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#Funny News

#Funny News

Hot 97 Blasts Kanye’s Right-Leaning Tweets: “Cooning for Cash”

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 03:49 PM PDT

Kanye West gave black Twitter a case of the sads over the weekend. His sudden right-leaning tweets have driven people bananas. Not CNN bananas, but still pretty crazy. You would think Kanye tweeted that Colin Kaepernick could have handled things differently. Or that Beyonce was overrated. Maybe that he was a DC Comics fan. You know, super triggering stuff beyond the pale of politics.

Most of the anger was displayed on Hot97 (where hip-hop lives, kid). Host Ebro Darden claims to have spoken to Kanye over the weekend and relayed his side of the conversation.

We went back and forth about a number of things. I told him I thought he was cooning for cash. Being in the lobby of Trump Tower, I thought that was a coon move, cooning for cash. And he was like, "Why, you think I'm gonna make more money because I'm saying the things I'm saying?" I said, "Yes, because the bankers and the executives and the right-wing folks and the audience that wants to hear a black man say these things, to separate himself from other black people will celebrate that…

Then he said, "I do love Donald Trump." Kanye West. Quote. "I do love Donald Trump."

I agree with one point in that, I think this is all because Kanye has new music coming out. I know some on the right like to rally around anyone remotely famous who says things they agree with. But we’re talking about Kanye West here. Don’t act surprised in a week or two when he’s retweeting David Hogg.

But we’ve seen what happens to black celebrities when they say something about Donald Trump other than “f*** you” (see CNN Throws Race Against Trump. NFL Legend Jim Brown Has None of It! and Steve Harvey Says He's Encouraged by Donald Trump. Leftist Mobs Burn his Village…). Not that it’s limited to just black celebrities. Country singer Shania Twain was cyberbullied into apologizing for saying she would have voted for him. But when someone who comes from one or more of the left’s marginalized groups has the slightest right-leaning thought, it’s scorched earth time. The disdain these hosts had for anyone who has a different opinion than them was biting. If not at first, it was after you got smacked in the face by the race card.

Also, you can’t say people like Kanye or Jim Brown “got played” by the president when black unemployment numbers are at an all-time low (see Stats Show Black Unemployment Levels Just Hit a Record Low… and BET Founder Praises Trump Economy: 'Bringing Black Workers Back Into the Labor Force'). Yes, Trump tweets and says dumb things. His comments on Charlottesville were disappointing at best to a lot of people. Even a lot of us on the right. But results matter more than Twitter rants. At least they should. And I’m definitely not saying Melania shouldn’t replace Trump’s iPhone with a squeaky toy.

I totally think a lot of this is Kanye looking for publicity. But even so, while he’s claiming to challenge people to “think differently” and open lines of dialogue with people, I’m his ally.


MSNBC Panel Blames AR-15 for the Waffle House Shooting

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 03:22 PM PDT

You know, there’s stupid, and then there’s this mass brainfarting session dialogue about gun control on MSNBC. Everyone else has been talking about the evils of the certifiable shirtless loon who popped-off on unsuspecting Waffle House customers. Not MSNBC though. They’ve nailed down the real culprit in this kerfuffle. The dreaded AR-15.

Take a listen:

"What is your message, I guess I want to ask, to those who say, 'Don't touch my guns no matter what'?," Stephanie Ruhle fretted to Bret Stephens. Stephens proclaimed: "Well, that's exactly it. The problem that we have is that we have not just a legal regime, but a culture in which the way in which guns are treated as sort of ordinary household implements is precisely what leads to the deaths of the sort we just saw in Waffle House."

The “legal regime” he’s referring to, whether he knows it or not, is the Constitution. The NRA’s only “crime” is fighting to spare the Second Amendment from the left’s Wite-Out. They aren’t fighting to make the right to bear arms a reality. They’re fighting to keep it as-is. The way it was written.

Also, guns have been ordinary household implements since forever. Believe it or not, there wasn’t always a McDonald’s on every street corner. In the history times, if you wanted some food, you had to kill or grow it. I dare anyone to think of a better tool for putting down a deer or protecting your crops and family than a good, old-fashioned lead-slinger. Frankly, the lack of a gun in every house is the newer development.

But guns are not as “common” as that pair of scissors you keep misplacing. Nor are they treated as casually.

Glaude proceeded with his fact-free rant by actually blaming the inanimate object itself for the murders:

“We want to understand it. This case crystalizes for us everything we find wrong with the current gun control debate, right?

I agree, actually. There’s no way, under current law, this mass-murdering douchelord should have had a gun. Or anything other than a bus ticket to a “hotel room” with cozy pillow-top walls.

The government took their best shot at controlling his guns. Then gave the guns back to daddy dearest. Nevertheless, the bad guy managed to do a show-and-tell of his badness right in the middle of the Waffle House. This is yet another rock-solid case where gun laws were a failure. Yep, everything wrong with the gun debate indeed.

And we can say here, we can sit here and say that [shooter Travis] Reinking was mentally unstable or is mentally unstable. We can say that. And we can let people make – draw their conclusions between kind of mental health issues and gun violence.

There’s no conclusion in need of drawing. It’s abundantly clear the shooter’s eggs are scrambled. He lives in perpetual fear of Taylor Swift. Look what she made him do. He’s gone to the place with the bars for rolling up to the White House uninvited. This is an unstable individual, regardless of whether he has a gun or not. He’s got a blank space, baby. In his head.

But we don't want to do that, what we want to say is that there was an AR-15, a weapon of mass destruction, in a Waffle House….the real criminal here is that AR-15.”

Why is it the black gun is automatically a criminal, huh? Leftists claim to not hate rifles with wooden stocks. Yet they go on tirades like this one, saying black rifles have no place in America. Calling them criminals. Holding them down with oppressive laws. All for being the wrong color.

that's racist

We’ve been joking about leftists thinking guns are sentient since God only knows when. This is the first time I can recall where somebody made that argument without even a hint of irony.

This black-rifle-hating dunce would have you believe the AR-15 used voodoo, because all black rifles know voodoo, to possess an innocent white boy. The rifle then made the honky carry him into the Waffle House, where he sprayed his pellets into innocent people. Then, the rifle played dead and let the cracker take the fall. Case closed.

Yeah, I don’t think trying an inanimate object for murder is going to work out all that well. Just saying.


Waffle House Shooter Stole a Car Days Before Shooting. Police Discontinued Pursuit.

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 03:12 PM PDT

Looks like we have yet another “The authorities knew the killer was a problem but kept dropping the ball as if their fingers were coated with KY jelly after a hot night of non-gender conforming passion” story. The Waffle House shooting suspect jacked a BMW from a dealership five days before the Waffle House shooting. The police were notified of the theft and pursued the BMW but didn’t continue the pursuit as the stolen car was equipped with a GPS. And killer. More on that below, but first the video:

From The Daily Beast:

After stealing a key fob from a salesperson, police say, he got in a 2018 BMW X6 and drove away from the dealership.

Weaving through rush-hour traffic, he ignored the lights and sirens behind him, before Brentwood police officers terminated their pursuit after a few minutes. Reinking was identified as the suspected thief on Monday as police hunted him down for killing four people at the restaurant in nearby Antioch.

Later that evening, according to police, officers from the Metro Nashville Police Department located the vehicle at the apartment complex where Reinking was living. The vehicle was unoccupied.

The Daily Beast article does not include whether or not the police dusted the car for prints, ran prints, looked up the residents of the apartment complex to crosscheck against criminal histories, knocked on doors asking if anyone saw who was driving the BMW, or if they just took possession of the BMW and continued on their merry way. Failing to notice a person who likes to commit crimes while naked.

It's that apartment complex that police believe Reinking returned to after the shooting Sunday morning, putting on some clothes before taking off again toward a wooded area. When police searched his apartment Sunday, they found the stolen BMW key fob connecting him to the theft last week.

If only they’d played “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift. Would’ve sent the killer scurrying for cover. And/or pants.

Now, before everyone freaks the heck out over police dropping the pursuit, there’s a reason the chase was discontinued: high-speed chases are dangerous for everyone else on the road. Yes, they make for great TV. Yes, you can have too many car chases in a single film. I’m looking at you Bourne franchise. But if you’re driving on the freeway or highway with cops in full pursuit of a stolen car, and the suspect is doing whatever he can to evade capture up to and including throwing his underpants outside, you’re probably not feeling safe. Underpants may have skidmarks. Car chases can lead to accidents. Best to play it safe here before hurting innocent people on the road.

So in this one instance, I’m siding with the Brentwood police’s decision to call off the chase. They didn’t know who was driving the car. And this still isn’t Minority Report where precogs can brown ball a potential killer shooting up patrons of simple carbs.

Where Brentwood PD may have slipped up was not following through appropriately on the stolen car. But again, hindsight showcases just how shitty law enforcement often is with these kinds of cases. It’s okay, though. Because we still have the gun to blame.


Video: Hero Who Stopped Waffle House Shooter Shares His Story

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 11:00 AM PDT

In the wake of the Waffle House shooting, leftists are already out in full force to grab our guns. While blatantly ignoring all the examples in this case of gun control laws coming up short. Lefties think even more laws would put a damper on shootings like this. In reality, it takes good guys with cajones of titanium to put psychos down. Like this guy.

Meet James Shaw, Jr.

James Shaw Jr sounds as though he'd like to be anywhere else except on camera, but the man who stopped a mass shooting by forcinbly disarming a mass murderer seems to have little choice. Everyone wants to hear his story of grace under fire and thank Shaw for his action. Shaw himself got grazed by a bullet and scraped up in the fight, but tells NBC's Today that viewers should keep the seriously wounded and families of the killed in their minds more than him.

As for his decision to confront the shooter, Shaw simply says that he "saw his opportunity" and decided action was a better bet than hiding.

Give this man all the waffles his heart desires. He deserves it.

Without a bonafide badass like James Shaw in the House of Waffles, the shooting may have been even worse. Fortunately for the other survivors, Jimmy was there to save the day. They were all in the crosshairs of that murderous buttmunch. Though, not for very long once James chose to intervene. Subsequently, those patrons live to drizzle glorious syrup on their waffle another day.

The left thinks extra laws will solve this problem. Except the psychotic douchenozzle’s history shows has no problem butting heads with the constabulary. Even by the laws we already have, this dickweed isn’t fit for a gun. A straight jacket and a fistful of meds, most definitely, but not a lead-slinger. Which is why the authorities already chose to confiscate them. Yet, thanks to widespread incompetence, the gats found their way back into the shooter’s grubby paws. A gun control fail if I ever saw one.

Politics aside, James Shaw is a hero in every sense of the word. Mad props to you, my good man.

Speaking of heroes:


Count Dankula Avoids Jail Time, Fined for “Offensive” Pug Video

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 10:10 AM PDT

Count Dankula

The UK struggles with free speech rights. Struggles, meaning people in the UK don’t seem to have a right to it. Or maybe they’re just too embarrassed because of the bad teeth. Cheap joke, but whatever. Just recently, a girl was fined for posting rap lyrics some random person found offensive.

The worst example involves a YouTuber named Count Dankula. He was arrested for a video where he taught his dog to do the Nazi salute. In an effort to tick off his girlfriend. And Nazis. Though instead of jail time, he’s only being fined.

A YouTuber who trained his girlfriend’s dog to perform Nazi salutes has been fined £800 for being grossly offensive.

Mark Meechan, who blogs under the name Count Dankula, was previously found guilty under the Communications Act over the video.

Viewed more than three million times on YouTube, it showed his girlfriend's pug raising its paw apparently in response to statements including "sieg heil" and calls to murder Jewish people.

No one is going to confuse Dankula for the second coming of Rodney Dangerfield. At least they shouldn’t. Rodney got no respect. Dankula, in my opinion, deserves none. But randos screaming at the camera getting more clicks than clips from the “Johnny Carson Tonight Show” is a rant for a different time.

Here’s the big difference between me and the UK though. The Count isn’t my flavor of comedy, so I don’t watch the Count. A collection of English gits don’t like the Count, and they think he should be arrested for hate crimes.

This part is particularly alarming:

Sheriff O’Carroll said the right to freedom of expression was very important but “in all modern democratic countries the law necessarily places some limits on that right”.

In Europe, maybe. This is why we broke up with England back in the 1700’s or so. Caused quite a ruckus at the time. So peeved were the limeys they burned our White House in the War of 1812. We beat them again and they’ve been sore losers ever since. No regrets.

You do not have freedom of speech if that freedom comes with exceptions. Meaning it’s not freedom. Which is rather the problem in the Olde Country. “You can say whatever you want! Unless it hurts someone’s feelings, then no you can’t, lol.” Get more details, read OPINION: America is a Thing Because the United Kingdom Blows.

The scary thing is “putting limits on freedom of expression” sounds like the cat’s pajamas to leftists in this country. If we don’t fight these Nazis at every opportunity, this country may find itself either repealing the First Amendment or adding so many addendums to it, it may as well not exist.


Report: Waffle House Shooter Had History of Arrests and Mental Illness

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 09:32 AM PDT


Yesterday, a homicidal asshat took his shirt off and got his mass murder on in a Waffle House. You’ve no doubt heard the left blaming “scary black rifles of color” for the massacre and demanding they be taken away. What you probably haven’t heard is the guy has an “impressive” rap sheet. Along with a history of being a certifiable nut-bar. Not to mention his boomsticks had been taken from him. For reals:

According to police, Reinking was arrested by the Secret Service for trespassing near the White House in July 2017.

Reinking said he wanted to meet with US President Donald Trump and told a Secret Service officer at the northeast entrance that he was a “sovereign citizen” who had a “right to inspect the grounds.”

At the FBI’s request, Reinking’s Illinois firearms authorization was revoked, and four weapons — including the AR-15 style rifle used in the Sunday’s shooting — were seized.

Authorities in Tazewell County, Illinois, later returned the seized weapons to Reinking’s father, who gave them back to his son, police said.

Proving once again the government can’t even jack the gats without bungling the whole thing up. Yet, the left expects us to trust Uncle Sam’s “flawless expertise” in matters of regulating our lives and securing our safety. As it is, they’re not exactly doing a bang-up job.

Crazy had guns. FBI took Crazy’s guns. FBI gave guns back to Crazy’s father who presumably helped raise Crazy. Crazy’s father gives guns back to Crazy. Leftists call for repeal of the Second Amendment.

Wait though, because it’s about to get a whole lot loonier.

In May 2016, Reinking experienced a delusional episode telling first responders that he believed pop star Taylor Swift was stalking him, according to a police report.

Yeah, I think we’re starting to get the picture of this guy’s gray matter.

This is a person who’s clearly got some head issues. Yet, the authorities chose to let him roam the streets. Even after taking his tomfoolery to the White House, of all places. No men in white coats. No trip to a padded room. The guy’s dad even thought it a good idea to let his whacked-out son have his blasters back. There’s plenty of blame to go around. Still, leftists want to single out the rifle itself for the massacre.

We already have laws on the books to keep people like this basket case from packing heat. Yet, thanks to incompetence all-around, four Waffle House patrons are in the morgue and this crazy person is still at large. Sad.


Massachusetts Preschool Bans Kids from Having Best Friends

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 08:43 AM PDT

If you’re reading this and weren’t a loser as a kid, you probably had best friends. Dating back to preschool. That one friend you played with the most in the sandbox as you tried digging to China. With whom you chased the opposite sex. In times when there were two acknowledged genders. Before the time of triggering and men using girl’s potties. You remember that person: you held hands and skipped, played Red Rover, and shared crayons. Burnt Sienna all the way, and yes you can borrow it my bestie.

justin timberlake

Julia had a best friend. Until her teachers at this Massachusetts preschool said she wasn’t allowed to.

“She said you know so-and-so, you’re my best buddy. The teacher told her that she couldn’t say that there in school,” Julia’s mother, Christine Hartwell, told WBZ-TV.

“Best friend” is not a term Julia can use at Pentucket Workshop Preschool.

“I think it’s ridiculous. Children who are 4 years old speak from their heart, so they should be able to call kids anything loving – you’re my best friend, you’re my best pal,” Hartwell said.

The school explained to Hartwell that “the term best friend can lead other children to feel excluded,” and it can “ultimately lead to the formation of cliques and outsiders,” and the school encourages “students to have a wider group of friends.”

Unsure Blond Girl

This isn’t the first school to ban the term “best friends” or even the practice of having “best friends.” Only the most recent to drink the recycled Koolaid. Though Julia’s parents should consider her daughter lucky. Some preschools have banned kids from having genders.

Four-year-olds are just starting to learn how to communicate and express themselves. Before learning how to read and write, leftists are making children feel guilty over the use of simple language to express their most tender sentiments. In this case “I like you, ergo you’re my best friend.” Not sure which is more heartbreaking, this pre-schooler being denied her choice of language or Harambe having never seen how famous he became after inventing a new water sport with his best friend. Maybe he’d have called it “Toddler Skipping Stone” or “Waterboard Baby.” The world will never know.

In wanting to eliminate exclusion, the left is preventing the most basic of human instincts: forming bonds with each other. Alas, to the left, human behavior is but another tool for indoctrination. See also: socialism.

Julia’s parents made the right call pulling her from the school. The more public schools, now pre-schools, engage in leftist indoctrination, the more parents may consider private schooling options. Or homeschooling.


CNN Doubles Down on Fake News/Bananas Analogy

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 07:42 AM PDT

CNN really thinks their apples and bananas analogy of “fake news” is witty. Though had these bananas been misplaced at a Black Lives Matter rally, the banana analogy would’ve gone from “witty” to CNN’s building being set aflame.

If only CNN was concerned about the fake news on CNN (see WATCH: Patriot Troll Master Yells 'CNN is Fake News!' LIVE on CNN and Polish President Wrecks 'Fake News' CNN with a Single Tweet). But they do love their fruit. We’re waiting to hear how Anderson Cooper is using these bananas post video shoot. Don’t send videos of that. Don’t.

Whoever pitched this video needs to be given a urine test. Because there’s a good chance they were smoking bananas during the creative meeting on April 20th.

CNN CREATIVE DIRECTOR: We need a new commercial to point out how not fake news we are.

OTTO: What if you took a giant pile of bananas, only you put apple in the middle?

CNN CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Why do you smell like a 311 concert?

Thankfully, the internet didn’t have a case of the Mondays. Let the mockery commence!


CNN. America’s most trusted name in potassium.

We should be happy all we got was a pile of bananas. They could have worked blue. Put a condom on one. Rubbed it with vaseline. And demonstrated what the network has done to journalistic standards. James Earl Jones could still narrate, but as Darth Vader. Breathing heavily.


After Waffle House Shooting, Emma Gonzalez Calls for Gun Ban

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 06:23 AM PDT

We’ve been monitoring the Waffle House shooting from yesterday. In case you spent your weekend in a news-free bliss, here’s what happened:

Suspect arrived at the Waffle House in Antioch, southeast of Nashville at 3:19 a.m., wearing nothing but a green jacket, Metro Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron said.

The suspected gunman sat in his pickup truck for 3 1/2 to 4 minutes “just looking at people inside the restaurant,” Aaron said. Suspect got out of his pickup, wielding an “assault-type rifle,” and fatally shot two people outside the Waffle House, police said.

Shaw “saw the gunman looking at his rifle. At that point, the shots had stopped,” Metro Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron said.

“So he decided to rush the gunman, actually wrestled that assault rifle away, tossed it over the counter. At that point, the gunman then fled.”

Shaw was grazed by a bullet on his elbow while grappling with the gunman.

Here are the bullet points while authorities track down the alleged shooter:

1. James Shaw is a hero.

2. The alleged shooter actually had his guns taken away. His father gave them back to him. Possibly illegally.

3. The left is acting like Shaw being a “good guy WITHOUT a gun” is somehow an anti-Second Amendment gotcha moment. Not Gay Jared let these fools know:

But since a gun was used to commit a crime, the Parkland “activists” had to chime in. I’m sure David Hogg had some David Hoggy things to say (see Brian Stelter Admits to Letting David Hogg Get Away With Making False Claims and Colion Noir Responds to David Hogg's 'White Privilege' Remarks). But for a change, let’s hear from Emma Gonzalez. She went from the aforementioned “good guy without a gun” talking point to a straight up gun ban.

We’re told we (adults who’ve not survived a school shooting) are not allowed to question the Parkland Bunch ever about anything. Sorry, that won’t fly here. We’re free to question Emma when she calls for removing all semi-automatic weapons. Does she “know” most guns ARE semi-automatic? Like most handguns. Which leftists claim they “don’t” want to ban. They only want to ban “weapons of war.” Handguns are okay. Unless they’re semi-automatic. Like most are. You see the problem here?

I won’t question the pretenses of their “school safety” or “common sense gun reform" talking points, since those points have now gone the way of some of these kids school attendance record. Practically nil.

If anti-gunners aren’t pretending anymore about where they really stand on guns, we can finally have a national conversation about repealing the Second Amendment. Because you can’t remove weapons from civilian society without repealing the mechanism which allows them to keep weapons. Crying about the NRA is meaningless. “Common sense” gun laws are unconstitutional. The only thing for the left is argue for the repeal of the Second Amendment.

Fine. If that’s the debate the left wants to have, let’s have it. Especially in a midterm election year.