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Combe Grove

Posted: 01 May 2018 03:39 AM PDT

Set in 76 acres of woodland, Combe Grove is a peaceful place to retreat from the city and enjoy breathtaking views of the Limpley Stoke Valley. With a range of wellness facilities including two swimming pools, a dedicated team of fitness instructors and personal trainers in the gym, a studio with more than 50 classes a week, as well as tennis courts and holistic treatments, everyone can explore and develop their wellbeing at Combe Grove. You'll find a nutritious balance of dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan dishes in the cosy dining room or on the lunch table. An enriching programme of events and workshops launched in 2018, with inspiring talks from local craftspeople, photography workshops, astronomy evenings and much more.

Brassknocker Hill, Bath BA2 7HU
Tel: 01225 834644
Web: combegrove.com

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Pilates Equipment Studio

Posted: 01 May 2018 03:37 AM PDT

Situated a stone's throw from Bear Flat, Odd Down and Combe Down, this Pilates Equipment Studio has the latest Allegro 2 Balanced Body Reformer/Tower and is available for private one-to-one pilates tuition at very competitive rates. Lizzie Smith started her career as a professional dancer. She studied pilates at the renowned Suzanne Scott studio (under the Pilates Foundation) and has been qualified in both Mat and Equipment Pilates for 10 years. Her fascination with the human body and the complexities of human movement have led her on to further study in anatomy, and she has a special interest in scoliosis.

Bloomfield Road, Bath BA2
Tel: 07702 474064
Email: lizzie@danceclassesinbath.co.uk
Web: danceclassesinbath.co.uk

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Aims Pilates Rehabilitation and running

Posted: 01 May 2018 03:35 AM PDT

Good movement, breathing, strength and flexibility are at the heart of Andy Watson's pilates practice. He has a successful record of rehabilitation and injury prevention, with specialisms in managing back pain, bone health and lower limb tendinopathy. He combines a scientific approach to exercise and therapeutic stretching with a precise classical pilates method. He offers classes and individual tuition and is comprehensively trained to teach on the mat or with amazing pilates studio equipment. One of his passions is road running and he offers video gait analysis sessions to improve performance and help with injury management and care.

Tel: 07967 134586
Email: aimspilates@icloud.com

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Posted: 01 May 2018 03:33 AM PDT

Bath has been a wellbeing destination since Roman times and it is no coincidence that pioneering Nordic foot experts, FootBalance, have chosen to open their first concept store in the heart of the city. The FootBalance ethos is to enhance your life by encouraging a healthier, more active lifestyle – from your feet up. Founded in 2003 by highly creative Finnish medic Erkki Hakkala the goal was simple – to empower people to move more. FootBalance use their unique technology to analyse your feet (no two feet are the same) and mould a pair of customised insoles in store, in less than ten minutes. Because the FootBalance 100% custom insoles support your feet properly in a natural position, they help give you a balanced stance and correct body posture. They enhance your comfort, wellbeing and performance, delivering the perfect fit to you. All FootBalance Custom Insoles are dynamic and flex to return energy, helping keep your feet and arches active, healthy and toned. With increased energy underfoot, activities such as standing for long periods, running or walking are instantly more enjoyable.

20 Green Street, Bath, BA1 2JZ
Tel: 07498 967587
Email: bath@footbalance.com

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Posted: 01 May 2018 03:30 AM PDT

Born in Japan, Keiko Kishimoto has always been interested in the link between mind and body and the concept of holistic care. She found that this fascination was intensified by her experience of travelling to England and discovering a new culture. Since her training as a holistic therapist she has continued to develop her skills and add to her knowledge of a wide range of treatments and therapies. Combining both Eastern and Western techniques she aims to bring tranquility and relaxation as well as physical and mental wellbeing to her clients. Her belief is that we all have the power to be happy both physically and mentally. Keiko's list of treatments includes massage, reflexology, pregnancy care, facial treatments (including natural facelift massage and Japanese Cosmo Facelift) and Reiki. She also offers treatment vouchers which make a wonderful gift for special occasions, friends and loved ones.

Neal's Yard Remedies 11 Northumberland Place, Bath BA1 5AR
Web: keikokishimoto.co.uk 
Tel: 07739 827186

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Heidi Reiki

Posted: 01 May 2018 03:27 AM PDT

Energetic space clearing and Reiki treatments in Bath increase happiness, create calm, joy and balance for you and your home. What exactly is Reiki? The Japanese word Reiki means 'universal energy', the energy that flows through everything. Reiki is the process of guiding this energy into your life, giving joy to you and your home. Reiki brings an increasing knowledge of the integrity of mind, spirit and environment. Major life changes, a new job or partner, illness, relationship breakdown or bereavement are all times when you and your living spaces could benefit from Reiki and space clearing. With more than 15 years experience and continually learning new ways to work with Reiki, Heidi looks forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Email: heidi@heidireiki.com
Web: heidireiki.com

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Tri3e Yoga

Posted: 01 May 2018 03:01 AM PDT

Jessica Laura Till has been a holistic therapist since 2004 and believes in the power of working the mind, body and spirit as one. She achieved her personal training qualification in 2014 and has 200 hours of Ashtanga yoga teacher training. She now combines her three passions; yoga, massage therapy and fitness, to offer classes that are a little different each time to keep both mind and body interested. She takes a gentle yet encouraging approach and her classes have a traditional feel with a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. TRI3E yoga classes are designed to strengthen the body, lengthen the muscles, and relax the mind. Created for all abilities, whether this is your first introduction to yoga, or you’re a more experienced yogi, you will find a friendly group where every body is welcome.

Tel: 07887 548336
Web: tri3eyoga.com

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The Bath Massage Company & Bath Baby Massage

Posted: 01 May 2018 02:54 AM PDT

Polly Chadwick opened The Bath Massage company in 2011 to provide the very best in massage treatments in the city. Since then she has expanded her business and now has a dedicated team of therapists with Kasia Gigon and Jo Greenwood. Between them they offer specialist treatments including sports, deep tissue, hot stone, Swedish and pregnancy massage. Offering mums-to-be and new mums support and help during their pregnancy, Polly launched the Bump, Birth and Baby service, which includes specialist pregnancy massage treatments from trimester one through to due date and beyond, bespoke hypnobirthing courses, baby massage courses for mums and dads, and a buddy up service for new mums who can come along with their baby and enjoy a post-birth massage. This June also sees Polly opening a new venue in Bristol at Windmill City Farm.

At Seasons Health Store, 10 George Street, Bath BA1 2EH
Tel: 07790 007263 
Email: info@thebathmassagecompany.com
Web: thebathmassagecompany.com / bathbabymassage.co.uk

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Lisa Barnes – Health & Wellness Coach

Posted: 01 May 2018 02:42 AM PDT

Lisa Barnes is a well-established practitioner with more than 20 years' experience in the health and wellness field. Her discovery of complementary medicine has been through her own health journey. She is the founder of Living Better Health Superfoods, a range of organic superfood powers designed to boost a person nutritional intake. Lisa specialises in working with clients who often feel overwhelmed, coaching them through different modalities depending on their needs. Lisa states: "I work with clients who are committed to regain their health, take responsibility and have the courage to work through the challenges that life sometimes demands on us." Being overwhelmed can have such an effect on both our emotional and physical health, producing a range of different symptoms such as IBS, hormonal issues, weight imbalances, skin conditions, fatigue along with stress and anxiety. Lisa will give you the clarity and knowledge you need so you can overcome your blocks, get your system working more effectively, view your world differently and get you on your journey towards better health.

Web: lisabarneshealth.co.uk / lbhsuperfoods.co.uk 
Tel: 01225 830855


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Andrea Kelly

Posted: 01 May 2018 02:37 AM PDT

Healthy mind, healthy body. Unfortunately a healthy body doesn't automatically lead to a healthy mind as many professional sports people will confirm. Andrea Kelly works in a quiet, tranquil environment and her satisfaction comes from seeing people change to the best they can be, become the person they want to be and to enjoy every aspect of their lives. There is a multitude of symptoms that hypnotherapy can help with, from dealing with sleep problems, IBS and weight management to getting to grips with exam nerves, confidence and anxiety disorders. In a series of sessions Andrea works closely together with clients to gently access the subconscious mind, banish negative thoughts and inspire a positive and healthy mind and body. She offers a free initial consultation so that you can discuss your situation and discover how solution-focused hypnotherapy might be able to help you. You can then decide if it is the right therapy for you. Her clinic is based in Bath and Andrea also offers remote sessions via Skype or FaceTime.

Tel: 07949 240190
Email: andrea@andreakellyhypnotherapy.co.uk
Web: andreakellyhypnotherapy.co.uk

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