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Cole DeBoer: Should He Adopt Chelsea Houska's Daughter?

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 10:20 AM PST

Chelsea Houska is undoubtedly one of the most beloved moms in the entire Teen Mom franchise, if not the most beloved.

When the franchise features people like Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham, it's not that difficult to be a favorite, but still.

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska

Chelsea gets a lot of love because she has her life together, and because she's adorable, with adorable family to match.

She's never been arrested, she's not rude and hateful on a regular basis, she's never neglected her kids.

She's a good mother, and it's even more notable since her oldest child's father is arguably the worst person in Teen Mom history.

Chelsea dated Adam Lind off an on for a good long while when she was younger, and they had little Aubree together, but he was never really a present father.

Since then, Adam has been getting sketchier and sketchier, and last year he failed a court-appointed drug test with a substantial amount of meth in his system.

Adam Lind and daughter Aubree

He was also arrested multiple times for domestic assault, and there have been warrants out for his arrest thanks to his failure to pay child support for both of his children.

It's a whole lot of bad stuff, basically, and so Chelsea has obtained sole custody of Aubree.

She's also had Aubree's last name changed from Lind to Lind-DeBoer, at the request of Aubree herself.

And speaking of her new last name, let's talk about where it came from: Cole DeBoer, Chelsea's husband, father of little Watson, and Aubree's adoring stepfather.

Cole is amazing, right? He's sweet and very attractive and best of all, he treats Aubree like his very own.

Cole DeBoer and Aubree Lind

He constantly steps up for her like her real father never does, and he did it again last night.

Because, believe it or not, Adam skipped Aubree's father-daughter dance. For the third year in a row.

The first time was in 2016 -- Aubree was expecting Adam, but he didn't show up, so Cole took her by himself. Adam later said he couldn't come because he was training for a bodybuilding competition.

The second time was last year, and there was no mention of Adam at all, Aubree and Cole just went and had a nice time together.

And this year, again, for the third year in a row, Cole and Aubree dressed up and headed out for a lovely little evening.

Aubree Lind-DeBoer

He shared this adorable photo of her -- it looks like he took her to dinner, too -- and he captioned it "Look at my STUNNING little sweetie. I am so so lucky to have her as my dancing partner!!! Father daughter dance time!!!"

It's so cute it hurts, right?

And if that one hurts, this next one will probably destroy you.

In the second photo Cole shared, he's giving Aubree some flowers while she's posing in front of a sign that reads "I love you Daddy!"

"I love this perfect girl so much!" he captioned this one.

Aubree and Cole

It's clear that he does -- and to many people, it's clear that he deserves to be her real father in every way, including legally.

"Adopt her!!!!" one person commeneted on Cole's Instagram. "She loves you so much and you're the best daddy ever!!!!!"

Another person suggested her adopt her because her 'dads' a low life, she's so much better off with you as her father."

So many people had so many kind words to say -- one told him that he's "amazing for showing that little girl what a daddy is supposed to be."

"Cole you are by far the best Father that sweet little girl will ever know!" someone gushed. "You should try and adopt her Coley Dad!!"

Cole DeBoer and Aubree As Superheroes

Yet another person wrote "Plese adopt her! Adam should be smart enough to let you take over completely from here. You already have in every other way."

These kinds of comments are very common in basically any story about Adam or Cole -- Adam is the worst, Cole is the best, so Cole should adopt Aubree.

Could that be a possibility? Maybe, if Adam keeps getting worse.

But despite his many, many flaws, Aubree does seem to love her father, so it could be hard for her to cut ties with him like that.

Do you think Cole should adopt Aubree?

Kylie Jenner SLAMMED for New Photo of Stormi: Her First Parenting Fail!

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 08:23 AM PST

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to criticism.

It's actually kind of overwhelming how much hate she's gotten, being just a tender 19 years old.

Kylie Jenner Pre-Pregnancy

To be fair, she does deserve a fair bit of all that criticism, on account of all the really dumb, obnoxious, ridiculous things she's always said and done.

Like when no one wanted to watch her reality show because she just whined about things that barely even made sense?

Or when she tried to sell a cheap set of makeup brushes for $300, then when people called her out for it, she defended herself by saying that other brands sell sets for similar prices?

Not even bothering to mention the fact that those brands have been around for years and years and she's just a teenaged reality star with a dream?

Her gigantic lips, her new-ish curves that so many people swear have to be the result of plastic surgery, the alarming amount of selfies she takes ... it's a lot, and a lot of people aren't into it.

Kylie Jenner While Pregnant

But for just about a month now, Kylie's been a mother.

And you know what that means ...

It means that in addition to all that other stuff, she's opened the door wide for some good old-fashioned mom-shaming!

Yes, now everything that Kylie ever does in regards to Stormi will be bashed all to hell, regardless of whether or not she actually deserves it.

It's such an important part in the lives of all mothers, really, but for famous mothers in particular.

Yesterday, Kylie began experiencing her first true experience with this phenomenon after sharing some new photos of herself with baby Stormi.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster

In the photos, she had on her customary long acrylic nails -- cute, but not so cute for changing diapers.

Many people saw her nails, thought about how difficult it would be to clean up baby poop and handle a delicate little newborn with such talons, and decided that meant she's a bad mother.

One such person tweeted "Don't wanna be a bitch but the length of kylie jenner's nails tells me all i need to know about her parenting/lack thereof."

"You know Kylie is not bathing or changing that child's diapers by the length of her nails," another person wrote.

Another asked "How does Kylie wipe Stormi's ass with those longass nails, I'm shook."

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster, Close Up

There were dozens of comments like this, both on Twitter and Instagram, because as everyone knows, the length of your nails is directly related to your parenting ability.

It's just such an odd thing for people to fixate on, especially because as many mothers shared, they had similar nails and were able to tend to their babies just fine.

If someone would rather keep short nails when caring for little babies, that's fine, and it someone prefers the look of longer nails and just takes the time to be more careful, that's fine too.

And if she's not doing diapers or baths at all, if she has a nanny to help with that sort of thing, that's also fine.

We're sure she's still bonding with her daughter.

Like, this is Kylie we're talking about -- there will be plenty more chances to question her parenting skills, we don't have to get in a hurry.

Farrah Abraham Sends Final Message to Teen Mom Cast

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 08:48 PM PST

As many adult entertainment fans know well, Farrah Abraham has no problem with the backdoor.

But the long-time MTV personality has now been shown a door of a very different kind:

She's been fired from Teen Mom OG.

F. Abraham

Not only has the controversial parent been let go from this franchise, she's already been replaced.

Sources tell The Hollywood Gossip that former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee is already shooting episodes as the latest OG series regular.

How does Abraham feel about this development?

She previously told Us Weekly that the show will miss its "biggest star" and that she's content to focus now on "scripted opportunities, taking a pretty high road for someone who has never been afraid to hurl some serious shade at producers and colleagues over the years.

And now Farrah has spoken out again about her departure.

Did she slam the living heck out of McKee or any of her veteran co-stars?

Not really, we're very sad to report.

Farrah Abraham Fired

"I wish all the women of Teen Mom the best as their jealousy, hatred, and women-hating should stop and more so lift up and empower women," Abraham told PopCulture.com on Friday, adding:

"This show lacks [confidence], [security], honesty and integrity, which is why the adults of this show must be controlled and puppeteered by producers and staff."

Not exactly a sweet parting shot.

But nothing like what Abraham has said in past about the series, either.

Speaking specifically to Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood, Farrah said she hopes these women really take a long look in the mirror.

If not for themselves, then for their kids.

"The effect on their children is concerning," she says. "I deeply hope the mothers and fathers take their children's development and safety more serious."

Farrah on Instagram

As someone who keeps nude photos of her young daughter on her phone, Farrah does know a thing or two about proper child development and treatment.

"As I start a new chapter, I wish all the families the best in safety and health," she concluded in this interview, ending on as mature a note as she could muster.

Having seemingly accepted her fate, Farrah also sent a message to her haters and critics.

She knows they are out there. She knows they are waiting to jump on her every word and action.

But they can talk all the walk they want, she taunts; she's out here walking the damn walk!

"To make a change in society, 'see something say something,'" she explained here.

"Many [trolls] aren't leaders and making world changes. I chose this life, I will always continue to make this world a better place above all the lies and attacks against me."

Farrah Abraham, Bending Back

What kind of legacy does Farrah think she has left?

Where does she rank herself among all time villains or favorites on MTV or even on other networks?

She didn't say, exactly.

However, just like the erect penises of men who view her sex tape are pointing toward the ceiling, she is holding her head up high:

"I think I've done this better than most in reality TV."

Donald Trump Gets Dunked On By Alec Baldwin In Response to Random Trash-Talk

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 02:23 PM PST

Alec Baldwin made his first appearance as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live way the hell back in October of 2016, and the show's been on hiatus for the past three weeks due to NBC's broadcast of the Winter Olympics.

So why was the president angrily tweeting about Baldwin's impression at 5:42 this morning?

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

It's a good question with several troubling answers.

The most obvious explanation for why the leader of the free world had a man-baby outburst while gnawing on his Egg McMuffin this morning is the fact that Baldwin had some unkind words for Trump in a recent interview.

"Every time I do it now, it's like agony," Baldwin recently told The Hollywood Reporter when asked about his Trump impression.

"Anybody over this guy," Baldwin added. "It doesn't matter. We have to get rid of him."

Those are exactly the kind of comments that get under Trump's skin, so it's no surprise the president was so upset that even autocorrect couldn't reason with him this morning:

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump Again

"Alex Baldwin, whose dieing mediocre career was saved by his terrible impersonation of me on SNL, now says playing me was agony," Trump tweeted.

"Alex, it was agony for those who were forced to watch. Bring back Darrell Hammond, funnier and a far greater talent!"

That tweet was only live for about 10 minutes before Trump deleted it and replaced with a version in which Baldwin's name and "dying" were both spelled correctly.

Needless to say, Twitter wasn't so quick to forget the president's spelling boo-boos.

But unhinged Trump tantrums are obviously nothing new.

The weird thing about this one is, the Baldwin interview took place back on Wednesday, and the Donald has been never one to buy into the expression about revenge being a dish best served cold. 

Alec Baldwin on SNL

(After all, the analogy wouldn't make much sense to someone who only eats food that congeals if it's left to sit for more than a few seconds.)

The best explanation with regard to the timing seems to be that less than thirty minutes before Trump's tweet, Baldwin's interview was mentioned in a segment on Fox News, which is the president's state-run television network of choice when he's lounging around the White House in his bathrobe.

Of course, the real reason that Trump decided to start his morning with an old-fashioned Two Minutes Hate is that he's coming off yet another chaotic week and he'll do just about anything to change the topic of conversation.

It's a typically inept move from an administration that aims for Third Reich, but usually misses the mark and lands more in the Keystone Cops area.

Alec Baldwin Plays Trump

That said, we'll give the Donald credit for one thing - Hammond actually does have the better technical impression, in terms of nailing Trump's "FBI Mafia informant turned used car salesmen" mannerisms.

But wherever you stand on who serves up the best impersonation of our anus-lipped commander-in-chief, there's no denying that Baldwin's response left Trump as roasted as one of those well-done steaks he likes so much:

"Agony though it may be, I'd like to hang in there for the impeachment hearings, the resignation speech, the farewell helicopter ride to Mara-A-Lago," Baldwin tweeted, adding:

"You know. The Good Stuff. That we've all been waiting for."

Get emmmmmm!

Alec Baldwin or Donald Trump?

As though that wasn't enough to send DJT into a diaper-filling rage, Baldwin continued:

"Looking forward to the Trump Presidential Library. A putting green. Recipes for chocolate cake. A live Twitter feed for visitors to post on.

"A little black book w the phone numbers of porn stars. You're in and out in five minutes. Just like..."

Baldwin might want to start using his middle name, a la Lee Harvey Oswald because we're pretty sure that qualifies as an assassination.

Kim Kardashian Eyes Fancy Cars, Fishes For Better Push Present Than Kylie

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 01:43 PM PST

It looks like those rumors that Kim Kardashian aims to take down Kylie Jenner aren't going away any time soon. If anything, it looks like this sisterly competition is heating up.

So, remember how apparently Kylie Jenner got a $1.4 million Ferrari as a ridiculous "push present" after giving birth to Stormi Webster?

It looks like Kim is out to one-up her baby sister with a fancy, pricey new car of her own.

Kim Kardashian West Snapshot

Kim Kardashian, for over a decade now, has been the Kardashian -- she's the face of the family and their brand.

(While Kris is the mastermind behind most of it)

On top of her success as a reality star and a branding icon, her video game for phones that came out a few years ago was a tremendous success.

But Kylie Jenner, at an astonishingly young age, is on the rise.

Kylie Cosmetics is worth a sicking amount, and is projected to be worth one billion dollars within just a few years.

Which of these successful sisters will win the race to a billion dollars?

Kylie Jenner Pre-Pregnancy

We won't know who wins the race to the top for years, most likely.

But Kylie sure is enjoying her status now.

Though it's not clear where her brand new Ferrari actually came from, it's believed to be a gift from baby daddy Travis Scott as a thank-you for, you know, giving birth to Stormi.

Push presents are normally sentimental jewelry or some sort of home redecoration thing. They're not really supposed to cost a small fortune, but ... Kylie and her family live on another level than the rest of us.

There's one problem with Kylie's $1.4 million push present ... you can't fit a carseat into it. Whoops.

But that's not why Kylie's family thinks that it's ridiculous -- they reportedly think that Kylie's fondness for flaunting her wealth with expensive cars is tacky and childish.

Now that she's a mom (at 20), they hope that she'll mellow out.

Kim Kardashian, White Bikini Top Selfie

At the same time, however, Kim seems to have her eye on the prize.

So long as the "prize" means outshining Kylie Jenner's fancy new car with one of her own.

Over the course of several days, including just a matter of hours ago, Kim Kardashian has been pointing out super expensive, fancy, largely impractical cars on her Instagram.

She's written things like:

"I want ..."

and, days later

"I want this too ..."

Kylie Jenner, Post-Birth

Does a taste for needlessly expensive vehicles that are jarringly low to the ground (but maybe they don't care because they're short anyway?) run in the family?

Or is this a competition?

Some fans were quick to comment, wondering why in the world Kim would be posting about wanting these particular items when, you know, she could just buy them.

But it's easy to connect the dots.

If Kylie really got her car from Travis Scott as a push present, as is widely believed, then Kim buying herself one wouldn't be a match for Kylie.

For Kim to match Kylie, she'd need it to be a push present from Kanye, her own baby daddy. And husband.

Kim Kardashian Hourglass Figure

Of course, some would point out that Kim and Kylie are sisters, who likely have convergent tastes in many areas.

There's so similar that they both had babies within a couple of months of each other. Chicago was Kim's third and Stormi was Kylie's first, and Chicago was born via surrogate, but those are just details.

So maybe they have similar tastes in cars because they're similar people.

For that matter, maybe they're both in the makeup business and both wildly successful because they have similarities in their personalities?

It can be fun to pit sibling against sibling, but we shouldn't let that narrative cloud our perspective.

We don't know what's going on in their minds.

Kourtney to Khloe: Stop Being a "Pregnant Whore!"

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 01:38 PM PST

It is about to be on between Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian.

In the following sneak peek from Sunday's season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashian, Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian are on a boat, on their way to Alcatraz.

But the soon-to-be mother of one isn't exactly enjoying herself because Kourtney is on the phone, clearly distracted by someone (or someone) from this cool family experience.

"What the f-ck are you here for?” Khloe asks her sister as soon as she hangs up, adding:

“Don’t chime in if you’re not going to get off your f-cking phone call all the time. You’re like, a waste of space in my meter right now."

Yikes. A bit harsh of a reaction to someone who was simply chatting on the phone?

Try telling that to a pregnant woman's hormones.

"You’re annoying as f-ck now when we’re together,” Khloe continues, on a rather intense roll. “This is what you do. You’re on your phone the whole time. You’re just not present!"

Taken aback by this reply, Kourtney stammers that she was only on the call for 10 minutes and that her sister needs to take a chill pill.

But this reasoning does nothing to calm Khloe down.

"We’re only here once,” she snaps, continuing:

“When are we ever going to go back to Alcatraz? You know what? Actually, I’m not doing this today. I’m not doing this today, because last time in Costa Rica, I looked crazy because I’m always the one complaining to get you guys to have fun.

"I’m not going to be crazy, okay? You’ll be the f-cking bitch that you need to be."

Whoa there!

This just turned very ugly very fast.

"Good," Kourtney says in response.

That isn't all she says, however.

“F-ck you, you f-cking whore,” she retorts, adding: “Pregnant whore!”

It's true: Khloe is pregnant and we're about to learn the gender of her baby.

But a whore?!? Did Kourtney just cross a line?

Click PLAY to see how this argument comes to a surprising end:

Kourtney kardashian slams khloe kardashian as a pregnant whore

Jenelle Evans: FINALLY Fired From Teen Mom 2?!

Posted: 02 Mar 2018 02:25 PM PST

Well, the day so many Teen Mom 2 fans have been waiting for may have finally arrived.

After weeks of rumors and years of alienating viewers, it's beginning to look as though MTV and Viacom have reached the decision to fire Jenelle Evans from the show that made her famous.

Jenelle's husband, David Eason, was fired last month, and just as Evans' army of haters was beginning to use hope that the Carolina Hurricane would also be kicked to the curb, Jenelle started dropping hints that she will not be returning for another season.

Join us for a complete rundown of recent developments in the life of the (probably) newly-unemployed Ms. Evans:

1. Come At Me, Fans!

Jenelle evans attends 2017 vmas
For years, Jenelle has been wilfully antagonizing Teen Mom 2 fans. But at the end of the day, she was good for ratings, and as such, producers kept her around. With her latest scandals, however, Jenelle may have finally gone too far.

2. The Night of the Gun

Jenelle evans gun photo
It all started when David Eason posted this photo on Instagram. It appeared on his page just after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida that claimed 17 lives. Fans implored David to take it down - and that's when things got even uglier.

3. Hateful Dave

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
David responded to criticism from fans by going on a homophobic tirade and hurling slurs at followers who dared to suggest it might not be the right time for such a post. Needless to say, that didn't turn out well for him.

4. A Brief Experiment With Employment

David eason on insta
Like most Teen Mom baby daddies, Dave wasn't exactly a top earner before he landed a spot on the show, and now it's back to the unemployment line. But hey, at least he'll have company.

5. Trimming the Fat

Jenelle eason david eason
These days, it seems Teen Mom producers are done tolerating diva behavior and are all too aware that there are no indispensable stars on ensemble reality shows. In the past two months, they've canned Farrah Abraham and David Eason. And now it looks as though Jenelle's days as a ratings magnet have come to a close...

6. Farewell, Jenelle

Jenelle evans pregnant again
Jenelle's drug use, violent behavior, and apparent neglect of her children have long made her an object of scorn amongst Teen Mom fans. Petitions to have her fired from the show have even been circulated by her own co-stars. And now it looks as though the public will finally get its wish...
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