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Matt Roloff: Actually Moving Off the Farm?

Posted: 02 May 2018 12:23 PM PDT

Has the awkwardness finally gotten to Matt Roloff?

Has the Little People, Big World patriarch taken the step he has discussed for months now and actually moved farther away from his ex-wife than 500 feet?

Has has actually moved off the family farm entirely?

We have a strong reason to believe so.

Scroll down and all around to see what that reason is.

1. Wait, Why Would Matt Move?

Excited matt
Did you know he lives 500 feet away from Amy in a very small house? The arrangement "wasn't supposed to be permanent," Matt said on a recent Little People, Big World episode, adding simply: "It's awkward."

2. We Bet It Is!

Caryn chandler
Perhaps it was okay at first, but now Amy is seriously dating Chris Marek and Matt is with Caryn Chandler. Can you imagine living in this kind of set-up while being in a long-term relationship?

3. Are Matt and Caryn Engaged?

Caryn chandler
That's the rumor. We don't buy it right now because we don't see why Matt would not announce it, but a proposal may be forthcoming.

4. And Just Who is Caryn Chandler?

Caryn chandler and matt roloff
She used to manage the Roloff farm. So she knows Amy well, which just makes this entire situation even MORE awkward and even less desirable for all involved.

5. Says Matt:

Matt roloff drives
"I'm either at a place now where I need to dig in my roots further on the farm and build a house that suits me, or I need to think about finding real estate off the farm. It's not easy. I've been on this farm more than half my life."

6. So... Has He Made The Decision?

Matt roloff speaks
It seems very likely. We think Matt is actually moving off the farm he helped make SUCH a success.
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Johnny Depp Sued By Bodyguards: He Made Us Wipe the Coke Off His Face!

Posted: 02 May 2018 12:17 PM PDT

In case you haven't been keeping up with the sad downward spiral of Johnny Depp in recent months, allow us to quickly fill you in:

Basically, over the course of the past year, the once-beloved actor has gone from brooding weirdo with mystique, a la Edward Scissorhands, to perennially-inebriated shyster who you wouldn't trust to look after your houseplants, a la some unsettling combo of Captain Jack Sparrow and Depp's Hunter S. Thompson caricature from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Johnny Depp Red Carpet Image

We won't even get into Depp's truly ugly divorce from Amber Heard, with its myriad allegations of physical and psychological abuse.

Instead, we'll focus on the other legal entanglements that should keep Johnny occupied for his remaining years.

It all started when Depp sued his management team for allegedly allowing him to spend himself to the brink of bankruptcy.

(At a certain level of wealth, you're literally not accountable for anything you do.)

The management group countersued, claiming that Depp is a habitual liar who spends $30,000 a month on wine (seriously).

Johnny Depp Premiere Photo

As we've seen time and again in 2018, once a rich and powerful person gets called out in a legal setting, people begin to realize that he's not actually invincible.

And - taking a cue from his management team - Depp's security guards are getting in on the act and suing the actor for the astonishing sum of $25 million.

Does their case have any merit?

That remains to be seen - but in the meantime, the disgruntled guards are doing a number on Depp's already battered reputation with some shocking tales of misbehavior.

Johnny Depp in Great Britan

The bodyguards claim they were initially paid by a private security firm, but when Depp fell on hard times, they agreed to a deal where he would pay them directly - and they were immediately punished for their loyalty.

"Depp began making sudden and drastic changes to his staff and management team, causing a significant financial crunch for everyone surrounding Depp, except for Depp himself," read court documents obtained by Page Six.

"Plaintiffs were loyal to Depp and his family and understanding of the financial hurricane Depp was in."

The papers go on to allege:

"Plaintiffs found themselves in situations that required more than what a bodyguard would be expected to do."

Johnny Depp in Glastonbury

And what were they asked to do? 

Oh just act as Depp's personal chauffeurs/babysitters/drug mules/personal assistants, that's all.

Lawyers claim the guards "were asked repeatedly to drive vehicles that contained illegal substances" and "open containers" and "were asked to monitor unstable individuals in [Depp's] life and entourage."

Their duties were eventually expanded to include serving as the "primary caretakers" of Depp's children, and occasionally removing the cocaine from his immaculately-manicured mustache.

"Often times Plaintiffs were forced to protect [Depp] from himself and his vices while in public, becoming caretakers for him," the suit claims.

Johnny Depp: Pirates 5 Premiere

"A[n] incident at a local nightclub involved Plaintiffs alerting Depp of illegal substances visible on his face and person while preventing onlookers from noticing Depp's condition."

The guards go on to claim that Depp created a "toxic and unsafe work environment" that eventually forced them to quit.

As evidence, they cite an incident in which the actor's head of security shot himself in the leg "while playing with his weapon in a small control room on Johnny Depp's property."

Hey, if "playing" with guns while coked out of your guard makes us toxic and unsafe, we don't want to be whatever the opposite of toxic and unsafe is!

Anyway, you can stop researching that Fear and Loathing role whenever you want now, Johnny.

Jen Harley Breaks Silence on Ugly Ronnie Magro Break-Up

Posted: 02 May 2018 11:44 AM PDT

Jen Harley is tired of having her name dragged through the Internet mud.

Granted, you probably had never even heard the name Jen Harley until a few days ago.

But still.

Ronnie Magro, Girlfriend

By now, any regular reader of The Hollywood Gossip is likely familiar with what transpired this week between Harley and Jersey Shore Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

The latter absolutely WENT OFF on his estranged girlfriend and baby mama over the weekend after learning she still had in her possession a sex tape with an ex-boyfriend.

Ronnie took exception to this.

He called Harley a "hoe" and asked his Instagram followers how they'd react to her actions and then apologized...

... except he quickly took that apology back and went after Harley even harder.

In a stream of text messages, Ronnie shared on social media (below), he accused Harley of cheating on him with a friend (who referred to her as a "cum dumpster") last summer by banging him on a taco float in a pool.

(For real. This is the allegation.)

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro accuses

It's not as though Harley remained silent in the face of these damning accusations.

(She didn't deny the cheating claim, either, it's probably worth noting.)

She fired back at Ronnie, initially referring to him as a "coke head" and then saying the following, referencing a recent episode of Jersey Shore, in which Ortiz-Magro brought home a woman from the bar.

He wants to act fake on the show and like I'm some random he knocked up lol he was trying to get me pregnant.

And then cheats on me while I'm preg on TV and then leaves me with a newborn baby lol baby daddy of the year award goes to @realronniemagro.


This message, of course, did not put an end to the drama.

It actually got a lot worse.

Shortly after the above post went live, Harley and Ortiz-Magro appeared to engage in a physical fight during an Instagram Live session on Monday.

"Put your f–king hands on me again," the reality star yelled. "I dare you!"

Take a look for yourself at the ugly exchange below:

So that all brings us to Harley's latest.

After making her Instagram account private for a day or two, Harley returned to the social media scene this afternoon and wrote the following:

"My heart hurts."

She included a sad face emoji with these three words.

harley message

Harley and Ronnie actually welcomed a baby girl into the world just a month ago.

Her name is Ariana and we feel terrible for her.

Let's hope she never learns how to use Google and let's also hope her parents find some way to make peace. For her sake, at the very least.

"This is a private matter that should have never been made public," Ronnie said yesterday. "I remain focused on my daughter and she is my No. 1 priority."

The Bachelorette: Some Suitors Are There For The Wrong Reasons

Posted: 02 May 2018 11:26 AM PDT

If you follow The Bachelorette Spoilers, you know a lot about this upcoming season already. But there's more to learn.

The entire Bachelor Nation is excited to watch Becca Kufrin seek revenge ... sorry, look for love.

Now that we're just four weeks from the new season, Chris Harrison is teasing some details. He also warns that some of Becca's suitors are there for the wrong reasons.

Becca Kufrin Laughs

Speaking to Us Weekly, Chris Harrison says that Becca Kufrin is a delight ... but warns the Bachelor Nation that some of her suitors aren't there for her.

But first, he talks about the leading lady.

"Becca's doing great, Becca's awesome."

That's great to hear.

"I can't wait for everybody to see how much we all love her."

And, of course, he cannot wait for the Bachelor Nation to love Becca Kufrin as they do.

Sure, fans and viewers got to know Becca on Arie's season of The Bachelor, but it looks like she really stands out on her own season.

Becca Kufrin and a Rose

Harrison says that Becca has defied all expectations.

"She's turned out to be even more than what we thought, in a Bachelorette."

That is really great to hear. And he expects her to transcend boundaries as she draws in her audience.

"I think everybody is going to relate to her -- men, women, they're going to really relate and fall in love with her, as the guys are."

He continues to describe her.

Becca is, he says, "grateful, sweet, honest, and open."

She should make a stark contrast from her former fiance, then.

Becca Kufrin Hates on Arie

He says that she's won over more than just her suitors.

"The crew loves her, the producers love her …"

A lot of reality stars play for the cameras. It sounds like Becca is just as nice behind the scenes.

"It's been a while since we've had somebody like that where everybody is just excited to be with her every day because she just makes it easy."

Is that some shade that he's throwing at past Bachelorettes? Uncalled for ... but we're not complaining.

"When one of our Bachelor or Bachelorettes are excited and they make it easy for all of us to go to work every day and travel the world."

Of course. You always 

"It's just fun."

Rebecca Kufrin Pic

In addition to sweetness and light, Harrison also says that Becca is a "kick-ass woman."

But he's warning the Bachelor Nation that there will be disappointments in their future when it comes to Becca's suitors.

"Of course there are people there for the wrong reason."

Some may want to get famous, either to build their brand or to try to become the Bachelor.

But he says that Becca is exactly as she seems.

"That's the good thing about Becca, she seems like this sweet, demure woman and she is."

And he says that as kind as she is, she's no pushover. (Which is probably why Arie dumped her, if Bekah Martinez is to be believed)

"She's got a backbone, she can take care of her own."

Becca Kufrin Smells a Rose

Harrison does talk about a low point for this season -- the eliminations.

He teases that some of them are "gut-wrenching."

And he mentions that "families are involved." Interesting.

He says:

"I will say this: I think she definitely sympathizes with Arie more than she did about two months ago."

That is a rare struggle that every Bachelor and Bachelorette understands. And that perhaps only they understand.

"Once you get in their shoes you really start to understand."

We can't wait to see how this all plays out.

Kim Kardashian: Forget What Kanye Said! Look How Cute My Baby Is!

Posted: 02 May 2018 10:55 AM PDT

As you've no doubt heard by now, Kanye West has been making headlines recently as a result of his social media activity.

Normally, that's not a bad thing, especially for an artist with new music coming out.

But Kanye has always taken a ... let's say unique approach to public relations, and this time, he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Kanye West at TMZ

And by that, we mean, the formerly-beloved rapper basically seems hell-bent on torpedoing his own career.

You know things are bad when stealing the microphone from Taylor Swift as she attempts to accept an award looks like a good guy moment by comparison.

Anyway, it's impossible to keep up with all of Kanye's bonkers tweets and controversial comments these days, and it seems unlikely that his career will ever recover from the media frenzy of the past week.

On Tuesday, Kanye hit a new low when he remarked that the centuries of slavery in the United States were the result "a choice" made by blacks of those eras.

Kim and Chi

Yes, it was really that bad ... fortunately, for the sake of his reputation, Kanye married into a family that understands the importance of PR better than the Kennedys and the Clintons combined, hence the well-timed photo above.

Now clearly, Kim doesn't believe a few well-timed baby pics will make the world forget that Kanye said some profoundly ignorant sh-t just last night.

But she probably figures - rightly, as it happens - that come cute snaps of little Chicago can't hurt the situation.

Kim even posted some video clips of little Chi, cooing to her youngest daughter, "Are you not the cutest?"

Naturally, fans loved the latest glimpse at Kim and Kanye's third child, and thankfully, there was relatively little smack talk.

Kim Kardashian With Chicago

Kim should probably enjoy the moment, because amicable interactions with the public might be few and far between in the weeks to come.

In addition to Kanye's slavery comments, yesterday saw a revelation about a controversial period in his past.

Back in 2016, Kanye suffered a meltdown that was blamed his reps blamed on exhaustion and stress.

Last week, he revealed the true cause of his hospitalization:

It seems Kanye was addicted to opioids and struggled mightily to kick the habit:

Kanye West Tweets About Emma Gonzalez

"I think I'm in a stronger place than I ever was after the breakdown, or I like to say the breakthrough," West told Charlamagne tha God in a candid interview yesterday.

The comment was controversial, as many believe Kanye is currently in the midst of a second breakdown.

Often with West, it can be difficult to tell the difference between media-baiting and genuine emotion.

Whatever the case, here's hoping Kanye gets help if he needs.

He's got a beautiful baby girl to look after.

Khloe Kardashian: Mother's Day is Gonna Be Awkward AF

Posted: 02 May 2018 09:54 AM PDT

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and you can guess which new mom is ready to experience the holiday in a whole new light.

Khloe Kardashian is talking to her fans about how excited she is for the upcoming holiday. Now that Khloe has welcomed her baby girl, this will be her first Mother's Day as a mom.

But ... things are going to be a little complicated, folks.

Khloe Kardashian Sizzles

In a post on Khloe's app, the new mom gushes about the upcoming holiday -- which will be on Sunday, May 13.

"This Mother's Day will be the most special yet!"

For her and for Kylie, since they both became moms this year.

"I still can't believe I'm a mom."

Quite frankly, she had an entire lifetime and then nine months to get used to the idea of motherhood. She hasn't yet had one month to process Tristan being a serial cheater.

But she's focusing on the positive.

"It feels like such an honor."

But Khloe obviously knows that she's not the only mother in her family. All of her sisters except for Kendall are also moms. 

Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner

And so, of course, is her dear momager.

Khloe says that her new maternal status makes her extra appreciative of the other Kardashian moms.

"Now it feels even more important to honor all the amazing women in my family!"

If you guessed that this Mother's Day talk was a segue into suggesting that fans might want to purchase some of Khloe's clothing line ... congratulations.

Not everything on Khloe's list of suggested Mother's Day items is from her Good American brand. But the hoodie sure is.

She also recommends a kimono, a digital photo frame, and rose soap petals. (That last one, I'm going to be honest, fills me with indescribable dread)

The price range goes from about $10 to nearly $600. So it depends upon how much you love your mom. (Kidding!)

Khloe Kardashian Reacts

Honestly? The whole post feels like it was written in March. It's not just that she doesn't mention Tristan Thompson's cheating, but the tone doesn't even suggest that anything is out of the ordinary.

Obviously, in real life, this has to be a very emotionally complicated time for Khloe.

On the one hand, she's a new mother with a newborn daughter who isn't even a month old.

On the other, Khloe has been humiliated all across the world. Her baby daddy has reportedly been cheating on her with five other women.

(And those are just the ones of which the public is aware; some speculate that Thompson may have had a woman in every port, so to speak)

Gearing up for Mother's Day when you're uncertainty about your future with your baby daddy cannot be easy.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on SnapChat

You know what's even more complicated than Mother's Day?

Father's Day is coming up in June. How do you celebrate that under these circumstances. Do you celebrate it?

Fans have been waiting for when Khloe takes her baby and leaves Tristan and Cleveland in the dust for L.A. ... and it is rumored that Khloe plans to do just that before Mother's Day rolls around.

But that gives her, like, a week and a half to leave. Even if the doctor leaves her behind, is she emotionally prepared to make that journey?

Because many will see her leaving Cleveland for Calabasas as her saying goodbye, forever, to the life that she had imagined that she would lead with Tristan.

Kim may have cut ties with Tristan, but for Khloe, this is a lot harder. She's grieving a lot, and it's probably hard to let go.

A Kiss Between Lovers

We absolutely wish Khloe a happy Mother's Day. We only wish that it were under better circumstances.

There's no good time to find out that your baby daddy's penis has been taking a semester off to explore new experiences, but the literal day before you go into labor, two days before you give birth, has to be among the worst.

As she and her mother and all of her sisters except for Kendall prepare for Mother's Day ...

(Don't feel bad for Kendall; she has her horses)

... They have to all be wishing that things were a little different. Khloe is certainly not the only one of them who has been disappointed by her baby daddy.

Brad Pitt to George Clooney: Help Me Impress My New Girlfriend!

Posted: 02 May 2018 09:48 AM PDT

Brad Pitt might not seem like the kind of guy who experiences much difficulty when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

In fact, at this point, the name Pitt is pretty much synonymous "guy the entire world wants to have sex with."

Brad Pitt Neri Oxman

But it seems that when it comes to his rumored new girlfriend, Neri Oxman, Brad feels that he's a bit out of his depth.

Neri is a world-renowned architect and a professor at MIT.

Pitt reportedly fell hard for Oxman after sitting in on one of her lectures back in November.

And it seems the actor has been experiencing some conflicting feelings ever since.

Insiders claim that Brad is already in love with Neri ... but he also feels that she may be a bit out of his league.

Neri Oxman

Yes, apparently it's possible to be out of Brad Pitt's league. Who knew?

Anyway, Pitt is determined to step his game up in order to make a more suitable partner for Neri.

And he's even recruited his old pal George Clooney to aid him in his efforts ... or so says the never-reliable Australian tabloid Woman's Day.

According to the scandal sheet from Down Under, Pitt and Clooney are essentially making another Ocean's movie, except this time, the object they hope to steal is Neri's affection.

Please accept our apologies for that tortured analogy.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney Friends Photo

"George loves that Brad has been thrown off his game and makes fun of him endlessly," one "insider" tells Woman's Day.

"It's sweet payback for all the jokes Brad tossed his way after George started dating Amal."

Despite all the joking, however, Clooney reportedly wants to make Brad's relationship work almost as badly as Brad does.

In fact, it seems he's called in his erudite wife to help ease Neri's transition from academic to tabloid staple.

The source tells Woman's Day that Amal Clooney has been "advising Neri on ways to keep calm and grounded amid the media circus."

Brad Pitt and George Clooney Wax Figures

The informant adds that Pitt is eternally grateful for the support, as "he's not used to having a non-famous girlfriend and Neri never expected to be in the limelight."

We guess this could conceivably be true ... but Woman's Day doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to Brad's love life.

In fact, just last month, the Aussie mag claimed that Clooney planned to help Pitt in his efforts to win back Jennifer Aniston.

So either George is the ultimate wingman, or Woman's Day is really churning out the BS.

Come to think of it, there's probably some truth in both of those statements.

Bill Cosby Loses Temper, Lashes Out With Obscenities in Court

Posted: 02 May 2018 08:52 AM PDT

Months before his retrial, Bill Cosby got up on stage and joked about the accusations against him.

Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault. He's not laughing now. In fact, he reportedly lashed out and screamed obscenities in the courtroom.

So much for the kindly facade that he worked so hard to maintain for all these years, huh?

Bill Cosby Mug Shot

As it turns out, a rich and once-beloved celebrity can be brought to justice in this country.

All that it takes to acquire justice is a dedication prosecution team, a massive shift in cultural awareness of sex crimes, and, oh, sixty accusers.

Despite that, everyone was unsure of the verdict until it was handed down. And it sounds like Bill Cosby was really taken off guard.

According to multiple witnesses, Cosby's surprise turned to outrage when the prosecution suggested that he be locked up before sentencing out of fear that he could flee the country.

When the prosecutor pointed out that they didn't think that any amount of money could guarantee that Cosby would show up to be sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison, the disgraced comedian reportedly stood up and yelled:

"I don't have a private plane, you a--hole!"

Bill Cosby, In Shame

Interesting to hear about standing and yelling, since Cosby has been shown as looking feeble and nearly blind ... though some believe that his alleged infirmity was a calculated act to elicit sympathy.

Despite Cosby's outburst, the prosecution's argument that bail should be revoked did not convince the judge.

Cosby has shown up for every previous court appearance, and so the judge declared that it was unlikely and improbable that Cosby would flee the country to live out the rest of his days as a fugitive.

But the judge did acknowledge that it's possible, so the disgraced comedian is confined to house arrest and will have an ankle monitor so that law enforcement can monitor his location and movements.

When Cosby is sentenced, even if his sentences are set to run concurrently, he is expected to spend the remainder of his life beyond bars.

Bill Cosby in Action

Twitter's response to Cosby's reported antics reflected both satisfaction ... and exasperation.

"The gig is up - not too disabled to rant and yell at DA in response to his guilty verdict!"

A lot of people are angered that Cosby would allegedly fake being frail in the hopes of getting a sympathy acquittal.

"Bill Cosby interrupting post-conviction court proceedings to curse out his prosecutor and yell that he doesn't own a plane is my 'quit while you're ahead' cue for this news cycle. See y'all later."

Sometimes, the news can be frustrating as hell.

Bill Cosby in a Suit

Cosby's conviction is for the assault of only one of his many, many accusers.

He was convicted for three counts of sexual assault against Andrea Constand, dating back to an incident in 2004.

Unfortunately, most states have a statute of limitations that tragically prevents survivors of sexual assault from seeing justice done.

But many see Andrea's court victory against Cosby as a blow for all of his accusers.

Considering that his sentence is, as we mentioned, expected to keep him imprisoned for the rest of his life, some feel that it is enough.

(Even though it isn't the sort of vindication that would come with dozens of convictions)

We hope that, when this is over, that these women receive the peace and closure that they deserve.

Bill Cosby on Way to Court

Cosby's outburst doesn't necessarily mean that he's willing to drop his carefully cultivated image of a frail, kindly man.

It may be that he simply lost himself in anger over his conviction and over the prosecutor who made that happen's desire to put him behind bars sooner rather than later.

Even if, at this point, courting public sympathy can no longer do him any practical good, he may continue to assert his innocence out of habit.

Everyone wants to be liked.

David Eason Goes OFF on Kailyn Lowry, Barbara Evans In Epic Rant!

Posted: 02 May 2018 08:41 AM PDT

Of all the losers, users and abusers who have gained fame from the Teen Mon franchise, it's possible that none is so repugnant as David Eason.

Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 back in February after he launched a homophobic tirade against the fans who dared to suggest that he shouldn't be singing the praises of assault weapons just hours after the world learned of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

Now, it looks as though his wife, Jenelle Evans, will be following in his footsteps, as she's likely to be canned after a road rage incident that ended in her threatening to kill the other driver.

But David isn't concerned about the fact that his wife is clearly out of her gourd - no he's much to busy taking shots at Jenelle's mother and co-stars on social media.

See what we mean in the gallery below:

1. Idle Hands

Jenelle evans boyfriend david eason
David has a lot of time on his hands these days. He's 100% unemployed after being unceremoniously booted by Teen Mom 2 producers following some truly horrendous comments on social media.

2. Keeping Busy

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
David COULD keep busy by seeking employment or taking a larger role in his children's lives. But instead, it seems he's decided to focus his attention on stirring up further drama on social media.

3. No Lesson Learned

Jenelle evans david eason and ensley jolie
You might think that David would mostly steer clear of online trash talk after it cost him his job, but as evidenced by - well, pretty much everything in his life - this is not a man who devotes much thought to his actions.

4. Shots at Kail

Jenelle evans and kailyn lowry
Evans has long had beef with her TM2 co-star Kailyn Lowry, and it seems Kail wound up directly in David's crosshairs over the weekend.

5. Crass as Ever

Jenelle eason david eason
"So I guess Kailyn Lowry got her keyboard so greasy from cheetos that her finger slipped and said some tough guy sh-t about me and my wife," David wrote, no doubt thinking he was being very clever.

6. A Low Blow

David eason bartending
"Apparently her plastic surgeon filled her head with the same sh!t he filled her ass with #nocommonsense," he added.
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