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#Funny News

#Funny News

Georgia School System Will Now Let Staff Carry Guns

Posted: 30 Apr 2018 06:52 PM PDT

Georgia School guns

We’ve seen every type of solution in response to recent school shootings. Some of which are unrivaled in their stupidity (see School Arms Teachers Against School Shootings. With Miniature Baseball Bats. and Sheriff’s Deputy Advice on Surviving Shootings Misses Major Point). Today brings us another solution which probably won’t be popular among leftist groups, what with its gunnish nature.

A Georgia school system is planning to allow employees to carry guns. Cue the protests!

The Laurens County school board has approved a policy allowing select staff to carry guns on school property, in vehicles and at school functions.

Laurens County Schools is believed to be the state’s only district to go forward with such a policy.

Teachers and staff who carry guns will do so on a voluntary basis and receive intensive training, Laurens County Schools Superintendent Dan Brigman said. He says the policy will be developed with the county sheriff’s department.

Here’s a clarification for anti-gun folk with twistable panties.

Brigman said the district is not arming all teachers, “nor will we have teachers or any other staff members ‘openly’ carrying firearms during the school day. “The processes to support this approved policy will be developed in a very careful and confidential manner in partnership with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Department.”

According to the superintendent, teachers won’t be brandishing scary boom booms in front of the kids. It will be a voluntary group working in tandem with law enforcement. There will be no unhinged teachers practicing their quickdraw during Show and Tell.

Kenny Powers gun

The school’s decision is sure to bring about cries from gun control pests. Still, what we have here is an actual solution. It may not solve every problem regarding school security, but it’s a lot more helpful than a hashtag. Or a bumper sticker. Or a headache inducing whinefest.

Turns out protests don’t stop school shooters. A quick thinking adult packing heat, on the other hand, is far more effective when it comes to putting shooty psychos to rest.

More on the subject below.


Transgenders Sue to Force Medicaid to Pay for Gender Surgery

Posted: 30 Apr 2018 05:36 PM PDT

Transgenders Sue Surgery

LGBT has been harping on for years about how their LGBTness wouldn’t affect you. Their gender confusion is none of your business. Outside of you footing the bill for their elective surgeries (see Pentagon Decides to Pay for Transgender Soldier’s Reassignment Surgery and NY Medicaid to Cover ‘Puberty Blockers,’ Transgender Surgery for Kids). Their body, your problem.

The latest example:

Two Wisconsin residents who want gender reassignment surgeries paid by Medicaid filed a federal lawsuit against the state Monday, contending their denials of service are discriminatory and violate the federal health care law.

The lawsuit from Cody Flack, a 30-year-old transgender man, and Sara Ann Makenzie, a 41-year-old transgender woman, challenges a 1997 state regulation that deems "transsexual surgery" as medically unnecessary and therefore not eligible for Medicaid coverage.

Flack and Makenzie say they suffer from "gender dysphoria" — a medically recognized condition defined by discomfort or distress caused by a discrepancy between the gender that a person identifies as and the gender at birth. Consequences can include severe depression.

Hernia surgery, spinal fusions, and mastectomies are a few examples of surgeries which are medically necessary. You’ll notice fake bewbs and phony prostates don’t make the list. The trannies will be disappointed enough to binge watch 10 seasons of RuPaul’s drag race and eat a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, but they’ll survive. Hence “not medically necessary.”

The thought of ponying up taxpayer dough for gender surgery may be laughable, but it’s not unheard of. It’s becoming somewhat of a trend: More Transgenders Getting Reassignment Surgery, Funded by Medicaid and Medicare. We’ll remember 2018 by the bad memes and tax-funded plastic surgeries. #Progress

The worst part of all this: complaining about it = bigotry. Refusing to pay for expensive ego boosts is basically a hate crime, don’t you know. Instead look upon the neighborhood tranny and behold your tax dollars at work.

Americans already fork over their money so unemployed ninnies can abuse the system meant to “help” those who need it. But the definition of “helping” and “those who need it” keeps changing. That’s the problem when you have no say over where your money ends up. Down the toilet with bra stuffing and abused tampons it goes.

Welcome to entitlement culture:


Black Teachers Assistant Tweets About Downgrading White Students’ Papers

Posted: 30 Apr 2018 04:49 PM PDT

teacher's assistant

I’ll bet you all the money in my pockets that had this been a white teacher’s assistant talking about black students, the media wouldn’t be talking about Kanye or Michelle Wolf today. There would be riots like Starbucks could only tweet about. As they’d be hiding behind walls of red cups. Behold:

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology will investigate a graduate student's tweet in which she implied that she planned on giving white students bad grades.

Graduate student and teaching assistant Denish Maddie tweeted that she was "grading papers" for her "mentors." The now-deleted post, a copy of which was obtained by Independent Journal Review, continued "I'm giving these white students a runnnnn for their grade honey!!"

"We are aware that recently a person affiliated with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology posted a tweet on their personal account," the school confirmed, acknowledging Maddie's credentials. "[The Tweet] runs counter to our internal policies related to grading, as well as our core values."

Let’s bypass the outrage because some random person tweeted something dumb. She got caught. Looks like she deleted Twitter completely. There are more important things at which to channel your anger. Like anything having to do with Alfie Evans. Or if you paid, voluntarily, to see I Feel Pretty.

But when we look at some of the dumb stuff that gets called “racist” like Pin-Head Professor Believes Yoga is Racist, Oppressive, and Full of White Privilege and Two University Professors Say Farmers' Markets are Racist, a TA bragging about penalizing students for their skin color deserves some attention. Because it’s safe to assume Denisha isn’t the only one.

Racism is racism if it originates from a black TA toward students who aren’t black, or a white student toward any person of color. None of this “reverse racism” crap-o-la. This TA is a racist. Straight up no doubt about it.


Rapper Threatens Violence Against Kanye West for Supporting Donald Trump

Posted: 30 Apr 2018 04:37 PM PDT

Well, we all knew this hubbub over Kanye and Trump’s bromance would reach a boiling point sooner or later. To leftists, Kanye needs to fall back in line, and some don’t mind if it takes a rap on the head to make that happen.

This guy just put a target on Kanye’s back:

A former member of Snoop Dogg's rapping entourage is calling for gang members to assault Kanye West for his recent support of President Donald Trump.

Daz Dillinger, who recorded several successful hip hop records as part of Tha Dogg Pound duo in the 1990s, made the apparent threat in a video posted to his Instagram, which was later removed.

"Yo national alert, all the Crips out there, y'all f— Kanye up," he said, referring to the infamous Los Angeles-area street gang.

Dillinger – whose real name is Delmar Drew Arnaud – also warns West to stay out of Long Beach and California, even though the Wests famously live in upscale Calabasas in the northwest San Fernando Valley.

Kanye is all over the place with his opinions. Most are still unsure if his “conversion” is genuine, or just a grab for more attention. Really, it doesn’t matter whether Kanye truly believes in MAGAnomics or if he wants Bernie Sanders’ mass theft “wealth redistribution.” Having an opinion is no reason for the Crips to beat the bejeezus out of Yeezus.

Herein lies the problem with anti-conservative extremists. It isn’t enough to sling insults and curse Kanye’s name. No, he needs to physically suffer for his “transgressions.” Namely, straying from the leftist plantation and falling into the orange man’s arms. Horrific.

Extreme as this gent’s remarks are, this isn’t new. The left has pushed for a bit of the old ultraviolence before:


Veteran Family Exposes Just How Bad the VA Hospital Really Is. Now There’s an Investigation.

Posted: 30 Apr 2018 02:06 PM PDT

VA Hospital utah

If you need proof the government has no business meddling in healthcare, look no further than the VA. Many VA hospitals are the Motel 6’s of the healthcare world (see VA Hospital Gives Priority to Transgenders. Even Over… Sanitizing Equipment?! and Priorities? Vets Wait Months for Treatment. VA Hospitals Spend $20 Million on Art…). Obviously, that doesn’t mean every single Veterans Affairs hospital is as bad as a Burger King parking lot. Common sense, but we have to specify for the trolls who lurk in the shadows of the internet. Waiting to spring on any generalization with cries of “but my hospital is different!” We get it. You’re special.

The fact remains federal hospitals have a track record of screwing things up. Like this one.

After the father of a U.S. Army veteran tweeted photos of an unkempt patient room at a Veterans Affairs clinic in Salt Lake, igniting angry reactions on social media, a top administrator there said the facility is investigating why the space was in poor condition.

The tweeted photos showed some medical supplies strewn out on a counter, a bowl containing water and a plaster-like substance sitting mostly full in a sink, and an overflowing garbage can.

“I figured they would say, ‘Oh, this room’s not clean’ and take me somewhere else, but they just kind of blew past it, didn’t acknowledge it,” said Christopher Wilson, who spent six years in the Army and was deployed to Iraq twice. “They’re doctors, right? So I figure one of them was going to say ‘Let’s go somewhere else’ or ‘Give us a minute to clean it,’ but nothing.”

Here we have a few more details.

Not many Democrats have spoken up on the issue. Not even Nancy “People will die without proper healthcare” Pelosi. Leftist mouths prone to erupting with unsolicited thought bubbles are silent whenever government bungles something up.

We’re not waiting with baited breath for every politician to speak up whenever something bad happens in the country. However, you’d think it prudent for healthcare advocates to know about government-provided healthcare. It’s there greatest love after abortion. When a leftist does address how bad the VA is, they claim giving the government more control will solve the problem. With even more tax dollars coming directly out of your wallet.

Democrats have been saying people will die if the government doesn’t run healthcare. They kick and scream at the premise of privatizing hospitals. Yet Uncle Sam can’t maintain the medical systems already in place. Many Veterans Affairs hospitals are far from maintaining basic health standards. So pardon us if we’re not running to the VA to get our balls checked and boobs squeezed. “Please cough” is instead “Sorry for that perpetual cough you’ll contract now you’ve sat on recycled ‘protective’ paper. Anal bumps are normal.”

Scenarios like the one above, disgusting as they are, aren’t surprising. Nor are they rare. When one entity doesn’t have to compete with another, it usually does the bare minimum. In this case, waste overflowing in a place which private medical offices insist on being “sanitary.” Lest that same government come barging in like an inconvenient case of projectile food poisoning.

But for their own standards, the government just shrugs.


Donald Trump Excoriates Lax US Immigration Laws, Promises a Wall

Posted: 30 Apr 2018 01:32 PM PDT

Immigration laws in the United States being lax is rather the reason President Donald Trump is standing behind a podium with the White House as a backdrop. Not Madam Cankles of the Tentish Pantsuit. Today he reiterated how terrible our immigration laws are in a joint press conference with Nigerian President Buhari.


“There’s no country in the world which has laws like we do.”

He’s right. Mexico’s immigration laws would be a decent model to follow. They’re incredibly strict on who is allowed in, how long they’re allowed to stay, and what exactly their rights are when in Mexico. Maybe we should borrow their laws as a model.

“We are a nation of laws. We have to have borders. We need a wall!”

Right, which is why America elected Donald Trump.

This press conference was overshadowed by more pressing news. Not least of all was Bibi pulling the curtain back on Iran, revealing cave-dwelling, radioactive liars. Rumor has it even the rats of Iran are glowing in the dark. Helpful only for burka-covered ladies trying to escape a rapist. Harder for him to engage in a sneak attack if his member is a veritable glow stick.

Yes, Trump has done a mostly good job on the immigration front. Okay? Okay.

But there’s still a long way to go. What I hope we don’t see is another presidential campaigner. A president who continues to campaign on the same issues for which he was elected. Much like Barack Obama. If Trump really wants that wall, he can’t tell the people “Immigration laws or crappy, frankly we need a wall!” then sign the Omnibus bill which, last I checked, didn’t fund a wall. Walls in other countries, yes, but no wall for America. Read OPINION: Can We Finally Admit it? Trump is Betraying Us.


FLASHBACK: Don Rickles Roasts Ronald Reagan in 1985. Take Notes, Michelle Wolf

Posted: 30 Apr 2018 12:35 PM PDT

The talk of the town today has to be “comedian” Michelle Wolf roasting guests at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. That is, if you call an extended period of vitriolic insults coupled with amateurish comedic timing a roast. People on the left and right are currently in a chronic trigger-fit over Wolf’s cringe-inducing bits.

We here at LwC don’t take offense at Michelle Wolf’s remarks, though we do take pity on her for that third-rate clusterfu*k of a roast. Here’s the ghost of Don Rickles to show Shelley a thing or two:

Aaaaand that, kiddies, is how it’s done.

wayne's world we're not worthy

This video has it all. Midget jokes. Christian jokes. African American people of color jokes. In fact, the only thing missing is a seething hatred for every person present on the “other side.” Such is the difference between being a comic legend and being a two-bit hack who gets audience-wide side-eye.

Don Rickles’ roast of Reagan might be ancient history by now, but it’s as relevant as ever. Rickles was a well-known Democrat. Yet, there he is in the video. At a Republican’s inauguration. Slinging insults indiscriminately. Everyone is a target and yet, there’s not an ounce of ill will to be had. Nowadays, people wouldn’t even know what to make of such a thing.

Compare that “old-timey” roast to Michelle Wolf’s routine last weekend at the Correspondents’ Dinner. It’s like comparing apples to a yeast infection. I doubt anyone is going to stumble upon her roast thirty-three years from now and think it was a stroke of comedic genius.

Thus, mainstream comedy continues spiraling toward the toilet drain.

More on that:


Benjamin Netanyahu Calls Out Iran for Cheating on Nuclear Deal

Posted: 30 Apr 2018 12:09 PM PDT

In the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran promised the world it would give up its meddling with atoms. Promises, promises. The “deal” ended up having more holes than Harry Styles’ pock-ridden mug (see Iran Hacked Obama’s State Department During Iran Deal Negotiations and REVEALED: Obama Admin Gave Iran ‘Secret’ Nuke Exemptions). Cue Bibi Netanyahu swinging his heavy hammer of justice.

Israel’s Prime Minister recently unveiled what could be a major blow to the Iran deal:

Yes, “RT” is partly funded by the Russian government. However, video of Bibi is good. Spare us the hate tweets.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday revealed a cache of files he claims were obtained from Iran and prove Tehran ran a secret program to build nuclear weapons.

The information was obtained within the past 10 days, Israeli officials told Fox News. Netanyahu said the “half a ton” of files were moved to a “highly secret” location in Tehran after the deal was signed, and contained materials spread over 55,000 pages and 55,000 files on 183 CD’s.

Do not mess with the Israelis. They have stones of solid brass.

Netanyahu’s office billed the televised statement as a “significant development” regarding the Iran nuclear deal.

Iranian leaders have long said their nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes. But Netanyahu on Monday unveiled tens of thousands of pages of documents, which he said were copied from a “highly secret location” in Iran.

Those files detail Project Amad, which Netanyahu described as “a comprehensive program to design, build and test nuclear weapons.” He said the files provided “new and conclusive proof of the secret nuclear weapons program that Iran has been hiding for years from the international community in its secret atomic archive.”

It’s almost as if the “deal” meant nothing to Iran. One might even say the Obama administration forked over pallets of taxpayer cash for a pile of lies. The deal is almost worse than paying to see I Feel Pretty.

Yes, yes, Iran is notorious for lying. You know it, I know it, Trump’s perpetually raised pinky finger knows it. Here’s why it matters. The previous administration signed us up for a bad deal. We elected President Trump hoping he would clean up some of Obama’s messes (see HELL YES! Trump Pulls USA Out of Paris Climate Agreement). Or at least stop offering gasoline as a libation to the raging dumpster fire. As Bibi mentioned in the videos above, soon our president will make a decision regarding Iran’s nuke deal. Meaning not only is this information relevant, it’s time sensitive.

Iran has been naughty, up to nuclear shenanigans, despite promising otherwise. Iran having a nuclear weapon, in a region which hasn’t the strongest record for sanity, certainly wouldn’t make the region safer. Here’s hoping Trump does right by Israel and the rest of the world.


Reuters Poll Shows Millennials’ Support of Democrats is Dropping

Posted: 30 Apr 2018 11:44 AM PDT

Millennials Support

The left has been steadily predicting a massive blue wave come November. They’re hoping legions of “woke” Millennials pledge their support to the DNC, and show those dusty old Republican farts a thing or two about winning. Also how to use Snapchat.

One problem. Those avocado-chomping Millennials are bailing on Democrats in yuge numbers:

Enthusiasm for the Democratic Party is waning among millennials as its candidates head into the crucial midterm congressional elections, according to the Reuters/Ipsos national opinion poll.

Their support for Democrats over Republicans for Congress slipped by about 9 percentage points over the past two years, to 46 percent overall. And they increasingly say the Republican Party is a better steward of the economy.

Wait, it gets worse:

Two years ago, young white people favored Democrats over Republicans for Congress by a margin of 47 to 33 percent; that gap vanished by this year, with 39 percent supporting each party.

The shift was especially dramatic among young white men, who two years ago favored Democrats but now say they favor Republicans over Democrats by a margin of 46 to 37 percent, the Reuters/Ipsos poll showed.

Maybe demonizing white men at every opportunity isn’t a wise idea. Just a guess.

Secondly, as people get older, more mature, and make more of their own money, they become less socialist and want to keep more of their own money. Which plays out in this new poll:

Terry Hood, 34, an African-American who works at a Dollar General store in Baton Rouge, said he voted for Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

But he will consider a Republican for Congress because he believes the party is making it easier to find jobs and he applauds the recent Republican-led tax cut.

"It sounds strange to me to say this about the Republicans, but they're helping with even the small things," Hood said in a phone interview. "They're taking less taxes out of my paycheck. I notice that."

He’s not the only example either. Basic maturity and gaining more life experience tends to shift people to the right.

Ashley Reed, a white single mother of three in New Hampshire, said a teenage fascination with Democrat Barack Obama led her to support his presidency in 2008. But her politics evolved with her personal life.

Reed, now 28, grew more supportive of gun rights, for instance, while married to her now ex-husband, a U.S. Navy technician. She lost faith in social welfare programs she came to believe were misused. She opposed abortion after having children.

So she lived life a little and got a different, more realistic perspective. No wonder the Democrats like to target the uninformed.

Something tells me those aren’t the stats leftists were hoping to see.

People like having jobs and money in their pocket. A crazy idea, I know. As opposed to batsh*t leftists who make empty promises of prosperity who also extoll the virtues of bread lines. “Food tastes better when you’ve gone without it for a week. Plus, we’d save millions in fat camp expenses. It’s a double whammy!”

In essence, though not necessarily going full Republican, Millennial types are growing wise to the left’s economic chicanery. Think about this: most Millennials have never been in the job force during a tax cut. We’re the generation which came of age during September 11th. Younger Millennials may not even remember the terror attack. Obama’s time as president didn’t allow Millennials long dips in pools full of cash. But as they age and become more experienced in the workforce, monetary perks come with it.

Democrats are still crowing about “the rich paying their fair share.” Promising to take money from those who earn and give to those who do not. Contrast that with the Republicans who passed a tax cut for those earners. If you’re making your own money now like a lot of Millennials, and one party wants to take your money where the other wants to let you keep more of it, while enabling even more job and career possibilities, who do you side with?

Many young people are socialists when they haven’t any money. Then when they’re making money, suddenly they’re not as keen to spread their wealth around.

~ Co-written by Corey Stallings and Courtney Kirchoff


No the NRA is Not Banning Guns at the Mike Pence Event

Posted: 30 Apr 2018 10:15 AM PDT

Fake news spread like bad reviews for Amy Schumer today, starting with a Parkland activist hinting the NRA is banning guns at a Mike Pence event. Making the NRA hypocrites. When really, it’s just Secret Service in charge of security.

Here’s what got it all started: Cameron Kasky and Matt Deitsch think the NRA saying “Secret Service is in charge of security at the Pence event, ergo no guns please” is the NRA saying “No guns please.” No.

To which Matt replied:

So much for passing the reading comprehension portion of their standardized tests. But let’s pay teachers more.

Kind of seems clear to me. “As a result of the Secret Service in charge of security, we cannot bring our guns. Because of the Secret Service. Not because we love Pence more than we love our children. Also because we love Pence more than we love trying to one-up each other over which round is a better round. With only the Marvel vs. DC comics being a sillier argument.”

Of course, the Fake News media was quick to pick up the Parkland groupie for “calling out the NRA!”

Once more with feeling, here’s the original post from the NRA, which seems more cut and dry than Rosie O’Donnell hosting a Mary Kay party.

“Due to Secret Service.” I dunno why this is so hard to understand.

Wait, that’s not true, I do understand why the news blasted the fake headline all across Twitter. According to all that I know about Twitter, at least half the users never actually read the article. They simply react to the headline like some kind of barbarians seeing soap for the first time. It’s quite maddening if you actually want to make a point longer than 280 characters. Yes, this is me bitching.

Which I can do here without fear of reprisal, as those just reacting to the headline of this post won’t have clicked the actual link. Though they’ll opine on the headline until the eventual zombie apocalypse. Plot twist: they’re the zombies.

“Fake News” media capitalize on the people’s unwillingness to go through the rigorous process of clicking a link to read the story. Also known as accepting that which they already believe. Also known as “confirmation bias.” Spreading a fake narrative of “THE NRA ARE HYPOCRITES LOL!” among the idiotic masses all before lunchtime.

Plus, what’s most important to the left is demonizing the NRA. While the NRA is busy hiring more accountants to deal with the influx of cash from donors thanks to people trying to demonize the NRA.