Ph.D's in Stupidity: Are Americans the Dumbest People on the Planet?

So many colleges and universities and yet, we're probably the most ignorant and idiotic people on the planet. Most of us will be staring at our smart phone screens when they chop off our heads. Some will probably take selfies...

Another display of our industrial strength stupidity...Some, many, a lot? of Americans don't even know how many states we have.

Jesus Christ, if Americans are this fucking stupid, its time to bust up the 'Idiots R Us' party and start over.

But wait, our children will save the future!

But ask most Americans about their fav sports team and their eyes will light up and they'll start spouting reams of mind-numbing sports facts.

I stopped caring decades ago whether the multi-millionaires football/baseball/basketball players from KC beat the multi-millionaires from Chicago. But I'm in the minority, a real dumb-ass when it comes to watching and talking about sports.