Marijuana for Stress...Cont'd...

I don't trust doctor's ideas of "mood-altering pills" and anxiety medication. Yeah, it very well may help me, I get that. But I would rather learn how to deal with life and it's struggles and be happy with the aid of a medicinally-proven plant, than be addicted to mood-altering pills.

Until we had children, I didn't know what "struggle" or "being poor" really was. Oh it's humbling!

"Well Laurie, if you're so poor, how can you afford marijuana..."  Ummm... because it's like $50 per month to have a better mental state of mind morning and evening. So yep. I'm going to say it's worth it. I hope to someday not be poor'ish, but until then, I'm going to share what helps me stay sane, in a world that makes it kinda hard to. I hope someday I can be so joyous and thrilled at life that I jump out of bed as happy as a clam and don't need a puff. Sometimes I have those days, and they're great. But more often than not, I need help. Cannabis is my help, and I promise, I think it can make a world of difference for anyone. If you're on the fence, keep reading and educating yourself about the benefits and then decide what's right for you. 

We have suffered through this economy of a depleted job market for the past four years. It's no longer easy enough to make it on just one income. I've changed as a person in so many ways, one of the most important -- having this sheer empathy and understanding of what poverty and hunger can do and what it's like for people. And for those who never know, the empathy never will really be there. You learn later in life that actually, no one cares about you...unless you're really lucky. You learn that others have their own lives and problems and not really that much time for anything else.

Mj helps me see that what I need to do is try to help someone else. 

I can't ignore the stories in the news of parents abusing their children. I read some articles about parents who have lived through wars in Cambodia, they were so depressed and suffering from PTSD afterwards they let their own children starve, because they gave up on themselves and life in general. The psychologists ask questions of these people to try and understand why. They don't judge them, they just want to understand and try to help someone else in the future to not experience that. 

It takes (for some, like myself) a lot of patience and hard work to show my children/family kindness no matter what worries and hardships I am going through internally. Sometimes I get so stressed out I am more apt to want to fly off the handle and just rush through things because I have more "pressing matters" at hand to deal with. But really, I just need calm.. I need to know that no matter how poor we are right now, first off, things will get better eventually. And second, this right now is our moment, our life, and we will never get it back. I don't want to be one of those stressed-out, smacks-their-kids-around, yells-at-everyone parents. I just don't want to.

Last week I got a speeding ticket driving home with my daughter. Of course. I kept pushing it out of my mind, thinking, I can't deal with this today I'll think about it tomorrow. And then that problem compiles with my other problems and it makes it hard to get through the day. It's the smallest things that can sometimes just mentally push me over the edge.

A speeding ticket?

How can I let life knock me down to the point where a speeding ticket takes away my ability to have a peaceful day; but it does.

So I try to figure out how I can counteract the overwhelmingly negative and anxiety-filled emotions that I am almost pre-conditioned to feel..

How can I survive these hard years while still being a good person, still having a purpose and being happy..? For me it's a work in progress. But the reason I made this blog was to share with others the benefits mentally that cannabis allows you to have.

I never thought I'd be a parent who has to work on being patient... I thought I would just be patient. Now, maybe being extremely rich would allow me to be extremely patient, I don't know. But I'm pretty sure I'd better figure out some ways to steer clear of being labeled a "bad parent" down the road by my kids for being stressed out. It's not what I say or do that they'll remember, it's how I make them feel.

My natural tendency in this day-in-age is to be overwhelmed, filled with anxiety a good half of my day while the other half I just try to do things that are mind-numbing or productive enough to feel like a real person. I don't know exactly what I expected motherhood to be, but when you're poor'ish, motherhood can be really tough and it's hard to be happy all the time.

When I turned 30, I really thought I would have "life together," but I don't. And I'm told by others older than me that it's a continual work in progress - a "together life." I know I'm genuinely working on making our lives better, not worse, so I guess I can be proud of that.

Weed isn't going to fix problems without some work also. And if you live in a state where it isn't legal, I'd steer clear until it is or you could face a whole new set of problems. But I do believe cannabis gives you the ability to deal with your problems in a more open-minded, thoughtful, honest way. I can say that for me, weed takes anxiety attacks out of my life while still allowing me to function completely normal, in a way that is actually calmer and more patient. Instead of looking at the mess my kid just made on the floor with crayons and thinking "Why Me?!" I look at this little person and realize how fleeting time is, and how one day I will miss this, so I'd better enjoy it.

But it's the weed that does it, not me. My personality wants to be overzealous and hurried and overwhelmed with our struggles. Weed comes in and zaps my brain to just make my brain realize: "Be grateful things aren't worse. Maybe you don't have enough money but at least you have some. Maybe there is a leak in the ceiling but at least there's a ceiling. Maybe life is hard, but it's harder for others. Maybe your toddler is annoying you right now, but be thankful you have a toddler and enjoy it while you can."

There are all sorts of things one can get down about in life, I get it, I really do. And I know it's hard sometimes to be positive and try for better... but I would just say this: Think about how you speak about your families' previous generations... and consider how you will one day be spoken about.

Obviously I can't speak for all parents, and some may need actual medication or counseling or help with issues more than just the "typical American work day" anxieties. I'm talking to those who are  simply trying their best, but face some pretty stressful and unknowing times. 

I'm talking to those who just wish they could live a simpler, happy, fulfilling life without drugs and alcohol, but still need something to help take the edge off.

I'm saying...Google and look for the modern ideas involving Cannabis and see for yourself.