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#American Life

#American Life

Press Club Wolves Attack Sarah Huckabee With Sexist ‘Jokes’

Posted: 29 Apr 2018 04:37 AM PDT

Michelle Wolf eviscerates Donald Trump in his absence at the White House Correspondents’ dinner | Daily Mail Online


Ever meet or seen classroom kids bully someone who isn’t beautiful but is brave and strong?  Many stories have been written about this sort of noxious, evil behavior.  Last night, Trump gave a triumphal speech to citizens in Washington, Michigan while the evil mainstream fake news gang ‘roasted’ Sarah Huckabee, daughter of a Senator and representative to the press for her boss, President Trump.  This bullying of a fine young lady was pure evil and these tyrant kiddies are boasting about how mean they are today.


Something has become utterly unhinged in the mainstream fake news systems.  Look at CBSN below: the ‘reporters’ there are psychopaths.  They are pure evil.  Note how they openly gloat about harming a nice, young lady, the President’s press secretary:

Michelle Wolf turns the White House Correspondents’ Dinner into a roast – YouTube


Utterly incapable of seeing themselves in mirrors due to being vampires, these clowns think they are very clever.  But the ‘jokes’ thrown like spitballs at a fine, young FEMALE all backfired.


Supposedly, these same hideous bullies are ‘pro-female’ and think that sexually and emotionally attacking isolated females is evil.  Yet, all the females ganged up on one female and savaged her mercilessly, driving her to tears.


They then gloated about doing this dirty deed.  I wish to god I was there, or better still, Diamond and Silk were there.  We would have loudly savaged these little twerps who have no shame.  Shame on them!  These are the ‘humanitarians’ they love to parade about, boasting about how they care about ‘humanity’ but put them together in a room and their true, vile nature rises to the surface like feces when it floods.

A woman claims a to fake news male sexually harassed her.  So all these female bullies flush the feces down the street and attack her.  This gang has zero regard for sex victims when the accused is one of their criminal buddies.


And these monsters are all war criminals, coldly lying about reality and driving us into one fake war after another!  Furthermore, how can any of these bints (a dirty Yiddish word) claim they know anything?  Just because no one molested them (yuck) doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t be molested!


Michelle Wolf is a verbal rapist.  She stood right next to Sarah and sexually harassed her mercilessly.  And like all the female bullies of my own childhood, she snipped and snapped about Sarah’s face, her hair, her clothing, sneered about her intelligence, not one ‘joke’ was funny, all of the ‘jokes’ were juvenile barbs thrown in order to cause emotional pain and they delighted in hurting the feelings of their victim.


I was savaged by the Big Girls when I was young.  But once I beat a few of them up in private when they tried to pull my hair, they confined their ire to verbal abuse.  This also didn’t work.  I had a lawyer and I told the school that if anyone abuses me there, I was going to sue.  I was already suing the school system for denying me access to ‘boys only’ courses so I had a real lawyer and he was very eager to use any abuse against me as part of the overall lawsuit.


The school’s principal panicked and he decreed that I and only I could walk the halls after the students were in class and come to each class a little later.  I cheerfully did this, it was fun.  Lots of students hated me but I didn’t care, this was all business.


Sarah will recover from the sexual public abuse by bullies.  Trump is probably furious that she was openly abused and will take his own revenge.


I wondered if the ‘press’ would continue to sink lower and lower and yes, they are probing the lowest levels now.  I have no love for them and hope they all get kidnapped by ISIS radicals and reeducated.


AP Reporter Rips White House Correspondents’ Dinner as Sean Spicer Calls Out WHCA Board Members for ‘Disgrace’: wow, even some mainstream reporters were disgusted with last night’s dinner when the wolves attacked a lone woman hoping to devour her.


South Carolina based Associated Press reporter Meg Kinnard ripped the White House Correspondent's Association Dinner Saturday night for making it harder for reporters in red states to work and be trusted there. The dinner featured vile personal attacks by comedienne Michelle Wolf on senior White House officials Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway.


Sanders' predecessor first Trump White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who attended the dinner, slammed the Correspondents' dinner as a "disgrace" and called out WHCA board members in a series of tweets.

Spicer commented on a tweet by the New York Times' Peter Baker that said, "Unfortunately, I don't think we advanced the cause of journalism tonight."