Morning Mistress

Posted: 17 Jan 2019 01:36 AM PST

 More Artistic, Beautiful, 
Sexy And Alluring Ladies

The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #504

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 11:50 PM PST

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.
Welcome Adventurer, To The Mystery Box!




elly may clampett

The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #1

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Hot Pick Of The Late Night

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  More Artistic, Beautiful, 
Sexy And Alluring Ladies

The Left Has Become Psychotic, And I'm Truly Terrified

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 09:36 PM PST

Government Shutdown Shows Private is Better

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 08:36 PM PST

Face of Pre-Crime: China's Shockingly Accurate A.I.

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 07:36 PM PST

Girls With Guns

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You Can Lead A Jackass To Facts...

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 05:36 PM PST

...But You Can't Make Him Think...

This Explains Why Pocahontas Thinks She Can Win The Presidency...

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 04:36 PM PST

Hey Rashida, This MotherF*%&#^ Has A Message For You...

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 03:36 PM PST

On Spending Time In Puerto Rico With Lobbyists...

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 01:36 PM PST

Muslim Community Patrol Cars In Brooklyn Sparks Backlash...

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 12:36 PM PST

No. They're not a part of the NYPD, though they certainly look like it.

The new Muslim Community Patrol cars seen driving through parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn have all the hallmarks of an NYPD police car – with identical car model and similar decals and artwork – but they are not an official branch of New York's Finest.

So who are they?

Ostensibly, they are a group of Muslim Community Patrol "officers" who are on the lookout for abused Muslims who are too afraid to talk directly to the NYPD.

"We can mingle, speak, talk," Noor Rabah, an MCP patrolman, told Spectrum News 1 NY.

The MCP launched its first patrol unit last November in Brooklyn's Bay Ridge neighborhood.

"It is extremely important for every community to have their own community patrol because the community has its own culture, its own language, it has its own lingo, its own vibes," Rabah said.

But is any of this true, that the MCP is a nothing but an altruistic buffer between the Muslim community and the NYPD?

Not according to the NYPD.

"This is not an NYPD vehicle," Sergeant Jessica McRorie told PJ Media. "The NYPD did not outfit or label this vehicle. This group is not officially sanctioned by the NYPD."

In fact, the MCP doesn't have ANY working relationship with the NYPD, which they are trying so hard to emulate and imitate.

(If you're trying to ally the fears of Muslims who don't want to talk to the NYPD, then why try so hard to look like them?)

Not surprisingly, the Internet is now filled with blogs and stories that the MCP is really nothing more than Muslim sharia units on the lookout for anyone violating Sharia laws, whether Muslim or not.

Those fears are not unwarranted.

"We have seen Sharia patrols in Austria, Denmark, Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany. So why is it inconceivable that they could arise in New York City? It isn't," wrote Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.

No so long ago, an incident arose in England that sparked international outrage when a group of Muslims calling themselves the Muslim Patrol started demanding that non-Muslims in London move away from their mosque.

"Go away now," they would shout at passersby. "Don't come back. Don't come back. Keep your mouth closed."

"We the Muslim community," one said, "will continue to patrol the streets and clear the streets of...

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A License To Hate

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 11:36 AM PST

by Victor Davis Hanson

Recently on CNN, former Republican politico and now Never Trump cable new analyst Rick Wilson characterized Donald Trump's supporters as his "credulous rube ten-toothed base."

Wilson was not original in his smear of the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump. He was likely resonating an earlier slander of Politico reporter Marco Caputo. The latter had tweeted of the crowd he saw at a Trump rally: "If you put everyone's mouths together in this video, you'd get a full set of teeth."

Was the point of these stereotypes that poor white working-class people who supposedly voted for the controversial Trump understandably ate improperly, did not practice proper dental hygiene, or did not visit dentists—or all three combined?

When challenged, Caputo doubled down on his invective. He snarled, "Oh no! I made fun of garbage people jeering at another person as they falsely accused him of lying and flipped him off. Someone fetch a fainting couch."

Caputo's "Garbage people" was also a synonym for the smears that two career FBI agents on separate occasions had called the archetypical Trump voters.

In the released trove of the Department of Justice text communications involving the Clinton email probe, an unidentified FBI employee had texted to another FBI attorney his abject contempt for the proverbial Trump voter and indeed middle America itself: "Trump's supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS ["pieces of sh*t"]." In fact, Trump in 2016 received about 90 percent of allRepublican votes, about the same ratio as won by both recent presidential candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney.

In the now notorious text communications between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, fired FBI operatives on Robert Mueller's special counsel team, Strzok right before the 2016 election had texted his paramour Page: "Just went to a southern Virginia Walmart. I could SMELL the Trump support."

Recently actor Jim Carey tweeted a picture of Trump supporters as apes, as if evolution is now operating in reverse as Trumpians descend into primate status.

Rep. Hank Johnson (who on prior occasions had referred to Jewish residents on the West Bank as "termites," and believed that too many American troops based on the shoreline of Guam might "tip" the island over and capsize it) recently compared Trump to Hitler, and characterized Trump's supporters—which included 90 percent of the Republican Party—as "older, less educated, less prosperous, and they are dying early. Their lifespans are decreasing, and many are dying from alcoholism, drug overdoses, liver disease, or simply a broken heart caused by economic despair." For former Vice President Joe Biden, Trump supporters are "virulent people" and "the dregs of society".

Note the force of such dehumanizing invective that transcends political differences. Trump voters were not just mistaken in their political allegiances. Instead they looked like toothless zombies and stunk up stores, and are not quite human, and are destined to die off. And all this from supposedly progressive humanists, quick to demonize others who would mimic their venom.

At about the same time as Wilson's recent smear, multimillionaire TV personality Donny Duetsch weighed in on television about the Trump supporters who favor building a barrier on the southern border to discourage illegal immigration:

"This is all [Trump] has left. That one metaphor, that one thing that talks to that 39, 40, 41% base that says: either the black man, or the brown man, or the Jewish man, or the media man, or the banker man is coming to take your wife?" According to Duetsch's analysis, were the legions of Democrats—including Sens. Biden and Chuck Schumer—who supported the Secure Fence Act of 2006 that authorized hundreds of miles of border fencing, also worried over their virility or is just the working middle class?

Both Wilson and Deutsch in the past had also characterized Trump supporters as Nazi-like. Both, in lieu of any analyses of why or how Trump got elected or has found success in restoring the economy to robust growth, resorted to crude stereotypes of a constituency in a fashion they knew would be exempt from criticisms of bias and crude stereotyping. Similarly, for historian Jon Meacham and Rep. Stephen Cohen (R-TN), Trump's audience and appeal are similar to those of the Ku Klux Klan's of the 1920s.

The New York Times takes loud pride in its adamant opposition to hatred and racial, class, and gender bias—at least in theory. That is why it both hired and understandably fired in the same day tech writer Quinn Norton, once it discovered that she had remained friends with notorious Alt-right racist Andrew Auernheimer, despite claims of frequently disassociating herself from his repugnant views.

Yet the Times hired and kept another tech writer on its editorial board, the racist Harvard Law School grad Sarah Jeong. She had not just befriended a racist, but was an abject hater herself—at least if her twitter trove can be believed. But the difference was twofold, Jeong was Asian-American, and the objects of her hatred were purportedly old and white. And she apparently knew well that such a formula provided her exemption from any criticism for expressing toxicity.

Indeed, Jeong was never shy about her crude dehumanizing venom: "Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins?" And "Oh man it's kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men." And "White people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants." And on and on.

 These outbursts were all voiced from highly educated elites (Caputo has a journalism degree from the University of Miami, Deutsch graduated from the Wharton School, Jeong from Harvard Law School, Strzok received a master's degree from Georgetown, Wilson attended George Washington University). And all engaged in vicious and cowardly stereotyping of a demographic in a manner that they assumed involved no downside. Rather, the smears were delivered on the expectation of winning approbation from their peers. And they did in twitter-fueled competitions to find the crudest pejoratives.

For decades race and gender studies academics had argued that overtly expressed racism against whites was not real racism, but could be contextualized by prior white oppression. In the age of furor against Trump, their theories now went off campus and were being adjudicated by a wider constituency—and yet they did not seem to win agreement from the general public. The irony, of course, is that these professionals displayed far less humanity in their crude putdowns about smells, toothlessness and apes than did the targets of their smears.

But the hatred was not confined to the media and politicos, but rather also came from the very top of the Democratic Party. After the election, a defeated Hillary Clinton openly doubled-down on...

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On "People Who Are Enjoying A Sense Of Moral Superiority In Their Ignorance" ....

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 11:06 AM PST

What Do Leftists Really Want?

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 09:36 AM PST


Judge Orders Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes to Answer Benghazi Questions

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 08:36 AM PST

This next story could be something. A federal judge ruled on Tuesday that Judicial Watch's court-ordered discovery plan can commence in Hillary Clinton's email scandal. This is the result of efforts by Judicial Watch, not Congress.

Judge Royce C. Lamberth also ordered senior Obama officials, Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes, to provide written answers to Judicial Watch under oath.

Judicial Watch's discovery includes answers to these questions:
  • Whether Clinton intentionally attempted to evade the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by using a non-government email system;
  • whether the State Department's efforts to settle this case beginning in late 2014 amounted to bad faith; and
  • whether the State Department adequately searched for records responsive to Judicial Watch's FOIA request.
The judge overruled objections by the DOJ and State Department. The discovery has to be completed in 120 days.
Via Judicial Watch:

Judge Lamberth ordered written responses under oath to Judicial Watch's questions from Obama administration senior officials Rice, Rhodes and Sullivan, and former FBI official Priestap. Rice and Rhodes will answer interrogatories under oath on the Benghazi scandal. Rejecting the State and Justice Department objections to discovery on the infamous Benghazi talking points, Judge Lamberth reiterated:

Yet Rice's talking points and State's understanding of the attack play an unavoidably central role in this case: information about the points' development and content, as well as their discussion and dissemination before and after Rice's appearances could reveal unsearched, relevant records; State's role in the points' content and development could shed light on Clinton's motives for shielding her emails from FOIA requesters or on State's reluctance to search her emails.

Both Rice and Rhodes lied their fool heads off, but they can possibly parse words and finagle their way out of it.

Somehow, we have to get to the bottom of what went on. This appears to be the biggest scandal in U.S. history. Whatever people think of the President, the prior administration has never answered for their corruption and their role in the Russia-Trump probe.


On his radio show this week, Hannity said there is still a lot of information to come out proving corruption. He reminded listeners that the investigations of John Huber and Michael Horowitz are still ongoing. Then he said the President is holding information proving corruption.

"The president has five different buckets of information that he's...
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He Serve Big Mac!

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 07:36 AM PST

here is the supposedly "fake" viral tweet:

God I Want This To Be True!

"We're Football Players, Not Bloggers!!

Hey! *Some* Bloggers Like Big Mac's Too!

Double Dip: Nets Skip FBI Lawyer Being Investigated, DNC Cutting Ties with Women’s March

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 06:36 AM PST

On Tuesday night, the broadcast network evening newscasts on ABC, CBS, and NBC failed to cover two intriguing headlines that the public deserved to hear about. One pertained to the revelation that a former top FBI lawyer is under criminal investigation for leaking to the news media while the other story was the Democratic National Committee cutting ties with the anti-Semitic friendly Women's March.

First to the FBI. In a letter from Republican Congressmen Jim Jordan (OH) and Mark Meadows (NC), it was revealed that former FBI general counsel Jim Baker is under investigation for leaks to the media. Readers may recall Baker as having been mentioned in investigations and reports about the behavior of former FBI officials James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok.

Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported on Baker during FNC's Outnumbered to co-host Melissa Francis at 12:03 p.m. Eastern:
And also in the last few minutes, Fox News has obtained a letter that was sent by the ranking Republican of the House oversight com to U.S. Attorney in Connecticut.The letter is based on testimony given in October from former general counsel James Baker, the top lawyer at the FBI as well as an attorney who was present for that session and according to the letter, Baker confirmed to lawmakers that he is the subject of a criminal investigation for leaking to the media during the 2016 campaign.

As for the far-left Women's March, the group's website no longer listed the DNC on Tuesday as a sponsor of this year's event (slated for Saturday). The move came after the repeated failure of Women's March officials (and particularly co-president Tamika Mallory) to condemn the organization's cozy relationship with anti-gay, anti-Semitic, anti-woman, and overall projector of hate Louis Farrakhan.

On Monday, The View's Meghan McCain did the work the networks, CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the liberal have refused to do, which is grill a Women's March leader on Farrakhan.

In contrast to the evening newscasts, Special Report host Bret Baier delivered this 40-second news brief:

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Posted: 16 Jan 2019 05:37 AM PST

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence had to let people know there was a little fake news circulating about him online.

Following Lawrence's trip Monday night to the White House with Clemson, a quote attributed to him and trashing liberals was making the rounds. According to CollegeFootballTalk, the now deleted tweet read, "President Trump got all our favorite foods, it was the best meal we ever had. Then we go and see the coastal elite media trashing it for not being organic vegan. We're football players, not bloggers. This was a perfect blue collar party."

Lawrence responded Tuesday afternoon on Twitter by stating, "I never said this by the way… I don't know where it came from. However the trip to the White House was awesome!"


Seriously, how dumb do you have to be in order to believe Lawrence's response to going to the White House was to trash the "coastal elite media" and talk about a blue collar party?

It's like something I might fire up as quote after a handful of Miller Lites as a joke. In fact, I showed the fake quote to somebody last night, and their first response was to say that it sounded like something I had made up as a joke.

It's so clearly fake that I don't even know where to begin....
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