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#Funny News

#Funny News

Kyle Kashuv Criticizes #MarchForOurLives for Their Hollow Activism

Posted: 25 Mar 2018 08:32 AM PDT


Many of you were too busy having a life on Saturday to follow the #MarchForOurLives. Otherwise known as Gat Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Hogg. If you happened to miss out, fret not. We were kind enough to compile all the dumbassery for you.

Non-gun-grabbers were conspicuously absent from the march but, to be fair, they were busy working toward real solutions. As opposed to holding up “gun owners have micropenises” signs.

There’s also another big difference between the two sides, as Kyle Kashuv illustrates:

So while the despisers of boomsticks have been out partying with celebrities and squealing about “change,” the other side is working towards actual change. With only a fraction of the support.

Well, there we have it. Actual activism vs fame-whoring for the cameras with your fist balled up in the air.

Pam Beesly Yup

Just to be clear, we’re not saying Crowderheads are going to agree with all of these bills. Lucifer is forever concealing himself in the fine print. The important thing is neither Kashuv or Petty spent their Saturday afternoon hurling accusations of “child murder” and taking a figurative potty break on the Bill of Rights. They chose being classy over grandstanding for the cameras with a pile of ballistically-challenged dunces.

The Constitution-hating side might have a bigger following on social media, sure. They may also have scores of leftist backers, throwing copious amounts of coin in the coffers and working the kiddos like puppets. The other side is coming at the problem with real-world solutions. They’re hoping to make #NeverAgain more than just a catchphrase. While also not using the Constitution to line their birdcages.


#MarchForOurLives Speaker Admits True Gun Control Plans

Posted: 25 Mar 2018 07:44 AM PDT

Ok, #MarchForOurLives supporters. Take a knee. We need to talk. Far be it from me to tell you how to take away our constitutional rights. I know you guys want us to believe that this is really about “gun safety” and not “gun control. Even though the facts on the ground say otherwise (see Top 5 Idiotic Moments From ‘March for Our Lives’ Gun Control Rally and Video: Anti-Gun Marchers Can’t Answer Basic Firearm Questions). You want us to believe you don’t really hate gun owners.

If that’s the case, you may want to stop saying things like this in public:

"When they give us that inch, that bump stock ban, we will take a mile."

chris pratt

That is literally – and this is an appropriate use of the word here – the exact reason why gun rights advocates refuse to back down. Word for word. The left calls pro-gunners paranoid for thinking Big Brother is going to go door-to-door swiping gats. Then, in the next sentence, they confirm their intention of doing that very thing. These kiddos and #MarchForOurLives are a gift that just refuses to stop giving.

This young lady just accidentally completed Second Amendment peeps’ work. We no longer need to make our case, she was kind enough to do it for us. To that, we can only say “thank you.”

Even non-gunners feel the same way. They’re just not quite as happy about it:

Uh, that’s because the NRA’s “rhetoric,” also known as the United States Constitution, is reasonable compared to “grab-em-all” leftists. This one video clip makes our argument against gun control better than we ever could. For years to come, when pro-gunners invoke the slippery slope, they need only to cite this lass.

It’s going to be hard to label us as paranoid gun nuts when you confirm the paranoia.


Video: CROWDER’S EPIC ‘NO FEAR’ RANT: Freedom is Stronger!

Posted: 25 Mar 2018 06:29 AM PDT

Watch as our very own Steven Crowder lets loose on conquering fear and embracing freedom. The left is trying to bully us under a rock for daring to think differently. Not gonna happen:

We’re not about to submit to the fascist left and their attempts at shaming us out of existence for wanting to keep more of our money and do what we want. So long as leftists keep pushing us around, we’ll keep pushing back.

Video: Anti-Gun Marchers Can’t Answer Basic Firearm Questions

Posted: 25 Mar 2018 05:53 AM PDT

It’s no surprise leftists are lacking in knowledge of the boomsticks. Much like every other type of knowledge. Their ballistic duncery doesn’t stop them from putting together marches for “common sense” gun reform. The mainstream media tries to spin the marchers as well-informed do-gooders, but we all know better.

Lucky for us, Charlie Kirk went to a march and caught the marchers’ dumbassery on camera:

How dare that pro-gun meanypants attempt to stump the marchers with difficult queries like “can you give me basic details on the thing you’re trying to ban?” Charlie Kirk was posing very simple questions to the gun-grabbers. He was met with such remarks as “are you stupid? The Second Amendment applies to muskets ONLY! Also bullets are dangerous!”

dos equis guy shake head

Take notice also of the perfectly stable gentleman in the end who begins screaming about expanding the government and “getting rid” of people who disagree with him. He claims the Second Amendment is about a “constitutional army.” Wrong. Ironically, the Second Amendment is there to protect us against people like him.

As usual, the marchers were squealing like stuck pigs about  the dangers of AssaultRifle-47s with chainsaw bayonets and a “bullet shooting speed of 6,000 clips-per-minute.” They had enough time to paint up cutesy signs and practice their anti-NRA chants. Some drove their Priuses hundreds of miles to be at the march. Yet, never once did they bother to run a simple Google search on gun facts.

Leftists call gun-owners “child murderers” with teeny weenies and make threats. All because they know they’d be proven wrong if they were to actually debate guns. So, they choose to bask in their ignorance. Their only course of action then is to yell and/or run away, like they did in this video. Sad.