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Trump Wall Speech Drives DNC Traitors Nuts

Posted: 09 Jan 2019 04:37 AM PST

What is amusing to me is, England is now in the grip of a ‘peasant uprising’ in that citizens are demanding an end to interactions under EU laws that forced alien invasion on native populations.  This is increasingly unpopular across all of Europe.  Yesterday, Macron the Dictator of France announced he is going to be very, very violent towards French citizens protesting his rule.  Meanwhile, in the US, fake liberals are screaming about Trump being a dictator because he won’t allow an army of illegal alien males to invade and destroy our country.  Good grief, this is so insane!


Pelosi and Schumer take US citizen money and hand billions of this to Jews ruling in Israel.  This money was used to boost Jewish military plus…building a gigantic wall to keep out all Muslims!  Hello!  These two traitors think we should fund Israel’s racist walls while we have to be open to all invaders.  This has a name: TREASON.


Here is one of the most evil of the treason news systems, the New York Times, mainly run by NYC Jews, is one of the founding members of the Bilderberg gang and their involvement in that international conspiracy has caused them to warp the news all my long life.  The warping of the news has turned into outright lies in recent years.  The story below is a total lie:

This is ridiculous.  At first, I thought Trump was just joking but the traitors don’t get jokes.  But now I feel totally that this is just an outright lie.  It is insanity.  Trump, and I have dealt with Trump many years ago, is extremely proud and would never, ever take orders from someone below him.  Period.  It is lunacy to even suggest this.


The Bilderberg gang is encouraging invasions of all NATO countries.  Why?  Cheap labor…property is more expensive as aliens flood into ‘liberal’ cities and countries…jobs can be exported easier because aliens want more money for home bases.  It is suicidal, this policy, but no one learns from history, it appears.


Fake news flows effortlessly across all NATO countries as Bilderberg conspirators twist reality into pretzels.  Of course, the lower classes who are slated for elimination via starvation and loss of jobs, are now rising up in great anger and are now openly contesting with the gang for power.


Illegal aliens keep citizens from having regular jobs.  In the construction business, contractors using illegal aliens could underbid all others and thus, drove nearly everyone else out of the business.  Illegal aliens also cause rent increases.  The number of people at the top of the pyramid of wealth control the entire pyramid of wealth via importing illegal aliens.

The army of Bilderberg ‘pundits’ roared with rage at Trump and his speech!  Imagine that.  They figure, if they roar loud and long, people being displaced by illegal aliens will turn on Trump and demand more invaders, not stopping the invaders.  This is lunacy, of course.  All over NATO countries, the plebes being hurt by illegal aliens are rising up in rage.


MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace argued that Trump said “a half-dozen things that are wrong, falsehoods, lies,” and that the address itself was a “scam” based on a non-existent crisis.  CNN’s Gloria Borger said Trump “was trying to make the case that I’m not just about a wall, when in fact he is.”


ABC’s Cecilia Vega opined that “just because you say it’s a crisis doesn’t necessarily make it one.”


This particular statement is the definition of insanity: something is very obvious, illegal aliens are storming our borders, demanding entry so they can run riot here.  Nearly none of the invaders in the most recent surge had any skills we needed, nearly all were hoping for an easy life on welfare and a life of crime.


On Fox News, Sean Hannity cited a man killed in a drunk-driving accident by an illegal immigrant and picked up on a Trump statistic from the speech: “If we lose 4,000 lives in a two-year period, is that a manufactured crisis?”


The destruction of our cities has been going on for many years now, since the Civil Rights Act.  Many of our once-proud manufacturing cities are now in ruins, the population of nearly all DNC cities are clients of the State or criminals and these cities are going bankrupt.


All bankrupt cities without exception, are run by the DNC.  This is their sole power base!  A mob of voters dependent upon the DNC for sending them taxpayer money is huge and illegal aliens join this force because they want the goodies, too.  This army of cheap voters don’t cost the DNC anything, they are exploited to keep rich DNC members in control of the power levers so they can import cheap labor and export jobs with impunity.


PERIOD.  This looting expedition by ‘liberals’ is masked by civil rights issues.  Giving people fun ‘civil rights’ stuff is easy.  Fighting over money is hard.  The Democrats did this via piling on debt and note how nearly all DNC run cities go bankrupt after 50 years of DNC control.


The capital of California will rapidly going bankrupt with the new governor who is a radical leftist!


It’s an interesting question because Brown is likely to be remembered as the last adult in Sacramento—the guy who made sure the books were in balance. Some of his parting words echo that theme. In a December 11 exit interview with National Public Radio, Brown touted a $14 billion budget surplus. “Now, what did I do or didn’t do?” he asked. “I did rein in spending. I did—and then that took fortitude against the tendency of the Democratic Party to spend on almost anything that somebody comes up with that, you know, that satisfies all of the key constituencies.”


He did this ‘miracle’ by raising taxes greatly.  Corporations are fleeing California in increasing numbers now thanks to this.  Last week's news that San Bernardino, Calif., needed to file for bankruptcy protection has some observers wondering who's next back in 2012.


What is really funny here is this story:  During a booming economy, California struggles to avoid economic self-destruction.


Democrat Newsom was sworn in as California's 40th governor on Monday, and immediately girded for battle with President Donald Trump, a Republican, while flying the banner of the Democratic Party's progressive wing.


Ignoring all incoming warnings, the number of businesses and middle class families fleeing the state while illegal aliens and drug addicts pour in, it is obvious to anyone trying to drive through or walk around California’s cities, there is a lot of nasty stuff going on.  The entire place looks more and more like a third world country with rich in mansions and huge estates and the poor swarming in the cities, systematically destroying everything.


Hours into his new job on Monday, Newsom signed an executive order that will dramatically reshape the way California buys prescription drugs.


The State will do all the buying.  Pure communism, of course.


On Tuesday, he signed two more executive orders, one directing emergency planners to consider the location of at-risk residents along with the possible places that fires, floods and other disasters could take place. The other set up a process to speed up the state's procurement ability.


That entire state is one big natural disaster.  It is one of the most geologically unstable states in the Union.  Or the world, for that matter.  It has huge populations living dead center in places where we know for absolutely certain, are going to see major geological and ecological destruction.


Californians have increasingly built homes and communities in fire-prone areas, in part for the scenic beauty and in part because the state has a dire need for new housing.


The ‘scenic’ places are where rich people live in order to live literally above all other people who live in valleys.  The rich also control the coastal real estate, too.  There is no ‘housing shortage’ in California.  There is an ‘illegal alien/drug addict’ surplus.


Newsom credited California's outgoing governor, Jerry Brown, with righting the state's finances and leaving it with a well-filled rainy-day fund. But Newsom, who was Brown's lieutenant governor for two terms, hinted that he would support more spending than the tight-fisted Brown, saying that while the four-term Democrat had built California's foundation "on a rock," it was time to build the house above the foundation.


This is the fate of all saving systems: the next person is a wild spender.  History shows this clearly.  King Henry VII was a miser who carefully controlled spending.  His son, Henry VIII was a wild spender and to fund this, he took over all Catholic Church property and wealth and then spent it wildly.  Elizabeth, his daughter, was a careful spender.


Moves to solve the state's housing crisis and help more people obtain health care will likely resonate.


The need for new housing is greatest where the internet businesses like Google are located, all of them in nearly the same neighborhood.  Housing illegal aliens and people on welfare alongside an army of workers concentrated in one small area that is run by Democrats and has many restrictions on building housing leads to a ‘housing crisis’ caused by DNC policies.


The DNC in NYC, back when I renovated buildings there, fought renovators tooth and nail.  The solution to all the housing destroyed by riots and landlords abandoning buildings due to rent controls was simple: the DNC wanted to build zillions of government-run massive buildings to house the poor.  These places became renown as centers of crime and terror.


We, the free builders, renovated or built sane housing so the DNC fought us tooth and nail.  All the rich people in NYC today live in housing built by or renovated by us, the people they fought tooth and nail.  Isn’t that insane?


They are insane.  Talking about ‘insane’: the Chinese talked about starting WWIII over trade negotiations the other day and then decided to negotiate with Trump since he holds all the cards.  This is immensely funny to me.


Of course, they blustered about ‘trade’ hoping to keep the one way trade our treasonous Presidents who are attacking Trump this week for wanting to secure our national borders…those pigs surrendered to China over and over and over again.  I want all the surviving Presidents arrested for treason.


President Donald Trump has expressed hope for a bilateral trade deal with China while pointing to years of hundreds of millions in trade deficit between the two nations. In October he told Breitbart News, "If you look at their economy, the Chinese economy is not doing well. And we're doing very well." He added the U.S. has rebuilt China and he didn't believe they were ready to negotiate yet.


"Talks with China are going very well!" president Trump declared Tuesday, a day after the in-person talks in Beijing began with the participation of vice premier Liu and the U.S. trade delegation.


The US media giants are attacking Trump nonstop on his negotiations with China.  California depends on China for money and power.  This is why they all scream about Trump being a Putin agent: the Chinese fear Putin and fear Russia and have been in conflict off and on for several generations with Russia.


Last bit of news: ancient RB Ginsberg is dying.  She isn’t appearing in court hearings.  The Democrats are in hysterics about this.  They still insist that this very ancient woman be kept on the court despite her obvious inability to function in any sane way.