Jameela Jamil Called Out Avon For ‘Shaming Women’ – And They Listened

Posted: 20 Jan 2019 08:14 AM PST

Jameela Jamil called out Avon for their cellulite reduction advertisement

Jameela Jamil took to Twitter to criticize an Avon ad campaign which included the slogan: “dimples are cute on your face (not on your thighs).” And guess what? The beauty company actually listened and swiftly took the ad down. Sometimes Twitter isn’t such an awful place.

It all began when Jamil shared a picture of the ad along with a truly accurate caption.

“EVERYONE has dimples on their thighs, I do, you do, and the CLOWNS at @Avon_UK certainly do,” she wrote. “Stop shaming women about age, gravity and cellulite. They're inevitable, completely normal things. To make us fear them and try to ‘fix’ them, is to literally set us up for failure.”

The actress went on to explain the exhausting, negative ramifications that these advertisements have on women and the vicious cycle of so-called “self-improvement” that it puts us all on.

“Every body is beautiful, unless they have any ‘flaws’ I guess,” she tweeted. “What a gross abuse of the body positive movement. I want you all to look out for this constant manipulation. Once you see it, you can't unsee it. It's everywhere. You are constantly being manipulated to self hate.”

Jamil also noted that women had responded to her tweet and pointed out that these sort of advertisements make them feel self-conscious about their bodies, whether it’s at the beach or in front of their significant other.

Avon Insider heard Jamil’s critiques and responded shortly after, tweeting that they agreed with what she had to say.

“Hi Jameela, we completely understand where you're coming from,” the beauty company wrote. “We realize that we missed the mark with this messaging. We have removed this messaging from all future marketing materials. We fully support our community in loving their bodies and feel confident in their own skin.”

YES. LEGITIMATE PROGRESS. Jamil celebrated that the beauty company had taken such an important step in the right direction – and had one final note for them.

“But also @AvonInsider please don't promote a brand that markets itself as ‘Naked Proof’ again,” she added. “None of us need to be told that anything should stop us from feeling good naked. It's the most natural thing. There is nothing wrong with scars and marks and bumps. We are human.”

This isn’t the first time that Jamil has stood up against awful, body shaming ads targeted for women.

Jameela Jamil Called Out Avon For 'Shaming Women' – And They Listened

In November, she slammed celebrities who were hawking detox products on Instagram – which basically just work as a laxative.  “If you tell your fans to be thinner, you don't love your fans,” she wrote. “You don't give a shit about them or their mental health or self worth.”

Oh yeah, and she also said that she hopes those celebrities "shit their pants in public" (heh heh heh).

All the applause for Jameela Jamil for standing up for what’s right. Hopefully beauty companies and celebrities selling diarrhea products sit up and listen.

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Comments On Video Of Attractive Man Offering Storm Tips Are Comedy Gold

Posted: 20 Jan 2019 06:44 AM PST

The comments did not disappoint

As parts of the Midwest and Northeast brace for a horrific winter storm over the weekend, most of us in affected areas are glued to our TV and phones for constant updates on road closures, snow amounts, and record cold temperatures.

But it was a certain Nashville station that seemed to warm the cockles of our collective hearts by interviewing an, ahem, rather handsome Tennessee Department of Transportation employee.

“WATCH: TDOT is sharing their plans for this weekend’s storm,” WKRN Nashville posted on their Facebook page. While we appreciate any and all updates given, especially by those out there keeping us safe, it was the chosen TDOT and resident hottie that seemed to get everyone’s attention.

Oh, hi there sir. I appreciate you’re trying to provide some important information right now but my ears are ringing and my vision is slightly impaired but for the specimen in front of me. Wait, he’s not just talking to me while maintaining full eye contact during the entire broadcast?

Obviously, he immediately took social media by storm (pun intended):

Image via Facebook/WKRN-TV Nashville

Image via Facebook/WKRN-TV Nashville

Image via Facebook/WKRN-TV Nashville

Image via Facebook/WKRN-TV Nashville

Image via Facebook/WKRN-TV Nashville

Image via Facebook/WKRN-TV Nashville

Image via Facebook/WKRN-TV Nashville

Image via Facebook/WKRN-TV Nashville

Image via Facebook/WKRN-TV Nashville

Image via Facebook/WKRN-TV Nashville

Turns out this hunk of burning love has a lovely girlfriend (with a wicked sense of humor) who did the world a favor by posting some additional (shirtless) pictures of him while he is cooking for her, because of course he is.

Image via Facebook/WKRN-TV Nashville

Image via WKRN-TV Nashville

Which then prompted the funniest comment I’ve ever read on the internet, ever:

Image via Facebook/WKRN-TV Nashville

This is normally when I’d put some quotes in from his report but honestly, I watched it on mute because it’s the weekend and I deserved this. Look at his adorable smile.

He looks so happy despite what has likely been hours and hours on the road salting and plowing and driving. Whoa, did someone turn up the heat in here?

Comments On Video Of Attractive Man Offering Storm Tips Are Comedy Gold

Nashville was due for a mix of rain, sleet, and snow over the weekend and they were’t alone. A state of emergency has been declared in Pennsylvania and New Jersey ahead of this storm's arrival, with freeway restrictions on many highways.

"Feet of snow, blizzard conditions, a significant build-up of ice, tree-breaking winds and plunging temperatures will close roads, cause flight cancellations and disrupt daily activities over a large part of the northeastern United States this weekend,” Accuweather reports.

Seriously, this storm is no joke. Plunging temperatures, downed power lines, and deadly road conditions will make travel nearly impossible for hundreds of thousands across the U.S.

But back to the gorgeous (and very taken) TDOT man. What’s even more entertaining than his disarming smile was the sheer number of close-ups the camera person got (not that we’re complaining), as well as the sign in the background that says “unloading,” “installed,” and “truck” which looks more like, well, you know. Coincidence? I think not.

Image via Facebook/WKRN-TV Nashville

Congrats on your engagement, fine sir. And please oh please, can your gal continue to post regular (shirtless) updates?

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Mob Of Catholic School Boys Goes Viral For Harassing Native Americans

Posted: 20 Jan 2019 06:27 AM PST

The behavior of these high school students is blatantly racist and hateful

In an absolutely vile viral video, a mob of white teen boys — many wearing “Make America Great Again” hats — can be seen harassing a Native American Vietnam War veteran during the first ever Indigenous Peoples March.

The group of boys may face serious consequences from their high school — completely deserved in every way.

The video, posted online, shows the group of boys surrounding Nathan Phillips as he sang the American Indian Movement song on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. According to Indian Country Today, Phillips served in the Vietnam War and is the former director of the Native Youth Alliance.

One boy in particular visibly attempts to intimidate Phillips by distracting him as he performs. At the very least, it’s incredibly unsettling to watch.

That smug, entitled face is now seared into all of our brains for eternity — if you’re ever looking for inspiration while hitting a heavy bag or something, here it is. The laughing, sneering boys in the background aren’t any better.

Prior to the events seen in this video, Phillips tells the Detroit Free Press that the students were harassing a group of Black Hebrew Israelites who were giving speeches and saying things the white students “didn’t agree with.” So Phillips stepped in to diffuse the situation.

“They were in the process of attacking these four black individuals,” Phillip said. “I was there and I was witnessing all of this … As this kept on going on and escalating, it just got to a point where you do something or you walk away, you know? You see something that is wrong and you’re faced with that choice of right or wrong.”

The boys are students from Covington Catholic School in Kentucky, apparently in D.C. for the March For Life event — because yeah, sure, a group of Trump-loving teenage boys should definitely add their voices to the army of people against women’s reproductive health.

Many people all over social media reacted viscerally to the viral video, because between the blatant racism and disrespect for other human beings, how could anyone not have a strong reaction?

Lots of people were quick to point out that just because these boys are young, doesn’t mean they didn’t know exactly what they were doing. They were absolutely intentional about every moment of this, and they do not deserve to be let off the hook.

Phillips himself weighed in on what being harassed felt like, and what he thinks about today’s youth.

He tells The Washington Post that he knew things were escalating, but he felt trapped. "It was getting ugly, and I was thinking: 'I've got to find myself an exit out of this situation and finish my song at the Lincoln Memorial,' " Phillips says. "I started going that way, and that guy in the hat stood in my way and we were at an impasse. He just blocked my way and wouldn't allow me to retreat."

Instead of showing his frustration, he continued drumming and singing. He says he was thinking of his wife Shoshana, who died of cancer four years ago, and the threats all indigenous communities face around the world.

"I felt like the spirit was talking through me," Phillips says.

Both the Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington, Kentucky and Covington Catholic School issued a statement condemning the actions of the boys.

“We extend our deepest apologies to Mr. Phillips. This behavior is opposed to the Church's teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person,” the statement reads. “The matter is being investigated and we will take appropriate action, up to and including expulsion.”

As for Phillips, he says the boys were shouting things like, “build that wall, build that wall” and other racist remarks that have undoubtedly perked their ears every time Trump sends a racist dog whistle their way.

"This is indigenous land, you're not supposed to have walls here,” Phillips says, wiping away tears. “We never did for millennia. We never had a prison; we always took care of our elders, took care of our children, always provided for them, taught them right from wrong. I wish I could see that energy …put that energy to making this country really, really great."

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Why I’m So Worried About Being Like My Mom

Posted: 19 Jan 2019 06:00 PM PST

Trigger warning: depression, suicide attempts

I'm 8 years old, and I’m sitting in my living room crying, clutching a Barbie doll whose hair I cut crooked. My cousin stops home to change her clothes, and shows a brief moment of kindness. She straightens my Barbie’s hair and says, "See, its fixed now." I stop crying, but she doesn't understand. It's not fixed. Not even close.

My problem is not that I messed up my new Barbie’s hair with a pair of old rusty scissors I found in the laundry closet in my back yard. My problem is that I am just 8, and I am sitting alone in my living room on Christmas because my mother can't seem to stay out of bed. I cry because I'm sick and tired of being so lonely, and I still have such a long way to go.

By the time I'm 12 years old, my mother’s sleeping all day starts being interrupted by periods of screaming. She screams at everything that I do not manage well, during the time she is sleeping the day away. The wrappers I leave from all the processed foods I live off of laying around in a mess, that I haven't taken a shower, that my homework isn't completed. She becomes angry and resentful that she has to be awake to help me manage my days.

By the time I'm 13, the screaming is beginning to escalate. I'm becoming fed up, and I don't know how much more I can take. It's late in the evening and I'm huddled in a corner as she screams at the top of her lungs. I am at the end of my rope, hanging by a thread. I say, "Don't make me hit you." She tells me to leave and never come back. She tells me I am no longer welcome in the home that my grandmother purchased for my mother so she could take care of me.

Without a second thought, I walk out the door, the remnants of the world I knew up until that point packed into a trash bag. I have no plan and I'm dangerously lonely. This is the last time I see the woman who birthed me as “my mom.” This is the last time we ever share the same roof, same home. This is the day that my hopes of her "feeling better" and "getting happy" finally wash away, never to return.

When I'm pregnant I have flashbacks. I remember the isolation I felt in the care of my mother and the manic episodes that could make an okay day go to wishing I was dead before I was even a teenager. I remember the pain of enduring her first suicide attempt at the age of three. I remember the multiple boyfriends who took priority over me but were welcomed by me anyways because it was the only time I ever saw her happy. I promise myself I won't be anything like my mother. I rub my belly and promise my daughter I'll do better. I tell her I’m determined not to make the same mistakes. I promise I'll always be there. She will always be my first priority.

The day she is born, the nurses hand her to me, and I think she's beautiful. But after 25 hours of labor, I just want a glass of water and something to eat. I am feverish and exhausted. I just want to put her down, but she's crying, and I feel guilty. Family surrounds me and talks about "how in love" they are, how perfect she is. I feel guilty, because I am waiting for these feelings to come, but they don't. I feel disconnected and confused. I don't understand why I’m not feeling the instant intense connection that every mother claims to feel.

As my daughter grows, from weeks to months old, I slowly start to fall in love with her. I go from being filled with anxiety about the fear that I’m messing everything up to enjoying snuggling in my queen sized bed with her (although I knew most doctors would patronize me for that).

When my daughter is just over a year old, I am diagnosed with postpartum depression. I fight hard to only spend the days that she is not with me in bed. I force myself to plaster on a smile, and I wait until she's asleep to cry. But I'm just going through the motions. I'm hardly able to retain what it feels like to hold a baby or rock them to sleep. I am so numb that I don't find any joy in motherhood. I am overwhelmed with guilt that I didn't fall in love with my baby the moment she was born. I feel devastated that when I rock her, all I can do is think about going back to sleep. I hate myself, because when she takes her first steps, I only feel a brief moment of happiness that quickly fades away into the black cloud that has taken over the inside of my head.

When my daughter is three, I hear the words that have become my biggest fear since living with my mother. I have bipolar. I tell myself this doesn't define me. Having the same condition as my mother doesn't mean I'll be anything like her. I continue to do all the things my mother didn't do; I go to work, I take care of my daughter, I make sure she has all she needs and wants, and I make a point to spend quality time with her any time I have a day off. I tell myself, even if I have bipolar, it's okay. Even still, I'm nothing like my mother.

When my daughter is 5, she is the funniest, most compassionate, vibrant person I know. She already has a fear of the world that I don't think a 5-year-old should have. She is afraid of unlocked doors and people trying to hurt us in the middle of the night. She spends every night sleeping right next to me, her hands wrapped in my hair and her face pressed against my shoulder. She says, "If I sleep in my bed, and someone breaks in, you can't protect me." So, she sleeps in my queen-sized bed. Pressed up against me, surrounded by the pack of dogs we've taken in.

She spends her days singing and laughing. She tells me all the words she's learned to spell and read. She tells me silly jokes that often don't make sense, and usually they make me laugh. We are generally and truly happy. I am no longer going through the motions, but I have this little girl who is bright and funny and she has all the potential in the world. She has become my best friend, and I am so in love with her. I can't even imagine a time in my life that she didn't exist. I am so lucky.

Even though I know every word of this is true, I still sometimes have dark days. Today, instead of laughing at her jokes, I scream "I just need a fucking minute," and she falters and her smile breaks and she begins to cry, but I don't have the capacity to care about her crying right now. My head is too heavy and dark, and my heart is in my stomach, pounding, flooding me with anxiety. I can barely focus on anything other than the crack that goes up the wall, adjacent to my bed. My good friend Anxiety, however, does have the capacity to retain guilt I feel, because I know I should care that I screamed. I know I should care that my daughter is crying. I know I should want to scoop her up and tell her “Mommy is sorry. It's okay baby, tell me your joke." I am chipping away at the spirit of the most vibrant little girl I know, and I just want to go to sleep. This makes me feel terrible.

I tell her my brain feels sick, because that's the best way I know how to explain it to a 5-year-old. It’s the best way I can describe it at all, for that matter. I tell her I love her, and she's my favorite person on this planet, and I really mean that. We spend the day lying in bed watching tv and eating junk food. We eat ice cream straight from the tub and in bed. We have never done either of those things, and she thinks it's the coolest thing that has happened since she got her very own TV in the room she refuses to sleep in. She laughs at her show, and I lay there trying to pretend I'm following along, but really I just focus on breathing. That's all I can manage today. Just breathing.

I lay here now, with the snores of my favorite girl lulling me to sleep, wishing I felt better. Wishing I did more, for her and for me. I wish I was able to spend our free Sunday going to the park, or having a picnic, or doing our laundry or washing our dishes. And although I have all these wishes for my daughter, taking precedence is the wish that it was acceptable to call in "sad" to work, because I can't help but dread the day ahead.

But, most of all, I am praying that I really am nothing like my mother.

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Why I’m Done Being Ashamed Of My Messy House

Posted: 19 Jan 2019 06:00 PM PST

Messy house

Cleaning was never my thing. As an adolescent, I was always in trouble for not cleaning my room. In university, my roommates and I would fight over the mess on my side. My husband even has a video where he jokingly documents my messy apartment.

The first year of our marriage included some challenges largely due to our differences in cleaning styles (namely, he cleaned and I didn’t). For the first time, I felt real shame around having a messy house. But two children later, neither of us have time to focus on the clutter and mess anymore. We both suck at cleaning now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love clean homes. But through the years it's become increasingly clear that I am NOT the one to do it.

I’m a portrait of your textbook creative person, and I maintain comfort despite the chaos. Sure, my story ideas, books, and clothes might be all over the floor. But guarantee I know where everything is!

However, the truth is, I can’t blame my lack of tidiness solely on my creative tendencies. The biggest reason my house is a mess is that I just don’t care.

Cleaning reminds me of the lectures and punishments I experiences as I child. Besides, who has time to pick up a broom with a toddler and a newborn?

Of course, that doesn't mean I never clean things — I'd just prefer not to. Believe it or not, right before giving birth, I maintained a pretty regular schedule (and stress to go with it) trying to keep a clean house. I thought I wanted to change things for my daughter. It didn't take long to see it just made me place more restrictions on my son. I wanted to be "more domestic" for my family — but it shouldn't come at the cost of my sanity.

Three weeks post-birth, a friend came for a visit and I hadn't had time to pick up anything. The trash pickup hadn't run for weeks thanks to back-to-back holidays and the house was a literal pigsty. The timing of my friend’s visit changed suddenly, and I didn’t have enough time to mask the chaos. I was extremely embarrassed.

But my friend just laughed and said, "Don't apologize. You just look like you live in a home that has a newborn and a toddler."

And she was right. With newborn nights and toddler days, I was running on four hours of sleep on my best day. But I'd gotten so concerned with a clean house that I didn't realize how unrealistic it could be through this period of transition.

Hell, most days I hardly have enough time to brush my teeth or shower. The last thing I have time for is stressing over a messy house.

Suddenly, it was obvious that no one was judging me near as much as I’d been judging myself — not even my husband. Instead of being criticized when I expressed my new decision to worry less about cleaning the house, I was met with support. We knew we'd need to readjust post-baby, but it was finally clear just how much.

As a mother of two, I’ve learned it’s unrealistic to use the sprinkle of free time I have on cleaning.

I’m not domestic; I'm a provider. I’m a mom and a wife. And it’s more important to me that we have fun and make memories than ensuring those memories are made in a pristine house.

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Marine Biologist Swims Alongside A Great White Shark In Jaw-Dropping Photos

Posted: 19 Jan 2019 10:16 AM PST

This brave marine biologist hopes to spread awareness about the importance of sharks

A marine biologist is sharing some amazing photos and videos of herself swimming alongside a great white shark — and it’s not hard to see why the photos have gone viral. As a conservationist, she hopes to spread awareness about the important role sharks play in our ecosystem.

Ocean Ramsey is a marine biologist and conservationist based in Hawaii. After sharing several photos and videos of the great white shark encounter she recently engaged in, her Instagram account is now the talk of the town. (Ocean?)

Instagram Photo

“I am without words and at the same time I think I never stop speaking up for sharks, I am grateful beyond measure for my experiences and what they have taught me,” she writes on Instagram. “This photo was taken yesterday off my home waters of Oahu, Hawaii when hey Shark I think I've met previously in Isla Guadalupe graced us with her big beautiful incredible presence.”

Instagram Photo

Ramsey says she’s been studying and working with sharks for over 15 years, and certainly doesn’t recommend that anyone just jump in the water with any type of shark — but especially larger ones.

Instagram Photo

“[They are] capable predators who need and deserve respect however they are not the mindless monsters they are portrayed as in the media as you can see,” she writes. “In my experience, this is the most mellow #whiteshark I have ever had the privilege and honor of meeting.”

Instagram Photo

Shark populations worldwide have been declining for years. Ramsey hopes her images with the great white will help shine a light on shark protection and the need for legislation against shark fishing and killing.

“There are currently no laws to protect sharks from being killed except for a ban on killing them for their fins,” she says. “And even that law has many loopholes.”

Instagram Photo

Ramsey says sharks “crave touch” and connection, and that if more people understood that, perhaps less of them would feel inclined to catch them and cut off their fins.

Instagram Photo

In terms of the ecosystem, sharks play a huge role. As “apex predators” (meaning these guys are at the top of the food chain), they maintain the species below them in the food chain and serve as an overall indicator for ocean health. According to Oceana.org, sharks help remove the weak and the sick while keeping the balance with their natural competitors to ensure species diversity.

Instagram Photo

According to the Honolulu Star Advertiser, Ramsey is actively trying to rally support for a measure to bathe n intentional killing of sharks. The legislation could be introduced in the state house later this month.

Ramsey hopes that sharks don’t disappear altogether before “people get to experience and know them for their true beauty and importance.”

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Female Firefighters Make Video To Show Little Girl She Can Become One Too

Posted: 19 Jan 2019 09:46 AM PST

Female firefighters sent a sweet, very important message to a 4-year-old girl

Four-year-old Esme didn’t believe that girls could be firefighters. So a whole bunch of female firefighters posted messages on Twitter to let her know that she can grow up to be just like them. Prepare for your heart to explode from all of this sweetness.

It all started when Esme’s mom Hannah Summers took to Twitter with a small call-to-action for her followers.

“My 4yr old came home yesterday saying she wished she was a boy so she could be a fireman,” Summers wrote. “When I said girls can be firefighters too she said 'but I've seen in books they are all boys and I don't want to be the only girl.' Any good vids/books I can show her? #FirefightingSexism.”

She got more than good book recommendations. The tweet pulled in nearly 3,500 likes and caught the attention of the West Midlands Fire Department.  Some of the female firefighters in the department shot a special video for the 4-year-old and shared a very important message.

“Hi Esme!” three women said to the camera, in uniform. “We’re firefighters and we’re girls.”

I told you that your heart would explode a little (okay, a lot).

The video had a big impact on Esme. Her mom later tweeted that her daughter was watching it on repeat. “She now firmly believes 100% that she can be a girl AND a firefighter so thanks again – job done!” Summers tweeted. “She’s also very excited about the invite to visit and would like to try on the yellow helmet!”

To add amazingness on top of amazingness, even more female firefighters joined in to share pictures of themselves in uniform and remind Esme that girls can absolutely be firefighters.

And that wasn’t all. People chimed in to remind Esme that she can also grow up to work in any type of emergency services. She would be in very good company.

Summers thanked everybody for the pictures and kind, inspiring messages. “Incredibly touched by all the responses to my tweet re my daughter wanting to be a firefighter and the awesome vid by WestMidsFire,” she wrote. “Thanks for all the fantastic photos of women firefighters – you all totally rock.”

Also – to show her gratitude for all of her new heroic friends – Esme drew a picture of herself as a firefighter.

Female Firefighters Make Video To Show Little Girl She Can Become One Too

Sometimes the internet can be a very, very good place.

Three cheers to all the female firefighters who sent special messages. They just made a four-year-old girl (and the rest of the Twitterverse) very, very happy.

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