Sleep Over Gone Wrong- Family Bonding

Remember guys...this NEVER HAPPENED!
Pure Creative Fiction.

*Disclaimer: I would never do this type of thing. This whole story is completely fake. Do not judge me for what I right. I get ideas from classic horror films. If you do not like gore, Do NOT read this story. Just like my other story, it is not meant for the faint of heart. I am just a writer. Its what I do. Please comment with constructed criticism. Thanks, and enjoy. Check my profile for the 1st story- Sleep over gone wrong.

It is July 30th, 2008 And I called up my friend Billy to see if he wanted to hand out. And, I am bisexual and my name is Kenneth aka...The Beast. Billy....Billy.... was 14 Years old at the time. He was short and on the chubby side...more around 200 pounds. He was still sexy... Billy was a strait boy, But I still was attracted to him greatly. I decided to call him up after school and see if he wanted to hang out. We decided to make plans for 9:00 that night.

I took a shower before I went over because I wanted to be clean for what I was planing on doing later tonight.
I left the house at 8:40 and arrived at Billy's house around 9:10. I walked up to the side door and knocked.

"What the hell dude, why are you late?" Billy scorned at me
"Jeez, you little pussy, I'm here now. No need to get your shit all up in a knot. Lets go upstairs and play some games." I said back.

We exchanged dirty but "playful" looks and walked into his house. We passed his living room where his sister, Katelyn, Grandma, and Mother sat. They were watching TV.

"Hi Mrs Orbes, Billy's Grandma, and Katie..." I said.
They all said Hi to me in unison. I looked at Billy's sister, Katelyn aka Katie, and she looked very sexy..even for her age. If only she was 9 years younger...then she would be legal...

Me and Billy ran upstairs and sat on his bed. I sat my cloth down while he got back up to put a video game in. We played games for around 2 hours before we got dead tired. 11:00...Time to go to bed.

"OK Billy, let's go to bed...I'm tired..." I said.
"Fine, We are going to go to the library tomorrow morning though...OK?" He replied

Little Did he know...there was not going to be any least for him.

It was around 12:14 when I knew he was asleep...I got up and went over to his bed. I took the covers off of his body and set them lightly on his feet. It was pitch black, but I got used to the darkness. I lifted his shirt up to his neck and started to rub his smooth stomach. It was so warm... I slowly put my head down and started to suck his nipples... He grunted.

I was startled a bit by his grunt, but decided to keep on going. I began to get hard as a rock. I pulled my pants down revealing my 6inch cock. I started to masturbate while standing up. I took his button in my fingers and tried to undo it, but couldn't because of his too-tight jeans. I started to get frustrated and tugged harder. His eyes opened. A rush of adrenaline went through my body. His eyes told the story. He looked at me I was the bogey-man...

"WHA-" He began to scream.

Before I could even think, I reached over to the nearest thing to me,,,The X Box controller. I picked it up and hit him in the head with it.
"AH! WHA-!?" He groaned.

I began to hit him again and again until his head hit the backboard of the bed. I looked down at Billy and seen his head was bleeding. I felt so empowered... I didn't know what was going on, but whatever it was... I liked it. As I looked at his bloody head, I herd footsteps coming up the stairs. I panicked and threw the cover back over Billy and hoped in by bed. His Mother came into the room and walked over to our beds.

"You guys? Are you OK?" His mom said.

"Ugh...What?" I looked up at her wiping my eyes.

"Oh...Nothing... I must of hearing things..." She said and walked over to Billy and scratched his back. She walked away with out knowing anything.

After She left the room, I knew I could not do anything I wanted to do with all those people still awake downstairs. I got up quietly and took the controller and hit Billy in the head one more time...Very hard. He was bleeding a lot now, So I wrapped a small blanket over the wound. I did not want him to die now.

I waited around 10min and got up and creepily walked across his room and tip-toed down the stairs. I walked through the large kitchen. While I was walking, I noticed something shiny on the counter. It was a 9 inch butcher knife. I walked over to it and picked it up, thinking to myself "Why didn't I get something to hurt them with before I came down...I need to be more prepared."

I slowly walked into the living room and seen that nobody was awake, but the TV was still on. I walked over to the TV and pressed the mute button. I walked into his grandmas room and walked over to her bed. She was around 80 years old. She was not under the covers and had a nightgown on. I decided wether I would kill her fast..or slow. She was very old, so there was not doing anything sexual to her. I raised the knife over her.

"Hey..." I said quietly.

As soon as her eyes opened, I brung it down fast onto her neck. The knife went almost all the way through but hit her neck bone. The knife was 4 inches in her neck. I twisted it and brung it down and slit her throat.

"K--ee--Uhh" Was what she sounded like she was saying, but I could care less about what she had to say. Blood was pouring out of her neck like a tap. She Died...

For Shits and giggles, I took her nightgown and put my knife in it and ran it down to her legs. I opened up and found that I had put the knife to far in and it had cut a long, 5foot gash down her. I looked at her pussy and seen that it was strangely it was shaved... Her Husband was never around, so why did she have reason to clean up? I did not have time for this, so I put the blanket that was on the ground and put it over her. I walked toward the door. I walked out the door back into the living room. I had a lot more to go, so I had to act quick.

I walked down the hall and went into Billy's moms' room. She was laying on her bed on her back with cute 19 year-old-like pajamas. The TV was on next to her bed. I walked over to the side of her bed and put the knife down. I looked around and found a pair of panties on her dresser. I put the panties in 1 had and took my finger and set it on the OFF button on the TV. I shut the TV off, and the popping noise woke her up.

"Kenneth?" Was all that came out of her mouth. I stuck the panties in her mouth. She was still grunting to loud...I started to wonder if that would wake Katie up. So I went back to the dresser 2- feet over and grabbed another pair and shoved it in her mouth. I started to choke her...Not to death, to pass her out.
She passed out. I was so excited. As soon as she was out, I ripped her Pajama shirt off and her small B sized tit's popped out. For 37, They were small, but sexily perky. I went down and vigorously sucked her nipples. I sucked harder and harder then bit one of them off. After I bit her right nipple off, Her tit started to bleed. I went down and slurped up the blood on her tit. I chewed on the bloody nipple in my mouth and swallowed it after I got all the taste out. I played with her tits for a bit and went down to the best part.

I wandered down her smooth tummy and stuck my hand in her pants. Her pussy was wet. I got an instant hard on. I whipped down my pants and my cock popped out. I took her pants off and went down to her mildly hairy pussy. I began to eat her out...It tasted so good; her juices flowing in my mouth. I got up and stuck my prick in her pussy and began to fuck her wildly. It felt so good. Right before I cam in her, I reached over and picked up the knife.

"UGH! I'm Coming" I whispered to myself. While I was cumming, I stabbed her in the leg. This woke her up. She started screaming; muffled by the panties. I started to shave some skin off of her smooth inner thigh. She screamed and screamed, but to no prevail. I stood up and went over to her head and wiped my cum off in her hair. I went back down to her tits and took my knife and stuck it in her tit and started to saw.

Her right tit fell off and hit the ground. She was now passed out again, probably from the pain. I picked up her tit and stuffed it into my shirt. I walked down to her feel and decided to have a little fun. I grabbed a hammer that was on her dresser for some reason...maybe because of there recent home renovation. I took the hammer in my hand and went down to her feet. I swung and hit her ankles over and over again until I herd them crack. After they cracked, I walked over to her and spit in her face.

I walked out of the room and went into the bathroom next to her room and filled a small bucket up with water. I went back into her room and poured it on her face. She woke back up and immediately started to scream. She flailed her arms at me, and she got me once in the face. I smacked her in the face and backed away slowly from the bed. I guess she did not know what I did to her feet...She tried to get up and chase me. She got up and put her full weight on her ankles. Her feet bent sideways and they literally fell off. She screamed so loud the panties flew out of her mouth. The scream could be herd for miles. I knew it woke Katie up. She hit the ground and without even thinking, I jumped up and landed on her skull, killing her instantly.

No sooner done, Katie ran into her mom's room.

"Mom!? Are you O----" She said.

She looked around the room and seen what I have done. She looked down and saw my cock sticking out. Before she could even move, I ran over and took her by the chest area and took her upstairs like I was holding a football. By the time I got upstairs, Katie started to cry. I flung her on the bed on top of her brother. That woke him up. He woke up and looked at his sister. I went over and sat on the bed.

"Now listen here guys...You are both going to need to shut the fuck up while I do this OK? I don't need people hearing what is going to be going on" I told them.

Crying still, Katie said "Do...W-W-hat."

"Well, baby girl, I'm going to rape you both, and kill you. Doesn't that sound fun? It's a shame that you won't be able to see what im going to do with you guys after..."

Katie AND Billy started to cry. I went over to Billy and punched him in the face.

"Don't cry you FUCKING pussy." I yelled. "Now...Let's get on with it."

I walked over to the bed and grabbed Katie's hand and flung her onto the ground. I walked over to Billy and got him up and started to punch him over and over. Not so he passed out, but enough where he could stay away to see what I'm going to do to his sister.

I brung Katie up to the edge of the bed and started to rip her top off. She was only 9, so she had no tit's...
I went down on one knee and started to suck her tiny nipples. They tasted so good. I got an instant hard on again, so I told her to grab my cock and jack me off. She did what she was told. Billy on the other hand did not like it, so he tried to get up and stop her, but he couldn't. She was jacking me off fast, so I was going to cum, but I didn't want to. So I stopped. I backed away and ripped her panties off and stared at her 9 year old pussy. I ran my finger down her slit and back up to her little clitty.

I slowly put my cock on her pussy and slowly thrusted into it. She screamed in pain. She started to gush blood, but It did not stop me in the least. I fucked her with such vigor, I thought I was going to pass out. I stopped and looked on the fear and anger in Billy's eyes. I got an ideaaa!

I went over to Billy and picked him up and brang him back up over his sister. I positioned his cock in front of her pussy.

"Fuck her... Fuck your sister. Let her see how much you want to fuck her. You know you want to fuck her little pussy." I said.

Billy did not want to, so I had to change his mind. I walked over to get the knife and went back to him. I whipped his back with the sharp edge of the knife. He screamed and convulsed. He started to do what he was told. He fucked his sister. His now non- virgin 9 year old sister. While he thrusted his cock in her pussy, I climbed on top of her in a 69 position and started to lick her cunt while he fucked it. The blood tasted so good.

"Katie, Hunny. While I'm here, why don't you suck my dick?" I said
"Noo---Noo!" She cried.
"No, No, No. You don't want me to cut your lips off do you?" I asked.
She shook her head NO. She put her lips on my cock and started to suck. If felt so good.

She sucked my cock for 10min before I was going to cum. I got up off Katie and pushed Billy out of my way. He fell on the ground on his ass, and my knife was on the floor. When he hit the ground, a portion of the knife went into his ass cheek. He screamed.

I was going to cum, so I stick my cock into her pussy and unloaded loads of hot cum intro her snatch. It felt so good, I fell down. I got back up and went over to Billy while Katie "rested". I sat him on the other bed face down and fucked him in the ass. I could tell he had never done it before, seeing that I could not stick a penny in his ass. I spit on his ass and slid my cock right it. While I fucked him, I stuck my finger in his cut wound on his ass. It was so warm. I stopped fucking him and walked over to his dresser drawer and found some safety pins. I walked back to Billy and stuck the pins in his nuts one by one. When they were all in, I was so horny I had to take him out. I took them out and sucked the blood out of the 10-ish holes in his nuts.

I got sick of fucking quick. I wanted to do what I came here to do. I stopped sucking hit nuts and brought him back to the bed his sister was laying on. I laid them next to each other. It was time to tell them.

"Hey, Guys. Well, I'm disappointed to tell you...but it's time to go. Ive had a lot of fun haven't you? I fucked you both, took your virginity, fucked your balls all up to pieces. I liked it...How about you? Anyway, It's time to go home... Oh and Katie, I just want you to know, I've always wanted to fuck you. Ever since you were 3. Well, I did it. So, Good bye my Hunnies." I explained.

I went to the end of the bed and took 2 shirts and wrapped them tightly around there mouths. I took the knife and stuck it into Billy's stomach and went up to his neck. I peeled the skin back and revealed all his insides. I called for Katie to look up, and she did. As soon as she did, I took his heart in my hand and ripped it out. Blood squirted everywhere; all over Katie. She fell back. I put my hand back into his chest and poked a hole into his lung. It actually got me a little sick.

Now came the hard part of skinning and pealing the meat off his bones. It took 2 hours to totally skin Billy. The same with Katie. But with Katie, I cut off her pussy meat and stuck it into my mouth and sucked on it. While I was skinning them, I put all there skin, bone, and mussel into a pile on the ground. I picked it up in my arms and started to walk down the stairs. I looked at the clock, It was now around 5:10 in the morning.

I walked down into the kitchen and got a big pot out and filled it with water. I put it on the fire, waiting for it to boil. While I waited, I went through the house and straitened things out. I may be a sick person, but I still have respect for a nice home. After I cleaned up, I went back into the mothers room and went over to her bloody body and took my knife and stuck it into her cunt and spun it around. I took it out and licked it... It was good. I got a cup from her bedside and let the blood from her pussy drain out into a cup. After it was full, I went back to the kitchen.

I sat down and started to soak some of the skin and meat with mom's pussy blood. I finished that and looked up to see the water boiling out onto the floor. I got up and set all the meat into the giant pot. I let it cook for who knows how long. While it was cooking, I walked upstairs to the body's. They did not even look like people after what I did to them. I went to Billy and grabbed the knife again. I held his head up by his hair and took a big swing back and cut his head clean off. The same to cute little Katie.

I walked back down stairs and sat on a chair with Katie's head in my hands. I started to fuck her head as hard as I could. The blood made perfect lube. After a while, I came into her head with a loud moan and 2 streams of white, hot cum. I set her head on the floor and got up to the pot and turned the heat off. I brought the pot to the table and stuck my ladle in and got a chuck of skin and began to eat. My feast lasted 2 Hours.

I finished my meal and got cleaned up. It was 6:30 and the sun was going to rise soon. I quickly went through the house and went back to the Grandmas and Mothers room and cut their heads off along with the kids. I hung there heads on each entrance to the house...It looked beautiful.

I slowly walked out the house with the phone and called the police and told them everything I had done that night in a cute little summary. I threw the phone down and got on my bike. The sun was now rising. I rode home and felt a pinch in my pants. I reached in my pants and pulled out the bloody knife. I looked at it and thought..."And To think, I only wanted to play some games."

The End.