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Increasing Evidence Syria Chemical Bomb Was Fake: NATO Is Criminal Operation

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 04:52 AM PDT

Solid evidence Douma 'chemical attack' was staged – Lavrov – YouTube


Twice, Trump was tricked by the CIA and the Bilderberg gang into attacking Assad based on utterly false charges.  The US has a long, long history of engineering excuses for wars and so has Germany, Japan, Russia, China, England, France, etc.  I want people to understand, this is common, not rare.  Countries looking for excuses for war will attach the right to attack over anything like the assassination of a very fat Archduke led to the killing of millions and millions of people.  This ‘chemical attack’ in Syria is typical.

There was zero proof on the ground when the US attacked Syria yet again. This is quite tedious.  Right now, Israeli soldiers shot dead a young Palestinian male who was a great distance from them and not even at the border of that huge concentration camp.  There was zero condemnation about this coming from our Real Rulers who love Israel’s racist nation state philosophy while they destroy it everywhere else.


There is now a great deal of evidence that this ‘chemical attack’ is fake.  I knew from day one it was fake because it made zero tactical or politcal sense.  Why on earth would Syria do this?  What would they gain?  Nothing!


Meanwhile, Europe continues its long slide into destruction thanks to inviting in millions and millions of angry Muslim males:

Aesop’s Fable: The Farmer and the Snake – YouTube

Sweden is literally being destroyed internally now.  Its army of dangerous men from abroad is taking a huge toll on the once-peaceful country.  So what are the Swedes told is the greatest danger to them all?  Russia!


Resilience: Planning for Sweden's "Total Defence"


The security situation in Northern Europe has deteriorated since Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014. There is now a growing realisation among NATO members and partners alike that challenges to European security and the rules-based international order must be met by rapidly transforming our defence postures and preparing our societies for the hardships of armed conflict.


Translation: our frightened Real Rulers want to start WWIII with nuclear armed Russia.


Deterrence and reassurance built on increased cooperation and joint action are necessary steps, but on the national level, every country must also improve their societal preparedness to meet this new security environment.


I suspect in five more years of being brutalized by foreign invaders, all of Europe will beg Russia to invade and kick these invaders out again.  And to arrest all the Bilderberg gang members who systematically destroyed Europe.


Consequently, the key priority of the present Swedish Defence Bill, passed in 2015, is to enhance the warfighting capability of the Armed Forces. This includes the development of a Total Defence concept encompassing both military and civilian defence in a whole-of-society approach to security.


HAHAHA.  Europe has zero security now.  Roving gangs of angry young military aged foreign men, millions of them, move restlessly about the continent seeking loot and rape and other fun things.  So of course, the Bilderberg gang wants us to be scared of Russia.


Current Swedish defence policy focuses on the two aspects of upgrading national military capability and deepening cooperation with other nations and international organisations in line with the country's solidarity declaration. It states that: "Sweden will not remain passive if another EU Member State or Nordic country suffers a disaster or an attack. We expect these countries to take similar action if Sweden is affected. Sweden should therefore be in a position to both give and receive civil and military support."


I haven’t seen one Russian attack Europe.  I have seen ethnic and religious wars rage in the wreckage of Yugoslavia, just for one glaring example.  Bombs, mass shootings, truck terrorism rages across all of Europe and civilians are openly attacked by alien mobs of military age males.  All of whom were invited into Europe by the Real Rulers of the Bilderberg gang.


The gang is pissed off at Fox News for reporting the news instead of propaganda.  They took down the previous personality on Fox News that was a white conservative male and have been attacking his second in command there, Hannity, this last year.  Now they have ‘dirt’ on him because he invests in HUD real estate which is totally legal.


Tom Fitton: Sean Hannity Targeted by Deep State with Illegal Leaks from HUD After Michael Cohen Raid.  The illicit raid of Trump’s lawyer’s offices based on cooked up information from the Special Prosecutor’s office which is seeking desperately for anything to frame the President has opened yet another opportunity to leak all sorts of stuff.


This continuous leakage means all these investigations should be shut down totally.  It is obviously a witch hunt and not a reasonable investigation.  The point is to create hysteria and rage based on fake or little or selectively released information to cause a political stampede.


The disgusting sight of liberals doing this to gain illicit powers shows how people can turn themselves into criminals when doing witch hunts.  Everyone agrees now that the Maunder Minimum witch burnings were all hysterical and evil.  But back then, it made sense, the weather turned very cold and humans caused it.


Good lord, the liberals believe this, too!  It is finally going to be above freezing at night here in New York, home to millions of very foolish liberals.  This is one of the latest spring thaws in the last 150 years!  Yet these liberals are still screaming about how humans are creating ‘global warming’ even while not daring to call it that anymore since it disappeared a number of years ago.


CBS: Climate Change 'Making Allergy Season Worse': yes, this is from yesterday’s news!  We are going to sneeze to death.  My poor daffodils just began to break through the soil and still haven’t blossomed yet.  Not one tree has blossoms so far!  According to CBS in Manhattan, I should be sneezing like crazy.  Nope, I am shivering.  It is still below freezing as I type!


A huge part of doing ‘black magic’ is ‘widdershins’: up is down and in is out and this is how one calls upon the Outer Darkness creatures, the Watchers.  So our Real Rulers have been doing black magic at the Skull and Bones and at their various fun things they run all over the planet earth, they do this constantly and openly on stage, too.


They love the fact that liberals are now racists who hate white males (and themselves!) and who want to kill free speech and have chaos in the cities they run and who hate the Church and love Satanism, the number of widdershins elements surrounding liberalism which has ceased to exist, is amazing to me.


Why can’t liberals see this?  A prime example is Hillary, herself, a big witch inside the Bilderberg black magic systems.  When the GOP nominated a woman for Vice President, did DNC females cheer?


Nope. They attacked Palin, they hated Palin, they howled at Palin who was a governor before being a  VP candidate.  They screamed at her, nonstop.  Then they nominated Hillary and screamed at GOP women, demanding they vote for her because she was a female!


This is pure widdershins black magic.  The media giants knew they were utterly evil to do this to voters but they just had to do it because it makes them laugh and feel very powerful.  This is why they openly attack conservative, church-going black women who support Trump.


These women are harrassed, harried, banned from the internet systems, defamed and howled at by these pro-women, pro-black lunatics who are actually demons inside their very dark souls.


They cannot look at mirrors, being vampires.  They have to feed off of other people’s blood, sweat and tears which is why they engineer war events via fake information or deliberate attacks which they then blame on others.  I am very happy that millions of voters can see through all this.  I am just amazed.  Good for them.