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May SNOW In Arizona! Global Cooling Continues…

Posted: 02 May 2018 01:58 PM PDT

It is May which is drought month in Arizona.  It isn’t supposed to have a drop of rain and…IT IS SNOWING!!!  I am gobsmacked.  We are in ‘global warming’ according to the Democrats and the Bilderberg gang and it is snowing in Arizona during the drought month, it isn’t going to rain until July.  So, I wish to see how these climate clowns explain away this news.


Is climate alarmist consensus about to shatter? | Watts Up With That?


A new study by climatologists Nicholas Lewis and Judith Curry concludes that Earth's "equilibrium climate sensitivity" (ECS) to more atmospheric carbon dioxide is as much as 50% lower than climate alarmists have been claiming. That their paper was published in the Journal of Climate suggests that the asserted "97% consensus" of climate experts may be eroding.


When the sun shuts down sunspot activity, all the CO2 in the ecosystem can’t make it even slightly warmer.


Or as Cornwall Alliance founder Cal Beisner puts it (paraphrasing Winston Churchill) it may not be the beginning of the end of climate alarmism. But it could be the end of the beginning of alarmism as the dominant, ever-victorious tenet of our times.


I am alarmed!  We had winter here on my mountain with every night below 25 F and only in the last three days, has the night been above 25 F and last night was the very first time it was above 32 F!  And today is warm, for once.


All the trees were naked of all leaves until this afternoon as green buds are forming all over the place, this spring is now being very fast because it is way behind normal.  Naturally, the mainstream news in NY won’t report any of this.


Indeed, say other noted climatologists, there are good reasons to think ECS and alarmist errors are even greater than 50 percent. For one thing, there is no persuasive reason to assume our planet's climate system and deep ocean temperatures were ever in "energy balance" back in the late 1800s – so we can't know whether or how much they might be "out of balance" today. Moreover, solar, volcanic and ocean current variations could be sufficient to explain all the global warming over the period of allegedly anthropogenic warming – which means there is no global warming left to blame on carbon dioxide.


The New York Times as zero global warming junk on the front page today, the only day it is finally warm.  HAHAHA.  I thought they would bein hysterics.  Instead, they probably ran outside and are sunbathing and running around in Central Park with the zoo animals and acting all happy and giddy and going out to Long Island to run on the sandy beaches, finally!  HAHAHA.


AWOL.  Yes, they are too happy to write junk stories about how we are all going to die.  About time.  After today, we will have several days of violent thunderstorms.  Ouch.

Modern Fantasy Movies Have Very Stupid Battlefield Tactics: Mob Battles

Posted: 02 May 2018 05:41 AM PDT

Avengers Infinity War – HISHE Review (SPOILERS) – YouTube


When we watch movies, we learn lessons.  Due to the music, sound effects, the dark theater, movies make a huge imprint on the mind which is why I very rarely go to the theater due to this overwhelming effect.  The most popular movies for the last decade or three decades have been fantasy movies featuring battles and fights all the time: Star Wars, the Avenger/Marvel movies, Harry Potter, etc.  All of these feature one main thing: ridiculous ‘battles’ of the most childish sort.

All of these pretend to show battle tactics but actually have fighting on the most primitive degree possible: a mob rushes towards the bad guys and then engage in one on one combat.  In real life, a mob like this is usually easily defeated by any organized army, ask ancient Romans about this little detail. Formations of the Legion | Strategy & Tactics | The Roman Military

If a screaming mob of strong fighters do defeat say, the Romans, it would be due to an ambush or grossly outnumbering say, ten to one, the Romans.  Then always, without fail, the Romans would retaliate with trained fighters who know how to fight in formation and use tools properly.

The fall of the Roman empire was due to the high overhead cost of running a strong military machine and it was overrun by a new fighting style: horsemen who could shoot arrows while riding at full tilt.

Even so, once a civilization built up a Roman-type military, they took over again.  Modern movies lean heavily on the ‘hero’ trope: great heroes can win battles even with crummy tactics due to being heroes.

I grew up watching WWII movies.  These showed us how tactics work.  We then went into Vietnam with the North Vietnamese fighting with ‘Apache’ tactics: hit and run.  Few sustained battles.  

Apache tactics: my great grandfather was part of the Cavalry that went after Geronimo.  Because of this, oddly enough, the Apaches were friendly with my family even to me, personally.  They recognize warriors.  And my family always considered them worther warriors, too.


The ancient Romans had a diplomatic tactic: they would lure in warriors into their system and use them to maintain the empire.  This fell apart as looting the empire became the goal of the military hired by the State.

Battle of Agincourt — Henry V (Branagh, 1989) – YouTube

Now, the movies today have ‘bad guys’ and ‘good guys’ and these fight one on one battles to see which individual is ‘stronger’.  This, to me, is very boring.  To spice things up, they have the ‘hero’ like Harry Potter, ‘die’ and then suddenly, magically, resurrect.


How tedious!  But what bothers me most is how the idea of an organized battlefield event has turned into running mobs who then break down into individuals sparring with each other.


I used to train young people in the art of medieval warfare.  My specialty at the Society of Creative Anacronism battles was tactics.  How to take down a shield wall or cut off leaders from their troops and take them down, how to mislead or trick people into entering traps: the fun was not one on one sparring for me, it was how to get the entire battle to shift due to clever use of tactics.


What people are learning from movies today is, you have to have magical Gandalf level powers and then when you manage to kill your opponent in one on one combat, everyone else just gives up and dies or flees.


This is very ancient going back to the beginning of the Bronze Age: David kills Goliath and everyone else gives up and all it took was a small stone to do the trick.  Zero tactics.  Just luck and the Gods at work here.


I will give Tolkien credit for the fact that he did use archers in his battles!  Most ‘battles’ in movies leaves out stuff like archery that is not heroic.  One of my own ancestors fought at the Battle of Hastings.
The Battle of Hastings 1066 AD – YouTube

He was an archer.  Had zero status before the battle but since the archers killed the King of England, Harold, the new King, William (name change here!) gave the archers nobility and lands as a reward and thus, my Steele ancestors got to lord it over everyone else below himself.


Robinhood wasn’t a swordsman, for example, he was an archer.  King Henry V himself, gave his archers credit for winning the battle at Agincourt.  They kept their ranks formation and shot down the attackers who lost strength every step forward, eventually collapsing into each other due to this loss of energy.


At the Battle of Hastings, most of the archers were on the Norman side, the Brits stood behind a shieldwall which took hours to take down.  If the English fighters ran downhill like in the Avenger movie above, they would have been destroyed in less than an hour.


The heroic stand they made was due to keeping ranks and forming a defensive shieldwall in a rising position which weakened attackers.  I am just appalled at how silly movies are today, they make less and less military sense and are teaching young people silly tactical lessons and this is dangerous, not knowing basic tactics.


It is all about emotion and feeling ‘big’ and ‘victory is due to being a super hero’ rather than ‘little people can hold fast and stop attackers by following simple tactical strategies.’


The ‘armies’ in the latest hit movie, Infinity War look more like the Muslim male invasion of Europe: a mob rushing in, demanding to be fed and housed and given loot (with rape, of course).  It is an out of control mob.


By the way, the topic of ‘fighting women’: kill a female fighter and you kill generations of fighters so all tactics in wars would focus on killing the females, first.  Sperm is very cheap and eggs are evolutionary expensive items of great interest to all sperm.