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#American Life

Liberals Double Down On ‘Russians Are Coming!’ Hysteria

Posted: 26 Nov 2017 08:15 AM PST

Val Bennett – The Russians Are Coming – YouTube


Liberals have gone totally insane.  Up is down, inside is out.  They are relentlessly pursuing the ‘Russians run US elections, not mass media/Congress’ fake storyline.  All the giant corporations running our media systems and government are focused on convincing citizens that Russia, not they, run everything here.  This is a double edged sword.  Pretending to be very weak leads to people holding the powerful to be stupid, helpless and ineffective!  They also want us to believe that they are incompetent, too!  I agree: they are growing incompetent, weak and stupid!  Hooray!  And Russians are smart, clever and hard workers, to pull off this sort of ‘media coup.’


The solution being created by our Real Rulers is simple: let’s have the same rules and regulations about speech and media that the Soviet Union had!  That stops the Russians!  I remember when they said this in the 1960’s.  I was a very, very, very active participant in the Free Speech Movement and was often in mortal danger when giving public speeches.  I wrote for ‘underground’ newspapers, too.


Well, here we are, a new crew doing what the old, right wing crew did: the left is pushing for censorship and for dominance of all corporate systems which is the diametrical opposite of what they are supposed to be doing.  They are on a fool’s errand for a bunch of sniveling, petty, nasty black magic believing elites in Europe and North America.


Robert Mueller plans to interview Hope Hicks about Russia | Daily Mail Online as the GOP/DNC witchhunt continues to roll relentlessly over Free Speech and Basic Diplomacy:


Robert Mueller plans to interview Hope Hicks about Russia | Daily Mail OnlineSpecial counsel Robert Mueller is gearing up to interview one of President Donald Trump’s closest confidants, Hope Hicks.


Mueller plans to speak to the White House communications director by the end of November to see what she knows about potential Russian interference in the 2016 election as well as possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow.


The 29-year-old was with Trump when he and policy adviser Stephen Miller drafted a letter laying out the reasons he wanted to fire former FBI Director James Comey, who was then spearheading the Russia probe.


She was also with Trump in the Oval Office for a meeting on May 8, the day before Trump fired Comey.


Additionally, Hicks was reportedly with the president on Air Force One when he allegedly helped his son craft the initial response to a New York Times story that he met with a Kremlin-connected lawyer at Trump Tower in June 2016 to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.


Most of the comments to this article make fun of the entire storyline that Russia runs our elections which are crippled by stupid DNC games in major cities where they let in millions of illegal aliens and letting them vote:


DAZ, Los Angeles, United States, 3 minutes ago


Stock market up. Home prices up. Unemployment down. If this is what Russian interference looks like then it doesn’t appear so bad.

Meanwhile, we have to worry about WWIII.  Since our mainstream media is pushing for WWIII, it is hard to avoid having this stupid terminal war but citizens can stop this by encouraging Trump’s efforts at diplomacy.  The news about Saudi Arabia is filtering very quickly through the internet and the eyes looking at this news that the Prince’s coup is leading to an open alliance with ISRAELI JEWS is just dawning on half a billion Sunnis.


Ahem.  The explosive nature of this news is being totally concealed from US public consumption so the eruption of rage will come as a surprise.  The CIA is highly aware of the importance of this news and its final meaning.

All this important news is from RT News which Congress and Google and others have been conspiring to prevent this information from showing up in the US, RT News is being deliberately silenced so that our Real Rulers can start WWIII.  This is stupid, it pisses me off greatly.


I read Pravda during the Cold War (as well as German and American papers like Die Zeit or the New York Times back then) because I wanted to see all views of events.  I also used short wave radio to listen to foreign broadcasts.  YouTube is censoring US media that isn’t mainstream fake news:

This is now being done to Infowars, just for example.  Not content with screwing around with the logarithms so that ‘official’ content is at the top and everything else at the bottom, after destroying Google so that when I test my own site in searches, it no longer brings up exactly what I want…they are openly censoring everyone now.


I remember when Google was very useful!  I remember when ‘search words’ would light up in yellow so one could find the exact phrases easily.  Now, it doesn’t and you have to scan lots of material to eke out where the item you are searching is hidden!  EVERY change they made to Google over the last two years has made is increasingly useless, hard to use, incorrect, or outright fake.


For example, search the words for anything about race, all that comes up is ‘happy black families/evil white people’ junk.  It is insane.  Rendering Google so that it brings up what you are not looking for dooms Google in the long run but they are too stupid to see this coming.


And our Rulers think they will survive WWIII.  That is really stupid and pisses me off more than anything.  If Russia wanted to do this, they already know where all the bolt holes for the  powerful really are and wouldn’t do a sudden strike unless it was at the same time as one of the Bilderberg-type events and then a surgical strike.  Duh.  Putin isn’t stupid.


Even funnier, Trump won’t be at any of these events, the Rulers hate him!  He would survive and they would all die!  They are too dumb to figure this out and I am feeling guilty that I am explaining the obvious to them.  But then, they don’t read me.


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