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#Funny News

#Funny News

WATCH: Jeff Daniels Goes On a Freakish Anti-Trump Rant. Full On Crazy!

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 05:48 PM PST

Many of us know Jeff Daniels from playing one of America’s most beloved idiots in Dumb and Dumber. Turns out he’s also kind of dumb in real life too. Not dumb as in lacking brain cells, just dumb as in he uses those brain cells to make himself look like a self important gas bag. Who apparently has a bone to pick with democracy. So, dumb.

He recently unleashed this anti-Trump rant on Stephen Colbert’s show. It’s cringey. Take a listen.

"We lost, as a country. We lost respect, decency, civilized behavior, integrity, class, accountability, responsibility," Daniels said. "He's got none of that shit." "You look for people to be leaders," Daniels said of Trump. "This is the opposite of what any country would need, just as far as human beings."

"Get him out of here, throw him in the back of the truck and take him away," he added.

Daniels said that officials in the FBI and CIA, as well as members of Congress who are willing to challenge Trump, are “true patriots” who give him “hope.” He also called on GOP congressional leaders to "step up" and put the country before the Republican Party.

"How long can you sit on the Titanic when you can see the iceberg coming?" he said. "This is the country we're talking about, not your party. And if your party has to go down, then that's what has to happen."

The election was a while ago. I find it befuddling that this is still the stuff of people’s rants. The left isn’t just beating a dead horse, they’re strapping a saddle onto its bloated corpse and trotting it around. No wonder they’re losing their marbles (see Stats Show Leftists Are More Likely To Be Mentally Ill. No Surprise There…).

Jeff implies the GOP is to blame. As if the party magically swooped in on the election and carried it away in their scaled clutches. Not so. This isn’t the verifiably rigged Democrat primary we’re talking about here.

Hillary smug gif

Methinks Jeff hasn’t had many conversations with average Americans. You know, the ones who can’t afford to be driven in a Prius to Whole Foods in Beverly Hills, sit back, and enjoy a beer by the store fire pit. While their maids grocery shop for them. Not everyone is living the same life as liberal elitists.

In reality, it’s not just the GOP but an entire chunk of America who disagrees with Daniels’ puffed up Hollywood views. He’s the one who is out of touch. Yet his ego is so inflated, he thinks the only way someone he dislikes could have possibly won is by the GOP miraculously making it so.

The left can’t possibly fathom there are people out there with differing opinions. They also don’t care to understand why people disagree with them. Better to just stay up in their ivory safe spaces and silence everyone who doesn’t vote Democrat.


Condoleezza Rice Explains How the Second Amendment Protects Minorities

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 03:50 PM PST

The discussion on guns has become more muddied than Hillary’s bath water. Trump fired off a few rounds of volatile comments about taking people’s guns away. Without due process. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice explains why that’s a really bad idea. Also, she shows how guns protected black families.

The left claims to champion all things minorities. Yet taking away all the boomies from humans endangers women and minorities. Here’s how:

"So when White Knight Riders would come through our neighborhood, my father and his friends would take their guns and they'd go to the head of the neighborhood, it's a little cul-de-sac and they would fire in the air, if anybody came through.”

"I don't think they actually ever hit anybody. But they protected the neighborhood. And I'm sure if Bull Connor had known where those guns were he would have rounded them up. And so, I don't favor some things like gun registration."

Well, looky here, guns helped. Imagine that. Certainly all peoples can agree a ban on guns is even more harmful to victim culture than mansplaining. Feminists can’t overpower a male attacker alone. Especially if the SJWs can only lug their 300-pound frames to a brisk walk. But a .38 Special makes quick work of a rapist.

A gun ban, in any sense, is an American atrocity. If one portion of the Constitution is up for reform, the rest is also vulnerable. Kaput. Dead as Chelsea Handler’s dating life. Buybacks negate the safety of minorities and women. You’d think progressives would care about this.

Guns protect people. They always have. If leftists really cared about people, they would examine the history of guns. Including the level playing field firearms provide for all Americans. For the single mom living by a crackhouse. For the minority college student in the hood. They help innocent people gun bang the gangbang.

The left is confused on what guns can and cannot do. Do thyself a favor, and refrain from spewing their same uninformed babble:


Minnesota Tries to Stop Voters Wearing ‘Political’ Clothing. Gets Brutally Spanked by Justice Alito!

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 03:30 PM PST

Minnesota Voter Clothing

Minnesota has a law which prevents people from wearing political clothing when they go to vote. The state wants to avoid any hurt feels or political clashing at booths. Understandable, but not exactly in line with the First Amendment. Especially considering the following story.

Enter Minnesota Voters Alliance v. Mansky:

On Feb. 28, the Supreme Court of the United States heard arguments in Minnesota Voters Alliance v. Mansky — a case that presents a clash between the right to vote free from intimidation by other voters and the right to say (and wear) what you want.

In 2010, [Andrew] Cilek donned his "Don't Tread on Me" shirt — which included an image adopted by the Tea Party logo — and a button that read "Please I.D. Me" when he showed up to his local polling place.

A poll worker asked Cilek to conceal or remove his shirt and button. He refused and was ultimately allowed to vote, but only after a poll worker recorded his name and address in case someone wanted to enforce the state law against him later. Cilek has now taken his fight all the way to the Supreme Court.

Cilek argues that Minnesota's law infringes on his First Amendment right to political expression. If he wants to silently convey a political message by wearing a certain shirt or button, then he claims the First Amendment must protect that right.

Different justices have different opinions on the matter, but Justice Alito’s sticks out. Take a peek below.

Mr. Rogan is the man making biased attacks on the First Amendment. Justice Alito is the man melting Mr. Rogan’s face off.

You can read the whole thing here. Justice Alito highlights something important here. One, people who live in soy houses shouldn’t throw stones at the First Amendment. Apparently soy crumbles in the face of logic. There tends to be a bias when leftists go after free speech (see Tucker Carlson Nails ‘White Genocide’ Professor for Free Speech Hypocrisy). Progressives fancy themselves free to indulge in copious lip flappage, but silence all those who disagree with them.

Simply wearing a shirt doesn’t constitute political intimidation or violence. Just like words aren’t violence. Even though sometimes words hurt feelings. Nice try, Minnesota.

When it comes to violent protests, the left is all about free speech. Anything conservative must be snuffed like a wayward DNC staffer.


#292 TRUMP BETRAYS ON GUN RIGHTS?! Jordan Peterson and Kyle Kashuv

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 01:13 PM PST

All things Trump on gun control and the Second Amendment, cereal gang wars, the latest feminist boycott, Russian soccer games and more! Dr. Jordan Peterson talks about his latest viral interview. Kyle Kashuv, a student at Stoneman Douglas High School, guests.

In case you were busy cleaning your T.V. of the pie you hurled at the screen during Trump’s abandon of due process, here are this week’s headlines:


Bitter Leftists Attack Melania Trump for Coming to U.S. on ‘Einstein’ Green Card

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 12:49 PM PST

Melania Trump Green Card

The left worships women, but they loathe Melania Trump (see ‘Feminist’ New York Times Journalist Says ‘Melania Trump is a Hooker…’). The left also adores illegal aliens, but they despise Melania’s immigrant background (see Far-Left Chelsea Handler Attacks Melania Trump For Being an Immigrant). The hypocrisy is strong with these ones.

Our latest example was brought to us by a pack of hangry internet leftists. They’re raging at the first lady for coming to the U.S. on a special green card.

First lady Melania Trump reportedly got a green card through a program specifically for people with “extraordinary ability.” The EB-1 program is reserved for people such as academic researchers and multinational business executives, as well as people who have shown “sustained national and international acclaim.”

"We called it the Einstein visa," former Rep. Bruce Morrison (D-Conn.) [said]. To obtain a green card for extraordinary ability, one needs to prove they have qualifications such as evidence of commercial successes in the performing arts or evidence of original contributions to a field.

They call it the Einstein visa, but it’s not reserved for just nerds. Apparently commercial success and various other achievements in other fields can qualify someone. Observe:

The government guidance for applicants cites Nobel prizes and international acclaim, but the reality is often more prosaic, said Susan McFadden, a specialist US visa lawyer at the Gudeon and McFadden law firm in London.

“You do not have to be a Nobel prize winner to get the extraordinary ability visa. I’ve gotten EB-1 visas for people you’ve never heard of and never will,” she said.

“An experienced lawyer knows what the US citizenship and immigration services is looking for, and how to bring out of the client’s background things that will be attractive to the agency.”

Melania qualified, but that doesn’t sate leftists. Who suddenly care very much about the legalities of immigration.

Twitter is aflame with concerned citizens questioning how Melania managed to cop a visa. Here come the valiant keyboard smashers. The Nancy Drews of the world wide web, you might say.

Many of the remarks get pretty graphic. Here’s the mild version:

Slut shaming. I doubt we’d be seeing such accusations if this were any other immigrant. In fact, the left was mum on Melania’s immigration status before Trump became an outspoken Republican. Or maybe that’s “Republican.”

Still, let’s not beat around the overgrown feminist bush. Melania rose to fame as a model. Posing naked in front of a camera. Not writing algorithms. Although she’s fluent in five languages, nobody would argue she’s on par with Einstein. Yet as we highlighted above, the visa is available to anyone who can make a good case for themselves. Clearly her lawyer did so.

You don’t see leftists asking these kinds of questions when it comes to illegals fresh from across the border. No, this bitter inquisition is reserved exclusively for those on their sh*t list.

Mean Girls Gif

Melania went through the system legally. While beautiful. Later marrying Trump. Who later became president. For that she deserves a thorough smear campaign. Murderous illegals with a knack for climbing fences, on the other hand? Hop on over!

In case you need your memory refreshed:


YouTube Sued for Racism/Sexism Against White, Asian Men

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 12:13 PM PST

We interrupt the continual coverage of “Humanity Just got Dumber about [guns, biology, the word “literally”]” to bring you this: YouTube is, as we always knew, full of pompous d!cks. That’s right, the wizard behind the internet curtain is cutting down white and Asian male privilege one stupid doodle at a time. Now a white male is hoping to sue their gay pants off. This is probably the only sane news you’ll get all week, so pay attention. No test at the end, I just wanted to write “pay attention.”

From the Wall Street Journal:

YouTube last year stopped hiring white and Asian males for technical positions because they didn't help the world's largest video site achieve its goals for improving diversity, according to a civil lawsuit filed by a former employee.

The lawsuit, filed by Arne Wilberg, a white male who worked at Google for nine years, including four years as a recruiter at YouTube, alleges the division of Alphabet Inc.'s GOOGL +0.51% Google set quotas for hiring minorities. Last spring, YouTube recruiters were allegedly instructed to cancel interviews with applicants who weren't female, black or Hispanic, and to "purge entirely" the applications of people who didn't fit those categories, the lawsuit claims.

Obviously YouTube, which has more gold than Nancy Pelosi has software updates, will fight this lawsuit in an epic battle of search results. Arne Wilberg, whose initials are “AW,” will have to fight the giant using nothing but his mansplaining ways and liberal use of his pointer finger. Feminists will allege Arne is subjecting them to his phallic privilege by waving about his second longest finger in dickish fashion. He’ll retaliate by offering not one finger, but two middle ones, which he might actually use to point to his real phallus.

middle finger

Hopefully Wilberg has a team of lawyers ready to snipe Google, YouTube’s parent company, where it hurts: in the ambiguous crotch area. Like a Ken doll from the nineties. Made long before Mattel could possibly predict men really would invert their dingles to be more like Barbie.

Let’s get serious for just a second. Google and Google have a habit of pushing the throttle for full douche. A refresher:

So it’s hardly a Pelosi-face-stretch to believe Wilberg’s allegations, that YouTube really is from the black lagoon of sexist racism. I just hope they can settle this lawsuit like the Hunger Games. Wait.. no, I actually wish the Academy Awards program was like the Hunger Games. I might actually watch. I hope the lawsuit exposes — again — how Google is full of pompous liberal crap bags. Fair?

If you were at any point confused with the interchanging of Google and YouTube, don’t be. They’re cut from the same cloth or something.

Cleanse your palate with our latest episode:


Satire Website Babylon Bee is Being Marked as Fake News on Facebook

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 09:52 AM PST

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been snagged by a few Babylon Bee headlines. Not to the point I needed them fact-checked. More of a double-take. “Wait, did this really happen…oh, you Babylon Bee guys!” But that’s just me. Others have needed the stories fact-checked for them. To the point where Facebook is threatening to penalize the Bee’s Facebook page.

When the website’s founder Adam Ford tweeted this, I actually went to check if it was actually a Bee post. This one is real, y’all.

The article in question is Did CNN Purchase an Industrial-Sized Washing Machine to Spin News?. There are apparently so many morons out there it required a “fact” checking from Snopes. Which had this to say:

Although it should have been obvious that the Babylon Bee piece was just a spoof of the ongoing political brouhaha over alleged news media "bias" and "fake news," some readers missed that aspect of the article and interpreted it literally. But the site's footer gives away the Babylon Bee's nature by describing it as "Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire," and the site has been responsible for a number of other (usually religious-themed) spoofs that have been mistaken for real news articles.

Obvious to everyone except the monkeys flinging their poo at Facebook’s algorithm. And calling themselves unbiased engineers.

Facebook already has well-documented issues with free speech (see Facebook Purges THOUSANDS of Accounts. Right Before the German Election… and Facebook Deletes Tens of Thousands of Posts for "Hate Speech." Hires More Snowflakes…). This strikes me as a way to censor a Christian satire website. I’m fairly certain no one at Facebook fact-checked The Onion over if Paul Ryan really slit an auto mechanic's throat.

FACT CHECK: No, he did not.

Facebook wants to claim to be unbiased. When you’re threatening a satirical Christian website over satire – on the grounds of fake news – that claim is booty.


Condoleeza Rice Shuts Down MSNBC’s Anti-Trump Claims

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 08:57 AM PST

There’s a new poll out where 60% of Americans allegedly think Trump is a racist. Mind you, it’s a public poll. Those polled don’t have to be informed about issues. Or informed at all. Just answer their phones sometime before This is Us comes on. MSNBC saw the poll and said to themselves, “Selves, let’s a get a black Republican to bash Trump! Yay content!” So they rang Condoleeza Rice. The rub is, the former Secretary of State refused to play.

Thank Newsbusters for this:

CONDI: I do think we are going through a period of time where we are labeling each other and calling each other names.

MSNBC BECKY: Well, are we doing that, or is the president doing that?

CONDI: Nicole this started a long time before this president.

MSNBC BECKY: Yeah, but Trump worse Charlottesville yackity schmackity!

Secretary Rice’s response was, dare I say it, perfect.

I think we have to look at this broadly. We, as a country, have become a country of grievance. We as a country have become a country where 'My grievance is superior to your grievance.' And that's not in the last year – that's over the last several years. So, everybody needs to look in the mirror and say, 'Why are divisions so deep and what part am I playing in making those divisions deep?' Obviously with the situation in Charlottesville, that was unconscionable. Good people don't actually carry torches at night in a very bad reminiscence of a time in our country which actually I experienced as a child. We need to focus on these broader trends that are tearing us apart, not just what the president says on any given day.

shaun of the dead cheers

That is about as measured and well reasoned a response one can create. Yes, Charlottesville was bad. Sure, Trump could think before he speaks. Or tweets. Holds a press conference. Maybe prior to tying his shoes, just to get into the habit of engaging the old noggin. But the country didn’t just suddenly become divisive once Donald Trump was elected. I’d argue it started with Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden going scorched Earth on conservative judicial picks. Then came cable news. Then came the internet. Anonymous avatars. You get it.

Now, we fight over an actor offering a director prayers after a heart attack (see Chris Pratt Offers Kevin Smith Prayers, So Of Course the Internet Attacks and Kevin Smith Survives Heart Attack, Defends Chris Pratt Praying for Him). The left wants to blame Trump for “divisiveness”? Slow the rolls.

MSNBC wanted to talk about Trump. Rice wanted to talk about America. I’ll side with the latter.


Democrats are Planning Trump Inspired Gun Control Bill

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 07:42 AM PST

Gun Control Bill

What you are about to read is why gun rights advocates refuse to cave to leftists on guns. Donald Trump was weak this week when it came to gun control (see WATCH: Trump Discusses Ban on AR-15s and Confiscation. Without Due Process… and Senator Ben Sasse Savages President Trump's Due Process Comments). He basically listened to Democrats rattle off their anti-gun fan fiction. Then he said #MeToo. If you deny that, your #MAGA underwear might be a little too tight.

Trump caved. So Chuck Schumer can’t introduce a gun control bill fast enough. Per the Washington Examiner:

Senate Democrats said they will introduce a gun control bill that would expand background checks, ban certain weapons, and give the courts the power to temporarily take guns away from people who are deemed to be a threat to themselves or others, after President Trump offered support for these goals in a White House discussion Wednesday.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said the only way to advance the measure in the GOP-led Senate is with the endorsement and help from President Trump. He described a scenario in which the Senate could pass Schumer's proposal with mostly Democratic support and a few Republicans encouraged by Trump.

"The NRA has had the Republican Party in a headlock for decades," Schumer said. "Only the president — this president — will have the power to overcome their strength and get his Republican allies on Capitol Hill to move to a place that embraces common sense gun safety policies."

Yes, MAGA-Americans. I know Trump started to walk back what he said on Twitter. Kind of. He may have even launched a trade war so people would talk about something else. We’ll deal with THAT mess later. Though it would be nice if a Republican president, such as we supposedly have, wouldn’t need his messes cleaned up. Just saying.

But if the president understood what a Constitution was, Democrats wouldn’t be this emboldened in the first place. They saw a weakness. They’re exploiting that weakness. Hence we continue to pound Trump for his egregious misstep in hopes of avoiding more egregious missteps for the next two years. Lord help us.

Let’s talk guns:


Tucker Carlson Blasts Trump’s Gun Control Push: “If Obama Said It…”

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 06:45 AM PST

Trump surprised a lot of people with his gun control flip (see Senator Ben Sasse Savages President Trump’s Due Process Comments and NRA Responds to Trump’s Due Process, Second Amendment Comments). Some of us were waiting for it to eventually happen. Others are in denial and think he’s playing 4-dimensional chess. You just don’t understand the art of the deal. Cuck-a-doodle-doo. MAGA! YARGLE BLARGLE!

Bottom line, if Obama said what Trump said, conservatives would implode. A lot of us seem to be looking down at our shoes looking for any excuse to say “…but Hillary!” Thankfully, Tucker Carlson is not one of those people.

Now, I mean, how honest do you want to be? Imagine if Barack Obama had said that? Just ignore due process and confiscating guns? Obama would have been denounced as a dictator. We would have denounced him first, trust me. Congress would be talking impeachment. Some would be muttering secession.

Those rights are what makes us citizens and not mere subjects of the powerful. The president needs to be reminded of that maybe we all do once in a while. If voters wanted that kind of government they could have voted Democrat.

There are some who would argue people DID vote for a Democrat, but that’s a 2016 argument. Also, it’s helpful to check in on Twitter to see what the president’s opinion is that day.

It appears the president is walking it back, which is good.

The rub is that it was so easy to roll him on gun control in the first place. Or how quick he is to say “Bill of Rights? Schmill of Rights!”