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#Funny News

#Funny News

David Axelrod and Eric Holder Criticize Democrats for Unfounded Impeachment Threats

Posted: 09 Apr 2018 06:27 PM PDT

David Axelrod Impeachment

Here’s one you don’t see every day. Two Obama cronies telling the left they’re cocoa for Cuckoo Puffs for going wild with impeachment threats against the Orange One. Yeah, not joking at all:

Former Obama administration officials David Axelrod and Eric Holder shocked and confused Democrats when they argued that Trump's impeachment should not be front and center going into the 2018 midterm elections.

Axelrod, who was a senior advisor in the Obama White House before leaving to be the top strategist for his successful re-election campaign, started by warning against using impeachment — or the threat of impeachment — as a "political tool."

And former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder was in complete agreement.

Wow, leftists with some semblance of principle. I’ve now seen it all.

Keep in mind, Axelrod and Holder are about as pro-Trump as Michael Moore is svelte. Yet, they’re willing to admit impeaching the Trumpinator “just because” is a move befitting a lobotomized Cro-Magnon. There may be some hope for us after all.

Other leftists think “I don’t like him” is a valid reason for ousting a democratically-elected official. After all, in their eyes the people need saving from themselves. They think they’re righting the ship us idiotic plebes steered toward an iceberg. The problem, like Axelrod says, is doing so would create a craptastic precedent.

If leftists impeach Trump because they don’t like his face, suddenly every politician is facing impeachment proceedings. “Ted Cruz gave me side-eye at the vending machine. Impeach!” “Nancy Pelosi called Mitch McConnell ‘Turtle Boy’ in the ladies’ room. Impeach!” Not a can of worms anyone with a functioning frontal lobe wants to open.

Here’s a tip. If you’ve got two dedicated Obama flunkies saying leftists are batsh*t for impeaching without cause, it’s best to take them at their word.


Trump Admin Wants to Expose Harvard’s Huge Anti-Asian Bias

Posted: 09 Apr 2018 06:22 PM PDT

Harvard Anti Asian

Universities and affirmative action go hand in racist hand. While Prius-driving leftists tout it for being so #woke, evidence shows affirmative action actually hurts minorities, in this case Asians (see Asian-Americans Denied College Admissions for Being Too Smart?!). Evidence which the Trump administration is seeking to make public.

Courtesy of Campus Reform:

The plaintiffs in a three-year-old lawsuit alleging decades of anti-Asian discrimination by Harvard University in admissions are getting a boost from the Trump administration.

The Justice Department, which is separately investigating a 2015 complaint filed on behalf of several Asian American groups, has asked the federal judge overseeing the case to unseal the mountain of evidence obtained by the plaintiffs.

The Justice Department said Harvard hasn't made any legally compelling argument for continuing to hide the data – records related to hundreds of thousands of applications, which the plaintiffs claim constitute a smoking gun – but only legally meaningless "generalized assertions regarding student privacy and a purportedly proprietary admissions process."

Such transparency is a big no no for left-leaning schools. After all, it’s progressives who have fought so hard to ensure affirmative action is a thing. All in the name of helping minorities. Except it turns out they’ve been helping some minorities while punishing others for being too smart. Too successful. Too not the “right” kind of minority. Oopsie.

This information exposes the program’s racist underbelly. Thus liberals are guarding it like Tess Holliday guards freshly baked cookies. Propping up special races while stomping down races deemed not-so-special isn’t a good look for the “tolerant” left.

It’s clear Asian-Americans with straight A’s have been rejected from universities like Harvard simply so their butts don’t hog seats the left would rather see warmed by darker derrieres. Don’t worry, I’m sure academia had a hard time choosing between qualified students and diversity rainbows.

Still, this is a sacrifice universities were willing to make. So long as nobody found out. Here’s hoping the Justice Department will shine a light on their idiocy.

Some of us miss the days when college was about expanding bright young minds rather than expanding diversity quotas.


Scripps College Hosts Pro-Socialist Venezuelan Seminar

Posted: 09 Apr 2018 04:44 PM PDT

Scripps College Venezuela

It’s no surprise our colleges lean heavily to the left. Though, every now and then, something comes along which really drives that point home. Like Scripps College hosting what amounts to a pep rally for the socialist “utopia” of Venezuela.

The small California women's institution known as Scripps College is hosting representatives from Nicolás Maduro's socialist Venezuela for a series of panels from April 9 through the 11.

According to the Claremont Independent, Venezuelan Consul-Generals Antonio Cordero and Jesús Chucho García will discuss topics such as "African solidarities," "coups and imperial wars," and Venezuela's "new society rooted in political participation, communal economies and democracy."

The email invitation obtained by the Independent opens with three smiling (Venezuelan) women holding placards stating (English translations) "We won't rest until the revolution is made irreversible," and "NO to Yankee imperialism."

Monday's session, "Venezuela's Challenge: Against War and a Unipolar World," notes that Cordero is an "expert on military questions and resisting rightwing paramilitary attacks.”

I can understand why the school would be hyping up Venezuela. After all, they have those common sense gun laws leftists want here. Thanks to their socialist wizardry, their citizens don’t have an ounce of fat (or anything else) on them. Which, in turn, is leading to a whole buttload of new culinary delights. Like roasted Pomeranian and juicy zebra sirloins.

Sarcasm aside, Venezuela is a grade-A sh*thole. Hardly the kind of place you’d be wanting to take your cues from. However that’s not going to stop socialism-loving douchelords from calling it Heaven. Then again, that’s not too farfetched of a comparison. Seeing as their citizens are only a few missed meals away from departing for the great beyond.

It’s funny how colleges continuously fight against hosting non-leftists. Yet, they happily roll out the hammer-and-sickle-adorned red carpet for far-left despots who starve their people to death.

With moves like this, it’s clear where academia stands politically. In the foodless trash dump that is liberal extremism.

More on that:


Huffington Post Features Female Gun Instructor Who Wants to ‘Teach 1 Million Women to Shoot’

Posted: 09 Apr 2018 04:29 PM PDT

The Huffington Post is a feeding trough full of leftist slop. On its best days. They have some wacky ideas when it comes to guns (see REBUTTAL: Actually, HuffPo, Guns Can HELP Domestic Abuse Victims), and that’s putting it lightly. Like saying Rosie O’Donnell’s silhouette only slightly resembles that of a mannish potato.

So it’s a tad surprising to see HuffPo feature this lady. Marchelle Tigner-Washington is a gun instructor on a mission. The Huffington Poo made a segment about her without slandering her as a dangerous, school-shooting-approving nutcase. Interesting. It probably has something to do with the fact she wants to help women protect themselves. Her goal is to teach one million ladies to use a gun.

It’s not hard to imagine why this chick landed herself a spotlight on a “pro-woman” website. She’s strong and independent, the type of feminist mascot which blubberous HuffPo womyn pretend to be. Take notes, ladies.

Still, credit where due. The blog at least gave Marchelle a spotlight. You don’t exactly see videos like this on other leading progressive sinkholes like Slate. In fact, quite the opposite (see ‘Slate’ Flips the Bird to Facts. Undermines Texas Hero’s Actions and Cosmo Tells Women To ‘Avoid Gun-owners’ and Stick to Beta-Male Pansies).

If leftist organizations truly care about women and minorities, it would be completely rational for them to support the Second Amendment. You know, since it enables those groups to defend themselves with the pew pews.

This quick video is a faint glimmer of reason among progressive sludge. Consider it an early Christmas miracle. Now, if only other self-proclaimed feminist snotwads would follow suit…

Speaking of which:


COMEDY 2018: John Oliver Goes on Crusade Against Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Posted: 09 Apr 2018 12:51 PM PDT

Mainstream comedians are on a quest to murder comedy. And babies. In the video below, John Oliver tried to do both in one fell swoop. Multitasking.

John devoted an entire twenty-minute segment to “exposing” pregnancy centers he deems too pro-life. Their crime: attempting to persuade women to let their children live. Rather than hurl the unwanted babies down the garbage disposal.

Cue the “comedy.”

With his new faux-organization, John Oliver wants to expose crisis pregnancy centers that he says are hurting women.

Oliver dedicated Sunday’s Last Week Tonight episode to these centers, discussing how they use misleading information to confuse women about their pregnancy options, even building offices next to abortion clinics and parking mobile centers in front of clinics in attempts to lure women in.

“What is happening with CPCs is that, way too often, women with unplanned pregnancies are being actively misled when trying to access health care,” Oliver explained. “And CPCs seem happy to have women confuse them for abortion clinics.”

Yes, pregnancy centers are hurting women. All because they won’t shove a melon baller up their uterus and scrape out their fetal error. But fret not, sweet child. Oliver is going to save women from this oppression by talking out his butt for twenty minutes. We are in the presence of a gifted sphinctriloquist.

Last Week Tonight is supposed to be a comedy show. I’m still waiting on John Oliver to deliver the funnies. Instead, HBO plopped down this crap sandwich and thought we’d be delighted because it’s wrapped in a liberal ribbon. Meh.

As for the content of the video itself, abortion is murder. So obviously crisis pregnancy centers want to stop women from murdering their babies. The best client a crisis pregnancy center can get is a mother who intended on having her child murdered then changes her mind. How is this hard?

Much like his colleagues, John Oliver opts for less joke telling and more virtue signaling (see The Border Wall: Why John Oliver is Dead Wrong.). Sometimes he even says things we agree with. It happens when a mouth won’t stop spewing words. The chance is high that eventually some of those words might be agreeable. Thing is, not everyone is impressed by comedians diving head first into socialist brain monitoring. People don’t turn on the boob tube to be lectured about what they should believe, who they should vote for, and what they can and can’t say. Hence Jimmy “Cry for Virtue Points” Kimmel’s ratings are plummeting.

Take the hint, soy boy comedy: America just isn’t that into you.


Transwoman Weightlifter, Who Beat Out Biological Women, Snaps Elbow in Competition

Posted: 09 Apr 2018 12:22 PM PDT

Laural Hubbard, a New Zealander transgender lady (a biological man) beat out biological women to become a “female” weightlifting champion. Thus denying a real woman the chance to compete. That’s the blokefolk we’re referring to. Well, he/she/zir had a bit of a whoopsy daisy while attempting a snatch. Warning: elbows snapping.

A possible snatch victory got snapped:

Kiwi weightlifter Laurel Hubbard doesn’t regret a tactical decision that may have contributed to the injury that forced her shock withdrawal from the Commonwealth Games.

The 40-year-old suffered an elbow injury – possibly a ruptured ligament – when attempting a Commonwealth record 132kg in the snatch when leading the women’s 90kg-plus division.

Having lifted 120kg in her first attempt, then missed at 127kg, Hubbard raised the weight another 5kg for her third attempt to break her personal best of 131kg.

Got that? “She” missed the 127kg attempt, so “she” decided to add another five kilograms. Seemed to work when padding the bra.

But what really undid Lifting Laural was hubris. “Hey, I made it into this as a girl with the DNA of a dude. Might as well add more symbolic weight to the ones betwixt my legs!”

cranston not gonna happen

Look at me when I say this: it’s always a shame when someone injures themselves in a competition. Always. Be they gay, straight, trans, black, white, Hispanic, or have to check the “other” box despite 75 different ethnicity boxes. However, whatever word there is — if there is a word — to describe how one feels after a selfish douche cheats his way into a competition, then loses due to injury, that’s the feeling I’m experiencing right now. Synonyms may include karma, comeuppance, or “that’s what happens.”

At least now a real lady has a shot of clinching the championship in the ladies’ division. Send me your hate tweets so I can mute you.


Musician David Crosby Celebrates Deadly Trump Tower Fire

Posted: 09 Apr 2018 10:41 AM PDT

David Crosby Trump Tower

If you happen to tune into the oldies station and hear a pretentious, hyper-political folk-rock song, chances are David Crosby had a hand in it. As one of the hippiest hippies to ever don a buckskin vest and boycott bathing, Crosby has been on a half-century crusade to make hate extinct.

Unless of course you’re his political enemy and your building catches fire:

On Saturday afternoon, an apartment on the 50th floor of Trump Tower in New York City was engulfed in flames. Authorities were quick to the scene, but Todd Brassner, a 67-year-old art dealer was found "virtually entirely on fire" and passed away. Several firefighters were also injured in the process.

"Oh boy…….burn baby burn," Crosby stated in a tweet that has since been deleted.

Fortunately, the inter-webs are forever and somebody got screenshots:

Jeffrey Guterman, a mental health counselor, who also tweeted that he was "excited" when he heard there was a fire, asked Crosby if his tweet was regarding the Trump Tower.

Crosby responded, "yes Jeffrey.”

Well, one thing’s for sure.

Keep in mind, David Crosby made a career out of grandstanding about unity and understanding through song. “We’ve got to transcend hate and pettiness and strive toward total realness, maaaan. Trump Tower’s on fire? Somebody’s dead? Faaaar out, maaaan. That’s groovy! Meet me downtown with a pack of graham crackers and a couple Hershey’s. I’ll bring the marshmallows.”

It’s easy to write off Dave’s remarks as the ramblings of a leftist boomer douchebag who overdid it on the peyote in the Nixon years. Except this is a common occurrence among leftists. One minute, they claim they run the franchise on empathy and common decency. The next, they’re cheering the deadly inferno engulfing your building. All because you line up on the other side of the aisle.

Yet, we’re supposedly the extremists.


Woman Protests Bill Cosby by Going Topless

Posted: 09 Apr 2018 10:15 AM PDT

Today’s case of “You’re doing it wrong” comes to us from an angry feminist who protested alleged serial rapist, Bill Cosby, by unleashing the full power of her bouncy bazooms. No bras were burned in the filming of this video:

From New York Daily News:

A topless protester was arrested after she shed her shirt and darted in front of Bill Cosby outside his sexual assault trial Monday.

The woman was tackled to the ground and into some bushes lining the sidewalk by a group of police officers almost immediately after she ran past the comedian in front of the Norristown, Pa. courtroom.

She had “Cosby Rapis” (sic), “Women’s Lives Matter” and the names of numerous Cosby accusers written across her body in red and black paint.

In other news, vegan protesters threw fully cooked bacon at meat-eaters. March for Our Lives anti-gun protesters under-hand tossed fully loaded P-Mags at Second Amendment advocates. And finally, Donald Trump is protesting the #Resistance drones by resigning from office.

If someone wants to get word to this woman’s friends — if she has any — I would like to protest America’s dependance on chocolate and coffee. So if someone could throw bags of 100% Kona coffee my way, you know, as a “protest” I’ll be sure to get you on tape for the internet. Double points if the same protesters pelt me with chocolate covered macadamia nuts. That would be the worst. I’m already popping a Xanax just thinking about the trauma I’d surely endure. Surely.

A woman is a danger to society and herself if her first inclination to protest an alleged rapist is “getting naked.” She lacks the minimum intelligence required to operate machinery. Including the hole in her own face. She likely should limit her footwear to shoes equipped with velcro straps. One labeled “L” one with “R.” Even then, the letters might confuse her.

That said, she probably votes. Yay.


Women’s March Upset over ‘Backpage’ Shutdown, Thinks Sex Work is a “Women’s Rights” Issue

Posted: 09 Apr 2018 08:35 AM PDT

womens march sex work

The Women’s March people had a hissy fit over the weekend when Backpage was shutdown. I didn’t know what “Backpage” was either, so lemme clue you in after my Google searching: Backpage was a major classified ad site, not unlike Craigslist, which posted some questionable adverts purporting to show underage girls of the triggering-amber-alert variety. Dora the Explorer: Frolicking Through Phalluses. The feds seized Backpage for its prostitution pimping. The Women’s March has reacted to this news like a case of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Sex work is now a woman’s right. So spreading her legs wide for a horny pervert to insert his member like a USB A into a Thunderbolt cable port is her right. Well… likely a Thunderbolt into a USB A port, if we’re being honest.

I love the use of “uplift” here. Also “impacted.”

It’s a story about sex work. You knew the sex puns were coming.

Get it? Last one, I promise.

A few things here. Grab a snack. Like a banana and a peach.

Last one.

Underage sex work is not a “woman’s right.” It’s not even a right. An underage girl or boy shouldn’t ever be used as a real-life stand-in for a person’s desire to get off to more than naked bodies on screen, or to replace Sally the Sexbot sitting awkwardly in a corner. Hair disheveled. Legs perpetually uncrossed.

Secondly, this is the “my body, my choice” talking point times dildos. Feminists seem to believe body autonomy extends beyond murdering something within their body, to allowing others to use their body like a ride at Disneyland. If I’m guessing, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Buttplugs. Last one.

Therin lies the rub-a-dub-tug. The blurring of the lines between “Doing whatever I want with my own body!” and “Using my body in illegal acts” is now rights for women. 100 years ago women wanted the right to vote. Today, feminists want women’s rights to blow… off some steam in unconventional ways.

More seriously, if underage girls or boys are ever part of the sex romps, there should be no hesitation to shut the operation down. Far leftism has gone from promoting “my body my choice” to “kids like sex too.”


The Simpson Tackles the Apu “Controversy,” Angers the Internet

Posted: 09 Apr 2018 06:36 AM PDT

Let’s set two ground rules. First, there isn’t an actual controversy over “The Simpsons” and Apu. There’s a guy who made a documentary and angry tweeters. Second, “the internet being angry” isn’t something to ever take seriously. However, it is something to make fun of. Now let’s discuss last night’s episode.

It’s not the first time the show has mocked SJWs. But this clip has their unisex panties in a wad.

To answer Lisa’s question, what you can do is never cave to these people. For leftists, comedy, television and all the arts exist solely to validate their every stupid thought. When that doesn’t happen, they give themselves carpal tunnel from crying about it on Twitter.

It started with the director of the Apu documentary. Let’s check in with this wizard of wee:

Then the rest of peanut gallery.

A fifteen-second joke. That's all it took for SJWs to spit their soy smoothie all over the television. Let’s be honest. Unlike the creators of “South Park”, no one is going to mistake the writers of “The Simpsons” as #MugClub members. Dollars to pink sprinkle donuts they are SJW allies 98.6% of the time. Just not the part where they forget comedy is supposed to be funny. Especially when SJWs come after their show as a blood sacrifice.

It was a harmless joke over a harmless character. Yet still a joke that committed the worst crime imaginable: not taking SJW demands seriously.