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England Repeatedly Arrests Mr. Tan For Speaking Out About Destruction Of London

Posted: 01 May 2018 04:55 AM PDT

Speakers Corner Tan Shouts ”Allah Is A Pedophile” To Sadiq Khan! Gets Escorted Out! – YouTube


England has zero free speech.  No country in Europe allows free speech.  In the Land of the Free here in the USA, we still have free speech.  The Bilderberg gang wants us to go to war against Muslims who live next to the Jews-only state of Israel while at the same time, demanding we import Muslims to Europe and North America!  This schizophrenic system is causing chaos which is the goal of the elites: have citizens constantly fearful and physically attacked at home.  This is also backfiring, badly.


Like Tommy Robinson, the hero of Braveheart proportions, Mr. Tan is fighting the elites, demanding they stop importing hostile Muslim males.  He was arrested when giving a speech about this at Speaker’s Corner.  This is the same site that Tommy gave a series of speeches, first, he was threatened with arrest but finally, the mayor, a Muslim, let him speak in London.


London is undergoing a huge crime surge after the elites disarmed all citizens so only illegal aliens have guns.  Citizens and even the POLICE are disarmed and only special forces protecting Paliament and the Queen get to bear arms.


So crime is shooting upwards.  What a shock.  I remember when NYC was disarmed.  I managed to arrest around 100 people while not carrying a gun but in Tucson, I was certainly armed and used guns when arresting people there.


Now, citizens are discouraged from arresting or fighting criminals!  This change has been very toxic and I am 100% against this.  I am armed today, and can take down anyone wishing to trespass and attack me.

WARNING: TAN SILENCED BY SECTION 5 – STEVE ABUSES AND HARASSES UP RIGHT BRITISH POLICE 😳 – YouTube: this video shows Tan, the man hauled out of the meeting, being arrested for giving a speech and then was menaced by angry Muslim males who are very violent people.


Many Brits are being arrested if they irritate the Real Rulers and the storm troopers of the rulers, that is, Muslims and other entities who hate the Christian population.  The Hitler joke pug dog is in the news in Britain yet again: YouTuber Count Dankula Refuses to Pay ‘Gross Offence’ Fine, Donates Money to Children’s Hospital.


YouTube comic Markus Meechan, better known as Count Dankula, is refusing to pay the £800 fine handed to him by the courts for a 'grossly offensive' joke, donating the money to Glasgow Children's Hospital instead.


He is daring the State to arrest him again.  This was. a very smart move.  He is defiant which freaks out the Bilderberg gang who are used to people ducking and hiding after being hit by clubs wielded by the State in order to terrorize citizens.


Good for him.  He is a hero.  People who never really fought the State don’t realize how much guts it takes to rise up a SECOND time and fight the State again.  The State has great powers, I have seen this first hand when the State arrests me or deports me.


But going toe to toe with the State when the State acts like a thug: this freaks them out.  This is why my name nearly never appeared in the news, they figures, if I was hidden, I would be less effective.


They first tried to hide Tommy Robinson in England but he is a loud mouth who just went back into the streets and continued his actions, a truly brave, brave man.  Others see this and are now following his fine example which is why Count Dankula is doubling down and daring the State to attack him again.


And the State will attack him only they can’t hide this anymore and they look stupider and stupider doing this.  It takes a lot of guts for the young man and his little dog to take on the Wicked Witch State and we should salute his bravery.

The Scotsman was handed the fine for uploading a comedy skit which shows him trying to turn his girlfriend's pug dog Buddha into the "least cute thing that I could think of, which is a Nazi".


Note how the mainstream news media giants are praising the ‘comedian’ who was so rude, crude and stupid at the stupid, rude, crude Press Club award ceremony.


The stupidest part of that ceremony was the fake news media handing out awards to each other for…utterly fake news!  HAHAHA.  Arrest them all.


The Scotsman enjoys considerable public support, with a fundraiser for an appeal to "nuke [his conviction] from orbit" smashing its £100,000 target in less than a day.


I now can call this ‘The New Peasant’s Revolt’.  Periodically, the good peasant people of Britain rise up and defy the Real Rulers.  I hope they storm the Queen’s palaces, too, and eject her family.


Others have welcomed the conviction enthusiastically, however, such as comedy writer Graham Linehan, who has appealed to GoFundMe to shut down Meechan's legal fundraiser several times on social media.


Yes, the ‘liberals’ who are petted by the mainstream fake news media is attacking this brave man and they hate him for being ‘racist’ but the person in this story who is attacking Count Dankula and his little dog, too…is a racist creep and here is proof:

Meanwhile, in the land of California where creeps rule and creeping chaos is destroying all systems, a top tech university run by the State has students openly defying the creepy President of their school to run a serious discussion about politics so…since it is the conservative students doing this, the school can’t attack them physically or deny them space so the President of the school had this bright idea:  Cal Poly tries to upstage conservative event with magic show!


California College Republicans Chairwoman Ariana Rowlands told Campus Reform she found Armstrong's alternative event "rather hilarious," and expressed amusement that "the liberal response to free speech and hard-hitting exposés of fake news is to host a magic event with temporary tattoos that sounds like it could be mistaken for a kindergartener's birthday party."


HAHAHA.  Too stupid to figure out that this is a dumb idea, low IQ time here at the top, yes: this ‘solution’ is silly.  But then, the mainstream media is very silly, too.  So are our Bilderberg leaders: in public, they look very stupid.


"While attending a magic show is a better response to right-wing speakers on campus than setting things on fire and throwing a tantrum, they're both exhibitions of childish behavior," she argued, adding that "if you can't tolerate different opinions without adopting these immature coping mechanisms, I don't think you should be in college at all."


Bingo!  This young lady has a very high IQ.  She has a bright future, too.  And the ‘liberals’ will defame her, sexually attack her, try to make her cry, beat her up physically or even kill her.  These lunatics hate smart women with a passion next to hating smart black males, too.


The panel itself went on without interruption. Participants engaged in lively debate about the topic of fake news followed by a civil question & answer session with a surprise appearance by investigative journalist Laura Loomer.


When the radical left is locked out, riots don’t happen.  So far, not one riot against leftist meetings has happened, anywhere.  It is always ANTIFA and BLM rioters attacking anyone else.  Talking about attacks, the Gateway Pundit has been under sustained cyber attacks this last week and yesterday, was taken down entirely for a while:

They are back up now.  I hope this is finished.  The leftists fight dirty.  The more they fight dirty, the more they lose.  They can’t figure this out.  Facebook 'Downvote' Button to Help Censor ‘Fake News’ 

Yes, dying Facebook is going to commit seppuku.  Good for them.  Die!  Right now, they want people to downvote ‘fake news’ and ‘bad people’ and I hope they do this.  The young people who hate the SJW/ANTIFA gangs are flexing their muscles and hoping to have a cyberwar with the leftists.


This will destroy Facebook and good riddance.  It is sucking away information to sell to corporations and governments.  It is a super spy system set up to steal information.  It is now pure evil.


Facebook is going to join My Space in outer space, that is, zero g and zero oxygen.  A stagnant cyber pool.