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EU Bilderberg Gang Doubling Down With War Against Real News

Posted: 03 Apr 2018 05:59 AM PDT

Colin Flaherty: Trump Scrapping Obama Rules That Turned Schools into ‘War Zones’ –


Trump continues to cause the Bilderberg gang endless terror.  He is undoing much of their toil to destroy Western democracies.  So they are now doubling down on the destruction where they still have some direct power: inside Europe.  The European voters are increasingly voting in anti-Bilderberg gang politicians and panic is now immense inside that insane conspiracy to rule the planet earth secretly.  Now, they are striking back.  They intend to annihilate all alternative news systems run by non-Bilderberg conspirators!  Oh, that will fool everyone in Europe.


EU Plans Social Media Crackdown on Eurosceptic ‘Disinformation’ as Guardian Retracts Key Details in Cambridge Analytica Story: yes, the solution is to eliminate rival news systems!


According to the Financial Times, the European Commission has warned that Eurosceptic "disinformation" threatens to "subvert our democracy" after it was claimed the harvested data of social media users helped boost Brexit and Donald Trump's presidential campaign via targeted messaging.


Yes, people talking to each other via the internet or listening to Trump who communicates mainly through the internet instead of mainstream media, this is ‘disinformation’ we are all getting via the internet.


I go all over the planet seeking information from governments, citizens, organizations, etc.  Some of my visits are to mainstream media systems others are to many blogs and online only news people.  This gives me a good idea what is going on.


European security commissioner Jonathan King has ordered the creation of a "clear game plan" on how social media companies will operate during election periods, calling for information on algorithms used to promote stories, disclosure of content sponsors and restrictions on the harvesting of personal data for political purposes.


Yes, they are going to spy on everyone in Europe and we already know, many, many people have been openly harassed and even arrested for posting news or commenting on events.  I have watched for the last 20 years as mainstream media which once let many people chat about events at their sites, have shut down all comments or have very, very little periods of comments or censor comments based not on breaking any rules but for irritating the host site.


"Psychometric targeting activities" are just a "preview of the profoundly disturbing effects such disinformation could have on the functioning of liberal democracies", King said in a letter to Mariya Gabriel, EU commissioner for the digital economy.


These monsters, these evil rulers consider any and all resistence to the Bilderberg world rule plans to be ‘disinformation’ when they are the #1 pushers of disinformation on the planet earth.  This crack down is already happening.  Note how England arrested and deported alternative reporters coming to see Tommy Robinson.


The mainstream media systems is beginning to finally collapse.  The half of America, for example, that believes the lies the media giants push, are being forced relentlessly to face reality.  California, one of the richest states in America, is going bankrupt due to hyper-liberal systems set up there.


People fleeing liberal states are having an impact on these places.  The push to force people into a low energy life is floundering on the rocks of reality.  It is now painfully obvious that ‘global warming’ was a past solar event which is now over and we are in a cold cycle now, a very dangerous cold cycle.


Instead of changing gears and being honest, the mainstream media giants are still pushing the lies about global warming.  Universities continue to push this, too.  All systems infested with liberal believers continues with all their many lies like the fairytale about how black children in our schools are persecuted when these victims of liberalism are actually openly rioting and fighting each other and all authority figures.


The collapse of the DNC run schools is epic and deadly.  Liberals figure, if only we disarm all citizens, then crime would vanish.  London now more dangerous than New York City, crime stats suggest and this, after confiscating all guns!


Criminal justice experts insisted rising crime in the UK, and particularly London, was more to do with the way the city was policed and blamed the reduction in neighbourhood patrols across the capital.


While both London and New York have populations of around 8 million, figures suggest you are almost six times more likely to be burgled in the British capital than in the US city, and one and a half times more likely to fall victim to a robbery.


So much for disarming the population.  The Muslim mayor of London doesn’t want to arrest his own voters so like any good innercity politician, he lets crime run rampant and boasts about not arresting anyone.


Trump's Not Alone: Most Americans Think Mainstream Media Publishes 'Fake News' – Sputnik International in Russia:


The poll, conducted between March 2 and 5, revealed that more than three in four Americans (77 percent) questioned said they believe traditional television and print outlets publish “fake news.”


This is a notable increase in distrust in news organizations: Last year, only 63 percent of those polled in a similar survey by Monmouth voiced concerns over “fake news.”


Yes, the more the Bilderberg gang doubles down on the lies, the more the populations move away from Bilderberg systems.  Right now, liberals cling to their liferaft of lies.  But it is like the Titanic: sinking.  The punishment for believing lies in the mainstream media is very serious: gangs of violent thugs will eventually show up and hammer home the lesson about who is the real boss.


These violent gangs are supported by, protected by and used by the Bilderberg gang.  But as time passes, even foolish liberals figure out who is really attacking them and destroying things.  That time is now.  The EU is collapsing internally and about time.  Patriotism and defense of the home base is rising rapidly and time is running out.  Millions of invaders are brought in to stop patriots in Europe and the US.