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Monday, January 21, 2019

#American Life

#American Life

Nationalist Greeks Assail Government, Suppressed Violently

Posted: 20 Jan 2019 08:35 AM PST

Nationalism is sweeping the European Union!  The socialist experiment in Greece led to bankruptcy and now riots.  Like in all depressions, nationalist identity rises.  Why is this?  Another name for this is ‘protectionism’.  Right on the heels of the many French protests of global warming penalties, we have the Greeks torn between far leftists who want internationalism and open borders and nationalists who want protections and identity politics.


Something strange is happening at You Tube which is run by lunatics in California.  I posted the entire event in Greece where the paramilitary police fought flag waving patriotic Greeks.  But it doesn’t show up on my blog!  It does show up on You Tube! WTH is going on here???


Is this a new suppression of Russian news sources?  I am very suspicious.  Here is the link- remove the dashes at the beginning and the end. Just click and drag to a new window, it should open.  Sheesh, this is annoying now.

I can’t even put the code around the link and have it work which pisses me off greatly.

This is live, now.  It is a full scale riot as the leftist President of Greece uses raw force just like his fellow conspirators inside the Bilderberg gang.  Ethnic and religious divisions are shooting upwards in Bilderberg Europe.  The EU is literally blowing up from within.


The introduction of millions of Muslims and African invaders has triggered very powerful self-defense forces within societies.  Liberalism is dying rapidly.  All of this is about naked survival.


I remember the horror of the Bush Jr/Clinton/Obama years when corporations would import workers and order citizens to train their replacements.  This infuriated me and all these corporate entities fund the DNC who want to have ‘open borders’ so more US citizens can be replaced with cheaper foreign labor.


The importation of people who have little intention of integrating such as learning English is now going to cause the US to split into smaller entities in the future.  The invaders made this crystal clear during the last two election cycles, waving their real flags and screaming at citizens.


One thing I noticed in all the pro-patriot demonstrations is the flying of pre-WWI flags.  In the Greek demonstration, they fly Habsburg flags from the Austrian Empire days.  There has been significant flag waving of that flag in Venetian patriotic demonstrations, for example.


The number of banners is impressive.  The French demonstrators had few flags, all of which were personally owned by workers.  This is much more organized.

The great early Romantic poet of England, Lord Byron, died fighting for Greek independence nearly 200 years ago. 

Alfred Tennyson would later recall the shocked reaction in Britain when word was received of Byron’s death.[36] The Greeks mourned Lord Byron deeply, and he became a hero.[80][81]The national poet of Greece, Dionysios Solomos, wrote a poem about the unexpected loss, named To the Death of Lord Byron.[82] Βύρων, the Greek form of “Byron”, continues in popularity as a masculine name in Greece, and a suburb of Athens is called Vyronas in his honour.


Byron’s body was embalmed, but the Greeks wanted some part of their hero to stay with them. According to some sources, his heart remained at Missolonghi.[83] His other remains were sent to England (accompanied by his faithful manservant, “Tita”) for burial in Westminster Abbey, but the Abbey refused for reason of “questionable morality”.[36][84] Huge crowds viewed his coffin as he lay in state for two days in London.[36] He is buried at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire.[85] A marble slab given by the King of Greece is laid directly above Byron’s grave. His daughter, Ada Lovelace, was later buried beside him.[86]


The British royals refused to allow him any honors after death and it took a lot of effort for 150 years so memorials could be built, celebrating his life.  And here is Tommy Robinson wrangling with cops in Britain as the elites struggle to keep him away so they can screw around endlessly, hating the working class stiffs who are native British:

Trump Makes Border Wall Offer To DNC Who Refuse To Even Negotiate For One Dollar

Posted: 20 Jan 2019 04:35 AM PST

Trump is very smart here: he is actually negotiating with the DNC gang.  The DNC gang has fled the country and is overseas, checking out their fellow buddies who hate America.  They are traitors.  The DNC said no to every one of Trump’s offers.  This negotiating style is backfiring on the DNC but they trust their own polls which are nearly always wrong in the past.  They think voters will blame Trump, not them.  Mainstream media continues nonstop attacks on Trump and below is a typical example.


The good old Daily Mail attacks Trump nonstop but aren’t as clever as the NY Times or Washington Post.  They actually show everything whereas the other media hides most things.  It makes reading the already boring NY Times and Washington Post utterly yawningly, Grand Canyon depths of boring.  A perfect snooze fest.


The ‘comedy’ here is childish as well as moronic.  They just can’t poke fun where it belongs: on the DNC thinking that lying about how to negotiate means no one will figure out that they are lying so long as all of them lie, in unison.  This is the Pravda solution.  It doesn’t work in the long run.


HAHAHA.  At least the Daily Mail, unlike mainstream US media giants, does tell the truth quite charmingly.  And yes, the DNC will run utterly irresponsible candidates for President.  The most recent utter lies about Putin and Trump has blown up in the faces of the globalists but they soldier on.  In this case, utterly refusing to cover the news in France, for example.


The Daily Mail did carry the news from France, in a very tiny and utterly fake story about how ‘rioters’ smashed that car I discussed yesterday, the one that was a staged attack by black dressed, covered faces men with red armbands who turned out to be Special Forces.


The DNC desperately wants foreigners to invade America.  This is treason.  Now on to Brit news which is hilarious today.  The wretched ‘royals’ are at it again.  The ancient husband of the ancient queen insists on driving heavy armored cars himself so he tore around the Estate and drove onto public roads and smashed into this poor lady:

His license isn’t revoked.  Both he and his Hausfrau female refuse to wear seatbelts.  Arrest them all!  HAHAHA.  The royals didn’t apologize to the victim of this stupid driver.  HAHAHA again.  Sad, isn’t it?  I hope the Brits figure out what my family figured out 400 years ago: off with their heads.  The royals are no better than the Mafia.