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‘Fortnite Mobile’ Tips to Make You Dance Emote on 99 Enemy Graves

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 11:45 PM PDT

Before we gather our materials and build your Fortnite Mobile know-how up to the sky, you ought to be aware that this small-screen version packs the same punch as its older brethren. All of the basic stratagems and pitfalls you’re aware of on PC and console — like camping in bushes, or dying like a noob to fall damage –­ translate just as well here.

That said, we have a handful of important mobile-centric tips that have made our lives a heck of a lot easier (and the deaths of our enemies all the more frequent).

Firing from a rooftop on a builder in Fortnite Mobile

Defy Default Settings

Have it your way and mess with the camera setting sensitivities to find what works best for you. Tinker with the lot: the standard camera controlled by finger large swipes, the one that’s more sensitive for when you’re ADS-ing (aiming down sights), and the one that’s super-duper sensitive for scope aiming.

Personally, we keep our standard camera between 30-40. ADS should be 70-80. Scoped is 80-90. Start there, tweak as you go.

You should also switch from auto-loot to "Tap To Interact". Hoovering up loot sounds awesome, however that sort of rampant kleptomania will leave you swearing at your mobile device when you’re forced to stop and ditch all of your dreg guns. The only downside to tapping: if there’s a game of musical chairs between you and enemy who still has it enabled, they’re probably going to nab that gun first.

Fortnite Mobile players are fired on while descending from the sky

Speaking of acquiring things, go and grab yourself some sweet cans (headphones that is). With the volume turned up (and if you know how to read the mobile-specific visual cues of player sounds) your situational awareness on the battlefield will double.

Nearby footsteps will appear as a white arc on the screen and will signify both your foe’s approximate location and the "distance" of their footfalls. In the same vein, gunfire shows up as a red arc.

Double Tap Screens, Llamas

Why repeatedly stab at your screen to do things? Many players overlook the fact that double tapping on the lower left "movement circle" will send you into an auto-run state. Likewise, double tapping your actual gun may be used as an alternate means to reload it.

You can also double tap anywhere on the screen to constantly attack with your current weapon. That’s not a great plan for scoped weapons, but it sure is useful for close-quarters with a submachine gun. Or to make yourself continuously mine materials with your trusty pickaxe.

Fortnite Mobile tip. Not every bush is a player.

You’d be well-advised to clonk that pick on the local wildlife, too. Surprisingly, a lot of new players flocking to Fortnite Mobile haven’t cottoned on to this tip. Don’t ask us why, but llamas in Fortnite are full to the wool with very respectable loot. They’re randomised though — you might get lucky in one game and in the next llamas will be harder to find than Emperor Kuzco on the lam.

Fortnite Mobile Has Its Quirks

Here’s a problem that’s fairly unique to Fortnite Mobile players: shoehorning Fortnite down into smaller devices has introduced some draw distance issues. It’s not game-breaking at present, but every once in a while you may find yourself freaking out and unloading on a bush that’s just winked into being. (This is an understandable reaction in a game that allows people dress up like shrubbery.)

What we’d recommend is to not go around with a hair-trigger. Nine times out of ten what you’re about to light up won’t be a player who’s trying to be the online gaming equivalent of a shrubber. It’ll just be a defenceless plant and you’ll needlessly give away your position.

One last tip before we leave you to fend for yourself: even if you religiously abstain from pistols and scoped rifles in the other versions, we ask that you reconsider you step out of your comfort zone in this version.

Firing a rocket launcher onto a player on the street.

Never forget that this version of the game has drastically increased aim-assists on these particular weapons, which means that even the most cross-eyed among you can reap the benefits of high-damage output delivered at an extreme range.

Fortnite Mobile is in a constant state of flux due to hot-fixes and new builds aplenty. There’s also the big game-changer coming that is Bluetooth controller support. Be sure to check back with us as we update this guide accordingly!

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‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Will Feature a Bunch of Villains and More

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 11:32 PM PDT

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is going to be one wild ride. The new animated feature-length film from directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller promises to showcase a vibrant comic book style that is unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time.

We got to see a lot of footage at our CinemaCon sneak peek. Here’s the rundown on the important bits.

A World Without Spider-Man

There was a big focus on the fact that Miles Morales, the newest face behind that iconic mask, lives in a world where there is a Peter Parker version of Spider-Man. Somehow, this Peter is killed and Miles grieves for him. Until he sees someone who looks exactly like Peter. After capturing him, he interrogates him and asks if he’s a ghost or a zombie. This Peter shrugs this silly questions off. Miles notices that this Peter is older and not quite in shape as the Spider-Man we all know.

It’s here that this version Peter tells Miles that there are many other Spider-Men across many universes and Miles is one of them. We saw a few unfinished animatics of this Peter helping to train Miles to be the Spider-Man of his universe. It’s a cool setup that looks like a great way to tell the story.

But, the big reveal was just who Spider-Man will be up against in this film.

Kingpins, Goblins, and Prowlers (Oh My!)

green goblin ultimate
The Green Goblin in 'Ultimate Spider-Man.'

The first trailer that got released only confirmed the inclusion of the Prowler when it came to villains. This CinemaCon sneak peek showed off a little more of the Prowler and Miles fighting, but it also showcased two other villains that will intrigue fans.

We saw a very quick glimpse of the Kingpin looking over some mysterious object. It’s possible that this is the role that Liev Schriber will be voicing. We also saw Miles battling against a giant green monster of some sort. At first, it looks like it could have been the Lizard, but its features were much more… goblin-esque.

Yes, it looks like the Green Goblin will be making an appearance in this film, but it might be a version that’s inspired by his Ultimate comics version. In that universe, the Goblin is a literal monster that Norman Osborne transforms into. The beast we saw in this preview certainly seemed like the hulking maniac of the Ultimate universe.

Expect a lot of villains in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It looks like the filmmakers aren’t holding back.

Passionate Creators

star wars story han solo phil lord chris miller
Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

It’s clear that the people behind Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse are incredibly passionate about the project. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller came on stage and were incredibly animated about their desire to bring the story of Miles Morales to the big screen. But, it was really punctuated when Shameik Moore took the mic. The young actor will be voicing Miles in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and he had a prophetic story to tell the audience.

“This is true,” said Moore. “Five years ago, I wrote in my journal, ‘I am Miles Morales. I am Spider-Man.’ And now I get to play him. It really is like Christmas.” Hearing that such a fan was able to achieve his dream of playing a role that he cares so much about goes to show the power of fandom.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will hit theaters on December 14 in the US and UK and December 26 n Australia.

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‘Venom’ First Look Gives the Comic Anti-Hero His Due

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 09:53 PM PDT

Many fans were worried when the first Venom trailer hit. We didn’t see Tom Hardy in the iconic suit and that had some fans worried. After screening some extended footage at CinemaCon, we can say that you shouldn’t be worried. If you’ve been aching for Venom to get his proper big screen treatment, this movie looks to be it.

A lot of what we saw is in the newly released trailer (watch it below!), but we got a little bit more that you didn’t see. And it’s that element that got us very excited about where this adaptation is headed.

The R-Rated Venom Movie You Want

Now, we can’t say for certain that Venom will be rated R when it hits theaters, but it doesn’t look like director Ruben Fleischer is pulling any punches. In the scene where Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is being chased on his motorcycle, he actually crashes and injures himself in a pretty violent manner. We see his leg is bent backwards, his fingers are gnarled and broken, and his arm is covered in a bloody scrape.

Then, the symbiote begins to emerge over his body. As it oozes over his leg, it snaps it back into place. The same happens with his broken fingers. The symbiote heals Eddie’s wounds and attacks the henchmen that’s chasing him, before uttering his iconic catchphrase, “We are Venom.”

It’s a brutal little scene that stresses the tone this movie is going for. This doesn’t look like a cheery, quip-filled romp like the Marvel Cinematic Universe we’ve come to know. That’s surprisingly refreshing to see. When it comes to bringing a darker tone to the comic book movie landscape, Venom seems to be doing it right without becoming a grimdark sludge.

The Supporting Cast

venom riz ahmed
Dr. Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) obtains the symbiotes.

While we got to see Tom Hardy takes the stage at CinemaCon — it was delightful to hear him say that he wanted to make this movie for his son who loves the character — we also got see Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed talk a little bit about their characters.

Michelle Williams made it clear that she “had a blast” making Venom. “I’ve always wanted to do a superhero movie, [but] I didn’t want to play a damsel in distress. I wanted to play a woman strong and empowered in her own right.” Williams plays Anne Weying, Eddie’s girlfriend and an employee of Riz Ahmed’s character, Carlton Drake. Hearing her talk about being empowered definitely lends credence to the theory that she will become Lady Venom at some point in the movie.

And this was the most we’ve learned about Drake so far. Ahmed said, “I’ve always wanted to play a big cinematic villain like this.” Considering Ahmed’s amazing talent, it’s going to be great to see him be a big bad in this flick. Drake is clearly committed to doing something diabolical with the symbiotes. We see that his Life Foundation is experimenting on people with terrifying results. If I were a betting man, I’d put some money on him donning his own symbiote before the end of the film. Maybe he uses the Carnage symbiote?

Venom looks like the movie fans have wanted for years. If it can provide a darker alternative to the Marvel universe and deliver a version of the character that feels true, it’s going to be a success in every way possible.

Venom open in theaters on October 4 in Australia and October 5 in the US and UK.

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Who is Atreus’ Mother in ‘God of War’? (UPDATED)

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 09:40 PM PDT

God of War is all about Kratos and Atreus. No longer the one-man demolition machine, the pantheon-wrecking demigod is a caring father now, playing protector and teacher. But there’s a big piece of this family missing. When the game starts, Atreus’ mother has just passed away and her body is yet to be burned.

We’ve seen a fair bit about Atreus now, after recent previews. But who could have played such a large, meaningful part in Kratos’ life to make him settle down and start a new family? Who is Atreus’ mother?

We know the truth now, and we’ll keep the majority of this article spoiler-free. If you want to skip straight to the biggest reveals, scroll down to the bottom. We’ll clearly label that as spoiler territory, but be warned, the body of this article contains minor spoilers as well.

What We Know About Atreus’ Mother

Within the first few hours of the game, Kratos says his second wife’s name. Atreus’ mother’s name is Faye.

As God of War starts, we see that Kratos’ second wife has passed away. It appears to be a peaceful death (because we know what kind of rampage a murder would have caused), but it catalyses a journey that’s anything but peaceful.

Kratos holds Atreus' head gently

We know she intended for them to go on this journey, and not only because she requested her ashes “be spread from the highest peak in all the realms.” But because she had placed a protective ward around the forest during Atreus’ upbringing. When she told Kratos to cut the trees she marked with her handprint for her funeral pyre, the ward was broken and the forest was no longer safe — forcing the journey to happen.

Perhaps she wanted this journey so the two could bond, after Kratos had been away for so long. Perhaps she intended them to cross paths with the Aesir gods. Or perhaps she just knew of Kratos’ desire to live out his days in this quiet forest, and wanted Atreus to not be bound to one small woodland circle.

We now know one important thing for sure. Atreus’ mother intended them to learn the truth of where she came from, which was found at the end of their journey.

Why We Think She Was Mortal

Kratos hates gods. Hates ’em. And nobody hates like Kratos.

There’s a fundamental distrust there. He doesn’t believe any god is capable of being good, including himself. Any relationship with a god that was remotely positive — such as Athena — was eventually corrupted to the point of haunting him.

Let’s remember, this is someone who slaughtered his way through the entire Greek pantheon, being betrayed and played and backstabbed the whole time. When he finally settled down in Scandinavia, he would have wanted nothing to do with a god for a wife.

Atreus looks into the distance

Halfway through the game, Kratos comes out and says it. Faye was mortal. Kratos isn’t ready to reveal the full truth of his past to Atreus yet, but he needed to tell him about his godly nature. That prompts Atreus to ask if his mother was a god as well. The answer is no.

It’s fun to speculate who his wife could have been if she were a god, of course. There’s a conspicuous gap of time between his Greek tragedies and Norseland fatherhood. We happen to think after the series has spent enough time in Scandinavia, there’s enough room for a flashback to travels in-between.

The most obvious location for that is Egypt. Perhaps the beautiful Isis, also a protector who was knowledgeable about nature? Or her sister Nephthys? Or Anuket?

But even before we knew for certain Faye was mortal, it wouldn’t make sense for her to be a god. How would we explain her utterly unremarkable death?

Atreus’ Mother Was Likely Norse

Faye was an expert in Norse mythology and history, and taught what she knew to Atreus, ever the eager sponge of information. She was familiar with all the realms, their histories, and most languages. Atreus is able to spot and translate runes from different languages to Kratos, and even knows enough of surrounding languages to piece together clues about runes he isn’t yet familiar with.

On top of that, Faye also seemed to know that the family would need protecting (due to Kratos and Atreus’ god status), and how to execute that protection. That suggests her knowledge of Norse gods and their tendencies may be more than academic.

Kratos was away for much of Atreus’ childhood, leaving Faye to teach Atreus to hunt. As Kratos takes Atreus out for their first father/son hunt, Atreus clearly knows the animals of the land, their tracks, and how to stalk them. All of this local expertise came from Faye. She’s either Norse herself or a scholar of foreign cultures, at a time when you can’t Google “what is a Draugr.”

How ‘God of War’ Brings a New Kratos to a New Land

Now, of course, we know the full truth. Atreus’ mother Faye was indeed Norse — though not the kind of Norse we were all expecting. Scroll down for the full spoiler on that tidbit.

She Was Magical

We mentioned the wards Faye placed around the forest, but another big point is her son may have inherited superhuman abilities from more than one source.

In our preview session, Atreus was displaying an uncontrollable anger that was clearly passed down from his father. But he also referred to a “sickness.” When Atreus would get very angry and Kratos doubted his ability to embark on the journey ahead, Atreus would say “I am ready! I haven’t been sick in a long time!”

It’s clear the boy is smart, what with his scholarly success with runes and mythology, but it goes beyond that. A few things are signalled early in the game that go beyond an intelligent child. Atreus seems to know things others don’t.

Kratos tests Atreus' speed and temper

For example, when we first see Brok, the dwarven blacksmith, trying to push his animal across a bridge, Atreus somehow knows the animal is afraid of something in the nearby woods. He asks Kratos to throw his axe in that direction. Sure enough, whatever was there scampers away. Atreus then whispers something in another tongue to the beast, which promptly gets up and starts walking.

That sort of ability clearly didn’t come from Atreus’ father. Whether it was passed down genetically or verbally, it came from Faye. Later on, we see a more dramatic version of this power, as Atreus is able to call to the World Serpent — in a language no one else knows — for help.

Lastly and very importantly, there are moments towards the end of the game when Atreus starts to hear voices. He’s somehow mentally connected to those around him, but can’t yet control it. Atreus’ powers have yet to manifest themselves fully, but there’s clearly some kind of telepathy involved.

Originally, the TV commercial showed Atreus firing electric arrows, which led some to believe he had inherited power over lightning from being the grandson of Zeus. But the shock arrow is a magical item, not inherited from Atreus’ mother or father.

Kratos goes hunting with Atreus

Atreus’ Mother Was a Warrior

The Leviathan Axe was made by the dwarves Brok and Sindri, but they didn’t make it for Kratos. They made it for Faye.

This is made clear the first time you encounter Sindri, when he thinks Kratos may have stolen the axe. Such is Sindri’s admiration for Faye, he was willing to confront Kratos over the axe’s ownership.

In a prophecy revealed at the end, we also see that it was Faye who first held the axe. She then gave it to Kratos.

Kratos and Atreus learn the truth about Atreus' mother
Sent by the giants. But for what purpose?

This was hinted at early on. In the E3 2017 God of War presentation featuring sand art, Faye is shown holding and axe and then later, Kratos’ hand on it. This happens before the baby appears in the picture.

Later in the game, Faye is referred to as a “a great warrior, and a great woman.” She’s also a skilled hunter, and teaches these skills to Atreus. The axe wasn’t given to her as a ceremonious trinket — it was given to her to use.

This makes sense, as it would certainly take a woman with thick skin and martial prowess to not only put up with Kratos’ endless belligerence, but also earn his respect. Ultimately, Faye brought out Kratos’ softer side in a way no other post-Lysandra woman could.

A troll standing in front of Kratos

The Etymology of ‘Faye’

Needless to say, “Faye” is phonetically identical to “fae” (or “fay,” or “fata”) which has significance in Norse mythology.

The Fae folk refers to any supernatural non-human folk, such as elves, dwarves, giants, and so on. Magical, mythological people who could be faeries or some kind of spirit. The fact that Kratos’ wife has this name, in this setting, and is also displaying magical mastery could be telling.

We aren’t even sure the proper spelling of Kratos’ partner is “Faye,” as we’ve only heard him utter the name verbally in the early part of the game. Perhaps we’ll see a proper spelling in-game, or in an official correspondence from Sony.

Spoiler Territory — Atreus’ Mother’s True Identity

A little bit of time has passed now, and we know more about Atreus’ mother, Faye. If you don’t want to know the super-spoilery truth, now is the time to look away.

Atreus’ mother was of the race of giants. Not all giants are actually giant, and she was normal-sized. But she did come from the realm of Jotunheim, as we find out at the end of God of War.

This is the realm that the giants fled to, escaping Odin’s wrath. Tyr made it very hard for anyone to find their way there, eluding even the Aesir gods. When Kratos and Atreus finally get there, they see that the giants had prophesied their entire journey.

‘God of War’s Biggest Easter Eggs and Hidden Secrets

It all started with Atreus’ mother Faye leaving the giants. In death, she gave Kratos and Atreus this quest so they would discover the truth. But it’s unclear if her motive was for them to bond, or discover the fate of the giants, or simply throwing the giant monkey wrench that is Kratos into the machinery of Norse deities out of vengeance.

For those keeping score, that means Atreus is both a god and a giant. Kratos won the marital squabble over what to name the child, choosing “Atreus” to honour a former Spartan warrior. But Faye, and the giants, had always planned for this son to be named Loki.

Atreus was never portrayed as mischievous or as a trickster, as we’ve traditionally come to know Loki from Norse mythology. But Loki is meant to be part giant.

The giants were skilled at prophecy, yet Kratos is just as skilled at defying prophecy. Only time will tell what Faye’s true goals were. Was she playing the long game? Was marrying Kratos and birthing Atreus all part of a plan? There are still many realms we haven’t explored, and we’ll probably find out more in DLCs or a sequel.

There’s also a secret ending that hints at the fight to come…

That’s as much spoilery goodness as we know, for now. If any new details come to light, we’ll update this post.

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How ‘Akira’ Changed the World of Animation Forever

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 05:40 PM PDT

When Katsuhiro Otomo watched the first rush (or daily) of his classic post-apocalyptic sci-fi anime film Akira (1988), he went home and told his wife the film was a failure. The now-famous director, like many creatives, couldn't foresee the impact his film would have on animation and film beyond Japan's borders. In fact, nearly 30 years later, Akira’s influence is still felt today.

A Level of Detail Unlike Any Other Anime

Neo-Tokyo cityscape with motorcycles racing down the street in Akira
By hand painting each individual light source in the film, the animators brought the 2D city to life.

When Akira hit theaters, viewers noticed that this anime was unlike any other that had previously come out of Japan. This was not without reason. Otomo took several risks that other anime directors at the time didn't. These choices likely resulted in Akira's enormous — at the time —  budget of 1.1 billion yen (approximately 8 million dollars).

Akira used over 160,000 animation cels to create the detailed scenes and fluid movement in the film. The use of cel animation meant that animators had to illustrate the background, middle, and foreground of each scene on three different cels. It’s a detailed and time-consuming process that has since largely fallen out of practice.

However, it also allowed for detailed cityscapes and backgrounds. Even the lights in the windows were individually colored to add warmth to the city. In fact, the film’s use of light almost makes the city seem like its own character (see video above). Without this technique, the film’s post-war Neo-Tokyo setting wouldn’t have felt as lived in or gritty.

Otomo even went so far as to use a quick action recorder to test the fluidity of the animation during production. This led to even more work for the animators who had to clean up imperfect scenes. However, this level of attention to detail meant that Akira didn't have the stiff movement or generic backgrounds found in anime like Astro Boy and Robotech.

Creating a Fully Realized, Dystopic World

Otomo also chose to use pre-scored dialogue — an anime production first. The dialogue was recorded before production began. This gave the animators the opportunity to match the movement of the characters' lips to their spoken lines. The process was laborious and expensive. However, it made the characters appear to talk like real people instead of soulless puppets (see: Speed Racer above).

Pattern indicator from Akira
Doctor Onishi's pattern indicator looks so futuristic because it's computer generated.

But Otomo didn’t stop there. Determined to build a realistic, futuristic world, he used computer graphics and a Synclavier to add small but important details to the film. The pattern indicator that Doctor Onishi carefully studies throughout the film is computer generated and gives the film a cool futuristic vibe. And the Synclavier produced the odd, otherworldly sounds heard throughout the film. All of these elements combined to create a fully realized urban setting.

However, before a single line was drawn, Otomo recruited the music collective Geinoh Yamashirogumi to score the soundtrack. Similar to Cowboy Bebop, the visuals drew inspiration from the music that the group, comprised of hundreds of rotating members, created.

The eclectic group, versed in multiple styles of music, produced a masterpiece that blended choral sounds with percussion instruments. Their score heightened the feeling of being trapped in a futuristic urban jungle. This resulted in an immersive experience superior to that of other animated projects.

Redefining the Meaning of Animation in the West

Tetsuo replacing his blown off arm in Akira
Disturbing scenes such as this one made it clear that 'Akira' wasn't your typical kid-friendly animated film.

Akira didn't just stand out from other anime. When the film hit the West, it changed the animation industry there, as well. Up until its release, animation in the West was marketed toward children. Disney, Warner Bros., and Hanna-Barbera, with their innocent plots and simple animation, hadn't even dreamed of targeting a more mature fanbase. (No, Yogi Bear trying to steal picnic baskets, though illegal, doesn't count as a mature storyline.)

Astro Boy in the 1980s
Even the 1980s remake of 'Astro Boy' still heavily drew influence from Disney.

But Akira was different. It was full of corruption, violence, secret experiments, rebellious teens, and some weird kids with telekinetic abilities. Unlike Astro Boy and other anime up until that time, it didn't try to blend in by adopting an American aesthetic that made the audience think it was a Western creation. It didn’t transport viewers to a safe forest with singing animals. Akira forced viewers to face reality by depicting a hyperrealistic, post-war dystopia that hit too close to home.

Kei from Akira looking shocked
Even strong-willed Kei becomes overwhelmed by the scale of Neo-Tokyo's problems.

Akira doesn't hold the audience’s hand. Every character we meet, from Kaneda to Kei to Tetsuo, is damaged in some way. But they've got no time to deal with their trauma. In fact, most of the film we watch them struggle to react and adjust to situations beyond their control.

Characters make immoral choices and not everyone gets a happy ending. But viewers and critics loved it. An achievement that paved the way for more mature content to come West like Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Elfen Lied, and Ghost in the Shell.

The Western Acceptance of Anime’s True Form

Kaneda from Akira looking angrily at the viewer
'Akira' didn't back down or censor itself. The West had to accept the anime as it was.

Akira went on to earn 49 million dollars worldwide. The film's international success surprised many, including Otomo. In an interview with Otaku Mode, the director admits that he didn't create the film with a foreign audience in mind. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas must’ve picked up on this. The famous duo turned down the film when offered the chance to bring Akira to the US in 1987. They didn’t think the film would appeal to western audiences.

But it did, and, more importantly, it didn't have to change itself to do so. Even today, companies still edit anime to suit audiences outside of Japan. So, it's no mere feat that Akira was able to succeed without cutting back on the violence (as seen in Robotech) or watering down its dialogue. This was especially significant since Japanese references and names were often removed during the localization process.

Comparison between Blade Runner and Akira
Light played an important part in both of these films.

The film that audiences had fallen in love with was unabashedly Japanese, and they noticed. Neo-Tokyo's troubled, lively streets etched themselves into the hearts of foreign moviegoers. However, despite Otomo's statements on his target audience, Akira is ripe with western pop culture references. Neo-Tokyo itself resembles Blade Runner's depiction of Los Angeles. Not to mention that they're both set in the same year, 2019.

As such, Akira felt uniquely foreign but also familiar. It wasn't out of step with the sci-fi films that dominated western box offices at the time. It even looked just as good. After all, animation projects don't face the same budget or technological constraints as live-action films. The film's success pushed anime to the forefront of people's minds, and they wanted more of it. Finally, the West was open to watching animation from other places.

Akira‘s Effect on Hollywood and Pop Culture

Akira didn't just borrow from pop culture, it added to it. Many films, shows, and even musicians have referenced the iconic anime. Kaneda's bike makes an appearance in Spielberg's Ready Player One, and Kanye West's music video for the song "Stronger" pays tribute to the groundbreaking film. The cyberpunk anime also influenced an entire generation of future Hollywood filmmakers.

Rian Johnson stated in a Reddit AMA that Akira was one of the inspirations behind his sci-fi flick Looper (2012). Similarly, the timeless film influenced the Duffer brothers' Netflix show Stranger Things. Unsurprisingly, both properties focus on children with telekinetic abilities.

Tetsuo from Akira vs Eleven from Stranger Things
Both Tetsuo and Eleven suffered the consequences of experimentation.

Looper's Cid possesses powers that are supposed to turn him into a monstrous threat in the future. This references Tetsuo's monstrous transformation toward the end of Akira. On the other hand, the Duffer brothers, with Eleven, seemed to focus more on the anime’s theme of experimentation on children. A recent episode even had emo Eleven sync up with other children with mysterious powers, much like the Espers in Otomo's standout work.

Akira‘s mature themes and philosophical message also opened the door for western animation aimed at adults. Without it, we wouldn't have gotten shows like The Simpsons and Archer or animated greats like MTV's Æon Flux and Warner Bros.' Batman: The Animated Series.

Akira’s Influence Continues

Kaneda catching the light the Espers left behind in Akira
'Akira's light continues to live on in the media we consume today.

Akira's influence can be felt and seen throughout the world. Considered the gold standard of animated films, even 30 years later, the anime is the gift that keeps on giving. The ambitious project and its success proved that anime films, in particular, didn't have to cut corners to be profitable.

The risks that Otomo took pushed animation companies to aim for the stars. The heartfelt narratives, detailed settings, and cutting-edge animation styles that resulted breathed new life into our current fictional worlds. No doubt, many of the great animated and science fiction films and shows of our generation owe a great debt to Akira.

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The Role of the Marthas in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 2

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 05:36 PM PDT

The Handmaid’s Tale follows the lives of different classes of women struggling for survival in the oppressive Republic of Gilead. The majority of the show’s first season focused on the lives of the Handmaids, as seen through the eyes of Offred (Elisabeth Moss), and their relationships with the dutiful Wives of the Commanders, like Serena Joy (Yvonne Strahovski). Season 2 of Hulu’s award-winning drama will explore in more detail where the Marthas fit into this household dynamic and the resistance movement in Gilead.

Who Are the Marthas?

Rita and Offred in The Handmaid's Tale

Rita (Amanda Brugel) serves as the Martha for Fred (Joseph Fiennes) and Serena. As a Martha, her role consists of cooking and cleaning and generally keeping an eye on Offred. If families are lucky enough to have children, the Marthas help raise them as well. From the outside, it seems like the Marthas have it much better than the Handmaids. They do not have to participate in The Ceremony every month or worry about having children. However, at The Handmaid’s Tale roundtables, Brugel spoke about the reality of the situation for her character.

“I do think that it's safer on one hand to be a Martha because you fly so under the radar. As long as you do your job and you're good at it, you don't raise any suspicion. And you're not letting anyone down by not being able to have a child. But on the other hand it's incredibly dangerous and you're almost always on the chopping block because you don't offer anything. If you're a Martha, you're infertile. So you can't have children. So you don't offer really any value to Gilead. And you're most certainly not a wife so you don't have status. So it's a balancing act.”

Marthas, just like everyone else in Gilead, are not completely safe. Those who are no longer needed or wanted can get sent to the Colonies. So while the Marthas can have some sympathy for the Handmaids, they also must be careful to look out for their own interests.

Rita and Offred

Offred and Rita in The Handmaid's Tale

It is hard to tell where Rita’s interests lie — which is intentional on the part of Brugel. “I think she's more interesting when you don't know exactly which side she stands for and who she is,” she said. “And her isolation really makes her mysterious which is what I think is really cool. Because as the audience, there are some people that think she's an Eye or think that she is someone who is really drinking the Gilead Kool-Aid. And on the other side, there are people that think that she's pretending.”

At the end of Season 1, Offred gave Rita a bundle of letters from other Handmaids hoping to contact their family members in Canada. But can Rita be trusted with this information? “By the end of episode 13, at the end of Season 2, you are most certainly going to find out which side she stands on — and it's shocking,” Brugel teases.

Silence Is Golden

If the Marthas do want to resist, things are a bit more difficult for them. They are mostly confined to their homes, with limited access to the outside world. Their power lies in their ability to observe the comings and goings of their household. “If they have information and they are able to assess and watch what the house is doing and create secrets, at least they have some sort of power or bargaining tool for the future,” Brugel explains. Like the Handmaids, the Marthas have their own secret ways of exchanging this information.

Brugel continues, “I find that the most power is in her quietness, in her quiet moments… So I think the window into the Marthas is sort of being the loudest quiet people in the room. The observers.” To Brugel, the Marthas represent the ways activism can take place on a small scale, especially when people don’t belong to large groups or organizations. “I feel like that's hugely helpful for people who are just trying to find ways to resist.”

The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 premieres April 25th on Hulu. Season 1 is available now on Blu-ray and DVD.

What to Expect From the Colonies in 'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 2

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A Complete List of Every Show That’s Been Renewed in 2018

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 05:16 PM PDT

Spring can be a scary time for TV fans, as we wait to find out which of our favorite TV shows are being renewed for another season and which won’t be returning in the fall.

To help guide you through this tumultuous time, FANDOM is providing a list of all the television shows that have been renewed in 2018 so far. We’ll be updating this list with any shows on the bubble that get picked up for another season, so bookmark this page to find out if your series gets saved.


Roseanne Jackie and Darlene
Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, and Roseanne Barr in 'Roseanne'

As long as there is love in the world, ABC will continue to renew The Bachelorin a noble effort to help people find it. The success of the Roseanne revival also scored the sitcom another season. And Grey’s Anatomy got the green light for a 15th season, which will make it ABC’s longest-running primetime scripted series.

The Bachelor
Dancing with the Stars
The Goldbergs
The Good Doctor
Grey’s Anatomy
Modern Family


Big Bang Theory
The cast of 'Big Bang Theory'

CBS knows how to keep a series going, as evidenced by its returning roster. That includes its most successful sitcom, Big Bang Theory, getting picked up for Season 12, and reality series The Amazing Race and Big Brother each being renewed for a 31st season.

The Amazing Race
Big Brother
The Big Bang Theory
Blue Bloods
Hawaii Five-0
Madam Secretary
NCIS: Los Angeles
NCIS: New Orleans
Young Sheldon


Riverdale Bughead at the movies
Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart in 'Riverdale'

The network saved all its Arrowverse shows, which includes Arrow, Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. And Bughead shippers will be happy to hear that Riverdale was renewed for a third season, as well.

Black Lightning
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
The Flash
Jane the Virgin


the orville fall tv feature
Seth McFarlane in 'The Orville'

Freshman shows 9-1-1 and The Orville were successful in finding fans during their inaugural run and each has been renewed for a second season. Meanwhile, animated juggernaut The Simpsons was renewed for Season 30.

The Gifted
Hell’s Kitchen
The Orville
The Simpsons


This Is Us
The cast of 'This Is Us'

It’s no surprise that This Is Us was picked up for a third season, seeing as it’s currently one of the most popular dramas on network television. Meanwhile, the revival of Will & Grace was so successful that it was instantly renewed for an upcoming second season last year and has now been picked up for a third season that will start in 2019.

Ellen’s Game of Games
The Good Place
This Is Us
The Voice
Will & Grace


Jessica Jones
Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones.

The sixth season of Orange is the New Black doesn’t premiere until this summer, but the Netflix drama has been renewed through Season 7. The streaming service is also bringing back Marvel’s anti-heroine drama Jessica Jones and its popular Queer Eye reboot. Can you believe?

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix) – through Season 3
Alexa & Katie (Netflix)
American Vandal (Netflix)
Big Mouth (Netflix)
Black Mirror (Netflix)
Bosch (Amazon)
Casual (Hulu)
Dark (Netflix)
Dope (Netflix)
Drug Lords (Netflix)
Fleabag (Amazon)
Fuller House (Netflix)
Future Man (Hulu)
Grace and Frankie (Netflix)
House of Cards (Netflix)
I Love You, America (Hulu)
Jessica Jones (Netflix)
Lore (Amazon)
Mindhunter (Netflix)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return (Netflix)
Nailed It! (Netflix)
Narcos (Netflix)
No Activity (CBS All Access)
On My Block (Netflix)
One Day at a Time (Netflix)
Orange Is the New Black (Netflix) – through Season 7
The Punisher (Netflix)
Queer Eye (Netflix)
Runaways (Hulu)
She's Gotta Have It (Netflix)
Star Trek: Discovery (CBS All Access)
Stranger Things (Netflix)
The Tick (Amazon)
The Toys That Made Us (Netflix)
Transparent (Amazon)


Sarah Paulson in 'American Horror Story: Cult'

While fans are still trying to find out the theme of the upcoming eighth season of American Horror Story — all we know so far is that it’s going to be set at some point in the future — the FX anthology was already renewed for a ninth season. Both of AMC’s zombie series, The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, were renewed, as well.

American Horror Story (FX) – through Season 9
Angie Tribeca (TBS)
Animal Kingdom (TNT)
Archer (FXX)
At Home with Amy Sedaris (truTV)
Ballers (HBO)
Barry (HBO)
Berlin Station (Epix)
Better Things (FX)
Broad City (Comedy Central)
Brockmire (IFC)
Channel Zero (Syfy)
Chesapeake Shores (Hallmark)
The Chi (Showtime)
Chrisley Knows Best (USA)
Corporate (Comedy Central)
Counterpart (Starz)
Crashing (HBO)
Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
Documentary Now! (IFC)
Drop the Mic (TBS)
Drunk History (Comedy Central)
Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)
Full Frontal with Samatha Bee (TBS) – through 2020
Grown-ish (Freeform)
Happy! (Syfy)
High Maintenance (HBO)
Homeland (Showtime)
Insecure (HBO)
The Jim Jefferies Show (Comedy Central)
Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!) – through 2020
Killing Eve (BBC America)
Killjoys (Syfy) – through Season 5
The Last O.G. (TBS)
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) – through 2020
Loudermilk (Audience Network)
The Magicians (Syfy)
Man at Arms: Art of War (El Rey)
Power (Starz)
Preacher (AMC)
Project Runway (Lifetime)
Project Runway All Stars (Lifetime)
Pure (WGN America)
Queen Sugar (OWN)
Ray Donovan (Showtime)
Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) – through 2020
Search Party (TBS)
Shameless (Showtime)
Shooter (USA)
Silicon Valley (HBO)
The Sinner (USA)
SMILF (Showtime)
Snoop Dogg Presents The Joker's Wild (TBS)
South Park (Comedy Central) – through 2019
Strike Back (Cinemax)
Suits (USA)
Tosh.0 (Comedy Central) – through 2020
UnReal (Lifetime)
Van Helsing (Syfy)
The Walking Dead (AMC)
Watch What Happens Live (Bravo) – through 2020
Younger (TV Land)
You're the Worst (FXX) – The final season will air in 2018.

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Who Is the Most Popular Avenger in the MCU?

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 09:51 AM PDT

It seems the Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding at a faster rate than our own universe, and, with every box office-smashing expansion, we're introduced to a slew of new heroes. Clocking in at 34 big-name superheroes and supervillains, this year's Avengers: Infinity War features nearly everyone but the kitchen sink. (Let's be real: The Kitchen Sink would be an amazing mutant name. Feel free to run with that, MCU.)

With that much superhuman power packed into one epic crossover event, questions of superlatives are bound to arise. Who is the strongest Avenger? Was it wiser to choose Team Iron Man or Team Cap? Who, if anyone, is best suited to take on and defeat Thanos? And, finally, the existential question that keeps us all up at night (to ask it is to be human!) — which Chris is best: Evans, Hemsworth or Pratt?

Wonder no more. We've assembled all of the Avengers here for you, ranking them from most searched to least searched on our site. Our heroes may be stronger united than they are apart, but only a few can earn the top spots.Let's find out who really reigns supreme. Who are the most-searched Avengers?

First Things First

It's no surprise the top-searched Avengers in the last six months starred in their own standalone films in 2017. Outranking all other Avengers, Thor, everyone's favorite Norse god, cut both his hair and his serious demeanor in the wildly funny Thor: Ragnarok. And T'Challa, king of Wakanda and the box office, nabbed the third most-searched spot after starring in the groundbreaking Black Panther. Not too shabby for a guy who's new to the MCU party.

Our second most-searched Avenger was none other than Iron Man/Tony Stark. Though he'd be bummed he lost out to a Norse hippie whom he calls “Point Break,” number two ain't bad. And, hey, it doesn't matter how much you look up Tony Stark — no one likes Tony more than Tony.

All Capped Out

Avengers Infinity War Captain America

The First Avenger and MCU's resident nice guy, Captain America didn't even crack the top ten of this list. All that star-spangled role-model business and he was still beat out by his mysterious friend Bucky Barnes and ultimate frienemy Tony Stark? Ouch; that's cold. Ice cold. Left-for-dead-frozen-in-ice cold.

With rumors that Captain America might not make it out Infinity War alive (actor Chris Evans has been forthright about his desire to retire from the MCU), it's time we show him a lot more love.

Flying Purple People Eater

But forget all those good guys. The most-searched Infinity War character of them all is the Mad Titan himself: Thanos. One of Marvel's most-feared villains, Thanos first sent a chill down our spines in Guardians of the Galaxy but has mostly been mentioned in passing or shown up in post-credit scenes. Even with minimal screen time and action, Thanos's presence has been looming over the MCU for a while now; this is a boss battle nearly ten years in the making.

Because things will come to a boil with Avengers: Infinity War, it's no wonder all of you fans have been relentlessly reading up on him. In fact, his page has been visited nearly 100 thousand times in the last six months. (That's almost twice the amount of attention the Incredible Hulk has received — how that's for incredible?) If you could purchase Infinity Stones with page views, Thanos would already have achieved world domination.

Make Way for the Ladies

Black Widow has been a fan-favorite character ever since 2010's 'Iron Man 2,' and fans are clamoring to see her in her own solo film.

Notably absent from the top ten are any female heroes. Despite being one of the most powerful Avengers, Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch) only ranks at number 14, followed by Natasha Romanoff (the Black Widow) who has been a staple for the MCU since Iron Man 2.

In the past, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has received criticism for underrepresenting women in the action of their films. But dynamic and fearless characters like Black Panther's Shuri (#19th most searched, by the way) have recently given us hope. Plus, Ant-Man will soon be joined by the Wasp and 2019 will bring us the first female standalone film, Captain Marvel (featuring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers).

The future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe shines as bright as an Infinity Stone. So, stay thirsty for knowledge, my friends, and keep looking up your favorite characters at marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com.

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‘Detroit: Become Human’ Is A Bold Step Forward For Narrative-Led Gaming

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 07:00 AM PDT

Positioned in the crosshairs of a 'violence in videogame's debate that somehow still looms in 2018, a sexual harassment scandal leveled at its creators and accusations of clumsy and heavy-handed alignment with social causes of the era, it’s been far from a smooth marketing campaign for upcoming PS4 exclusive — Detroit: Become Human.

Developed by Quantic Dream under the watchful gaze of divisive auteur David Cage (creator of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls), Detroit is the latest addition to the portfolio of a creator who strives to produce 'games with meaning'. A noble cause, for sure. But does Detroit actually live up to its makers’ admirable ambitions?

So far, Quantic Dream’s output has largely amounted to a souped up take on the mechanics of eighties arcade, and later laserdisc, staple, Dragon's Lair. Like this 80s classic, Heavy Rain is a game that you'd drag your friends over to gawk at the beauty of, but where the actual gameplay didn't extend much beyond hitting a button at a crucial moment.

Games like The Last Of Us, Life Is Strange, even the Bioshock series, could never be dismissed as unmeaningful, and they had the immersive gameplay to match their ambitious narratives. After these forward-thinking approaches to storytelling in video games, now the parallels Heavy Rain holds with Dragon's Lair, seem more robust than ever.

Cagey Controversies

A scene depicting domestic abuse in one trailer for 'Detroit' sparked a lot of fury from tabloid journalists, despite films and books tackling similar issues.

Yet, before we dig into whether Detroit: Become Human moves Cage's vision on, let's address the horde of elephants in the room. The charges of excessive, inappropriate violence in the game – concerning a quick time event in which a scumbag father physically abuses his young daughter – have been latched onto by tabloid newspapers and even publicly derided by British politicians. Yet, books tackling these themes don't receive such criticism. Films don't receive such criticism.

All we can hope is that one day, games become so part of the fabric of our culture that the people who comment on such societal concerns, understand the art form.

Unbelievably, this scene isn’t the only controversial cloud hanging over Detroit. As well as criticisms of the game’s content, there have been claims of real-world sexual harassment over at Quantic Dream too. While deeply troubling, such claims would be more useful being dealt with by the authorities, not here.

Amid all this mess, it would be easy to hate Detroit then. Yet, despite all the difficulties surrounding it, somehow, Cage’s latest is shaping up to be a refreshingly bold and thoughtful step forward for narrative-led games.

And most importantly — one that’s genuinely fun to play.

Art Imitating Life

Earlier trailers suggested a pretty in-sensitive approach to tackling real-world issues, but has the final game improved upon this?

Where some criticism of Detroit: Become Human is justified though, is based on THAT trailer from E3 2017.  Loosely speaking, this is a game about an android awakening – there's nods to Blade Runner, Westworld and perhaps most notably, Channel 4's excellent Humans TV series. Said trailer opens with an African spiritual hymn, appearing to align the suffering of slave-race-androids to the struggles of the civil rights movement, and, more offensively, suggests that for-androids (read, black people), they merely need to 'rise up', and not doing so is what creates their suffering, not, y'know, racism.

Oh, and it's set in Detroit, a city with a history that is woven into the black cause.

In 2017, Cage told Eurogamer he'd "never make a racist game", something that a man who sees the world through the eyes of a race he isn't depicting, can never truly promise. Cage later backtracked amid the furious backlash to the trailer, saying the game was just that – a game! – not a comment on world events. What was done to the title between there and now we don't know, although the then promised release period being pushed back suggests something was.

And yet, unlike the fence sitting Far Cry 5, refreshingly the game that we’ve seen here is very much a game about the state of our world, while not solely being the Androids Lives Matter race allegory the trailer suggested.

 Melding Science Fiction With Reality

The parallels between slavery and android persecution aren't exactly subtle here.

"There's a sci-fi conception at the heart of the story", says the games' head writer, Adam Williams, "in that we imagine androids as everyday technology. That allows us to explore all kinds of themes. We ask ourselves, if an android can think and feel, has it become human? If it has become human, what does it mean to be human? We were going back to Isaac Asimov and H.G. Wells, but we wanted to use the sci-fi to ask questions about social division, prejudice, the division in power between those who have it, and those who had not.

As well as doing that, the vessel of sci-fi allowed us to create a kind of underclass, a persecuted class, that didn't resonate with one group in society, but serves as a general metaphor for those who are treated that way in any culture. For the player coming to the game, they'll see different resonances…"

This might sound like backtracking. Perhaps there was some reverse engineering. But as we played the game, we were happy to see that big and broad questions are asked about society throughout. The truth is, it is a game about racism, and E3's highlight real presented that vision in a clunky, offensive way. But what you didn't see is a game about the rise of AI, about spirituality, about economics, about environmentalism (three hours into the game, you haven't seen any living animals. What does that mean?), about what it means to be human…

Becoming Human

Unsurprisingly, Quantic Dream's latest asks the player what it really means to be human.

"I've had people say to me, 'the game is clearly about sexism'," says Adam. "It's about the eyes you see it through. I've had people say, 'you clearly started writing this after Trump was elected', but that's not true [the game was born out of the 2012 PS3 tech demo, Kara, whose story is continued in Detroit]. We're trying to tell a universal story that will relate to different people in different tiers of any society, wherein players can bring their own perspective to it.

David [Cage] wanted this to be the most interactive story there could be, where peoples choices dictated how the story would play out, so it had to be open to interpretation. It meant the story had to be a kind of mirror to how the player came at it…."

If the game struggles, it does so because of its ambition. It's trying to say a lot. Sometimes it says it well, sometimes it says it in a way that would be best left in high school philosophy classes. Games may want to deal with such big themes, but to do that needs precise insight; easier done with linear narratives rather than via decision trees.

The Detroit of the game's namesake is a suitably stunning sci-fi metropolis.

But, and it's important this, Detroit is infinitely more fun to play than any other Quantic Dream title. The Detroit the studio have created weeps with colour and imagination, it makes Japan look a bit like Grimsby on a wet Bank Holiday, while the nuance of the story and the decision-making makes you feel like the choices you make have legitimate consequences in a way the studios preceding games didn't.

Basically, it doesn't so much feel like you're in a story, here, you're writing one.

How’s Detroit: Become Human Shaping up?

Detroit: Become Human isn't a game where you just have to press a button at the right time. There's a degree of sleuthing and compiling information that is crucial to the gameplay experience. It's a game where exploration is key. Cutscenes play out with you in them, not watching them. It's a game that forces you to make decisions and actually live with them. We're going to have to live with it longer before deciding whether it's truly great, but it's certainly not a curio.

What it is, is a game set in an evocative world that is both terrifying and wonderous. You'll most likely find your time in it deeply rewarding.

The Terrifying Real-World Cults That Inspired ‘Far Cry 5’

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5 ‘Infinity War’ Characters Who Deserve a Standalone Movie

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 06:12 AM PDT

Avengers: Infinity War promises to bring together dozens of Marvel superheroes in an epic crossover unlike anything fans have ever seen on the big screen. But, out of all these characters, only a handful have gotten their own standalone features. We just don't think that's fair!

Here are five characters from Infinity War that should headline their own movie.

Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.

Fans have been clamoring for a solo Black Widow film for years. Scarlett Johansson has made an indelible impression in the role and it'd be great to see her spy character explore the seedier side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And if she could pal around with Hulk like Thor recently did, we'd be even happier.


Vision from The Avengers
Paul Bettany as Vision.

As long as he's still around after Infinity War, the Vision is just too unique of a character to leave in the background. His quest to understand humanity is a classic android dilemma, and it'd be cool to see him explore that problem on his own. Maybe they could even take inspiration from Tom King's excellent Vision miniseries comic in which he creates his own robotic family. Or is that too Stepford Wives?


Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye.

Everyone has been pointing out how Hawkeye has been missing from all the Infinity War trailers and posters. It's clear that fans love him, so why not give him his own movie? Make it a day-in-the-life sort of action/comedy. It could be funny to see a non-superpowered person trying to navigate through a single mission where he's way out of his league. And we just want any chance we can get to ogle Jeremy Renner.

The Collector

Benicio Del Toro as The Collector.

Marvel hasn't even entertained the idea of focusing a movie around one of their villains, but if they did, Tanaleer Tivan a.k.a. The Collector would be a great place to start. How about an anthology film where he regales the audience with stories about how he came to obtain certain aliens in his collection? It'd be worth it if it meant we got to see how he ended up with Howard the Duck.


Anthony Mackie as Falcon.

This might be a little morbid, but a movie centering around Sam Wilson a.k.a. Falcon should actually be the next Captain America movie. Yes, if Cap should fall in the battle against Thanos, Sam should be the one to pick up the shield. He's been by Cap's side since they first met, and it'd be awesome to see how he honors Steve Rogers's legacy while bringing his own personality to the iconic hero.

Which Infinity War character do you think should get their own feature film? What kind of story would play out? Let us know what you think and go see Avengers: Infinity War in theaters on April 27.

Where Everyone Stands Before ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (Updated)

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