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Latest Hacking News Podcast #195

Posted: 06 Jan 2019 09:36 PM PST

Hundreds of German Politicians have personal data leaked, lawsuit over Weather Channel App's alleged abuse of user location data, and NSA to release GHIDRA reverse engineering tool at RSAConference 2019 on episode 195 of our daily cybersecurity podcast.

Latest Hacking News Podcast #195 on Latest Hacking News.

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EU Attributes $1 Million to Fund FOSSA Bug Bounty Programme

Posted: 06 Jan 2019 11:00 AM PST

The European Union (EU) recently declared its bug bounty programme for around 15 common open-source software tools, however the attribution

EU Attributes $1 Million to Fund FOSSA Bug Bounty Programme on Latest Hacking News.

Data Leak Hits German Politicians

Posted: 06 Jan 2019 08:14 AM PST

In a surprising turn of events, German Politicians were hit by an enormous data leak. This left some of the

Data Leak Hits German Politicians on Latest Hacking News.

“WhatsApp Gold” Virus Returns

Posted: 06 Jan 2019 06:06 AM PST

2016 saw the beginning of the “WhatsApp Gold” virus. Users were tricked into downloading a virus under the guise of

“WhatsApp Gold” Virus Returns on Latest Hacking News.