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Chelsea Houska Shares ADORABLE New Photo of Her Baby Bump!

Posted: 31 Mar 2018 10:11 AM PDT

Sometimes it feels so strange to talk about Chelsea Houska, you know?

Strange, but also very, very refreshing.

Chelsea Houska in Sunglasses

It's just that there's always a ton of Teen Mom gossip to get into, but it's usually stuff like Ryan Edwards' arrest, Jenelle Evans' moronic NRA statements, or truly upsetting updates on Catelynn Lowell's mental health.

It's rare to have a piece of purely good news when it comes to this crew, but whenever that little unicorn of a Teen Mom story comes by, it usually has to do with Chelsea.

Even though she shares her oldest child, Aubree, with Adam Lind, who is probably the worst person ever featured on any Teen Mom anything, she's been doing well for herself for the past few years.

She got married to Cole DeBoer, who is impossibly handsome and also an amazing father figure for Aubree.

In January of last year, they welcomed adorable little Watson to the family, and everyone was thrilled to have him.

Chelsea and Cole Picture

Chelsea and her family just seem genuinely happy in a way that none of the other people on the show do -- even when other cast members have good moments, they're usually overshadowed by some kind of sadness.

That's probably part of the reason why it was so extra, extra precious when she revealed earlier this month that she and Cole are adding to their family once again!

After several months of talking about baby fever and wanting a house full of babies, Chelsea revealed that she's actually pregnant.

She even let us know that she's having a baby girl!

She shared an ultrasound photo on Instagram to share the good news, writing "....GUESS WHAT! A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited!"

chels bump

Shortly after dropping the news, she shared a photo of her baby bump, which was pretty tiny, as she's not that far along.

We don't know an exact due date yet, but it sounds like it's sometime in September -- she did say that she'd probably give birth in August, since her babies tend to come out a little early.

At the time of her announcement, she also said that she was "about 4 months" along.

Pregnancies are funny things though, because it's just been a little over two weeks since we heard the good news, right?

And yesterday, Chelsea was sweet enough to share another shot of her bump -- that baby girl is growing fast!

Chelsea Houska Bump

"Oh hey little baby girl," she captioned the photo -- she also explained that her goofy headband wasn't a new fashion statement, just something she wears while she's doing her makeup.

So not only do we get to see the bump, we also get to see the extraordinarily rare sight of Chelsea Houska with minimal makeup!

Oh, what a glorious day!

And, of course, Chelsea's fans strongly agree.

"Your belly is so cute!" one person wrote. "Congrats to you and your growing family!"

Another follower told her "So Happy for all 3 1/2 of you! Chelsea, thank you for sharing!"

Then, proving that some of her fans love her beyond all reason, someone actually commented "You could legit rock that headband out in public!!! Congrats on #3!"

We don't know about the headband thing, but with everything else, we strongly agree.

Congrats again, DeBoers!

Mackenzie Standifer: Is She Divorcing Ryan Edwards?!

Posted: 31 Mar 2018 08:31 AM PDT

There's been a seriously overwhelming amount of drama going down with Ryan Edwards this week, huh?

It's all been very interesting, but once you remember that he's a real person with a real family and not just a character on a television show ...

The Edwards'

Well, it gets a whole lot more depressing, we'll say that much.

To recap, Ryan was arrested earlier this week at his home in Chattanooga for violating his probation -- because oh yeah, he was also arrested last year.

Unlike Mackenzie Standifer -- or as Maci Bookout likes to call her, "his snake of a wife" -- said, he was arrested last March, not last April, for simple possession of heroin.

He was pulled over and found with the drugs and with some needles, which is definitely not legal, so boom, arrested.

After that, he was put on probation, and a few reports have been claiming that he was required to take regular drug tests, but he missed his test this week, which was why he got arrested this time around.

Ryan Edwards Mug Shot

This part still doesn't make total sense, because if he was getting regular drug tests anyway, why would such a big plot point in this season of Teen Mom OG be about him failing to take a test to see Bentley?

Anyway, he was arrested, and whatever the exact reason, it's not good news.

Also this week, there was another Tinder scandal -- a woman came forward with screenshots of a flirtatious exchange she had with him, just like last time.

And in the middle of all this, it was revealed that Ryan and Mackenzie are expecting their first child together.

See what we mean when we said this was an overwhelming amount of drama?

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards

And to think, it's already getting a whole lot worse.

As we said, Mackenzie made a statement in which she claimed that Ryan's arrest was nothing to be worried about, that it was just a sort of follow-up arrest from the heroin thing that happened last spring.

According to her, he still needed to be booked an entire year later, and that's why cops showed up to their house, handcuffed him, and got him that cute mug shot.

It didn't really make sense, but we just assumed it was a lie -- even if it wasn't, in saying that he was arrested last spring before their wedding, she showed she was lying about the timeline of his drug use.

Who could forget that insane letter she read to Maci at the last reunion special, the one where she claimed she had no idea that Ryan was doing drugs until their wedding in May, two whole months after he was arrested?

Ryan Edwards: Teen Mom OG Photo

We're getting off track though.

The point is, Mackenzie made a point to tell us all that "everything is fine," when obviously things are the opposite of fine.

And now, according to a new report from Radar Online, things seem to be so far from fine that she's left Ryan.

A source close to her told the site that "Mackenzie boarded a flight to go to New York yesterday without Ryan."

Not only that, but "she left her son during her scheduled time" to do so -- she gets adorable little Hudson from Friday to Tuesday, and his father has him the other days.

Ryan Edwards, Mackenzie Standifer, Son

Radar says that Mackenzie herself confirmed to them that she's in New York, but she didn't offer any additional details.

Could it be possible that she's finally realizing how bad her situation is? That perhaps it wasn't the best idea to be impregnated by an intravenous drug user who's been trying so hard to cheat on her?

Could she be filming an additional little something for the show now that so much has happened?

Or are we way off -- maybe she's finding a dress for a third wedding Ryan won't be sober for.

Whatever's going on, we hope everything's all right. But considering the circumstances, that does seem like a pretty high hope.

Alyson Stoner Pens Emotional Essay About Her Sexuality, Moves Readers to Tears

Posted: 31 Mar 2018 04:42 AM PDT

Alyson Stoner, a former Disney Channel and movie star, has penned a very personal and extremely powerful essay for Teen Vogue.

Titled "How I Embraced My Sexual Identity," the piece chronicles Stoner's journey to bisexuality, although we should note that Stoner never used this term.

Alyson Stoner Picture

In the essay, the 24-year old never puts any sort of label or definition on this path or on her conclusion, simply writing that she realizes she's now attracted to men and women.

The revelation of her preferences started when Stoner found herself "mesmerized and intimidated" upon attending a dance workshop and meeting her female instructor.

"After I dizzied myself from doing knee spins, she walked toward me to correct my form," Stoner writes for Teen Vogue, adding:

"My heart raced wildly and my body grew hot. Was I nervous to fail in front of an expert? Was I breathing heavily from being out of shape?

"Her smile was the most electrifying thing I'd ever seen."

Following this class, Stoner texted her mom, to whom she is very close. This is what the text read at the time:

"I met a woman today, I'm not sure who she is or what I'm feeling, but I think she's going to be in my life for a very long time."

Alyson Stoner

Stoner has appeared in movies such as Step Up and Cheaper by the Dozen, along with Disney shows like The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

As actress-turned-singer got to know the dance instructor better, she struggled with her feelings that weren't "quite sisterly or platonic."

She was confused.

"I realized I had never fantasized about a guy this way, nor really ever felt comfortable dating guys," she explains, elaborating as follows:

"Come to think of it, I stared at women's bodies more than anything. But wasn't that just societal conditioning or the unattainable beauty standards that fuel comparison and objectification?

"I refused to entertain other possibilities."

Still, despite not being sure what was going on, Stoner and this other woman began spending a great deal of time together.

Alyson Stoner Pic

One evening, the pair made dinner and watched Orange is the New Black together and...

"We vented and supported each other. Then cuddled. Then kissed and kissed some more."

This is when Stoner realized:

"OK, we were in a relationship. I fell in love with a woman."

It's unclear at what age this happened, but Stoner admits to attending therapy for years in order to figure herself out.

'In its purest sense, I felt awakened, more compassionate and like my truest self," she writes.

"She strengthened and inspired me, creating a space for me to discover myself without judgment. We were an example of true love."

in camp rock

Stoner had "misconceptions" about the LGBT community, she says, adding that she wondered how this personal revelation would affect her job.

'Some people in the industry warned me that I'd ruin my career, miss out on possible jobs, and potentially put my life in danger if I ever came out.

'My dream and all I'd worked tirelessly for since the age of 6 was suddenly at risk by my being . . . true to myself."

She prayed on it. She battled internally.

But, in the end, she could no longer deny how she felt and what she believes.

"I, Alyson, am attracted to men, women, and people who identify in other ways," she concludes.

"I can love people of every gender identity and expression. It is the soul that captivates me.

"It is the love we can build and the goodness we can contribute to the world by supporting each other's best journeys."

So well said all around.

We salute you, Alyson Stoner.

Sanaa Lathan Did It! Sanaa Lathan (Allegedly) Bit Beyonce!

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 06:50 PM PDT

The great mystery of the 21st century has finally been solved.

We know who did it. 

We know who bit Beyonce.

Sanaa Lathan

For the past several days, social media has been stopped in its tracks as users across the country analyzed one section of an interview Tiffany Haddish gave to GQ.

In the cover story, the popular comedian and actress told a story about how she was at a party late last year when an unnamed female celebrity went up to Beyonce and took a small chunk out of her chin.

Maybe not a chunk, per se, but teeth most definitely met flesh, according to Haddish.

"There was this actress there, that's just, like, doing the mostest," Haddish said, implying in her own way that this woman was wasted, prior to adding:

"She bit Beyonce in the face."

Wait... what?!?

Beyonce Dresses as Oshun

Elaborated Haddish, much to the delight of readers everywhere:

"So Beyonce stormed away, went up to Jay-Z, and was like, 'Jay! Come here! This b-tch—' and snatched him. They went to the back of the room.

"I was like, 'What just happened?' And Beyoncé's friend walked up and was like, 'Can you believe this bitch just bit Beyonce?"

Once Haddish got confirmation that Bey that the bite really did take place, she was prepared to throw the eff down.

"I was like, 'She gonna get her ass beat tonight,'" explained the Girls Trip star, adding:

"She was like, 'Tiffany, no. Don't do that. That bitch is on drugs. She not even drunk. The bitch is on drugs. She not like that all the time. Just chill.'"

Haddish refused to identity the biter, however.

Chrissy Teigen went on Twitter and claimed to know who it was... but also remained mum.

Sanaa Lathan Photo

However, Page Six claims to have solved the conundrum.

It was Sanaa Lathan, reports that newspaper column.

Multiple sources tell The New York Post that the Love & Basketball star had been chatting with Jay-Z at a D'Usse VIP party backstage after his gig in Los Angeles last December.

When Beyonce stepped in, Lathan playfully bit her on the chin.

That's apparently the whole story.

"It was a big thing in the moment at the party, everyone was talking about how anyone would dare to do that," a witness from the event told Page Six.

Well, yeah.

Who the heck would bite Beyonce?!?

Not me, Lathan claimed via Twitter on Tuesday.

"Y'all are funny," she wrote at the time. "Under no circumstance did I bite Beyoncé and if I did it would be a love bite."

Beyonce, on the Run

We're pretty sure that second comment canceled out the first.

And we're pretty sure it was an admission by Lathan, too.

She has not yet commented on this Page Six report, but she can expect to hear plenty from the Beyhive tonight, tomorrow and, let's face it, for the rest of her life.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Trailer: Kim Zolciak Storms Off!

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 02:16 PM PDT

NeNe Leakes had previously teased that there would be major drama at The Real Housewives of Atlanta's reunion special, and that pretty much everyone had a bone to pick with Kim Zolciak.

As you're about to see in the video below, she wasn't lying.

Take a look at this explosive teaser trailer.

Kim zolciak andy cohen and nene leakes

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you know that this season was bonkers.

Little details -- like Kandi and NeNe believing that Kim Zolciak is too dependent upon her husband, Kroy Biermann -- were overshadowed by huge scandals, on and off camera.

One major source of drama was Kenya's storyline being more or less nonexistent this season, after her secret wedding was followed by her camera-shy husband's refusal to show up on camera.

Until he surprised her, and the audience, with a special appearance. Viewers weren't just treated to seeing a husband surprise his wife. They got to watch Marc Daly save his wife's job.


Kim zolciak puts her hand up

But while Kim Zolciak wasn't front and center during this season -- remember, she was reduced to a Friend of the Housewives status -- it looks like she's grabbing a lot of attention during the reunion special.

During the trailer that you can watch below, Kim says:

"Jealousy's a disease, get well soon bitch."

That line sounds pre-packaged in an effort to be quotable, but you don't get to decide to become a meme, Kim.

She goes on to defend herself and her status, saying:

"I don't have my own show for no reason."

Nene leakes reaction image

Meanwhile, it seems like every other Housewife wants a piece of Kim Zolciak.

Kenya Moore calls out Kim's wig, which seems like an odd move to make -- plenty of folks wear wigs, especially on reality television.

But maybe faking those meltdowns in an effort to stay interesting this season exhausted her barbs.

The others, however, were out for blood.

Kandi Burruss criticizes Kim for lingering on "the sidelines, watching us like a f--king fan" when there's drama among the Housewives.

But it's NeNe who really gives it to Kim.

Kim zolciak reaction image

NeNe Leakes goes off on Kim, lecturing her with her arm in a state of constant motion. More than once, viewers can see NeNe rise up out of her chair.

Seriously, this looks brutal.

NeNe yells "I don't give a f--k about you!" ... and then we see Kim Zolciak become so distressed that she gets up and walks off of the stage.

She's upset that NeNe couldn't stay in her own chair, but there's more to it than that.

Later -- and we don't know how much later, but Kim isn't wearing the same outfit -- we see Kim tearfully speaking to Andy Cohen.

"I'm so upset with you, everyone of those motherf--kers on this couch owe this world a f-cking apology."

Kim zolciak lectures through tears

There's a lot more going on here.

For starters, you're going to hear some banter about the idea of Andy Cohen prepping to deliver a baby if necessary ... with some jokes at his expense.

It is rumored that Kenya Moore may announce that she is pregnant at the reunion, but we'll wait and see if things really go down like that.

You're going to see a lot of conflicts here, folks. And, as NeNe had previously teased, everybody goes in on Kim Zolciak.

The reunion special airs on Sunday, April 8th, but you can see the trailer right here:

The real housewives of atlanta reunion trailer kim zolciak storm

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra: We're Going to Have Another Baby!

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 02:09 PM PDT

It's no secret that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra haven't been having the easiest time in life recently.

Their latest string of hardships is basically their entire storyline on this season of Teen Mom OG.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Snuggles

Last summer, things seemed to be going so well for them: they were having fun with their children's clothing business, Tierra Reign, and it looked like she was starting to come out of her depression a bit.

They both looked happier together than they had in a long time, and they even decided to start trying for another baby.

Unfortunately, shortly after Catelynn learned she was pregnant, she suffered a miscarriage, and it was extremely tough on both her and Tyler.

He's said multiple times that even though that baby was never fully formed in the womb, it was fully formed in their hearts, and that's how they're grieving the loss.

Shortly after the miscarriage, Catelynn began contemplating suicide, and so she checked herself into a treatment center.

Catelynn Lowell Instagram Selfie

Before completing treatment, she checked out early in hopes of spending Christmas with her family, but she quickly realized she wasn't ready for that, and so back to rehab she went.

After she did complete that round, she spent a few weeks at home before once again heading back to treatment to get her meds sorted.

She also said that she needed to work through some trauma she experienced in her childhood, which was definitely for the best.

Even just watching a heavily edited MTV reality show filmed during parts of her childhood, we'd definitely recommend counseling for having gone through that.

She returned home at the end of February, and since then, she's been taking every opportunity to raise awareness of mental illness and how difficult it can be for the people who suffer from it.

Catelynn Lowell with Pink Hair

In one interview, she revealed that she'd recently been diagnosed with PTSD. and that she also has panic disorder and depression.

And in this new interview done on Kailyn Lowry's podcast, she's revealing even more about the current state of her mental health.

"I feel way better," Catelynn said, explaining that she's on a whole new set of medications now.

"I did genetic testing and found out that the medication I was on for five years doesn't even work for me," she told Kailyn. "So they put me on different medications and they seem to be working really well."

On top of that issue, she said that her problems all stem "from the trauma in my past, so I'm going to have to keep digging deep into that."

Catelynn Lowell at MTV VMAs

As for her reasoning behind sharing so much of her recent struggle on Teen Mom OG, she said "I think it needs to be out there."

"That stigma needs to go away because people need to talk about it. It's out there and it's real and it affects people, even normal people, people on reality TV, moms, etc."

Tyler, who was also there for the interview, added that "A lot of people will comment on social media and they'll just say the nastiest things and it's all through ignorance because they don't really understand the disease or understand the illness."

"They keep thinking, 'Oh, you're depressed. Just get up and get a hobby and fix it,' and it all comes out of pure ignorance."

"The more we talk about it," he continued, "the more educated people become about it and will lesson that stigma."

Tyler and Catelynn Post-Therapy

Then in some extra sweet news, they revealed that they're still planning on having more children.

"I want more kids," Tyler admitted. "I definitely do."

Catelynn confirmed that "We definitely want more kids, especially after the miscarriage and stuff."

"We're kind of not rushing into things right now, because we were there, and then I had the miscarriage, and then I just went downhill, so I want to make sure that I'm healthy and happy."

She said that she's still working on herself, which is wonderful, and that if/when they are ready to try for another baby, it will be "awesome."

It does sound like she's in a much better place these days, and that she knows she needs to do a lot of work on herself before trying to get pregnant again.

And really, what more could we ask for?

As always, best of luck, Baltierras!

Jinger Duggar: Has She Fully Rejected Her Family's Beliefs?

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 02:04 PM PDT

It's been over a year since Jinger Duggar started wearing pants in public, and Duggar obsessives still just can't get over it.

It may sound like a pretty minor development in the young woman's life.

After all, wearing pants is such a commonplace activity that the act of putting them on one leg at a time is the universal symbol of relatability.

Jinger Duggar Is Wearing Pants Again

But as with Dobby the House Elf before her, a simple article of clothing represents freedom and a new beginning for Jinger.

If you're a fan of her family's, then you're probably already aware that Jinger grew up observing the strict Duggar dress code.

That means she wore below-the-knee skirts at all times, even when engaging in sports or other outdoor activities.

Shortly after she married Jeremy Vuolo, however, Jinger broke the bonds of floor-length denim.

Granted, the rebellious spirit of her sartorial choice is somewhat dampened by the fact that she needed her husband's permission to start wearing pants, but still - Jinger is living her best life, and she wants the whole world to see it.

Jinger and Jer at Magnolia

Jeremy posted the above photo of himself and Jinger on Instagram earlier this week.

The pic was taken during a stop at a Waco, Texas store owned by Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines.

"Anytime we're driving to North Texas, #magnolia is a mandatory pit-stop," Vuolo captioned the pic

Fans who follow Jinger and Jeremy on social media know that this is far from their first visit to the Gaines' flagship store.

In fact, it looks as though Jinger and Jeremy are hardcore Gainers.

Jinger and Jeremy Like Magnolia

(Yes, we just invented that term for Chip and Joanna fans.)

Now, it may not seem like a very big deal that Jinger is a rabid follower of two popular reality stars.

But those who are well-acquainted with the beliefs of the Duggar family will know that children are taught from a young age that virtually all forms of secular entertainment are shunned. 

So not only is Jinger wearing pants, she's also watching television shows that have nothing to do with Jesus.

You might think that wouldn't upset her parents very much, considering they built their fortune on reality TV, but the Duggars consider themselves exemptions to the secular entertainment rule.

Jinger Duggar Wears a Mini Skirt!

Jim Bob claims that he values television only as a means of furthering his ministry.

The tens of millions of dollars he's made are just a sort of bonus, we guess.

Anyway, Jim Bob probably isn't as forgiving in his view of Chip and Joanna, which means he probably isn't too keen on Jinger publicly expressing her fandom.

Unfortunately for JB, it doesn't look as though Jinger is planning to surrender her newfound freedom anytime soon,

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV's most controversial family.

This Guy Did It! He Found the "Worst Person in the World!"

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 01:13 PM PDT

Ryan Case, Emmy Award-winning editor of Modern Family, was recently on board a flight apparently to Las Vegas.

On its own, this is a mundane subject.

But case happened to not only encounter someone he dubbed the "Worst Person in the World" for her mid-flight behavior...

... he subsequently Tweeted every detail as it took place in order to make sure everyone understand how how awful of an individual he was talking about.

In short: She was REALLY awful.

This is why:

1. I Found Her!

Worst ever
Strong start here by Case to his Twitter tale, as he tells us up front just who he encountered on his flight.

2. More Like Hawaii 5-NO!

Sorry for the obvious pun. But you'll soon understand what inspired us to make it.

3. An Inebriated and Obnoxious Mea Culpa

Drunk sorry
Her struggle is real, people. And it isn't sober, either.

4. Pretty Sure You Don't Even Need Another Single, Lady

Rum slash coke
Go go ahead and shoot your shot, I suppose. Times two, apparently.

5. The David Guetta?!?

Oh. Wait. Sorry: I don't care.

6. The Murder Will NOT Be in Self-Defense

I may kill her
But it will still be justified, trust me.
View Slideshow

Sammi Giancola: I'm Not Doing Jersey Shore Family Vacation, It's Toxic!!

Posted: 30 Mar 2018 12:41 PM PDT

We've all seen the insane trailer for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, and this reunion looks like it's going to be bonkers.

But while most of the cast was begging MTV to make this happen, Sammi Sweetheart isn't even going to show up.


Sammi Sweetheart Selfie

Sammi Giancola took to Instagram to explain her reasoning.

"I have chosen not to join the show this season because I am at a completely different place in my life right now focusing on my businesses and relationship."

Her statement continues to emphasize that, like many of her castmates, she is in a different stage of her life than she was when she first attained stardom.

"I am not the same person as I was when I was 22. At 31."

And she says something cryptic that many fans found to be alarming.

"I am currently extremely happy in every aspect of my life and want to avoid potentially TOXIC SITUATIONS."


Sammi Sweetheart Message

But, despite dropping the word "toxic," it sounds like she's not trying to bash anyone.

"However, it was a difficult decision as I love my roomies."

She announces what she'll be doing instead of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

"I've decided to focus on me, my future and what truly makes me happy."

And she makes it clear that she holds no ill will.

"I will forever be grateful to 'Jersey Shore' and everything it has brought to me!"

We have to wonder if the "toxic" situation to which she referred was the party atmosphere or reality television itself, not the people.

Sammi at the MTV Movie Awards

She explains why she's left reality stardom behind.

"I've just decided to live my life for me these days."

And she gives a big shoutout to everyone who's been part of her life.

"Also I am forever grateful & thankful for all of you!!!"

She singles out her fans in particular.

"Special shoutout to my fans, but I'm not going anywhere! Follow me and stay tuned, you never know what I could be up to NEXT!"

Jersey Girls Forever

After posting that, Sammi wrote in the captions:

"I love you guys! Thank you all so much for your DMs, comments, messages & kind words."

She says that they really do mean a lot to her.

"I read them all and am forever grateful and thankful for you guys!!"

And she got support in the comments from none other than JWoww's husband, Roger Matthews, who wrote:

"Lots of respect for this as I said to you. Minus the money I see absolutely zero benefits to participating. You look happy and at peace. Stay blessed."

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Still 01

Matthews did clear up that he wasn't condemning his wife or anyone else:

"Different circumstances for different households. My wife is a grown adult and can make her own choices. Very proud of the businesswoman and mother my wife has become."

He sounds like a very supportive husband.

"I would never tell my wife what she can and can't do. Free will should always prevail. I wasn't aware of what the show would be."

In his mind, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation was going to be something very different.

"I thought the powers that be might want to show a new side to them. A mature side with [families] and children."

That is adorably naive.

"I was wrong but to be clear I love my wife very much. Drama sells. I get it. Just not my thing anymore."

Sammi Giancola Photograph

It sounds like Sammi's former castmates aren't really clear on why she decided to opt out.

But Pauly D tells TooFab his theory:

"She must be rich! Maybe she doesn't need the money. I'm trying to think about it, like, maybe she's rich? I don't know. We wanted everybody to do it."

Honestly, most people would assume that anyone who would turn up their nose at a reality TV gig must be wealthy enough that they just don't need money.