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Jenelle Evans: PROOF She's Been Fired from Teen Mom 2?!

Posted: 04 Mar 2018 11:00 AM PST

Jenelle Evans ... well, she's not doing so hot right now.

For those of us who have kept a close eye on her over the years, it's pretty easy to see that she seems to be heading for a meltdown.

Jenelle Evans Promoting Lipstick

To be fair, a meltdown would be understandable -- her life is falling apart in a major way right now.

She's probably settling into the reality that she'll likely never get custody of Jace, and her admission that she did drugs while pregnant with Ensley got a whole, whole lot of attention.

They way she worded it in that interview, it sounded like she thought she'd be praised for being honest, or like she'd get sympathy for her health problems.

Obviously, things didn't turn out that way.

Let's see, what else is going on with Jenelle ... oh, right, that thing where she's most likely going to be fired from Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle Evans with Choker

If you follow all that delightful Teen Mom gossip, you probably know the story by now -- David Eason shared a photo of Jenelle with a rifle just after the Parkland school shooting, and he reacted poorly when people suggested he take it down.

In the middle of all the debating about guns, he started making some homophobic and transphobic remarks.

The things he said were really disgusting and offensive, and the next day, MTV fired him.

Even though he was fired, sponsors still kept pulling ads set to air during the show, and there's been serious talk that Jenelle will be fired, too.

We haven't heard anything official one way or the other, but it's not looking good.

Jenelle Evans Freakin' Out

Reports have claimed that filming was nearly done for the upcoming season anyway, and that the crew had gotten enough footage of Jenelle that they were able to wrap up completely.

Other sources have said that if MTV does make the decision to keep her on the show, certain crew members will refuse to work with her.

Meanwhile, Jenelle and David keep making things worse and worse.

They've been sharing photos of Kaiser and Ensley playing with toy guns, which is just remarkably poor timing -- that, or just a pathetic attention grab.

And this morning, Jenelle's been behaving pretty strangely on Twitter.

Jenelle Evans Attends 2017 VMAs

At around 7:30 AM, she tweeted "Ensley will not be appearing on #TeenMom2 after this season. Keep up with me on IG for updates of the gorgeous little babe."

She added that Kaiser wouldn't be appearing anymore either, and "maybe Jace but idk," but for some reason she deleted that tweet.

Someone replied that hopefully she won't on the show as well, and she retweeted it, which is ... od.

She actually retweeted a few similar messages, even one that read "Why just not cut Jenelle out all together and replace her with Barb! It would be so much more enjoyable to watch!!!"

Interestingly, one person told her "You bring the most ratings and the rest just live off your fame while you get bad press. If you leave them the rest of them will have to find jobs."

The Teen Mom 2 Cast Reunion Pic!

"Well we shall see," she responded.

OK, so there's a lot going on here.

A popular theory is that she's saying that she's taking her kids off the show and being sassy about the people who think she should be fired because she actually already has been fired, but MTV hasn't made a statement yet.

This way, she can make it seem like she's quitting, or like she's over everything anyway, because how embarrassing would it be if she sucked up to MTV and lost her job anyway?

Even if that's not what she's doing, she's not making any sense anyway.

Jenelle Evans' Car Selfie

David's not going to be on the show anymore, he won't let her talk to Nathan directly, and she refuses to film with Barbara, so if she refuses to allow the kids to be filmed, what's left?

Would we watch her try to convince producers that her life is going great? Would they film her getting on Twitter or just crying or ... that's it, we really can't think of any other options.

Could this be proof that Jenelle is, by her own choice or not, officially done with Teen Mom 2?

Yes. Yes, it could.

And how upsetting/relieving/bizarre is that?

Derick Dillard Continues Attacking Parkland Shooting Survivors, Also Slams Jazz Jennings

Posted: 04 Mar 2018 09:36 AM PST

Derick Dillard must be going for some kind of world record lately.

If there's a world record for "most poorly timed, poorly worded, horrifically offensive tweets," that is.

Derick Dillard Solo Selfie

And hey, if there's not, maybe Guinness can make a special new category, just for him.

Because seriously, the things he's been thinking up in his little head and then typing up on Twitter are that bad.

He's been doing this for a long, long time now: he'll hop on Twitter, say something super ignorant and/or offensive, act like he said it from a place of love, then tweet some bible verses to get some easy likes.

It's never really worked out all that well for him -- TLC did fire him from Counting On for his tweets about Jazz Jennings (more on that in a bit).

He also made himself extremely unlikable, to the point that even some actual Duggar fans can't stand him.

Derick Dillard and Jill Dillard

But, wouldn't you know it, he still hasn't learned.

A few days ago, Derick got quite a bit of criticism for a tweet he made about the Parkland shooting survivors.

As you surely know, 17 people were killed in a school shooting last month in Parkland, Florida, and many of the survivors have been speaking out about the need for stricter gun control laws.

Derick retweeted a story about the subject, writing "This has gotten a little ridiculous; at least 2 networks are now using kids to push their liberal agendas."

"It's obviously not all about the kids when voices like @KylieKashuv aren't as elevated. Liberal Media... at least be consistent so you can hide your biased tactics better."

Derick Dillard, Awful Haircut and Cookie Dough

It wasn't great.

He apparently can't consider the idea that the survivors aren't kids being used to "push liberal agendas," they're people who have their own ideas and who have been through something that he couldn't imagine.

There have been many, many survivors sharing the same ideas and voicing the same opinions about gun control, because that's what they believe -- why wouldn't a media outlet cover such a huge story?

After that tweet, Derick got quite a bit of attention, and tried to defend himself, but, well ...

It didn't go as well as he may think it did.

Jill Dillard and Derick

For example, he actually wrote "My heart goes out to the victims, but how does being a victim of a tragedy suddenly make you an expert on how to solve the problem of stopping mass shootings?!"

Because you have to be an expert to believe in something and to voice those beliefs you formed based on a significant experience you had, right?

Someone made an excellent point by responding to his nonsense with "Doesn't your family use children to push your conservative agenda as well?"

She even added that alarming old photo of a bunch of Duggar kids posing together with t-shirts that read "I Survived Roe Vs. Wade."

"No," Derick argued, "because we couldn't wear those while filming. I'm talking about what the media allows and doesn't allow."

Derick Dillard, Wife Jill Duggar

Sure, but he's also talking about using kids to push agendas, which the Duggars have obviously done.

At one point, he even shared a story about his tweet with a headline about how he slammed the survivors -- which he definitely did, even if he doesn't think so.

He tried to correct the headline by explaining "No, I criticized the media's use of kids again...like @TLC uses Jazz. My heart goes out to the victims, but all ideas should be heard, and subjected to criticism."

For one, that's twice that Derick used the phrase "My heart goes out to the victims, but ...", and that's two times too many.

For two ... is he seriously bringing Jazz up AGAIN?!

Jazz Jennings at 17

He first started attacking Jazz, a 17-year-old transgender girl with her own show on TLC, last year, saying that he pitied her "4 those who take advantage of him in order 2 promote their agenda."

Oh, and he called her a "him" because "'transgender' is a myth," apparently.

Since then, he's brought her up again and again, out of nowhere, really, and it really does seem like he has some kind of bizarre fixation on her.

In his own defense, when someone advised him to get over the Jazz thing already, he wrote "I was only addressing it because it was brought up again in the article, and I wanted to clarify so people aren't misled."

"I agree, I wish people would get over that already."

Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar Selfie

Later, he wrote "I seek to live in a way that pleases Jesus Christ. I realize that some people will be turned off by that, but it is actually the norm throughout history."

"I only want to reflect Christ, and I don't apologize for that."

You don't apologize for anything, huh, Derick?

Even though you really, really should.

David Ogden Stiers Dies; M*A*S*H* Star Was 75

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 07:23 PM PST

David Ogden Stiers is best known for having played Major Charles Emerson Winchester III on the hit series M*A*S*H* and for voicing Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast.

Those are just two highlights of a prolific career. Sadly, the legendary actor has now passed away.

He was 75 years old.

David Ogden Stiers

David Ogden Stiers passed away peacefully in his home in Newport.

His agent, Mitchell Stubbs, tells The Oregonian/Oregon Live that the esteemed actor had been waging a losing war against bladder cancer.

Cancer is a vicious killer, and doesn't care how talented someone is or the level of their cultural impact.

Even those who have never seen an episode of M*A*S*H* in their lives have doubtless been touched by Stiers' work on television, in films, in animation, and in video games.

David Ogden Stiers Image

David Ogden Stiers was born in Peoria, Illinois to parents Margaret Elizabeth (whose maiden name was Ogden) and Kenneth Truman Stiers.

As a young man, David briefly attended the University of Oregon after graduating from North Eugene High School.

However, he would end up moving to San Francisco in order to pursue his passion for acting.

He worked with such groups as California Shakespeare Theater, San Francisco Actors Workshop, and an improv group called The Committee. 

Stiers studied drama at Juilliard from 1968 until 1972, where he was mentored by John Houseman.

David Ogden Stiers Photo

His very early acting credits included The Mary Tyler Moore Show and appearing in the pilot of Charlie's Angels.

David Ogden Stiers' very distinctive voice can be heard off-screen in THX-1138, which was George Lucas' very first film.

Obviously, most people's first memorable introduction to Stiers was when he joined the cast of M*A*S*H* in 1977, filling the void created by the departure of Larry Linville (who portrayed Frank Burns).

Stiers portrayed an aristocratic and haughty man who was nonetheless an extremely talented surgeon.

He was nominated for two Emmy Awards for that role, the first in 1981 and the second in 1982.

David Ogden Stiers Picture

In terms of voicework, easily his most famous role was in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, voicing Cogsworth, the clock who quips "If it isn't Baroque, don't fix it."

He would go on to do more work for Disney, voicing the primary antagonist of Pocahontas (we mean Governor Radcliffe, not the concepts of colonialism or of Disney's historical whitewashing).

He also had roles in Atlantis: The Lost Empire (arguably Disney's most underrated film) and in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

And, of course, he voiced Jumba Jookiba in Lilo & Stitch.

David Ogden Stiers Pic

David Ogden Stiers continued to make appearances in live action media as well, appearing as the villainous Oberoth in a recurring role on Stargate Atlantis in 2007 and appearing in an episode of Leverage in 2011.

In 2009, Stiers came out as gay, stating in an interview that he was "very proud to be so" and he no longer wished to hide it. Good for him.

Though he lived a full life and fans will always treasure his work, he will be missed.

Kylie Jenner Shares Extreme Close-Up of Her "Pretty Girl"

Posted: 03 Mar 2018 05:13 PM PST

Kylie Jenner really is making up for lost time.

For nearly her entire pregnancy, the 20-year old reality star stayed far from the spotlight. So far away, it was jarring.

But now that she's a mother, Jenner has not been shy about posting pictures of herself or her first-ever child, Stormi Webster.

Kylie Jenner: A Sexy Selfie!

It all started, of course, with this snapshot of little Stormi's fingers clutching her mommy's thumb.

Not only was it adorable, it was record-breaking: the photo has become the most-Liked picture in the history of Instagram.

From there, Kylie gave us a look at Stormi's toes, sharing a video that depicted new parent and tiny baby having a few sweet bonding moments together.

Check it out here:

From there, we got our first real glimpse at Stormi, as Jenner stood in a tracksuit and cradled the one-month in her arms late this week.

Because the is the Internet, Kylie got dragged pretty hard for the image (seriously, you won't believe the reason why), but that doesn't take away from how cute the baby herself clearly is.

And this now brings us to Kylie's latest social media share, a Snapchat picture that is our clearest and closest shot yet of young Stormi.

The newborn is sucking on a purple pacifier in this photo, while Kylie has included some flames atop her head via a Snapchat filer.

"My pretty girl," Jenner wrote as a caption.

Kylie's Pretty Girl

Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott welcomed Stormi, their first child, on February 1.

The little girl weighed in at 8 lbs., 9 oz. and arrived at 4:43 p.m. local time, for those keeping track at home.

Previously on Instagram Stories, Kylie shared a photograph of baby Adidas tracksuits the company had sent over as gifts for Stormi.

We have a feeling this small one will not be lacking in the accessory department.


While Jenner has been pretty candid in giving fans glimpses into her world as a parent so far, she still wants to protect Stormi from the tabloids and from becoming too famous too quickly. 

A source has told People Magazine that the Kylie Cosmetics mogul, "is very protective of Stormi and of introducing her to new people and the outside world."

This is one way in which even the harshest Kardashian-Jenner critics must give these women props.

Kim and Kourtney have set a positive example for Kylie with the way they have raised their children so far, only sharing a few images and videos along the way.

You don't see Saint on any magazine covers or Penelope getting her own E! spinoff or anything.

We'd have to imagine that Khloe Kardashian, when she soon has her first child, will take this same approach.

Say what you want about this family, but we salute them for their parenting skills and decisions.