#American Life

#American Life

BBC Totally Hides Real News: Virtually Nothing About 10 Weeks Of French Protests!

Posted: 19 Jan 2019 11:21 AM PST

This was one of the top BBC stories today!  Yes, I spent hours watching the latest mass demonstration against Macron all over France, sister demonstrations in Belgium and England…and zero news from the BBC. But look at the cute puppy…IT DIED!  Booohoohoo.  That is the #2 story at the BBC alongside the sad story of a bunch of Mexicans who were blown up when they tried to steal oil from a major pipeline.


Here is some of what happened today in France: after Macron surrendered two weeks ago, he has been backtracking bit by bit behind the scenes.


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But all this was temporary.  Macron said he would review his retreat in July and then…impose it all on the French voters.  The voters are not fooled, they are continuing the pressure.  Today’s demonstration was loud, even more organized than previously, more songs and banners and flags than before.  And as usual, Macron’s troops start a fight when the demonstration was totally peaceful up until the marchers were attacked by goon squads.


The BBC last week discussed Macron’s future efforts to rule France via brutality and loss of civil rights.  Kind of like in England today whereby if one says or writes anything critical of Muslims, you are punished.

This story was from last week so I would assume the BBC would have full reports of the defiance of the French populace and explain what this means.  Of course, the BBC would never do this because they are the ruling elite’s propaganda arm!  Duh!  HAHAHA.  Here is a screenshot of what the BBC considers important news today:

How silly.  A supposed female (?) wearing a pink mask/hat is ‘pushing to make the world a better place’?  HAHAHA.  I hope she means ‘hiding my ugly face makes the world a better place.’  There was a funeral for a mayor in Poland who was assassinated.  A soccer match was won by a team in Britain.  Someone swam with a shark.  Wow…talk about ignoring obvious news!


I searched the BBC for news about their big, nearest next door neighbor, France.  I had to be very exact to get anything about the Yellow Vest movement:

The same news three times about last week’s protest.  None of it nice, no interviews, etc.  Just pronouncements by Macron about suppressing any future protests.  The poor level of coverage is true Bilderberg blather.  The Bilderberg gang tries desperately to ignore incoming information and they have no desire to pass onto populations, any real news that is important.  Below, the BBC is mocked on You Tube for trying to hide real news and how ratings are plummeting at the BBC due to this stupid habit:



The NY Times has studiously refused to report any real news from Paris.  They are now ignoring fashion news from Paris due to the desperation of what this revolt is interfering with fashion hoo-haw goofy junk.

Nearly all the news in my search at the NY Times is old news which isn’t news, it is olds.  I try again:

HAHAHA.  Now I learn from the NYT that ‘yellow vests attack…several violent episodes…’ two weeks ago.  HAHAHA.  The violence was mostly one sided: government thugs attacking people who were simply marching in the street, singing songs and holding hands.  I watched it.


Now on to fellow Bilderberg goofball, the totally insane, unhinged Washington Post:

Never, at any point, has any demonstration in France make the front page of that befuddled mess of a newspaper.  So I used google to find what was on the back pages for the last three months:

As per all fellow Bilderberg global tyrants, the WP blames protesters for all the violence.  This is disgusting.  Only when troops face the marchers who never, ever did anything bad until trapped and attacked, only when the troops try to stop marching in the streets, does violence happen and 90% of it is from the military and police, not the marchers.


I watched around 48 hours worth of marches this last three months and always it is the same, the people are peaceful until attacked.


Here is some of what I saw today in Paris: in the case below, there was only some teargas but when a marcher bared his tushie, the military blew up and attacked the marchers.

Then, out of the blue, a bunch of guys dressed all in black and with orange arm bands and vests, suddenly attacked this car and smashed it up and then blamed the marchers.  Some yellow vests tried to stop the vandalization of the car!  They were attacked by the paramilitary thugs while the guys seen below, smashing the car up, ran behind the troops showing how they were really working for Macron.

You can see one in a white helmet and another with the arm band, behind the paramilitary who are attacking the marchers.

You Tube is joining other entities online to prevent Tommy Robinson from doing anything online and thus, ‘deplatform’ him like they are doing this all over the place.  These lunatics who run various websites are now our enemies. Google is now pure evil, they even understand this which is why they removed their ‘do no evil’ motto.


Trump Blew Up Fake News About Mueller: Mueller Admits Russia Junk Is Fake News

Posted: 19 Jan 2019 04:18 AM PST

Breitbart is having fun, reporting the total collapse of the latest fake news story about Trump and Putin.  


There should be a full investigation of Buzzfeed and who fed that ridiculous liberal news site the ridiculous and utterly fake story about how Putin offered goodies to Trump during the election cycle.  What has irritated me greatly from day one of this fake storyline is, it is making the world a much more dangerous place, playing power games with a major nuclear power.  This is utterly, blindly dangerous.  Cooperation with Russia is highly important for world peace.


A spokesperson for special counsel Robert Mueller's office released a statement Friday disputing a BuzzFeed report alleging President Donald Trump directed his former attorney Michael Cohen to make false statements to Congress regarding a proposed real estate deal in Russia.


"BuzzFeed's description of specific statements to the Special Counsel's Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen's Congressional testimony are not accurate," special counsel spokesperson Peter Carr said in a statement.


Mueller’s office leaks like a sieve.  This is because he hired only Trump hating fake liberal DNC operatives to do this ‘investigation’ that has turned up turnips.  All the people taken down by Mueller so far have been accused of ridiculously meaningless ‘crimes’.  That is, they were charged with stupid stuff of little to no importance, the legal equivalent of forgetting to pay parking fines.


Here is Trump’s son celebrating the latest news:

This is ridiculous and it is why so many mainstream media systems are going kaput.  They are destroying basic journalism but this did not begin with Trump, it started quite some time ago, back in 1948 when the New York Times, a top publication back then, secretly conspired with foreign powers to manipulate the news at the very first Bilderberg meeting in Europe.

When putting forth fake news, retracting obvious fake stories never happens anymore.  It used to be, the NY Times would put on a back page the correction of fake news stories there.  No more.  Way back in the 1970’s, I was allowed to refute stories about myself on mainstream TV.  It was fun!  I loved it.  Then cable came in and the monopoly of mainstream TV ended so they got to ditch the ‘respond to the news story’ ability and so I then used CNN to communicate with the general public.


That was destroyed when the rich people got together and bought out Ted Turner and that wrecked that plan of response ability.  The NYT used to allow me to write editorial responses when I changed my name and they thought I was a new person until they figured it out in 2001.


So…fake news floats on a sea of s…t.  It is a sewer.  Speaking of sewers:

Her stupid tweet to ABC Fake News is a total lie.  She lies so much she is a mattress.  ‘We were planning to fly commercially’ is true…AFTER Trump prevented her from abusing government equipment and staff to fly her gang overseas instead of negotiating with Trump about the wall.


Some people are correctly mocking this treasonous female politician for wanting to destroy the earth via flying all over the place due to her causing global warming.  When anyone in the DNC or any SJW exhales, they are killing the planet!  So they should do us all a favor and stop it.  Now.


Yes, Nancy herself wrote this a decade ago when another Republican was President.  These clowns just do not bother with being consistent at all.  They make up reality nonstop and this is due to our media giants lying all the time.  This becomes one big ball of bulls…t rolling downhill.


Pelosi went to her media buddies at CNN and said this:

Trump made her fun and games trip MORE DANGEROUS!!! Forcing this lunatic to fly with public people in normal ways is dangerous!!!  HAHAHA.  So this bint should stay home, no?  Hide out on her estates where protestors are demanding she take in her own illegal aliens and house them, herself.  Not!  No way.


HAHAHA.  Ha. Ha. Ha.  Trump then flew off to deliver a speech at a fun rally for him: