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6 News wins variety of journalism awards

Posted: 22 Apr 2018 03:16 PM PDT

MICHIGAN WLNS [Nassar coverage] Apr 22, 2018 6 News won nine awards from the Associated Press on Sunday, including awards for the station's coverage of the Larry Nassar scandal and for weather. The station was also recognized with an "Outstanding News Operation" award. WLNS-TV won four first place awards, including: * Best Investigative Coverage, Alexandra Ilitch, "The Larry Nassar Saga" * Best Continuing Coverage, Alexandra Ilitch, "The Larry Nassar Scandal"

Police to stop taking victims' word for it: Dramatic plan could mean officers do not automatically believe claims of crimes due to flawed inquiries based on false allegations

Posted: 22 Apr 2018 01:47 PM PDT

UNITED KINGDOM Daily Mail By Martin Beckford for The Mail on Sunday 22 April 2018 Police are to drop their controversial policy of automatically believing anyone who reports a crime, it can be revealed. A top-level report obtained by The Mail on Sunday says official guidance should be changed to tell detectives they must listen to victims and take them seriously – but not automatically assume they are telling the truth. The dramatic move follows a series of flawed inquiries based on false allegations that left dozens of innocent people's lives and reputations destroyed, including high-profile figures such as pop legend Sir Cliff Richard and DJ Paul Gambaccini. In the most notorious case, Scotland Yard wrongly described as 'credible and true' a fantasist's lurid claims of a VIP sex abuse ring in Westminster involving former Home Secretary Lord Brittan, war hero Lord Bramall and ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor. The U-turn has been drawn up by the College of Policing, which sets national standards, and after being considered by chief constables last week it will be sent to Home Office Ministers to become official policy.

The causes of paedophilia and child sexual abuse are more complex than the public believes

Posted: 22 Apr 2018 01:41 PM PDT

AUSTRALIA The Conversation April 22, 2018 Kelly Richards Senior lecturer, Queensland University of Technology The public often feels intense loathing and anger towards paedophiles and those who sexually abuse children. A raft of sex offender policies such as Western Australia's publicly accessible register of "dangerous and high risk offenders" has been introduced globally to appease an increasingly hostile, punitive and vocal community. What the public thinks about the causes of child sexual abuse is important, because what people think causes a problem informs what they believe should be done. My recent research examined what the public think causes paedophilia and child sexual abuse. I found there were four common causal explanations, and while each had some truth to them, they ultimately missed the complexity of the actual causes. 'Born that way' or cycle of abuse? I analysed nearly 800 comments posted by members of the public to four online forums created following the announcement of a new program for reintegrating sex offenders in South Australia. The forums are a rich source of data on public views about causality, particularly since people's comments are "off the cuff" rather than telling the researcher what they want to hear. People posting on the forum put forward four causal explanations for paedophilia and child sexual abuse.

McKayla Maroney says she tried to raise sex abuse alarm in 2011

Posted: 22 Apr 2018 01:36 PM PDT

UNITED STATES NBC News by Sarah Fitzpatrick and Tracy Connor Apr.22.2018 Larry Nassar had done "the treatment" on gymnast McKayla Maroney before, but nothing prepared her for what happened in a Tokyo hotel room in October 2011. "That was the scariest night," Maroney told NBC News in her first-ever interview about the abuse she suffered at the hands of Nassar, the former Olympic doctor now at the center of an ever-widening scandal. "He went, like, overboard that night." Maroney is one of more than 265 girls and women — including a half-dozen Olympians — who say Nassar molested them under the guise of medical procedures. She told her story as part of a months-long Dateline investigation, airing Sunday night at 7 p.m. ET, into allegations that USA Gymnastics could have stopped Nassar earlier and tried to silence his victims when they finally spoke up — accusations the organization denies.

A letter from the Elders

Posted: 22 Apr 2018 12:16 PM PDT

ILLINOIS Willow Creek Community Church April 21, 2018 Dear Willow Family, We have been diligently praying and processing how to best respond to recent events. Last night, we had another productive and encouraging Elder Meeting. We are unified and seeking God's direction on next steps, and we felt it was important to communicate with you. This has been such a difficult time. Our church has been facing one of the most challenging seasons in our history. In the midst of this time, you have been responding with love, grace, and an openness to engage in dialogue. We are so proud of you. You are living the Gospel. We are also especially proud of the staff. Not only have you gracefully demonstrated strength, you have also joyfully assumed additional responsibilities due to an accelerated transition of leadership. Over the last several weeks, we have been in a process of deep learning, seeking clarity, and building a path toward reconciliation. Even though Bill is no longer in his role, our work to resolve any shadow of doubt in the trustworthiness of Willow Creek Community Church and its Elders is not done. With the benefit of hindsight, we see several aspects of our past work that we would have handled differently, and we have identified several areas of learning. Moving forward, we have a renewed commitment to engaging well, listening deeply, and further developing a culture of transparency and accountability.

Church elders renew probe of founder’s alleged misconduct

Posted: 22 Apr 2018 12:12 PM PDT

ILLINOIS Associated Press SOUTH BARRINGTON, Ill. (AP) — Leaders of a Chicago-area evangelical church that became one of the largest in the nation say they will renew their examination of the church's former pastor. The Rev. Bill Hybels retired from Willow Creek Community Church earlier this month after allegations he touched and made lewd comments to female congregants. The elders say they are acting after new accusations against Hybels surfaced. The new allegations were published Saturday in Christianity Today. Hybels couldn't immediately be reached for comment. The elders and an outside investigator cleared Hybels of any wrongdoing in a previous inquiry.

Catholic priests take a vow of celibacy when they’re ordained. But when they break that vow, their children are left to live a lie

Posted: 22 Apr 2018 10:59 AM PDT

CANADA Toronto Star By MARY ORMSBY Feature Writer SANDRO CONTENTA Feature Writer Tues., April 17, 2018 On a winter afternoon in 2016, Michelle Raftis's long search brought her to the steps of St. Michael's Cathedral, the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto. She was nervous, and had carefully prepared what she would say to Cardinal Tom Collins. She was done with secrets and lies. Raftis is the daughter of a Catholic priest, a truth the 55-year-old had to hide most of her life. She wanted to know why the church she was raised in allowed a priest to abandon his child. "I wanted a written apology from the church," Raftis says. In Canada and around the world, children of priests have emerged from the shadows to press the Vatican — and their local dioceses — to recognize they exist. The Vatican appears to have no data on the number of clergy who break their vows of celibacy and father children. But with more than 400,000 Roman Catholic priests ministering to 1.1 billion Catholics, offspring are likely to be found across the globe, says Bill Kilgallon, who recently finished a three-year term as a leading member of Pope Francis's Commission for the Protection of Minors. In Canada alone, about 20 sons and daughters of priests have personally contacted Coping International, a recently formed online support group out of Ireland that is pushing the Roman Catholic Church and its priests to acknowledge parental responsibilities.

Dioceses won’t name sex offenders

Posted: 22 Apr 2018 10:50 AM PDT

WEST VIRGINIA Weirton Daily Times WHEELING — The Roman Catholic dioceses of Wheeling-Charleston and Steubenville don't plan to issue any lists of alleged sexual offenders as dioceses in neighboring states have done in recent weeks. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania, and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, New York, released lists of clergy and laity identified as being sexual abusers. The lists contained the names of living and deceased subjects. But that won't happen here, church officials have said. "The diocese does not currently have any plan to do what the Diocese of Erie is doing," said Tim Bishop, a spokesman for the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston. Dino Orsatti, director of communications for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Steubenville, also said that diocese isn't planning to issue a list of alleged sexual offenders. Still, it won't hide any allegations.

Bishop George Bell investigation dropped by Sussex Police

Posted: 22 Apr 2018 10:48 AM PDT

UNITED KINGDOM Telegraph Olivia Rudgard, religious affairs correspondent 22 APRIL 2018 A police investigation into former bishop of Chichester George Bell has been dropped amid criticism of the Archbishop of Canterbury for smearing his name. Sussex Police told the Daily Telegraph that they were no longer investigating a new allegation which was referred to them earlier this year. A spokesman said the the investigation "was completed in March 2018" and added "of course further police investigation or action is not possible as Bishop Bell died 60 years ago". An independent review released last year by Lord Carlile found that Bishop Bell had been besmirched by the church in 2015 when officials released a statement formally apologising over allegations of abuse made by a woman who is now in her seventies. It also paid out £16,800 to the woman, known as Carol, for the alleged sexual abuse over a period of four years, beginning when she was five years old.

Telford sex scandal shock as social services chief is one of THREE councillors exposed as paedophiles

Posted: 22 Apr 2018 08:37 AM PDT

UNITED KINGDOM Mirror ByGeraldine McKelvie Nick Sommerlad 22 APR 2018 Three politicians are today exposed as convicted child sex offenders in "mind-blowing and disgraceful" revelations that will further rock Telford. Relatives of murdered abuse victim Lucy Lowe, 16, were left reeling after learning one of the politicians had been jailed and two others had admitted their guilt. Anglican vicar the Rev Michael Keen, 78, who sat on a Police Authority board, got 15 months for two assaults on a boy aged 15. The same lad was assaulted by former councillor Graham Bould, 60, chair of Shropshire County Council's social services from 1993 -1998 – when Telford's child grooming epidemic began to spiral. The Sunday Mirror revealed last month how up to 1,000 girls are feared to have been groomed and abused by mainly Asian paedophile gangs.

Social services chief is one of three politicians exposed as paedophiles as Telford child sex grooming scandal grows

Posted: 22 Apr 2018 08:34 AM PDT

UNITED KINGDOM Daily Mail By Phoebe Southworth For Mailonline 22 April 2018 A social services chief is among three politicians exposed as paedophiles as the Telford grooming scandal continues to spiral. The shocking revelation comes just a week after authorities in the Shropshire town voted to commission an independent inquiry into child abuse after years of inaction. Up to 1,000 children are feared to have been groomed and abused by predominantly Asian paedophile gangs. Victim Lucy Lowe, 16, was murdered by her abuser who set fire to her house in 2000. The blaze also killed her sister and mother. She had been made pregnant by the same man when she was 14. Now it has emerged that former county councillor Graham Bould groomed a 15-year-old boy in the early 1980s after meeting him at a church group.

Child abuse investigation to look into claims at former Aberdeen children’s home

Posted: 22 Apr 2018 08:28 AM PDT

SCOTLAND Evening Express 19/04/2018 A national child abuse investigation will turn its focus on events at a former Aberdeen children's home from next week. Former residents and other witnesses connected to Nazareth House on the city's Claremont Street, are expected to give evidence to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry. The facility was founded by six women from the Sisters of Nazareth in London in 1862 and it was once home to more than 300 children, but the home was dogged by allegations of historical abuse by the nuns for over two decades, with more than 40 complaints being made by former residents during a police investigation in 1997. The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry was launched in October 2015 and is one of the most wide-ranging public inquiries ever held in Scotland.

Lawyer rapped over child abuse evidence

Posted: 22 Apr 2018 08:25 AM PDT

SCOTLAND Press and Journal by Jon Hebditch April 19, 2018 A lawyer representing a group of nuns under investigation by a national child abuse probe has been rapped by one of Scotland's top judges for attempting to prevent the sisters from giving evidence. The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry will next week look at establishments run by the Sisters of Nazareth order in Aberdeen, Cardonald, Kilmarnock and Lasswade following hearings regarding facilities run by the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul in January. The Aberdeen facility Nazareth House, on Aberdeen's Claremont Street, was founded by six women from the order in 1862 and was once home to more than 300 children. However, the nuns from the children's home have been dogged by allegations of historical abuse. During a police investigation in 1997, more than 40 complaints were made by former residents – one woman claimed she had been beaten so hard she lost her hearing, and another said he had been submerged in near-boiling water by the sisters.

Phase 2 Hearings - Sisters of Nazareth

Posted: 22 Apr 2018 08:16 AM PDT

SCOTLAND Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry 24 April 2018 During Phase 2 the Inquiry will continue to examine evidence it has ingathered, researched and analysed relating to residential child care establishments run by Catholic Orders. This phase will resume with a case study about residential child care establishments run by the Sisters of Nazareth. Hearings are expected to begin on 24 April 2018 and continue into early Summer. Witnesses: Representatives of the Sisters of Nazareth. Individuals who were resident in Nazareth House in Aberdeen, Cardonald, Kilmarnock and Lasswade. Please note that the names in brackets is a pseudonym of the witness who has chosen to give evidence anonymously. Tuesday 24 April Opening submissions Witness LCO – (Rose) Jim Buckley *Witness LBO – (Elizabeth) - the statement of this witness will be read in, in whole or part. *Witness LCK – (Lucy) - the statement of this witness will be read in, in whole or part. Wednesday 25 April Witness LBK - (Christopher) Witness LBL – (John) *Witness LCI – (Michael) - the statement of this witness will be read in, in whole or part. *Witness LCM – (Terence) - the statement of this witness will be read in, in whole or part. Thursday 26 April Witness LCN – (John) Joseph Currie *Witness LBZ – (Jack) - the statement of this witness will be read in, in whole or part. Friday 27 April Witness LBA - (Alan) Witness LBR – (Jill) *Witness LCP – (Margaret) - the statement of this witness will be read in, in whole or part. Context: The case study into residential child care establishments run by Catholic Orders will resume with a case study on establishments run by the Sisters of Nazareth, with a particular focus on: Nazareth House in Aberdeen Nazareth House in Cardonald Nazareth House in Kilmarnock Nazareth House in Lasswade

Sisters of Nazareth: Nuns held to account for decades of CHILD ABUSE

Posted: 22 Apr 2018 08:05 AM PDT

SCOTLAND Express By BEN BORLAND Apr 22, 2018 A CATHOLIC order has been accused of lacking compassion after complaining of a "difficult year" as they are finally held to account for decades of child abuse. The second phase of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry will begin examining the shameful history of the Sisters of Nazareth on Tuesday, with hearings expected to continue until the early summer. Hundreds of survivors have come forward to give evidence about beatings, cruelty and sexual assaults at the order's four Scottish orphanages in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Kilmarnock. The scandal was first exposed more than 20 years ago but legal red tape and a lack of political will led to an extraordinary delay in bringing the abuse to a public hearing. While the Sisters of Nazareth have consistently refused to apologise or pay compensation, many of the victims have died or suffered ongoing hardships over this period.