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#Critics Cinema

Hawaii Five-0 - Ahuwale ka nane hūnā

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 12:00 PM PDT

Harry Langford (Chris Vance) returns to the islands working as protection for a British royal (Kate Beahan) and her teenage daughter (Alana Boden). When the daughter sneaks out of her protection detail, Steve (Alex O'Loughlin) and Danny (Scott Caan) help Harry track the girl down before the wrong type of people discover she's unprotected on the island. Really just an excuse to get Vance back on the show, "I Ka Wa Ma Mua, I Ka Wa Ma Hope" is one of the more enjoyable episodes of the season with a nice balance of tension and humor. I smiled more than once when the show worked in Danny's parenting skills of a precocious teenage daughter.

The episode's B-story feels a big truncated to fit into the shorter of the two stories, but it does offer the opportunity to continue to build up the sexual tension between Five-0's two junior members. Tani (Meaghan Rath), Junior (Beulah Koale), and Grover (Chi McBride) investigate evidence of a 25 year-old murder on videocassette which includes tracking down a crime scene more than two decades later and leads them to a hospitalized voyeur and, eventually, to their killer.

Super Heroes Card Trader - Avengers Awesome Pack

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 10:00 AM PDT

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Once Upon a Time - The Guardian

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 08:00 AM PDT

The death of Nick and disappearance of the Dark One dagger brings a bit of the old Rumpelstiltskin back as Weaver (Robert Carlyle) will threaten, steal, and betray to get his hands on his property. His discovery of the dagger's whereabouts tie into the episode's flashbacks involving Alice (Rose Reynolds) and a destiny Rumpelstiltskin first attempted, than thought better of, forcing on her many years ago. While the flashbacks lack zaniness of the old Dark One, the episode seems to suggest the troubled young woman is still tied to the dagger and may still yet have a role to play in Rumpelstiltskin's salvation (or damnation).

Although given less time, Henry's (Andrew J. West) investigation that which Nick left behind ties back to the season's larger arc as he finds real proof substantiating the first of Lucy's (Alison Fernandez) wild claims. Is Henry Mills about to dive down a rabbit hole of his own? And, if so, just how far is he willing to go to believe? Rogers (Colin O'Donoghue) gets his first taste of the truth of the bizarre events in Hyperion Heights as well. Will the show stay true to form and allow the characters to reclaim their pasts just in time for the season's end?

WonderCon 2018 Cosplay Music Video 4K

Posted: 23 Apr 2018 06:00 AM PDT