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#Funny News

David Hogg Accuses Laura Ingraham of Being a Bully

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 05:49 PM PDT

If you have one of those stress balls, go ahead and have it at the ready. The human pustule known as David Hogg is back for more. You may have heard of Hogg’s spat with Laura Ingraham, who had the audacity to criticize the leftist boy-wonder. Typical of that sniveling snotweasel, little Davey is accusing Laura of being a bully. I kid you not:

Parkland activist David Hogg’s feud with Fox News host Laura Ingraham has intensified as calls for more companies to pull their ads during her show continues, with many having done so. Since then, Ingraham has issued an apology, but Hogg continues to not accept it.

Speaking with MSNBC on Friday, Hogg said Ingraham is a bully for having shared an article detailing his rejections from colleges and therefore must be held accountable.

"She’s a bully and she needs to be held accountable," Hogg continued. "I don’t care what title you have or who you are, a bully is a bully and you have to be held accountable."

Says the little leftist turdlet who’s currently making a career out of calling everyone who disagrees with him a “child-murderer.”

Hogg is hiding behind his underaged-ness while rapid firing vile attacks on his enemies. Much like the imaginary anti-aircraft machine-guns he believes exist in every redneck’s F-150. Meanwhile, any non-leftist over 18 is unable to mount any sort of defense against this impish little trashgoblin. Unless, of course, that non-leftist is down with an army of leftist pod people descending upon them.

body snatchers

If anyone here is a bully, it’s the chinless gun-grabbing buttmunch who’s calling the kettle black. If Hogg’s really on a mission to end bullying, the 80-pound squealing dunce in the mirror would be a good start.


Canadian School Creates ‘Africentric’ Math Class for Black Students

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 03:32 PM PDT

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, in comes identity-driven leftists to prove you wrong. Here, we have the latest invention of the race-obsessed left.

I give you “Africentric” math:

A Canadian high school switched to "Africentric Math" to attract black students to go into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math(STEM) fields, according to Canadian Broadcasting's(CBC) Wednesday report.

Teachers are adopting an Afrocentric lens to teach mathematics, based on incorporating African history and culture to make math classes resonate with their students.

Auburn High School is working with the Imphop's Legacy Academy, a program encouraging black students to get interested in STEM, to craft their new curriculum. One example of the new approach is using Egyptian pyramids to explain trigonometry.

"It's academic math, but we want to build their self-confidence, their self-awareness so they can feel that they're capable of doing the math," Auburn Drive High School Principal Karen Hudson said.

So, what they’re basically implying is black students are incapable of learning unless it involves the pyramids.

iceman bullshit

A pyramid is a pyramid whether it’s built in ancient Egypt or on the beach by a little blonde-haired honky. The formulas are going to be exactly the same. Replacing “Roman centurions” with “Wakandan warriors” confers no special understanding of the subject matter. Then again, according to leftists, math was invented by white devils to make the black man feel dumb. So maybe some Afro-cizing is in order, after all.

stanley hudson eye roll

Maybe the kids aren’t learning their arithmetic because teachers are too busy worrying about the (insert racial group)centricity of the word problems. If the teachers spent more time teaching math, instead of trivial nonsense like “inclusion,” there wouldn’t be a comprehension problem in the first place.

Leftists are quick to call conservatives racist. Yet, they’re the ones who think brown people need “special” schooling. Go figure.


#306 ‘CHANGE MY MIND’ LIVESTREAM! Socialism is Evil

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 02:54 PM PDT

Nothing can stop Steven Crowder when his mind is set. So despite the original show plans of Louder with Crowder falling through due to security concerns (explained here), Steven and the LwC Studio headed up to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign anway for a live stream of CHANGE MY MIND. The topics: Socialism is Evil followed by I’m Pro-Gun.


Thank you once again to everyone who showed up to debate in a civilized manner. None of this is possible without you, the people!

If you want Steven Crowder to bring Louder with Crowder to your college campus, go to the TOUR page. If you want to join Mug Club to increase your personal happiness by 37%, join here. We also have our own merchandise, like the capitalists we are. Go score some seriously cool Louder with Crowder swag.


Save Your Whining. If You Enter the Public Arena of Ideas, Prepare to Get Burned

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 01:59 PM PDT

Political arena

After the Parkland shooting, a wart on humanity made himself a celebrity, aided, no doubt, by a media eager to treat his rectum with constant smoke exhalation therapy. A practice continuing to this day by the likes of CNN, the banana hammock of news. David Hogg and his posse of simpering brats dominated the news cycle because the news cycle made them dominate. David Hoggermeyerweiner leveraged his position as “school shooting victim” to lob insults at law-abiding Americans, the NRA and Marco Rubio while hiding behind his wall of victim status. A wall the media propped up before him like the prissy fan girls they are.

The wall of victimhood remained strong for weeks. No one wanted to call out the pug-nosed brat for what he was. Instead, people “silently” voiced their hatred in comment sections across the blogosphere and social media.

But Americans can only be shouted at from a condescending toe rag for so long. About two weeks ago, I’d personally had enough. So I sent a text to my writing team saying “Let’s take it to David Hogg.” I wanted to fire a rant at the little weasel. I was tired of him standing behind a wall while he insulted and bullied Americans, without anyone fighting back. Corey and I wrote an open letter, not with the intent for the Hoggface to read it, but as a venting mechanism for every American sick of seeing that balloon-shaped face insulting them daily.

Before I could hit “publish” I disclaimed the hell out of our letter. I knew the reason people weren’t striking back at the simpering little bitch baby was that sacred wall of victimhood. Because he may be a minor. Because taking aim at a kid who’d been a victim of a tragedy was just meanspirited and how dare we.

Problem is, no. The second someone enters the arena of politics, gloves come off. If you want to enter a public debate on policy, expect everything to be thrown right in your face. Minor or adult. Victim or hero. There is no right to criticism immunity once you pop off some opinions in the public square. None.

Yet David Hogg, and his simpering lackeys in media — who’re using this kid to push their anti-gun agenda — is doing just that: throwing himself on the floor, fists pounding the ground, screaming about “it’s not fair.” He doesn’t like that people are making fun of him. He doesn’t like that, after over one month of his immature lectures, after all his ad hominem attacks on Americans, some Americans are giving it right back to him.

Well isn’t that just a boo-hoo crying shame.

David Hogg is the younger sibling, picking and taunting his older brother. When finally the older brother, tired of David behaving like a gnat, smacks him right across the face. Sending little David squealing to mommy about how unfair it was someone fought back.

Nope, that’s not how this works.

If someone decides to go public, to air an opinion in public, especially an “opinion” which seeks to undermine the rights of Americans, that same someone better be ready for an onslaught of criticism. Most of which will not be dignified, civil, or pretty. Humanity is what it is. There’s evidence aplenty of how ugly mudslinging can get.

Politics is for adults. If you’re going to enter politics publicly, if you’re going to comment on public policy and discourse on national television, the internet, or in any public sphere, you will be treated as an adult. And if you can’t take the heat, if you don’t like people dishing it right back at you, tough. Should’ve thought of that before demonizing over half of America.

Do I think it appropriate Laura Ingraham mocked Hogginator’s college rejections? That actually doesn’t matter. David Hogg made himself a target when he gladly accepted the robes of a public figure. Mudslinging is part of politics. It has been since forever. Again, ample warning. See also: history.

I realize some of these points are repeated. Sadly the repetition is necessary.


But David Hogg doesn’t like being countered. He doesn’t like it when people hit back. Suddenly he thinks squealing to mommy because “they’re being mean to me” is good enough reason to call for the heads of those who dare criticize him. While he’s been happily criticizing people who make him feel icky inside.

These are the rules of the political game: there are very few rules at all. Politics, political commentary, cultural commentary, speaking in anyway publicly are knockdown drag-outs. Examples of which are legion. David Hogg doesn’t get an asterisk by his name when he enters the arena.

If you’re here to fight, prepare to get punched right in the kisser. And don’t come crying to us when it hurts.

~ Written by Courtney Kirchoff

VIDEO: Andrew Cuomo Berated By Angry Woman in Albany

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 12:02 PM PDT

If I had the technical skills, I’d autotune this video and turn in to a song. The backstory is that Andrew Cuomo went down to bail a reporter out of jail. Who got arrested for talking on his phone in the lobby. That’s just Albany. It’s best to walk away without asking questions. You won’t like yourself if you do.

What started out as a simple publicity stunt for the Governor turned into a constituent meeting.

Did you know this office doesn't want to submit a complaint of a sexual harassment I had here? NDA? And they went, they took out a rifle on me Friday, here? Yeah, you 're not doing anything here, you punk ass! You're not doing a motherf–king s–t either! I got proof! There's corruption going on here! They're stealing money! I got the proof right here!

Lady, I don’t know who you are. But from one New Yorker to another:

derek jeter

I’m not sure if she had a specific grievance. Or is she just saw the opportunity to rant about Cuomo’s many failures. Of which there are a plethora (see VIDEO: Andrew Cuomo Tells Black Church That Jews Can't Dance and Female Reporter Questions Andrew Cuomo on Harassment. His Response is Unreal…). But I would like to buy her a Coke and maybe take her for some Dinosaur BBQ. She’s been the highlight of March.

Though I would advise, there is a proper way to discuss an issue with someone you disagree with:


Matthew McConaughey Supports Gun Control at Austin #MarchForOurLives

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 11:34 AM PDT

This one cuts me deep. Matthew McConaughey was someone I always thought was alright, alright, alright. Please allow me the indulgence. I’m really struggling with this one.

Because the actor spoke at a #MarchForOurLives rally in Austin. Taylor Swift at least only half-assed support via an Instagram post. Then went back to planning her fabulous summer tour. But McConaughey actually showed up. Most likely even had his publicist send out to tabloids to make sure he was there.

Some excerpts:

I'm not here to talk about politics.

SPOILER: Here’s where celebrities totally talk about politics.

But I want to be clear that today's march is not about taking away the rights of the law-abiding American citizens to buy own and bear arms. Let's be clear about that.

But I want to be clear that it totally was. Full stop. Leftists aren’t hiding it at all (see #MarchForOurLives Speaker Admits True Gun Control Plans and Top 5 Idiotic Moments From ‘March for Our Lives’ Gun Control Rally).

And those of us who are legal and responsible American citizen gun owners, it's time to join hands. It's time to get into the arena it's time to step up to the line and help heal our country. One, let's ban the assault weapons for civilians. This is a no-brainer. And to my friends out there that are responsible owners of these recreational assault weapons that they use for recreation, please let's just take one for the team here and set it down.

Absolutely not. Hard pass. Suck it.

Wrestler Screaming No

I can’t anymore. If you can, click over to People.com and have at it.

Maybe he was stoned. Saw a group of college students and figured one of them was holding. Then when he wound up on stage tried to play it cool. Thought he was filming a movie. I hope.

Or, like all sane people who cozy up to Hollywood types, he caught a case of the stupids. Decided to go all in with every anti-gun moron sitting comfortably behind secured walls with armed guards.

Sorry kids. That’s all I got right now.


Alisyn Camerota Furious Over Universities Rejecting David Hogg’s Applications

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 09:46 AM PDT

David Hogg is like a canine poop stain that refuses to come out of your carpet, no matter how hard you scrub. With his becoming a walking punchline and failure at rallying America against the NRA, he’s finding new things to complain about. Like major universities giving him the shaft.

Hogg whined about nobody liking him to Alisyn Camerota and boy was she “furious”:

Alisyn seems quite fond of the Hogg, doesn’t she?

Maybe Hogg’s rejection has something to do with him being a prickly pinecone shoved deep into America’s rectum. There’s also the matter of him being a monumental dunce. The Hogginator can’t make a case against the Second Amendment without going straight to ad hominem attacks and outright lies. What makes you think he’d be any better at making a case for himself in an admissions essay?

There’s also the matter of little Davey’s melanin content, or lack thereof. Sad to say, even with the best GPA and SAT scores, being a few shades too white is going to set him back. Hogg’s on the record lamenting his white privilege in interviews. I guess he can consider community college his penance. The universities have already met their quota for ultra-authoritarian honky leftist troublemakers. Their policies, not mine.

Alisyn Camerota “fuming” over Hogg’s college woes is further proof of where CNN’s political allegiances lie. They already let Dave get away with spreading lies and calling NRA members “child murderers.” Now, they’re chastising universities for telling their little friend to piss off.

Word to the wise, it’s not journalism if you’re picking sides. CNN is showing no objectivity whatsoever with the gun-grabbing Parkland kids. With all their blatant biases showing, it’s a wonder people still believe CNN is anything other than the fakest of the fake.


People with Down Syndrome Speak Out Against Abortion

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 08:52 AM PDT

People with Down syndrome are people too. They’re just as deserving of life as people without Down syndrome. Not eradicated from a country’s populace ala Iceland. Listen to John F. Stephens defend his own life to the UN. It’s touching:

Stephens began by easing tensions with a joke about his extra chromosomes giving him a "little bit uncommon" appearance — "in my case, uncommonly handsome." From there, he stated simply that he was an individual who should be seen "as a human being, not a birth defect." People like him, he said, need not be "eradicated" or "cured" but rather loved, valued, educated, and sometimes helped."

I’m usually one to shy away from open displays of emotion. I typically find people who parade their emotional sob stories to be manipulative, campaigning for a specific agenda. Like the Parkland activists boo-hooing while demanding we surrender our Second Amendment rights.

This is different. John Stephens is campaigning for his own life. People like him are being sucked out of their mothers’ wombs for the crime of not being “perfect.” For having an extra chromosome. For possibly putting an extra burden on parents and society.

Charlotte Fien joined him:

"A mother's womb is the most dangerous place for babies with Down syndrome," she said. "As long as people with Down syndrome are kept out of mainstream society, we will be feared, not accepted, and aborted into extinction."

"The UN is against abortions that target female babies because it's harmful towards women," Fien pointed out. "So why are they OK with wiping out my future community?"

No human being is perfect to begin with. Just because a child has an extra chromosome doesn’t mean their life lacks value. We need more people like John and Charolette giving witness to the beauty of people with Down syndrome.

Down syndrome lives matter.


The Roseanne Effect: Fox in Talks to Reboot “Last Man Standing”

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 07:56 AM PDT


Fans wanted to see Last Man Standing return ever since it was taken off the air. Not for “political reasons.” Even though it was totally taken off the air for political reasons (see ABC Cancels Successful (and Conservative) Show 'Last Man Standing,' Despite Good Ratings… and Tim Allen & Norm Macdonald on Being a Conservative in Show Biz [Video]). Some fans even felt with the return of Roseanne, ABC only had a quota to fill one conservative-ish show on the lineup.

If that’s the case, the irony of Roseanne’s yuge rating success may possibly bring LMS back to the airwaves. From TMZ:

Our FOX sources tell us Allen’s show — which was controversially canceled last year — is now under serious consideration for a reboot. There were rumors the show was canceled because of Allen’s personal conservative affiliations — he compared being a conservative in Hollywood to 1930’s Nazi Germany, as well as the conservative character he portrayed on the show.

The irony … we’re told the success of “Roseanne” has intrigued FOX because there appears to be a big Trump-supporting audience out there. FOX produced the show when it aired on ABC, and we’re told the talk now is to possibly reboot and put it on FOX.

Let’s wait and see. We’ve been told LMS was coming back before. But with Hollywood running out of ideas and reboots being the on-trend thing, who knows. I just hope it’s not a “reboot” as much as them just bringing the show back. The ensemble cast was pretty flawless.

If Hollywood was smart, they’d notice alienating at least half of America is a stupid business move, and simply tossing that half of America a half-eaten bone brings in big money. Alas, most of Hollywood is concerned only with churning out propaganda, and watching their coffers slowly empty.



California Judge Calls for Cancer Warnings on Coffee

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 07:32 AM PDT

California Coffee Cancer Regulation

California is a wacky place. Giving people straws is problematic. They approach dancing in public similar to the preacher guy in Footloose. Spreading AIDS like Johnny Appleseed, on the other hand, is totes cool. A wacky place, indeed.

Now in California, apparently there’s a chance your coffee can give you cancer. At least according to this judge.

A Los Angeles judge has determined that coffee companies must carry an ominous cancer warning label because of a chemical produced in the roasting process.

Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle said Wednesday that Starbucks and other companies failed to show that benefits from drinking coffee outweighed any risks.

The Council for Education and Research on Toxics, a nonprofit group, sued Starbucks and 90 other companies under a state law that requires warnings on a wide range of chemicals that can cause cancer. One is acrylamide, a carcinogen present in coffee.

So, there’s a downside to drinking coffee. As such, Starbucks ought to cover their cups in disclaimers. I guess we should also require a “glass is sharp” sticker on every window. A “fork + hole = bad” sticker on every power outlet. While we’re at it, let’s have planes constantly fly over every town with a banner, warning of the dangers of staring at the sun.

Willy Wonka Eye Roll

If you’ll allow me to bite off of a famous Dennis Leary bit, Starbucks can introduce a new dark roast called Tumors. Put a skull and crossbones on the cup. If it’s going to make 90% of the people I have to deal with more tolerable, I’ll take a venti black.

It seems like if there’s a party to be had, California is going to poop it. People know smoking is bad. They pave their lungs anyway. It’s common knowledge binging on booze has consequences. Frat boys still flood their livers with Captain Morgan’s. No nanny-state warning sticker is going to make a difference.