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#American Life

#American Life

Whitewater Sex Stupid Scandal Repeat: Trump Had Sex With Dirty Women, Too, BEFORE President

Posted: 09 Apr 2018 05:35 PM PDT

During the Monica Lewinsky affair, I was a top commentator at the New York Times forums who explained how Starr was totally wrong to latch onto a sex scandal to clear the White House of an elected politician.  Hillary, herself, contacted me and thanked me for this.  Well, now the present prosecutor is doing the exact same thing.  This is infuriating.  Virtually all Presidents have sex here and there.  Why?  Because they are CHARMING.  This is how you win elections, not being uptight or straight but by being sexy!  Duh!!!


We all knew that the present stupid investigations would be all about sex from long ago and voila…it is.  This isn’t even sex inside the White House, it is sex before Trump even thought of running for President.


Ergo, it is stupid.  The female blackmailed him.  Duh, again.  She is a criminal.  Not a ‘victim’ in any way, shape or form.  This is so beyond stupid, it is infantile, it is childish, it is desperation of the elites.


Who are these elites?  Oh, they all have sex with anything and everything because they are rich and powerful.  Duh!!!  I used to be a stripper in college because it paid really good.  Who were my customers?  Married men!  DUH.


Sigh.  This infantile sex garbage going on in the last year has annoyed the hell out of me.  I stood up for all the men being attacked for being powerful and attractive, they collect women like lanterns collect moths.  I was a good friend of more than one famous man and guess what?


They would ask me to shoo away females!  I would quietly tell them to back off.  I would stand between them and the luscious, delicious men.  At the Filmore in San Franciso in the sixties, I was allowed to be at the back door of the stage area so I could keep the girls wanting sex at bay when rock bands performed.


This is all so silly and annoying.  In Europe now, there are few sexy men in power, more and more countries are led by childless, bitter females who want armies of Muslim young males to invade and end their isolation and antisex darkness.


These bitter women hate sexy women who trail after powerful men.  So here we are, a total repeat of the Clinton messes and it is stupid.  It is infuriating.  And I say, these stupid women should be more discreet.  The reason why famous men liked me was, I was very discreet and even pleasant, not demanding at all.


I am an old wench today, no longer trolling about in New York City, in and out of various situations and thank god for that, I am RETIRED.  I wish all these bimbos would retire and let normal females who are not dirty street urchins, resume quiet affairs with famous or powerful men.  Good gods.



Another Fake ‘Chemical Attack’ In Syria: Excuse For WWIII

Posted: 09 Apr 2018 12:23 PM PDT

ANOTHER False Flag Chemical Attack In Syria! – How This May Lead To Global WAR – YouTube

PIERS MORGAN: The blood of SyriaN children is on Assad's hands but Trump's target should be Putin | Daily Mail Online: 


with zero proof, the entire Bilderberg gang media machine systems is in full blow, demanding more war with Russia and Syria.  Not to mention, Turkey will be involved and Iran but Israel wants this so we get this.  The idea is, blowing up the Middle East and Russia and Europe and so forth will SAVE CHILDREN!  Yes, they intend to save kiddies who were being killed by a civil war created by the Bilderberg gang in the first place.


This disgusting merry-go-round game is due to Israel being agitated by a recent Palestinian riot on the Wall surrounding them that Israel and Egypt built to trap them.


There has been zero proof that Russia or Assad used chemicals to attack…CHILDREN.  Why would they do this?  They have been systematically winning the war against the NATO-supported ‘rebels’ who were mostly invaders.


No, zero proof just like there is zero proof of the London ‘poison’ event which was made up nearly entirely out of whole cloth, no one died, the pretences of wearing isolation suits was shown to be a fraud when police stood right next to the suited up guys, wearing nothing special.


Why on earth would Putin do this?  It has zero tactical sense, zero diplomatic sense, nothing.  It is illogical.  It is also stupid and one thing Putin is, is not stupid.


Piers Morgan is a Bilderberg gangster, yes, he goes to their meetings.  So he spews this idiotic stuff because he is paid to do this.  They are all paid to do this.  Yet, this news isn’t anywhere near the top of the news feed at the Daily Mail.


Syria conflict: Russia says no evidence of Douma chemical attack – BBC News.  Yes, there is no evidence.  This is so annoying.  Why did the liars who rule us (and who are egging Trump to join them) use the exact same storyline they used last year?  It was shown to be fake last time!  No imagination.  They want WWIII, it is a great way to control Europe and the US and enslave everyone.


Talking about slaves, the revolt in England continues as the citizens there demand Brexit be honored:

(3) Live: Fishing4Leave Brexit protests – YouTube


And citizens are going after the Muslim Mayor of London.  One elderly gentleman called Britain’s leader ‘Teresa Mayhem’.  I found that funny.

.(3) BREAKING : Nigel Farage = Sadiq Khan Is Doing NOTHING To Help London – YouTube


And here is a smart lady in England who has more sense than the entire Pentago brass, US Congress, Parliament and the rulers of England:

BREAKING : This Lady Should Be Prime Minister Of The UK – POWERFUL – YouTube


Will these lunatics start WWIII?  They seem bent on wanting WWIII.  They think this will fix restless populations who want out of the European Union and Americans who want a safe country, not one overrun by hostile foreign populations!  Kill lots of people.  Stupidly, the biggest supporters of Bilderberg gangsters live in all the major cities that will be turned into dust.  Duh.  Stupid.


They are so stupid.





NATO/Israel Make More Fake War Crimes Accusations Against Syria

Posted: 09 Apr 2018 05:17 AM PDT

World news — RT International from Russia


Here I am, another bitter cold sunny day in April, 19 F spring weather during this global warming business…and the Cold War gets hotter thanks to Israel and the Bilderberg gang demanding WWIII thinking we will all survive it.  Once again, the Pentagon and Israel fake a ‘chemical attack’ in Syria and then blame Syria and Russia even though doing this makes zero sense, they have no political reasons to do this.  But the Pentagon and Israeli war criminals have a million reasons to stage fake attacks and kill real people, doing it.  After all, they are killing…Syrian Muslims!


While this insanity continues unabated and all of Trump’s efforts to do even the most basic diplomacy with Putin is thwarted by the mainstream media and both political Bilderberg parties in Congress, Viktor Orbán: re-election of Hungary's anti-immigrant leader is major challenge for EU and the entire Bilderberg gang operations in Europe.


Congratulations, voters in Hungary!  The Guardian, a far leftist rag in London, is in hysterics.


Since returning as prime minister in 2010, Orbán and his Fidesz party have chipped away at Hungary's democratic checks and balances, curbed judicial independence and clamped down on the independent media. Hungary's democratic backsliding has been accompanied by a drumbeat of xenophobic rhetoric, directed against refugees, Brussels and George Soros.


AND…going against the criminal, Soros, is highly, highly popular in Hungary.  The people there haven’t forgotten the Ottoman Empire days.  What I find particularly noxious is how the Guardian, which never, ever reports on the many noxious attempts by the Bilderberg gang, any of the actions being done this last three years against media systems that don’t obey the Bilderberg gang.


The EU, used to grappling with Brexit, is now confronting a country at the heart of the continent making an exit from the club's liberal values, but continuing to pick up the cheques.


So, the checks were bribes.  I find it very funny that Hungary happily  collects the bribes and then slap the criminals paying them off in the face.  Good.


The European commission, however, does not see a systemic problem. The current commission's mandate ends in 2019 and many EU insiders think its president, Jean-Claude Juncker, is reluctant to pick a fight with Orbán.


Because French people are finally figuring out they are doomed if they don’t copy Hungary.


Both politicians are members of the the European People's Party, Europe's dominant centre-right bloc, which has shielded Orbán from criticism. Before Sunday's resounding win, some EPP members were hopeful Orbán would change. "He has been very outspoken, because he has been radicalised by the elections," one EPP politician told the Guardian. "I think he will moderate and become more reasonable."


‘More reasonable’ means ‘obey the Bilderberg gang, collect a hefty bribe and then retire to another country.’  I don’t see this happening.  They can’t bribe Austria which has exited the Bilderberg choo-choo station.


Anyone with a brain can see the disaster looming over all of Europe.  They can see clearly how Sweden is literally being completely destroyed.  They can see London’s social collapse.  They see France attacked repeatedly by Muslims intent on killing all Christians and destroying all traces of civilization.


The people of Hungary can see the snakes now.  If they vote for more EU money and power, they will be forced to take in a million angry Muslim males.  This is suicidal and I am glad they figured this out unlike poor Sweden which is literally dying now.


People there are arrested if they even talk about this suicide of Sweden in public.  Say a peep and the SJW females who are now ruling that dying country arrest and fine you.  That isn’t ‘freedom’ nor it is ‘democracy’ since voters can’t discuss pressing issues or dangers.  It is a dictatorship on the left along the lines of Mad Madame Mao.