#American Life

#American Life

Pelosi Terminates State Of The Union Address Due To No Funds So Trump Cancels Her Military Jet Overseas Trip

Posted: 18 Jan 2019 04:48 AM PST

Pelosi cancelled Trump’s State of the Union Address to Congress and then tried to take off on a world tour with a bunch of DNC clowns! But Trump foiled her in this plan by shutting down her military transportation she intended to use, telling her that there is no money for this political stunt she cooked up.  The DNC has decided to go full-treason on citizens, they fight hard for illegal aliens and criminals of any stripe.


Pelosi said both the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security have not been funded for 26 days now – with critical departments hamstrung by furloughs. Therefore, they would not be ready for the speech.


So, she and her gang decided to use government equipment and personnel to fly overseas to talk about spending more US money supporting foreign affairs while at the same time, claiming there is no money for self defense of our own borders.


This is the definition of ‘treason’.  Here is her own tweet about this stupid plan of hers:


The flight Trump cancelled was for Pelosi and other traitors to go to DAVOS to meet with fellow Bilderberg gangsters overseas to plot the destruction of the USA.  The DNC is furious with Trump for cancelling this joy ride.  They are now complaining that Melania Trump is flying on government jets.


But then, she isn’t obstructing the State of the Union Address.  This is the difference.  Trump is doing tit for tat with the DNC gang whining about their own joy rides being terminated due to not enough money, according to them all, we have no money for defending our borders.


Not a penny!  Money seems to be plenty for foreign uses, still.  This contradiction is lost on liberals who live in Cloud Coo-coo-land.


Meanwhile, with record cold level weather for next week for the vast majority of Americans (even California won’t be warm) the global warming scam of the liberals continues with no one in DC even slightly worried about this very harsh winter just like they ignored the previous harsh winter and ignoring reality is dangerous.


You can die, ignoring reality!  Americans will die in this series of severe blizzards and extreme cold this next ten days!  The high for Monday where I live will be below zero!  This is extremely cold.  Liberals will sneer (the ones not freezing to death) that this continent-deep severe cold is ‘local weather’.


That is beyond stupid, it is insulting.  Staying quiet while we are freezing doesn’t give a pass, either.  The silent ‘scientists’ (sic) are complicit with the outright fraudster ‘scientists’.  They have to go after the frauds and kick them to the curb, not keep them in place, insulting us with fake science.

Note how February 1 where I live will be way below freezing all day and only 5 degrees above 0 at night.  That is super cold for February!