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#American Life

Fundraising For Trump Wall Continues, Over $20 Million Raised

Posted: 17 Jan 2019 06:23 AM PST

The liberal creeps who run ‘GoFundMe’ tried to remove the ‘Build the Wall’ fundraiser which is one of the biggest fundraisers in their history but obviously gave up on this, for it is roaring onwards, now well over $20 million.  The shut down of the government by Congress refusing to cooperate with civil defense of our own borders is nearing a climax.  This can’t go on forever, something has to give and the DNC traitors hope citizens choose to end our sovereignty and surrender to globalists.


When I googled this story, this is what I got:



Crooksandliars is lying.  What a shock!  It is still operational.  This was obviously more fake news by mainstream sources or organizations run by communist radicals who hate society. Meanwhile, the new women in Congress led by a NY freshman female, are acting like college students, chasing after the head of the GOP in the Senate, being very noisy like children.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had four freshman congresswomen chasing him all around the Capitol Wednesday, including New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  But the GOP leader evaded the new Democratic reps who visited his Capitol office, cloakroom, Senate floor and then took the subway to another office building suite.


"He seems to be running away from us," said Ocasio-Cortez, 29, the youngest female member of Congress in history who represents parts of the Bronx and Queens.


She was joined by Reps. Jahana Hayes of Connecticut, Lauren Underwood of Illinois and Katie Hill of California, who said they represent an activist freshman class who won't sit still as the record-breaking partial government shutdown continues.


Will they riot in the House?  Will they physically attack anyone who opposes their feminist/illegal alien policies?  Is attacking citizens the way to go to demand illegal aliens be allowed to invade with hostile impunity???  Is this sane?


Nope.  They intend to attack all citizens, all the time, over everything.  We see this in Europe where chaos reigns as millions of illegal aliens literally terrorize everyone there and crime gets worse and worse as things deteriorate.  The EU is literally falling apart at the seams.


Trump signs bill to give forloughed Fed workers all their back pay once Congress decides to cooperate.


"This is an important step toward providing our civil servants with some stability and hope. But it doesn't help pay the bills *now.* To do that, we MUST reopen the government," Sen. Cardin said in a tweet prior to the bill being signed.


Vice President Mike Pence informed U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents of the news, The Hill reported.


"Just moments ago the House or Representatives passed legislation that will ensure that all the dedicated professionals at Custom and Border Protection and all of the agencies affected by this shutdown will be paid in full," he said from the agency's Washington, D.C., headquarters.


The mainstream Bilderberg news is trying to pretend that Trump was forced to do this, not that he wanted to do this and the DNC was trying to stop him from doing this.  News is always pitched in such a way that Trump is ‘bad’ and this is very tiresome.  Here are examples from England with The London Daily Mail which attacks Trump every day and today’s example is funny:

Yes, voters for Hillary and the DNC who work at JFK in NYC, many of whom are black and Hispanics who are hired deliberately for ‘race balance’ are doing rude stuff to visitors of NYC. This disgusting activity is normal for the left: loud, obscene, obnoxious and rude. Way to go.

The world Jewish population wanted what Trump gave them and…the Muslims are quite angry about this, as expected.  So now, according to the Daily Mail, Trump is responsible for world terrorism, not Zionists nor EU leaders or anyone but Trump.


As if we didn’t have armies of screaming Muslims attacking, terrorizing and mass murdering people all over the planet and quite a few thousand people in the USA!  Muslim terrorists screaming about future attacks based on whatever is daily news, nothing new, actually.  It has been going on nonstop for much of my life.

Guatemala gets millions of US dollars from Uncle Sam.  So they return the favor by assisting invaders.  The Daily Mail is in England which has been under siege by millions of illegal and legal aliens seeking to take over the country and rule it, themselves.  Already, London is run by radical leftist Muslims who put a Muslim up as mayor and who is filled with hatred of all patriots in England.


Like NYC or California: hatred of patriotism is the #1 characteristic of leftist leaders.