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Washington Post Editor Molly Roberts Laughs While Sarah Huckabee-Sanders Is Girl-bullied

Posted: 30 Apr 2018 04:29 AM PDT

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Roasted At WH Dinner – YouTube


The Washington Post is owned by billionaire Bezos of Amazon.com.  It has devolved into a monotone echo chamber for fake liberals.  These fake liberals pretend they champion women’s rights and hate sex predators who attack women about the way they look and how feminine they are…and at the same time, just like with racism, these ‘leftists’ love to attack women based on their looks, mocking them for holding down difficult jobs and talk dirty about them as if these DNC females are all drunk jocks at a wienie roast.


Girl Bullying: Why Girls Bully & How to Stop and Prevent It: from the CDC.  Girl bullies are often the ‘insider’ girls who have the support of the power structure and exploit this to attack ‘outsider’ girls.


The head of the Press Club who hosted this obscene charade is a big time ‘insider girl’ and could not apologize to Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  But most of the ‘liberal’ media giants, far from apologizing for attacking a woman’s looks, making sex fun of a serious member of the Presidency, reveled like nasty high school girls, in causing Sarah to literally cry.


HAHAHA, they gloat with cruel glee.  The Jewish ‘comedian’ chosen to attack Sarah talks in this nasal, whiny voice.  She sounds like a ventriloquist’s puppet’s voice.  It reminded me of this character from my childhood:

Dean Martin, Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy – YouTube


The press has become an army of irritable, obnoxious puppets.  This is what mainstream media has become: a bad joke.  No apology after Michelle Wolf attacks Sarah Huckabee Sanders – Washington Times reports:


 "What I told you is what I have already told Sarah Sanders, that I speak for myself and the association, and that my interest is in the spirit of unity and in the spirit of serious journalism," said Ms. Talev on CNN's "Reliable Sources."


The ‘mainstream media’ is nearly totally united in that it is totally to the left and totally unreliable, it publishes and promotes obvious lies and propaganda, it doesn’t give anyone ‘the other side’ anymore.  It is wall to wall Pravda all the time.


"My interest overwhelmingly was in unifying the country, and I understand that we may have fallen a little bit short on that goal," said Ms. Talev, Bloomberg's senior White House reporter. "I hope everyone will allow us to continue to work toward that goal."


The distance these clowns have fallen is measured in light years, not miles.  Here is a nice song summarizing how the media is falling short:

Låpsley – Falling Short – YouTube


The Washington Post published a silly editorial by…of course…a young SJW Jewish female who praises the SJW Jewish female ‘comedian’ and probably has the same, irritating, nasal, Long Island spoiled female brat talking style.


Michelle Wolf’s White House Correspondents Dinner speech was just right – The Washington Post


 "Thank you!"


That's how comedian Michelle Wolf answered Sean Spicer's declaration that her headlining stand-up set at the the White House Correspondents' Association dinner was "a disgrace." Her response is instructive: To Wolf, an insult from Spicer is an accolade – and accolades, surely, would be an insult. She's right.


Telling a street urchin with a foul tongue (Wolf cusses like a drunk SJW from Long Island!) that she is a ‘disgrace’ isn’t an insult, it is a request for civility.  Of course, the thin skinned SJW gang considers any requests that they behave civilly is an ‘insult’.


All the same, countless journalists rallied behind Sanders, the same woman who spends her days lying to them. And that says a lot more about them than it does about Wolf's routine.


Virtually none of the DC mainstream news urchins rallied behind Sanders.  But across the great nation, the huge, gigantic areas that voted for Trump, media people were horrified by the DC ‘roast’ and its demented hosts.


Note that I am going out of my way to insult these creeps.  I believe in giving them what they dish out but minus the constant cussing.  These ‘reporters/media performers’ are all filthy and lazy at the same time.


The art of insulting while not sounding like a five year old flinging poo is lost to the mainstream media because they are vampires and have no mirrors.  They cannot see how debased, destroyed, obscene and ugly they are.


Everyone who told Wolf to read the room is missing the point: The room, and the misplaced notion of a "special" night to celebrate the "special" relationship between the press and the presidency that brought everyone to it on Saturday, is precisely the problem.


HAHAHA.  The ‘room’ was filled with some of the bitterest, ugliest, ill-tempered space cows (milked by Luke Skywalker) who moaned and whined while spraying green goo everywhere.


Wolf, according to the commentariat, violated a sacred standard of decency that defines the correspondents' dinner every year.


The Jewish ‘comedian’ is so stupid, a number of Jewish comedians over the age of 40 scolded her for being stupid, she was not funny at all.  She was stupid.  And low class.


The comedian should roast people, yes, but she should do it at a suitably low temperature for this town's all-too-tender egos.


Mirrors upset vampires so the writer of this comment, a Jewish female hired by the Washington Post, can’t get the joke here.  The all-too-tender egos are hers and her buddies.


Wolf broke protocol by turning on the broiler. Yet the figures she scorched have shattered norms that are far more important than an unspoken prohibition on vagina jokes.


Trump doesn’t cuss nearly as much as liberals do at the Washington Post and other SJW venues.  Their followers cuss a lot, too.  They then freak out when we say ‘damn’.  They yap about women’s rights, women’s dignity and women’s protection from rape and then violate all of these at the top of their lungs.  The rapists, the dirty talking violent thugs attacking women are…pussy hat females who hate the rest of us.


Here is the funniest part of the WP editorial: the rules of the comments section!

99% of the comments are from SJW types.  There is now near zero opposition.  The comments are dirty, rude, stupid and boring.  I was banned from the WP comments a decade ago along with most other sane people.


It is now a kindergarden poo-poo playpen and I am being obnoxious deliberately here.  How silly, the WP should figure out they are stupid when they eliminate anyone sane from their site.


The vapid, grinning goofball of an ‘editor’ is also a Haaavard elitist.  Molly ‘teaches’ SJW politics at the Klein (Jewish males) Center at the University of California in San Diego.  HAHAHA.  She is 100% SJW from her vapid, grinning teeth to her vagina.  See?  I love insulting these insulting little twits.


She spent exactly less than one minute outside of her precious bubble world.  Went straight from living high off the hog or rather Ms. Piggy to ‘teaching’ at a top university which is in steep decline.


In her little bubble world, the Press Club thugs are normal people and it is OK to attack everyone mercilessly for being non-PC.  She is deep inside the belly of the beast and she is a beast.  How fitting that she now operates her noxious opinions at the Bilderberg/California SJW powerhouse paper, the Washington Post.