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#Viral Information


Posted: 23 Apr 2018 09:47 PM PDT

Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron look stylish during White House stroll

Stephanie Grisham, the first lady's communications director, told CNN about Melania Trump's approach when planning the event.

"A smaller, more elegant event allows a guest to have a more personal experience, and that is very important to Mrs. Trump," Grisham said, adding that the dinner will take place in the State Dining Room, which has a maximum occupancy of 150.

"[The first lady] has a background in design, which played a major role in the décor throughout the State floor," Grisham said. "She has been very focused on the experience of the guests, and wants to ensure they are able to truly enjoy and remember the occasion."

"When you are invited to a dinner at the White House, it is very special to be able to sit in the State Dining Room," Grisham said. "After all, this is the People's house, which is rich with history and tradition."

Virginia CBS affiliate WTVR reported:

So confident was Trump about her ability to handle something like a state dinner, with its myriad details, that the first lady would not hire an event planner to help, as previous first ladies have done in the past to manage the grandeur and spectacle.

For example, the final state dinner of the Obama administration, its 14th, was a tented affair for former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, held on the South Lawn of the White House for 400 guests. Michelle Obama wore a custom, chainmail Atelier Versace gown; Mario Batali cooked, and Gwen Stefani entertained.

For the Trump administration's first state dinner, there will be none of that. There will also be none of the paparazzi element that has come with past state dinners.




Looking sleek: Melania, 47, looked chic in a $2,790 Givenchy tuxedo cape worn over a Dolce & Gabbana dress



Melania Trump and France’s first lady Brigitte Macron put on a stylish display at the White House on Monday evening before heading to a private dinner at Mount Vernon.

Melania, 47, gave a nod to some of the biggest designers from her guest’s home nation, wearing a $2,790 Givenchy tuxedo cape, Christian Louboutin heels, and a Christian Dior purse, which she paired with a Dolce & Gabbana dress.

 Meanwhile Brigitte, 65, stuck with her favorite design house, donning a custom Louis Vuitton ensemble featuring a pale yellow coat worn over a matching dress. Like Melania, she also sported black patent leather stilettos.

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Center of attention: Brigitte and Macron held hands as they stood between President Donald Trump and his wife 



Gift: The Macrons traveled to Washington, D.C. with a European Sessile Oak, which the couples planted on the South Lawn 






Melania Trump's place settings revealed for first state dinner



Touches of gold were used on the menu too, including a golden presidential seal, and a golden fleur-de-lis 



Reporters were briefly allowed into the White House's state dining room Monday night to take in the first lady's designs for the Trump administration's first state dinner 



Mrs. Trump chose Clinton china services to coordinate with the dinner's cream and gold color scheme, and Bush china with a green color palette to



Photographers capture the first lady's place settings Monday night at the White House, as press was briefly allowed in for a preview 




Melania Trump's vision for her first state dinner included golden place settings, puffs of white and light green flowers and dinner by candlelight 



The first lady used china from two administrations - Bill Clinton's and George H.W. Bush's - to create a golden look for the tables, which glowed under the candlelight 








Posted: 23 Apr 2018 05:38 PM PDT

Kate Middleton and Prince William present royal baby to the world


Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, today stared lovingly into her newborn son’s eyes as she carried the little prince out of hospital just before 6pm and home to Kensington Palace.

Delighted father Prince William today revealed how Princess Charlotte and Prince George are ‘delighted’ at the arrival of their little brother who was born at 11.01am as he gave his first royal wave to an adoring public.

William joked that he didn’t keep world waiting for too long after she went into labour at around 6am before giving birth five hours later.

He said of the name of the new baby, who is now fifth in line to the throne: 'You'll find out soon!’ He also joked that he and Kate would have ‘Thrice worry now!’

The beaming parents looked delighted as they showed off their third son to the world who was born weighing 8lbs 7oz on St George’s Day.

Towards the end of the Royal baby’s first outing, the Duchess of Cambridge murmured to Prince William that she was worried about the baby getting cold before they headed back inside.


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The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William emerged from the Lindo Wing with their new son



Duchess of Cambridge reveals her maternity outfit



Princess Charlotte waves to the crowds outside the Lindo Wing




Royal Baby resembles his siblings George and Charlotte 



William and Kate spent some time on the hospital steps with their new baby under the watchful eye of the mediaThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge proudly introduced their baby boy to the world this evening as they left The Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington 



Confident Princess Charlotte waved to the crowds outside the Lindo Wing today as she prepared to visit her baby brother with Prince William and her brother George The trio made their way into the hospital to meet their new baby brother




Actor Tom Arnold Tells Black Conservative Candace Owens to ‘Suck Racist D*ck’

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 05:15 PM PDT


A has-been actor Tom Arnold attacked female, black conservative Candace Owens with a vile tweet "suck racist dick."

Owens responded with a knockout blow:

When and , 3 white men, rush to viciously attack the freedom of two black people who refuse to be pawns to a leftist ideology—it should ring as a wake up call to the world about who the real racists are. None of you white men own my blackness.





Posted: 23 Apr 2018 04:56 PM PDT

  • Kanye West: ‘I love Donald Trump’
  • New York City's Hot 97 radio host Ebro Darden said that West told him that Trump was one of the few people who reached out to him when he was addicted to opioids and in the hospital and was frustrated with the world trying to "demonize" people who thought differently about important issues.


"He said, 'I love Donald Trump,'" Darden said on Monday, telling his shocked co-hosts that he contacted West to express some concern about his weekend tweets.

Darden, an Obama supporter whose regularly railed against Trump, said that he talked with the rap superstar for about 30 minutes to try and understand what he was thinking.

"Kanye wants to deprogram people, that's his ultimate goal, is to have people think differently than we've thought before," Darden said. "The only reason he likes this Candace lady is because she's challenging conventional black thought."


Darden said that West told him that Trump was one of the few people who reached out to him when he was addicted to opioids and in the hospital and was frustrated with the world trying to "demonize" people who thought differently about important issues.

West has been on a week-long Twitter spree sharing his views about how "we have freedom of speech but not freedom of thought" and how "the thought police want to suppress freedom of thought."

Darden said that he loved Kanye West, but that he was "selfish" "trolly" and a "materialistic" who lived in a bubble and had lost touch with his people.

"Multiple times in the conversation he said, 'I just want to lead with love, I just want to be about love,'" Darden said of West. "I said 'You're a liar because the people you're aligning yourself with aren't leading with love."

On Fox and Friends on Monday, Owens said black Americans were experiencing an "ideological civil war" in their communities between some who were "focused on their past and shouting about slavery" and those who were "focused on their futures."

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Posted: 23 Apr 2018 04:46 PM PDT

( Daily Mail ) BREAKING NEWS: Former President George H.W. Bush, 93, is in intensive care fighting a blood infection, just days after the funeral of Barbara, his wife of 73 years

  • George H. W. Bush, 93, was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital on Sunday
  • He contracted an infection that spread to his blood, according to a spokesman
  • Former president is responding to treatment and ‘appeared to be recovering’
  • His hospitalization came soon after his wife Barbara’s funeral on Saturday


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