toddler when you're headed out the door in a pair of slacks fresh from the cleaners. If you're lucky, you'll notice the snail trails your child left smeared across your thigh before you exit the house. With The Mom Bubble, gone are those days of being used as a human Kleenex. Now you can go out in public without accessorizing in dried boogers.

Projectile vomit? No problem! Watch those chunks slide down the outside of The Mom Bubble while you stay safely inside. As an added bonus, the putrid odor that once sent you retching towards the toilet is guaranteed not to enter your sphere.

Speaking of odors: The other night while watching TV, my youngest said she wanted to sit on my lap for a second.

"For a second? But you're right next to me."

Then it dawned on me. Her intention was to fart on me. As if sitting right next to me and breaking wind was not enough, she wanted to actually place her buttocks directly on me to let one rip. It's no coincidence that pink eye outbreaks are at all-time high in my household, but The Mom Bubble will keep you out of harm's way.

Not only would The Mom Bubble protect you from kid farts, but dog farts too. Imagine watching your family gasp and cough while you enjoy the sweet-smelling air of The Mom Bubble.

Do you have a little one who likes to climb in your bed at night? Sleep in The Mom Bubble and you'll never have to cling to the edge of the mattress like you do your sanity. Those elbows, feet, and knees will find another body to disturb while you get the rest you deserve.

Lack of personal space got you down? Just because your offspring once inhabited your womb, does not earn them the right to hang from your body like baby orangutans. The Mom Bubble gives you the ability to say "I love you, but please don't touch me" without actually saying it.

Now I know you're probably thinking that what you really want is a little peace and quiet. Equipped with noise-cancelling technology, The Mom Bubble will make it so that you won't have to listen to another ear-shattering temper tantrum ever again.

With The Mom Bubble, you'll quickly realize that letting them cry it out is a great parenting strategy when you don't have to hear it. And your darling child will likewise cease having quite as many fits once they find that when you're inside The Mom Bubble, you'll never cave to their 87th request for Fun-Dip at 6:30 a.m.

Equally important is the autonomy your children will develop when they can no longer ask you to pass them their cup of water that is literally sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. Imagine the peace of mind that will come from knowing that The Mom Bubble is as much of an investment for them as it is for you.

The Mom Bubble: The best thing to happen to motherhood since the epidural. Coming soon to a Target near you. Look for it near the wine aisle.

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This Is The Parenting Invention We Need In Our Lives

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What I Want My Child To Know After They F*ck Up

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 06:00 PM PST

“You did what!?”

“What were you thinking!?”

“Why would you do that!?”

“Are you stupid!?”



You damn well better not respond like that to your child on the heels of a stupid decision. Every ounce of your being will want to ream your child for their gigantic mistake, and you will have to maintain the self-control and wits about yourself to turn your child’s f*ck up into a lesson.

That is your job, and if you don’t find a way to teach your child and yourself something as a result of their gaffe, well, then you are following their misstep with a very poignant one of your own.

What will I say to my child on the heels of their stupid decision?

Probably things that I shouldn’t.

Probably things that I will be embarrassed about.

Probably some things that I will regret.

Absolutely some things that I will feel guilty about.

But, hopefully not?

In anticipation of an occurrence that I wholeheartedly hope never happens, but undoubtedly know will, I have preemptively drafted myself a script that I will hopefully remember in the coming years.

To My Child On The Heels Of Your Stupid Decision,

I love you.

I love you more than anything.

Yes, I am going to start our serious conversation with those three words, because those are the three words which relay to you the notion that you are cared about and that you are important; something I very much need you to believe at all times, especially at a time like this.

You have done something unbecoming. You have faltered. You have done something “wrong.”

Guess what, child?

I have done things unbecoming. I have faltered. I have done “wrong” things, too.

You may feel sad right now — sad that you are in trouble or sad that you have hurt or offended others.

You may feel embarrassed — that you didn’t think before you acted or that your actions reflect poorly upon your character.

You may be disappointed — in yourself or in the fact that you believe I feel disappointment in you.

You may feel scared — for what the consequences of your mistake will be or for how your lapse in judgment will define you for the rest of your life.

You may feel like there is no way to recover from this.

Alternatively, I fear that you may feel none of the above.

You may not feel sad about your decision or care that you have hurt another because you are in such a selfish phase, your compassion for others is minimal.

You may not feel embarrassed in the least; as you simply may be so insecure that you pretend and actually believe that you do not care what others think of you.

You may not feel disappointed in yourself or care whether I am disappointed in you because you know I will love you “no matter what.”

You may not have any fear of your impending consequences or how your decision will affect the rest of your life, but it can, and it just might.

You may not even feel like this is something you need to recover from, and all I have to say to that is “wow;” and not in a good way.

But guess what, child?

I feel sad right now.

It makes me sad that you feel sad, and it makes me even more upset that you may not be despondent about the fact that you have hurt or offended others.

I feel embarrassed right now.

I am embarrassed for how I must have faltered in my parenting for you not to have thought before you acted. I am ashamed that your actions reflect poorly upon me and my ability to raise a “good” human being.

I feel disappointed right now.

I am disappointed in you and disappointed in myself, for we both must have screwed up for things to have gotten to this point.

I am scared right now.

I am scared for the self-imposed consequences which you will harbor and for the ones I will surely harbor as well.

Often, when people act out and make bad decisions, it is for attention. I can only hope and pray that you were not so in need of attention that you acted out for it.

Other times when people screw up, it is because they just weren’t thinking clearly and I do hope that is the case for you in this instance.

You see, a mere lapse in judgment caused by a slip in your thinking can be corrected. I can, will, and do encourage you to be more mindful of your values and how you live them in the real world. As your parent, it is my job to be aware of how our family values are being exemplified for you, and I will pay more attention to this.

Still, it was you who made a stupid decision, and although that is typically considered an “ugly word” in our house, your actions were so bad, it warrants the use of it.

And, did you hear what I said?

Your actions were terrible, not you. You are not a bad person. You are an amazing person who made a crappy choice.

Regardless of the nature of your stupid decision, I need to you remember this:

Our mistakes prompt self-improvement.

Our mistakes teach us about ourselves and others.

Our mistakes incite learning.

And your mistakes, they educate both you and me on where we need to improve; you as a person, and me as a parent and model for you.

I love you, honey.

I love you more than anything.

You have done something unbecoming, you have faltered, and you have done something “wrong.”

But on the heels of your stupid decision what is most important for you to remember is that you are loved, and whatever damage that has been done can be remedied by your actions, your revised thinking, and your continued belief that you are the amazing person I know you to be.



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What I Want My Child To Know After They F*ck Up

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Misogyny In Women’s Health Care Is Rampant — And We’ve Had Enough

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 06:00 PM PST

In many ways, women's healthcare has come a long way in the past century or two. When modern medicine first began in America, women weren't even allowed to practice it, and although the first female American doctor (the badass Elizabeth Blackwell) graduated medical school almost 170 years ago, it's been a s-l-o-w process to include more women in the field.

In the 1980's, for example, only 21% of doctors entering the field were women. We are now at a little under 50%, but women doctors are consistently paid less than male doctors, and are more likely to drop out of the field.

Hmmm…does anyone smell institutional patriarchy and misogyny right there?

Almost every woman I know has had an encounter with a doctor that reeked of gender bias and misogyny as well. It's a male-dominated field, shaped by centuries of patriarchy, and we all feel it.

Don't get me wrong: There are some excellent male doctors out there who take women seriously, treat them with respect, and are woke to women's issues and identities. But sadly, sometimes it feels like finding a male doctor like this is like a needle in a haystack.

And believe me, I know that female doctors can be guilty of this too—after all, they've been indoctrinated by the same gender biases that their male peers have been. But at least they know what it's like to be a woman in this world, and how vulnerable we are to patriarchal bullshit, especially when it comes to our bodies.

The ways in which misogyny shapes the world of women's healthcare runs deep, and to point out every instance of it would take several lengthy essays, at least. But let's take a look at a few of the ways that misogyny has shaped women's health care over history, and still does today.

The husband stitch

You've probably heard of the husband stitch, where a doctor, upon repairing a women's perineum after childbirth, adds an extra stitch or two in an attempt the make the vagina tighter for her husband's sexual pleasure. Besides the fact that this is like the most horrifying thing ever, anyone who has taken a basic female anatomy lesson should know that stitching the perineum tighter would have no bearing on the tightness of the vaginal wall and that doing so would only cause more pain for a women when she attempts postpartum sex.

But I digress. The point of all of this is that yes, the husband stitch is real, and it's practiced to this very day. And more of us are talking about it, thanks to scores of brave women who are coming out and telling their stories.

And also? FUUUCCKK you to any doctor who has performed this "service," especially those who have done so without permission. I can't.

Twilight sleep

Can we talk about "twilight sleep" during childbirth for a second? It's something that I heard about as a teen and it seriously haunts me to this day. It was a practice common from the early 1900’s until the 50s and 60s. Basically, most obstetricians were men at that time, and because they had no idea how to deal with a woman giving birth, they completely knocked the woman out with a cocktail of morphine and scopolamine so that they could take over the deliver of baby for her.

But the woman was still half-conscious, and while her memory of the event was supposed to be blocked out, she still was active during the event, and experiencing pain as well. Reports of women becoming uninhibited, hallucinating, howling, thrashing, and needing to be physically restrained are common. All while these women were half-naked, spread eagle, and delivering babies.

If this doesn't sound like a horror movie, I don't know what does. And while the practice was abandoned by the 1970s, that really wasn't that long ago, when you think about it. You have to wonder how that kind of violent misogyny still informs childbirth in America today. Spoiler alert: it does.

Routine episiotomies in the 50's/60's (and still today) 

Yup, there is nothing that makes my blood boil more than when unnecessary procedures are performed on women's bodies, especially at their most vulnerable times like during and after childbirth. And yet, here we are.

You think of routine episiotomies (where doctors make a cut on a woman's perineum during childbirth to help deliver the baby) as an antiquated problem of the past, right? I know I have mostly thought of it as a practice used routinely during the 50s and 60s. Well, despite the fact that this practice has been shown to be unnecessary and a cause of more problems than solutions, including pain and long-term damage to women, it is still being used quite routinely today in certain hospitals.

Dr. Emiliano Chavira, a maternal and fetal medicine specialist at Dignity Health’s California Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles tells NPR that he sees this practice often. He explained that the doctors who do this are usually doing so for their own benefits. They are just more comfortable doing them—plus, they want to speed up the delivery process. Sorry, but I think my experience of childbirth is more important than what time you get home for dinner.

“Certain segments of the obstetric community are very slow to modernize the practice,” says Chavira. “They’re very slow to abandon procedures that are not a benefit and, in fact, may be harmful. And it’s really disappointing.”

Nope, it's worse than disappointing. It's misogyny, plain and simple. Routine violence and violation of women's bodies.

Yep, patriarchy is alive in well in the arena of healthcare for women. And it's not just specific practices like the ones mentioned here. Several studies have shown that women are less apt to be taken seriously when they complain of pain or other ailments. They are also slower to be seen in the emergency room than men.

And it's not just studies or reports that show this. We all have our stories of gender discrimination in the healthcare arena. Almost all women have felt at times that they weren't listened to, that procedures were carried out without their knowledge or consent, or that their bodies were disrespected, or even violated.

But this is a new generation. There is a new wave of women who are willing to speak out about this, to say #MeToo, I've been a victim of this, and it isn't OK.

Ladies, let's keep sharing our stories. It's so important. We need to expose the bullshit misogyny that we've experienced in healthcare, and in all arenas of life. We are so done. None of this will be tolerated anymore. No fucking way.

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Misogyny In Women's Health Care Is Rampant -- And We've Had Enough

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10 Teen Crushes Who Still Make Us Swoon

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 06:00 PM PST

As a tween/teen, I spent a lot of time cultivating the perfect ambiance in my room. This included plastering my walls with pictures of my favorite teen heartthrobs. I would spend hours fantasizing about all the ways to make them mine, and what our imaginary life would be like. Come on, you know you did it too. How many times did you practice writing "Mrs. Crush-Du-Jour” in a notebook?

The thing about getting older is that our teen idols have gotten older too. So, as we've become moms, they've become dads, and many of them still make us swoon just as much now as they did then. There is nothing hotter than a good dad, and these guys have proven that they're pretty hot.

Justin Timberlake

Love him, or hate him (and really, how could you hate him?), Justin Timberlake has totally transitioned from teen heartthrob to adorable dad in the best way possible. Since the birth of his son Silas in 2015, he's really embraced the dad thing. He agreed to make the film Trolls because he wanted to do a movie his son could see, and the title of his new album, Man of the Woods, is inspired by his little boy (Silas essentially means "of the woods"). Look at how cute they are!

Instagram Photo

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

For most of us, Dwayne Johnson will forever be "The Rock." He has since successfully made the transition to bona fide movie star, and we'll sit through just about anything for the chance to see him without a shirt. But there is nothing better than seeing him in his best role, a dad to two (soon to be three) daughters.

Instagram Photo

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton doesn’t have much in common with lovable but clueless Kelso on That 70s Show — aside from still being cute as hell, of course. He is a humanitarian, and one heck of a dad. He and his wife (and former co-star) Mila Kunis have two kids together, and you can tell that Kutcher is a hands-on dad. In fact, he openly discussed the lack of changing tables in men's public restrooms, and led a charge to change it.

Instagram Photo

Freddie Prinze Jr.

If you loved the movie She's All That, it was likely because of Freddie Prinze Jr. He was totally adorable, and still is. He married Sarah Michelle Gellar, and they have two kids. Freddie has also expanded his talents beyond acting and directing — he even has a freaking cookbook, y’all. If Sarah Michelle Gellar is ever out of the picture, I’m available. Just sayin’.

Instagram Photo

A.J. McClean

Of all the Backstreet Boys, it's safe to assume, that A.J. McLean was the least dad-like. But since becoming a dad in 2012 (he has two daughters who are Adorable with a capital A), he's totally embraced that dad life. Clearly, he was made for being a dad!

Instagram Photo

Tom Fletcher

Many people on this side of the Atlantic have likely never heard of Tom Fletcher, but you may have seen the video below. Tom Fletcher is a musician (he's in the band McFly) and author, and has been making my heart swoon since 2006.

Liam Payne

Liam has really been on a roll in his time since One Direction went on hiatus. He's released three singles and landed a song on the soundtrack to the last 50 Shades movie. But his favorite project has definitely been becoming a dad. His son Bear was born almost a year ago, and it's clear that he was meant to be a dad.

Instagram Photo

Devon Sawa

From the minute he whispered "Can I keep you?" to Christina Ricci in Casper, Devon Sawa stole our hearts. There aren't too many 90s girls who didn't have his face somewhere on their walls. Now, he a dad to a son and daughter, and it is so stinking cute, we can't stand it.

Instagram Photo

John Stamos

Have mercy! John Stamos won over many hearts as Uncle Jesse on Full House, and still makes our knees weak. Now, he's getting ready to become a dad for the first time, and the thought of him changing diapers in the middle night is giving us major heart eyes.

Instagram Photo

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris has certainly come a long way from playing Doogie Houser, MD. Sure, he played ladies man Barney on How I Met Your Mother, but really, his best role is definitely dad to twins Gideon and Harper. He and his husband David Burtka seriously are the cutest dads.

Instagram Photo


How lucky that we live in a world where social media exists so that we can keep track of our favorite celebs if we want to! Who are your celeb dad crushes?

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10 Teen Crushes Who Still Make Us Swoon

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Wedding Dress Parties Are A Viral Trend, And We Are Here For It

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 06:00 PM PST

When my friends and I first hatched our plan to wear our wedding dresses on New Year's Eve, we had no way of knowing just how many women were dying to put their dresses on, too.

Though we've all been friends for a long time, none of us knew each other when we could actually fit into our dresses. A few years ago, we had the idea to bring our wedding albums to our annual New Year's Eve party. We spent hours sitting with glasses of champagne and laughing our asses off at our bridesmaid dress choices, flowers and the amount of hair our new husbands had back then.

Walking down memory lane via our wedding albums together was a blast and, a few years later, my friend Suzanne decided we should take it to the next level. While on a group run, she convinced us to dig out our wedding dresses from the recesses of our attics and closets and wear them to this year's New Year's party.

So, basically, we can all thank Suzanne for bringing us the best party idea ever.

Christine Burke

And, considering that the average wedding dress costs upward of $15oo, it’s ridiculous that we are shoving our gorgeous frocks into our attics, never to be worn again.

After I posted the hilarious pictures of us barely able to zipper our dresses up, women flooded my Facebook post with comments about how much they wanted throw the same kind of party.

To everyone who commented, I told them to run, not walk, to their closets and plan their party ASAP. Because, ladies, wearing your veil never gets old, even if it's been 20 years since you last did so.

And to my surprise, women are throwing wedding dress parties all over the country and we are here for it 100%.

These women are looking stylish AF:

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Uhm, would someone invite me to their next wedding dress party? My dress doesn’t fit anymore so I won’t have to worry about devouring all of those yummy treats.

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Wedding besties really are the best, aren’t they?

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One mom even took one step further: she included her daughter in on the fun!

Once More Photography/Jen Lilienthal Frasier

Jen Lilienthal Frasier of Once More Photography tells Scary Mommy that she and her daughter laughed hysterically as they tried together to zip Frasier’s dress.

“We were laughing so hard as I kept yelling at her, “ZIP IT!! ZIP IT!!” and she says of the picture, “I’m holding it up but alas, it would not zip up once we ‘hit rib’,” she recalls.

Wearing your wedding dress again is not only a fun way to reminisce, but it’s also a way for your friends to “attend” your wedding. As my friends and I wore our gowns, we detailed the stories that led to the stains on our dresses since almost all of us had wine stains on the front of our gowns. We laughed as our husbands stared in disbelief when we came down the stairs, too. They couldn’t believe their eyes and we are still not sure it was in a good way, either, truth be told.

And moms can’t get enough of this trend, either. The Dunedin Moms Group in Dunedin, Florida has an event planned next month for their members to break out their wedding gowns in the name of fundraising for a local women’s shelter.

When member Caroline Sakla saw the Scary Mommy article, she instantly knew it would be a blast to gather her mom friends for a night of hilarity in their wedding gowns. She posted the article in the group with the caption “Maybe for our next MNO?” and, she says, “I couldn’t believe the traction the event received. People instantly started commenting so I decided we had to really do it!”

They have raffle donations and will be dancing the night away while raising money for the moms in their community. We can’t wait to see their pictures. Because wedding dresses and raising awareness for women’s issues are always in style.

My friends and I had so much fun at our party that we are already trying to figure out where we will wear them next. One mom has taken a wedding dress party to a new level of awesome that we are considering:

I’m pretty sure I’m going to start wearing mine to the grocery store and PTA meetings. Because life is too short not to break out your wedding dress once in a while.

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Wedding Dress Parties Are A Viral Trend, And We Are Here For It

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