#American Life

#American Life

All The War Chatter Is Fake, Everyone Knows Syria Didn’t Do Chemical Attack

Posted: 12 Apr 2018 03:32 AM PDT

The mainstream media giants, united except for Fox TV, are out for Trump’s blood.  They are willing to start WWIII to get him which clues us into what is really going on here: these lunatics are…insane.  The Bilderberg gang, accustomed to running the planet so they can loot citizens, are ticked off because we are now revolting against them and giving them grief.  Voting for the ‘wrong people’, for example, is leading the gang into dangerous actions.  They want to spook citizens into thinking WWIII will happen with Russia nuking them.  But look at the headlines at the London rag, the Daily Mail!  HAHAHA.  The Kadashian’s are top news all over that rag!!!  HAHAHA.


WWIII is not around the corner.  This is all a stupid game which could trigger WWIII but right now, it isn’t really serious.  Logic is now raising its ugly little head as people figure out that Assad had zero reasons to ‘poison his own people’ because he was winning the war there.  Instead, people are remembering last year’s fake chemical attack and are highly suspicious of mainstream media lies.  Can’t be fooled twice!


Here is a roundup of all the top stories on the front page of the London Daily Mail:  1.  Tristan Thompson booed during Cleveland Cavaliers game amid scandal 

2.  Steve Bannon pitches White House plan to cripple Mueller probe

3.  Khloe Kardashian’s best friend Khadijah Haqq slams cheating Tristan Thompson | 

4.  LA officials could pay property owners to build houses for homeless 

5.  Conspiracy theorists claim biblical Rapture is coming April 23 when invisible planet Nibiru appears magically.

6.  National Enquirer paid former doorman at one of Trump’s buildings $30,000 for a tip it never ran.


A ‘never ran’ story is a bigger news story than anything to do with Syria today.  The UN is now hearing the ‘evidence’ for attacking Assad and there is none so it is now all a joke.  The mainstream media is 100% responsible for this ‘joke’.  They should all be punished for this WWIII ‘joke’.


A basketball player being booed for humping multiple females out of wedlock is amusing but it isn’t earthshattering and the fact that the K females are trash is no news at all.  A fake planet is top news, too.  Which means no news is really happening today.


A doorman at Trump tower who took a bribe from the news media and then didn’t give them any sex stories is a story, too.  A very telling story.  It shows the underbelly of the media now that all mainstream media is peddling sex stories they cook up or buy or whatever in desperation to attack Trump.


As I pointed out in the past, this is highly amusing to me because every one of these stories backfired, badly!  They were stupid.  Instead of hitting Trump, they hit Bill Clinton, that old sex fiend himself, it hit Hollywood’s liberals like a ton of bricks, it whacked Congress hard.  The medieval term, ‘Hoist by your own petard’ comes to mind.


That saying comes from the birth of firearms, early castle wall-breaking was due, around 1400, to using explosives to blow it up at the base after digging a hole to the foundation.  But it would often blow up prematurely, killing the soldiers doing the work.  Thus, the saying.


The sex bombs blew up and took out the wrong people.  I hoped the mainstream news and the Bilderberg gang would cease and desist but no, they continue in desperation to do this with Mueller, now obviously a totally deranged lunatic, choosing to ape the Clinton sex scandals.


Except this female they chose is a prostitute, she, unlike Monica L., isn’t a young girl working inside the White House, she is a pro-whore and this happened before Trump ran for President.  And she blackmailed him, which is a crime, not the reverse.


I feel like I am in the Victorian era only surrounded by whores screaming ‘rape’ who cheerfully have sex with men while seeking money and power and then being fainting virgins when they don’t get more goodies.  These hussies should be ashamed but an army of nasty political players want this charade so they can gain power and then loot us, the middle class, of all our wealth and power.


Back to the real headlines: the K family illustrates the collapse of the black family.  This family of moochers and leeches latch onto black celebrities and then uses them as a platform to gain money via scandal news.  Ouch.  One of these females finally married her black lover after having a child out of wedlock, but most of them run around poking their pussies into whoever they can corral.


The collapse of the black family is in full swing now with virtually no black women getting married before pregnacy and nearly 80% never marrying afterwards.  The social chaos from this is spreading as girls figure out that they don’t need husbands anymore, the courts and the State will marry them and rear their brats.


This social chaos is highly dangerous and is the #1 reason Islam is rising: Muslims get married.  They also oppress women.  But they do get married!  They, like the Hassidic Jews, are falling into the same trap, though.  They marry but get on welfare.  Now, these marriages are increasingly a sham and they go down the tubes, too.


Meanwhile, our media giants peddle WWIII.  Many citizens in Europe wish the Russians would invade and kick out the millions of angry Muslim males.  About California, the Crazy State: they now will park all the ‘homeless’ in all neighborhoods in all the garages and backyards!  HAHAHA.  Suicidal to the bitter end!


Will the citizens who actually pay taxes and CA taxes are very, very high, will they now revolt?  Will they demand illegal aliens who were allowed to vote in the last election, be stricken from the voter’s rolls?  Will they demand the illegal alien who is now their Attorney General, be arrested and deported?  I would demand all this but then, I left California years and years ago as did all my family.  To hell with that stupid state.