Zombie is Dying to Bowl in New Installment of Jeff Fuller’s ZOMICS Comic Strip

Posted: 27 Jun 2019 08:32 PM PDT

Featuring the humor amongst the everyday horrors of a zombie apocalypse, we're excited to share this week's edition of Jeff Fuller's Zomics comic strip!

This week's edition of Jeff Fuller's Zomics shows just how far one zombie will go to keep bowling in the living dead apocalypse, especially when there's a tube of glue at hand!

You can check out the new Zomics panel below, and to view previous installments of Zomics, visit:

Influenced by Dr. Seuss and The Addams Family creator Charles Addams, Fuller has worked as an award-winning art director for nearly a quarter of a century, garnering multiple Emmy and BDA awards. He turned his artistic talents to zombies when he started thinking about the comedic qualities that would live on in a living dead world:

"The origin of Zomics: While camping with my wife and kids we stared discussing what life would be like if there really were zombies. We decided that it would be a little scary, a little gross and a lot of funny. This was the birth of the single panel zombie comic strip, or ZOMICS for short."

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Comic-Con 2019: Todd McFarlane Panels and Free Autograph Sessions Announced

Posted: 27 Jun 2019 04:14 PM PDT

Before Spawn becomes the longest-running creator-owned comic book with its 301st issue this September, artist and writer Todd McFarlane will be at San Diego Comic-Con to celebrate his iconic comic book series with multiple panels and free autograph sessions for attendees to enjoy.

Check out Todd McFarlane's full 2019 SDCC schedule below, including free autograph sessions at Image Comics' booth #1915, and check our Comic-Con online hub to keep up to date on all of our coverage of the convention!

Press Release: Tempe, AZ - June 27, 2019 - In the midst of making history with SPAWN 300 and 301, Todd McFarlane has confirmed his appearance as a Special Guest at San Diego Comic-Con. Fans will have the chance to meet the creator of SPAWN from Thursday, July 18th through Sunday, July 21st at Image Comics booth #1915. Todd will be serving on numerous panels, as well as, hosting multiple signing sessions where fans can get their favorite comics and toys signed for FREE! Join the journey on the road to SPAWN 300 and 301, by attending any or all of the following events at San Diego Comic-Con.

Todd McFarlane's 2019 SDCC Schedule:

Thursday, July 18th

TIME: 2:00 – 4:00 PM
LOCATION: Image Comics Booth #1915

Fans not to worry, there are ample opportunities to attend a signing session with Todd McFarlane! Bring your favorite comics and toys to have them signed for FREE. **Limit 2 items per person and each person must be over 13 years of age. No sketches. No CGC, or other witnessing/grading. Autograph session is limited, and wristbands will be issued each day in the Image booth starting at 9:30 AM.

Friday, July 19th
TIME: 1:00 – 2:00 PM

Todd McFarlane will be joined by other top panelists including Jonathan Hickman, Jae Lee, Joseph M. Linsner, Alitha Martinez, and J. Michael Straczynski.

TIME: 3:00 – 5:00 PM
LOCATION: Image Comics Booth #1915

** See above description for further information on signings and limitations.

Saturday, July 20th

TIME: 12:30 – 2:30 PM
LOCATION: Image Comics Booth #1915
** See above description for further information on signings and limitations.

TIME: 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Todd McFarlane, Image Comics founder, creator of SPAWN, co-creator of VENOM and McFarlane Toys CEO, talks about his 30+ years in the comic and entertainment industry. Todd will be raw and uncensored - talking toys, comics, industry advice and more! He will also be talking about one of the biggest milestones in his career, SPAWN 300 and SPAWN 301, which will set the record for the longest-running creator-owned superhero comic ever!

**Bring your burning questions for Toddfather Q&A. This jam-packed panel is a must for any Todd McFarlane fan!

Sunday, July 21st

TIME: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
LOCATION: Image Comics Booth #1915
** See above description for further information on signings and limitations.

TIME: 1:45 – 2:45 PM

Image Comics will be hosting the panel The Road to the Historic SPAWN 300 and 301. Join Todd McFarlane and other surprise special guests from the superstar creative team of SPAWN 300 and 301! This panel will serve as an inside look into the record-breaking moments, as well as, jumpstart the celebration of SPAWN becoming the longest-running creator-owned comic in the world! As an added bonus fans will see new art reveals, experience giveaways, and much more!

McFarlane Toys will also have a display area at the Diamond Comic Distributors booth #2401, where attendees can get "First Looks" into upcoming fan-favorites, including world-renowned brands Harry Potter, My Hero Academia, Fortnite, Season 3 Stranger Things figures and more!

COMING SOON: a sneak-peek into the launch of the SPAWN Merchandise Program, which is a 2019 Event Exclusive Program. In celebration of SPAWN 300 and 301, the SPAWN Merchandise Program will first launch at San Diego Comic-Con. All merchandise can be found at the Image Comics booth #1915.

Have the chance to witness history in the making with Special Guest Todd McFarlane at San Diego Comic-Con!

Todd McFarlane's Spawn is one of the world's best-selling and longest-running monthly comic books, with hundreds of millions sold worldwide in more than 120 countries, and 15 different languages. That title's hugely successful 1992 debut sold an amazing 1.7 million copies – an unprecedented feat in independent comics. A whirlwind of growth and expansion followed: more comics, action figures, film, and award-winning animation.

Image Comics is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 1992 by a collective of bestselling artists. Image has since gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. Image currently has six individuals on the Board of Directors: Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, Jim Valentino, and Eric Stephenson. It consists of five major houses: Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline Comics, Skybound Entertainment, and Image Central. Image publishes comics and graphic novels in nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable. It offers science fiction, fantasy, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. For more information, visit www.imagecomics.com.

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Scream Factory Announces THE OMEN Blu-ray Collection Deluxe Edition, Including All Five OMEN Movies

Posted: 27 Jun 2019 03:06 PM PDT

Scream Factory is answering the devilish prayers of horror fans this October with The Omen Blu-ray collection deluxe edition that includes all five Omen films.

Featuring five discs and every Omen movie in the satanic franchise—The Omen, Damien: Omen II, Omen III: The Final Conflict, Omen IV: The Awakening, and the 2006 remake—The Omen Blu-ray collection deluxe edition is slated for an October 15th release and will be limited to 10,000 units.

The complete bonus features have yet to be revealed, but we do know that the collection will include a 4K remaster of 1976's The Omen and new interviews with "David Seltzer, Holly Palance, Lee Grant, Robert Foxworth, Elizabeth Shepherd and Brain Taggart."

Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more updates, and in the meantime, you can check out the collection's cover art below.

From Scream Factory: "You may want to say your prayers after this news: THE OMEN BLU-RAY COLLECTION (DELUXE EDITION) is rising on Oct 15th and just in time before Halloween!

Housed in new collectible rigid slipcover case and packed with hours of chilling special features, this 5-disc set includes 1976's masterpiece The Omen (4K remaster of the film from the original negative by 20th Century-Fox); 1978's Damien: Omen II, 1981's The Final Conflict, 1991's Omen IV: The Awakening (making its Blu-ray debut) and the 2006 remake of the original The Omen. The franchise stars Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, William Holden, Lee Grant, Rossano Brazzi, Sam Neill, Mia Farrow, Liev Schreiber and more.

Each film inside the slipcover packaging will receive a dedicated blu-ray case featuring original theatrical artwork. (Similar to how we presented the Critters box-set last year).

Only 10,000 units of the set are being made.

New & existing extras from prior home entertainment releases are in progress and will be announced in full on a later date. However, we can confirm today that we are including archival advertising material (trailers, radio & TV spots) that were not on the prior releases and new interviews with David Seltzer, Holly Palance, Lee Grant, Robert Foxworth, Elizabeth Shepherd and Brain Taggart.

Special Website Offer: If you order directly from us @ https://www.shoutfactory.com/product/the-omen-collection-deluxe-edition?product_id=7198 we are offering an exclusive gift-with-purchase where you will also receive a free 28.5" X 16.5" rolled lithograph of the new artwork, along with your set. The lithos themselves are only being made at limited quantity of 666."

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Shudder Announces New Documentary About the History of Queer Horror Cinema

Posted: 27 Jun 2019 02:01 PM PDT

After releasing the essential Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror documentary earlier this year, Shudder is reteaming with executive producers Phil Nobile Jr. and Kelly Ryan for a documentary on the history of queer horror cinema, which will be written and directed by Sam Wineman and is slated to premiere in 2020.

Press Release: June 27, 2019 — Earlier this year, Shudder, AMC Networks' premium streaming service for horror, thriller and the supernatural, released Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror, to widespread acclaim. The documentary shed new light on how African American characters and creators were used—and misused—across a century of genre cinema.

For its next original documentary, Shudder has teamed up with writer/director Sam Wineman (whose award-winning short, The Quiet Room, is coming to Shudder this summer), Horror Noire executive producers Phil Nobile Jr. (Fangoria's Editor-in-Chief) and Kelly Ryan of Stage 3 Productions, and consulting producer Michael Varrrati (Dead for Filth) to explore the complex, fascinating story of queer horror on film. The project is expected to premiere next year, Shudder announced today.

The new doc explores the works of pioneering queer creators like James Whale and Clive Barker and examines the coded, sometimes problematic, depiction of LGBTQ+ characters in films like Sleepaway Camp, High Tension and Jennifer's Body. It will chart the course of queer subjects and creators in the horror genre from the silent era through the present day.

"Growing up I loved watching Andy, a kid like me, outsmart a killer doll in Child's Play," said Sam Wineman, who will write and direct the documentary. "When I was older, I found strength in fierce and feminist final girls like Sidney Prescott in Scream. I was seeing so many parts of myself in these stories, but it wasn't until I taught a slasher film course that I realized these and so many of the films I connected to were written by members of my own community.

"While watching Horror Noire, I identified deeply with the discussion of loving a genre and having that love be unrequited. Horror has spent a great deal of time telling our stories undercover, both intentionally and unintentionally. In order to fully understand the depth of how and why, you have to unpack the social context of what it is to be queer at the moment in history that coincides with the films themselves. That story is one that is long overdue, and I am honored to have the chance to share it."

Phil Nobile Jr. said, "When Ashlee Blackwell and I were pitching Horror Noire, we felt a strange sense of urgency—like the story was on the tip of everyone's tongue and had to be told right then. We'd wake up every day and wonder why someone else wasn't already doing it.

"I have that same feeling again with this documentary. This year feels like that moment for queer horror. Something's in the air right now, and I deeply believe that Sam Wineman is the right voice to tell this story, and Shudder—who understood the importance of Horror Noire and continue to be fantastic allies—is the perfect platform for this story to be told."



AMC Networks' Shudder is a premium streaming video service, super-serving members with the best selection in genre entertainment, covering horror, thrillers and the supernatural. Shudder's expanding library of film, TV series, and originals is available on most streaming devices in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Germany. To experience Shudder commitment-free for 7 days, visit www.shudder.com.

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Exclusive Trailer Reveal for JOHN CARPENTER’S TALES OF SCIENCE FICTION: SURVIVING NUCLEAR ATTACK #2, Plus Details on the Storm Kids Comic-Con 2019 Panel

Posted: 27 Jun 2019 12:58 PM PDT

What if you were locked inside a fallout shelter for an apocalypse that never happened? An underground safe haven becomes a deadly prison in John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction: Surviving Nuclear Attack, a new comic book series from Storm King Comics. Ahead of the second issue's release on July 10th, we've been provided with the issue's exclusive trailer to share with Daily Dead readers, as well as details on Storm King Comics' San Diego Comic-Con booth signings and Storm Kids imprint panel.

Attendees of Comic-Con can visit Storm King Comics at booth #2205. We have details on their star-studded autograph signings below, as well as exclusive info on their July 19th panel celebrating the launch of their Storm Kids imprint, which will include Louise Simonson and Steve Niles, a Truth or Dare Q&A, and a spooky reading!

Visit Storm King's website to keep up to date on all of their comic books, check our Comic-Con online hub for all of our coverage of the convention, and watch the exclusive trailer for John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction: Surviving Nuclear Attack #2 below!

"Storm King Comics SDCC booth # is 2205

Booth Signings will include Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, The October Faction), Cat Staggs (Wonder Woman 77, Crosswind), David J. Schow (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Crow screenplay) Andres Esparza (John Carpenter's Tale of Science Fiction: Vortex, John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction: The Standoff), Joe Harris (The X-Files), and Sandy King Carpenter (Big Trouble In Little China, They Live)

Stop by the booth for the latest schedule.

SDCC Panel: Storm King Comics Launches All Ages Horror with Storm Kids Imprint, Friday, 7/19/19, 5:00p.m. - 6:00p.m., Room: 29AB

Spooky reading of the Tales For A Halloween Night Volume 3 AND Truth or Dare Q&A. The panel will talk about the new line and will be appropriate for children 10+ to attend.

*Days and times may be subject to change. Check www.comic-con.org for the latest information."

John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction: Surviving Nuclear Attack #2 (on sale beginning July 10th): "Donnie, Keith, and their friends expected a typical weekend of drinking in the woods. Then they ended up lost, injured and locked inside the strange, dark fallout shelter previously inhabited by the participants in some kind of simulated military experiment. Only nobody ever told George Kutter and his family that the bombs never fell, so they were left underground to die, locked away and waiting for further instructions which never came. Until Donnie and his friends found their bodies, that is. And as this group of frightened, desperate men work to find a way out, they realize there's more than just the mystery of the Kutter Family's demise... as the old experiment has begun anew."

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Paul Rudd Joins the Cast of New GHOSTBUSTERS Movie

Posted: 27 Jun 2019 10:50 AM PDT

The latest cast member for the new Ghostbusters film has been revealed, as Paul Rudd has answered the call and joined the anticipated movie from director Jason Reitman.

In a new video (see below) shared on the official Ghostbusters Twitter page, with his trademark brand of quirky humor, Paul Rudd announced that he has joined the cast of the new Ghostbusters, fittingly revealing the news in front of the Firehouse, Hook & Ladder Company 8 building in New York City.

According to Variety, which refers to the new Ghostbusters movie as Ghostbusters 2020, Rudd will play a teacher in the film, joining a cast that is also expected to include Carrie Coon, Mckenna Grace, and Finn Wolfhard as a single mother and her children, respectively.

Here's what Jason Reitman, son of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 director Ivan Reitman (who will produce the new movie), had to say about Rudd's casting (via Variety):

"I've been wanting to work with Paul Rudd since my short film opened for 'Wet Hot American Summer' at Sundance. I'm thrilled he'll be joining this new chapter in the original Ghostbusters universe."

Written by Reitman and Gil Kenan (2015's Poltergeist, Monster House), the new Ghostbusters movie "centers on four teens, one set older, one set younger, with a focus on one family in particular," according to THR.

Jason Reitman previously told EW that the new movie will take place in the same universe as the 1984 classic:

"This is the next chapter in the original franchise. It is not a reboot. What happened in the '80s happened in the '80s, and this is set in the present day."

Plot details are being kept under wraps, but with Dan Aykroyd continuing to beat the drum for all things Ghostbusters, we imagine at least some of the original cast will be returning as their original characters, and in an interview with Parade, Sigourney Weaver reportedly confirmed that she will reprise her role as Dana Barrett in the new film.

Variety previously reported that filming is expected to start this summer, with Sony planning to release the new movie on July 10th, 2020, so expect to hear much more about casting and the plot over the next few months. We'll continue to update Daily Dead readers as more details become available, and in case you missed it, watch the previously released teaser video below.

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NEON Reveals November 15th Release Date for THE LODGE in New Teaser Video

Posted: 27 Jun 2019 10:03 AM PDT

If you've been itching to watch The Lodge following its well-received screenings at Sundance and the Overlook Film Festival, you can now mark your calendar for the release of the latest movie from Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz, the filmmakers behind 2014's Goodnight Mommy.

In a new teaser video (see below), NEON announced a November 15th release date for The Lodge.

Directed by Fiala and Franz from a screenplay they co-wrote with Sergio Casci, The Lodge stars Riley Keough, Jaeden Martell, Lia McHugh, Alicia Silverstone, Richard Armitage, and Daniel Keough.

You can watch the release date announcement video below (as well as the previously released trailer), and in case you missed it, read Heather Wixson's Sundance review of the film.

Synopsis (via Sundance): "Devoted to their devastated mother, siblings Aidan and Mia resent Grace, the younger woman their newly separated father plans to marry. They flatly reject Grace's attempts to bond, and they dig up dirt on her tragic past—but soon they find themselves trapped with her, snowed in in a remote holiday village after their dad heads back to the city for work. Just as relations begin to thaw, strange and frightening events threaten to unearth psychological demons from Grace's strictly religious childhood."

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Scream Factory to Release THE BLOB (1988) Collector’s Edition Blu-ray This October

Posted: 27 Jun 2019 09:37 AM PDT

Back in 2014, Twilight Time released Chuck Russell's remake of 1958's The Blob on a limited edition Blu-ray, and if you missed out on adding it to your collection, Scream Factory has you covered this Halloween season with their announcement of a new Collector's Edition Blu-ray of 1988's The Blob.

The Collector's Edition Blu-ray of The Blob (1988) will be released on October 29th. Special features have yet to be announced, but we'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on future announcements, and in the meantime, you can check out the new cover art by Joel Robinson below.

From Scream Factory: "Terror has no shape! Chuck Russell's incredibly underrated 1988 remake of THE BLOB is oozing its way to Scream Factory this Halloween. Here are the early details we have a current time to share.

• National street date for North America (Region A) is Oct 29th.

• This will be presented as a Collector's Edition and will come guaranteed with a slipcover in its first three months of release.

• The newly commissioned artwork pictured comes to us from Joel Robinson (Candyman, 10 to Midnight, In the Mouth of Madness). This art will be front-facing and the reverse side of the wrap will feature the original theatrical artwork.

• Extras will be announced on a later date, but we can confirm that we have produced already a slew of them!

Pre-orders on our site begin today which includes the Blu-ray plus a rolled 18" x 24" poster of the new art. The poster is exclusive to us and will be made at a limited run of 500 pieces: https://www.shoutfactory.com/…/the-blob-collector-s-edition…"

Cover art via Facebook:

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