#Funny News

#Funny News

‘Saturday Night Live’ Mocks Gillette With Woke Kool-Aid Ad Parody

Posted: 21 Jan 2019 01:37 AM PST

Up until last week, Gillette was mainly known for their overpriced hair-removal implements. You can get yourself four 37-blade cartridges that shave no better than a double-edge for the low-low price of twenty bucks.

stanley hudson eye roll

Unsatisfied with their usual schtick, they made the move to expand their expertise into the realm of social justice. While simultaneously taking a giant dump on the very people whose greenbacks they depend on. Needless to say, their new direction is being met with a whole lot of mockery.

Even Saturday Night Live is getting in on the action with this Kool-Aid parody of the Gillette commercial:

Oh yeah! Just a moment, please.

This is one of those rare times where Saturday Night Live has it right. Sure, their show generally tows the leftist line of anti-Trumpery and elitist douchebaggery. Delivering cringeworthy leftist propaganda disguised as knee-slappers. I can’t really say they’re doing that this time.

This Kool-Aid parody perfectly illustrates the absurdity of grandstanding lectures from a company that specializes in scraping unwanted hair off of faces. SNL simply had to take it to the even more absurd extreme of sugary drink mixes for chuckles to ensue. Razor blades and gender theory have never gone together, and probably never will.

Maybe Gillette will see SNL’s parody ad and the yuge backlash and come to their senses. After all, it isn’t exactly a right-of-center program. Operating outside their wheelhouse and insulting their core demographic isn’t exactly the smartest business strategy.

Though, once that leftist bug hits someone, it’s hard to shake it off. Nevertheless, we’re rooting for Gillette to unstuff their head from their heinie-hole and get back to doing what they do best. Ripping off gullible hairy folk.


Gun-Wielding Woman Chases Off Multiple Home Invaders

Posted: 20 Jan 2019 11:54 PM PST

We see stories like this one on the reg. Criminalizing dickweeds try getting their crime on, then in walks a gun-wielding good guy to put a stop to it. That’s what happened here. A pack of home invaders broke into a house to try making other people’s things theirs.

They didn’t count on the homeowners’ relative to bust in packing some heat:

“Well, some thieves in Colorado didn’t know what they were in for when they decided to try and rob a house in Pueblo. Surveillance video shows the three armed men entering the home, one of them checking out the refrigerator. Then, they notice a woman at the front door.”

“Oh, yeah, she ran right in. The home owner’s brave mother-in-law scaring the robbers away.”

Now, this is what I like to see.

This gun-wielding granny didn’t come to play. Those thieving douchenuggets thought they could appropriate other folks’ property without interference. They thought wrong. The robbing butt-dumplings should count themselves lucky they escaped without any .45 caliber body piercings.

The importance of the Second Amendment couldn’t be more clear. Decent folk who are otherwise defenseless can repel anyone who would dare to do harm to them or their property. Nothing levels the playing field quite like a quality boomstick.

Lefties would rather this gun-wielding lady be completely without armaments. They seem to think the po-po are just around the corner and crooks are really just misunderstood. Better to meet a wrongdoer with a dove of peace than a Smith & Wesson. Though, as this story goes to show, the Second Amendment has always and will always be kind of a big deal. Nothing deters a crook like the fear of a cap in his ass.

While we’re on the subject:

Story About Native American’s ‘Harassment’ at Lincoln Memorial is Inaccurate

Posted: 20 Jan 2019 08:58 AM PST

You might have seen the latest story of racist Trumpers making the rounds. You know, the one about a group of students in MAGA hats “harassing” an elderly Native American guy at the Lincoln Memorial. If not, here’s the tale:

A Roman Catholic diocese and a Catholic high school in Kentucky issued a joint apology Saturday after videos posted online showed a confrontation Friday between some of the school’s students and some Native American adults after rallies near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

Both the March for Life, a demonstration against abortion, and the Indigenous Peoples March, in support of Native Americans, were being held not far from one another.

Footage posted to Instagram showed one student standing face-to-face with Nathan Phillips, a 64-year-old Omaha elder and Vietnam War veteran. Phillips was singing and playing the drum while the unidentified student stared him in the face.

Other students, some wearing Covington Catholic High School clothing, surrounded them, chanting, laughing and jeering.

This is the approved narrative. The gentleman was peacefully laying down some sick beats when the kids menacingly surrounded him, in order to mock and intimidate him. Except, that doesn’t seem to be what happened at all:

So, the guy was the one to initiate the standoff. The kid never said a word, he just stood there grinning awkwardly. Though, if you read the media reports, you’d think Native guy was minding his own business and kiddo got in his face. Just to be a douchenugget.

Even better, here’s video of drummer man initially approaching the crowd:

Now, let me be clear. Some of the kids are mocking the Native guy, which is inexcusable. Yet, one thing’s indisputable. He made his way into the crowd, not the other way around. You can’t really call this harassment when the alleged victim was the one instigating the “conflict.”

Though, I highly doubt the media will be amending their original remarks. Once they sink their fangs into a narrative, there’s no prying them away.

Fake news strikes yet again. An army of menacing, caucasian red hats intimidating a Native American makes for a much juicier story than the truth. The left loves them a good hate crime. One that, so far, doesn’t appear to have happened. Though, good luck getting those lefties to admit their factual inaccuracies.

While we’re on the subject: