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Your Travel Guide to ‘Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire’s Crystal Desert Region

Posted: 20 Jan 2019 08:30 PM PST

Tired of the sunny islescapes of the Caribbean? Or just gagging at the wares at the souvenir shop in Peru (psst, they are all made in Taiwan)? It's time to reignite your wanderlust as we visit the world of Tyria — the setting of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. Sure, the place has issues with bears; Elementals; threats of the Scarab Plague; Fleshreavers; undead horrors; Elder Dragons… but, hey! Silver linings and all that, right?

Today, we'll be taking the scenic route of the Living World series that promises story missions and episodes that creates a breathing landscape for you to play in. Today, we will retrace the Path of Fire.

Crystal Desert


Situated at the northern border of Elona, the Crystal Desert is a dry and arid region teeming with life. Home to Drakes, Wurms, Hydra, Loser Centaurs, oh yes, and ghosts. Probably lost souls of previous visitors like you. If you happen to see Kevin, let me know because he still owes me money for the last expedition.

Crystal Oasis


If you tire from the dusty dunes of the Crystal Desert, the Crystal Oasis provides a much-needed respite, although that's not saying much. If you hunger for some of that old time religion, the Temple of Kormir, goddess of truth, is located in Elona Reach. There's also the Free City, Amnoon Oasis, that is a filled with defectors of Palawa Joko's empire. Swing by the Grand Sahil Casino to wet your whistle or get cheated- I mean, try your luck. If you're there, help me look out for Kevin. He's kinda swarthy and has a terrible back tattoo of either a centaur or a guy riding a horse.

Desert Highlands

Head north of the Crystal Oasis and you'll come to the Desert Highlands. You can check out the Tomb of the Primeval Kings, where the Elonian rulers from ancient dynasties are buried. The grains of sand here are rumored to hold the entrance to the crystalline lair of the dragon Glint. We're not sure if there are still treasures to be looted but Kevin isn't ashamed to be rooting about like some common sneak.

Elon Riverlands

It used to be a desolate location until Palawa Joko diverted the Elon River through it. Now a lush landscape with dotted ruins, you can retrace the steps of the heroes of yore who traveled the path of Ascension. Cast your sight south and you'll see Palawa Joko's Bone Wall. Some say it's an eyesore but Joko himself thinks it really ties the region together – or he did before he became a dragon's lunch. Speaking of which…

The Desolation


This cheery-sounding locale is the HQ to the remnants of Palawa Joko's empire. There, the stench of sulfur singes the hairs in your nose. Areas of interests include Joko’s Bone Palace, where you can hear the screams of those who were used in its construction; the Mouth of Torment, which is a crater on the former shoreline of the Crystal Sea and the Realm of Torment, where the corrupted reside. Mostly lawyers and probably the dude who named all these places.

Domain of Vabbi


Once known as a hub of wealth and culture, under the rule of Palawa Joko, Vabbi is now a hotbed for the production of Awakened. Onion domes top the skyline of the city that's filled with gossip-mongers at the Yahnur Market or the floating Seborhin tree above the Garden of Seborhin. The arrival of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik razed the eastern side of the region but the area's still something to behold.

Where else can you venture to? "All or Nothing" is the brand-new episode of Path of Fire's Living World and it takes us to Thunderhead Peaks. The air may be thin up there but the area will be thick with adventure as you explore Symphony's Haven or the dungeons of the Grotto. Also, seriously, keep an eye out for Kevin.

Check out Thunderhead Peaks and the rest of Tyria by downloading Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, available to buy now on PC and Mac.


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